Bloody Call – Reimei

Reimei’s poker face can probably rival Corda’s Tsukimori Len.. Anyway, not everything is explained in his route. He is one of the main guys though, just not the real main guy.

Reimei is one of the top two members of Freikorps. Good-looking, intelligent, athletic and good at cooking, Reimei is perfect in everything he does. Except that he’s lacking in social skills. He is the serious one of the twins, and so he was the one who told Futaba not to wander alone or talk to other people carelessly. Since Reimei is quite stubborn, he often didn’t consider her feelings. They argued a lot at first, but Futaba could never think of him as a bad person.

Being perfect doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any quirks. Although his cooking skill could rival any five-star hotel chef, Reimei is actually very concerned about his cooking. If by any chance Futaba doesn’t really like the food he makes, he would ask her to explain which part of the food she thinks is bad.

The same thing happened when he tried to tutor Futaba. When Futaba said that she didn’t understand what he was saying, Reimei was really shocked. He asked her what was wrong with his explanation and didn’t let her go until she understood what he was trying to teach her. It seems like failures really shocked him, and he would do anything to fix it.

One day Futaba came to see Reimei in the kitchen. She suggested using cooking wine, and he took it as if she was complaining about his cooking. Even though initially he didn’t want to use it, he sulked and dumped a whole bottle of cooking wine into the pot. Futaba was surprised and asked him to stop, but no matter how many times she called him, Reimei didn’t respond.

So Futaba came over to see what’s wrong with him, and suddenly he fell down.

It turns out that Reimei has zero resistance to alcohol. Just one drop of it, or even just by smelling it would make him collapse just like that. Futaba then told him that he’s cute, which resulted in him pinching her cheeks and asked her to forget what had just happened.

Eventually two of NEDE’s executives, Cabracan and Cain, came to attack them at school. Reimei faced Cabracan in battle while Shirou lured Cain away, and Futaba decided to stay near Reimei since she couldn’t just escape and leave him.

After Futaba pointed out that Cabracan is using two bugai, special weapons that could inflict damage to hankis, Cabracan attacked by throwing his battle axe to her instead. Reimei jumped in and protected her from the attack, which resulted in him getting wounded in the back.

That night, their mansion was attacked by yet another NEDE executive — Harphas. Despite his wound from the earlier battle, Reimei fought on to protect Futaba. She then informed him that Harphas was using poisonous gas before Harphas’ soldiers treated her violently to silence her. They were saved when Shirou came and broke the windows, neutralizing the poisonous gas with fresh air from the outside.

Futaba helped Reimei changing his bandage later, and he told her not to do things like that anymore. It’s true that what she did (informing him about enemies’ attacks) helped him during battle, but it’s really dangerous for her.

Some days after that, Reimei and Shirou decided that they will invade NEDE’s base. Of course, Futaba asked them to bring her along. At first Reimei objected since it would be dangerous for her to come, but eventually gave up to her persuasive way. When they came to NEDE’s base that night, Reimei was able to get Futaba’s mother. However, the escape didn’t go that smoothly.

Just before they went out of the building, they were greeted by NEDE’s boss — Jin. Obviously he didn’t intend to let them get away, and a fight ensued between Reimei and Jin. Futaba noticed that something was flying around in high speed, but she didn’t know what it was. Reimei’s rapier eventually broke, and Jin was ready to deliver the final blow.

…when suddenly Futaba jumped in front of him, protecting Reimei and getting slashed by Jin’s sword in the process. During the panic, the light suddenly went out and they were guided by a boy named Ensof to escape. Before leaving, Ensof told them that Reimei’s rapier was not broken. It was only eaten.

Since they successfully rescued Futaba’s mother, things settled down for a while. Futaba’s mother was immediately hospitalized, while Futaba herself was recovering from her wound. Luckily it wasn’t that deep.

However, a few days later Reimei came to see Futaba in her room. He brought a bag, so Futaba thought that they were going on a trip somewhere. She was shocked when Reimei told her to leave the mansion instead. Throwing herself into danger and not realizing how powerless she was doesn’t make him feel ‘saved’ at all. She wasn’t needed anymore.

After she left, Shirou asked Reimei why did he do that. Reimei answered that it was for Futaba’s own sake. He was trying to protect her from getting into danger. The pain he experienced after their former boss’ death made him afraid of losing someone precious again. Shirou said that he’s just like a child who refused to walk because he’s afraid that he would fall, but Reimei’s resolution remained firm.

