Bloody Call

Since I can’t seem to get into MIO’s Souten no Kanata, I decided to start playing Bloody Call instead. This is icingcandy‘s debut game, and a cool one on top of that.

The game takes place in Gladsheim, a city specifically created to make humans live alongside hanki (半綺 / half beauty) — a species which possess better looks and are stronger than humans. Hijiri Futaba is only a normal high school student, until one day she came home to find her mother kidnapped. When she was attacked by some hankis later, the twins Reimei and Shirou suddenly saved her and asked her to become their boss.

The twins are the top members of a hanki organization in the city, Freikorps. The night before, their boss had just passed away. His last order was for the twins to get Futaba and her mother to a safe place out of town. Naturally, the twins thought that Futaba is their boss’s daughter. But while their boss is a hanki, Futaba is clearly a human — which they could easily see since hankis have catlike irises, different from humans.

A new boss was needed in order to keep the organization from falling apart, and so the twins wanted Futaba to fill in that role. In order to search for her kidnapped mother, Futaba had to agree to be the new boss. To keep her safe, they brought her to Freikorps’s mansion.

Soon Futaba found out that her mother’s kidnapper was the other hanki organization in the city, NEDE. Different from the peaceful Freikorps, NEDE is involved in human experiments and even murders. After seeing what NEDE does to the people in Gladsheim, Futaba decided that she wanted to do something to stop them while saving her mother at the same time.

If you like strong heroines, go and play this game. Futaba is a really strong girl who can stand up for herself and protect those who are precious to her. Sure she could be obstinate at times, but that’s far better than damsels in distress right? :D


4 thoughts on “Bloody Call

    • In all honesty, I don’t remember much… but I think the twins also have their own endings. I’m sorry, it’s been more than 3 years since I played this game. ;___;

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