Futaba was really sad. She ended up wandering around the city in the rain before Rin found her and took her home. Futaba told Rin about what happened that night, finally realizing her feelings for Reimei. She got up on her feet once again, and went to do what she had to do: getting a bugai tattooed in her body to protect what’s important to her.

The next day, Futaba contacted Ogata Seizaburou, a Master in a coffee shop who used to work for NEDE as a bugai expert. At first he didn’t want to help her, since inserting a bugai into a human’s body could be deadly. However, when he saw that Futaba’s iris could change into that of a hanki‘s, he finally agreed. Futaba spent the next days in Rin’s house, practicing her new bugai alone until she can use it without any problems.

Days passed, and finally Futaba went to Freikorps’ mansion again to see Reimei. He was surprised to see her back and he still tried to keep her out of their fight with NEDE. Futaba said that she’s got a bugai now, so she’s not that powerless anymore. Reimei then asked her why did she do all of this, and she answered it’s because she loves him. She can protect herself, so Reimei can fight without having to worry about her.

Reimei then told her everything about him. He is a DEHAB (Designed Half Beauty), a hanki created by NEDE whose power was really close to the original hanki — not mixed with human blood. He used to live for NEDE until he met Eikun, Freikorps’ former boss. When Eikun asked him to leave NEDE, Reimei believed that everything would be okay as long as he follows him. But then Eikun passed away.

He admitted that at first he was only using Futaba as a replacement for Eikun, but after she got slashed protecting him that night, he realized that he didn’t want to lose her. Futaba then promised him that she won’t die nor leave him alone. They had their first kiss that night, and Reimei vowed that he will use his rapier to protect her from now on. Not as Eikun’s replacement anymore, but as a woman he wants to protect.

One night, Futaba got a call from Ensof saying that something terrible was happening in NEDE’s base. When Futaba, Reimei and Shirou came to see what happened, they saw that everyone in the building was massacred. They hurried along to the underground chamber to see Jin standing in front of an ancient machine.

The final battle started. While Reimei faced Jin in a duel, Futaba waited for the strange thing flying around from before to appear. It eventually showed itself and Futaba shot it with her bow, saving Reimei’s bugai from being eaten by the creature. When Jin disarmed Reimei by knocking his rapier away, Futaba shot him in the shoulder to protect Reimei.

They noticed that something was wrong when Ensof started laughing maniacally. They didn’t get the chance to find out though, since the ancient machine suddenly broke and caused the building to crumble. Reimei and Futaba met up with Shirou on their way out and escaped the building safely.

Good Ending
NEDE was destroyed. Freikorps now works hand-in-hand with Hotsuma Kikan to make Gladsheim a safer place for both human and hanki to live in. Futaba continued to work as Freikorps’ boss under Reimei’s guidance, and that day Freikorps had a ceremony where Futaba would be introduced to their subordinates.

Seeing her feeling insecure about leading Freikorps, Reimei pledged his loyalty and love to her. His feelings and vow from that night would never change.

Bad Ending
Futaba couldn’t bring herself to confess to Reimei on the night before the final battle. Reimei then said that he understands, and they will bring her along to NEDE’s base tomorrow. That night he drugged the milk he gave to Futaba, making her asleep at least until the next morning. He kissed her for the last time and went to NEDE’s base that night. He presumably died and never came back.


8 thoughts on “Bloody Call – Reimei

  1. hey . hello again :) today , i was playing reimei’s route again , i notice that ensof child was crying so much after that duel with jin …?! why is he crying ? i think it had something to do with futaba because he saying onee-chan :p sorry , my cousin is not my near by now …

    • Actually it was because his ancient machine suddenly broke. If you’ve played Jin’s route you might already know what actually that machine is, and its importance to Ensof. I think when he said onee-chan it was when Futaba shot Jin. He was happy that she got rid of Jin, since Jin was trying to stop his plans.

  2. oh funny story, i downloaded this game (ssshhh…. dont tell on me….!) and all the text including -the choice option boxes are all non-legible gibberish! and it happended on the trial version i downloaded too, even the program i used for the setup was all nonsense text aswell…. weird…. but hopefully even without reading the dialogue i can enjoy the pc version until my psp version comes in! wish me luck that i don’t pull my hair out with the fact that i’m basically cutting out half the story and content of the game…. *groan*

    • It sounds like your PC doesn’t have the fonts. If you install Asian language on your PC, it might help the text to show. Might be better to wait for your PSP version though, since it has the extra stuff and everything. :3

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