Bloody Call – Shirou

For the last two days I was so pissed since my PS2 is acting up again. I’m so sick of having it serviced every now and then, and wasn’t in the mood of writing a summary then. Sorry. :’D

Shirou is the other half of the twins working for Freikorps. He is the fun and playboy-ish one, always surrounded by a swarm of girls at school. Unlike his hard-headed twin, Shirou usually thinks about Futaba’s feelings before making a decision. His ability to understand and consider what others feel is the reason he’s so popular with the ladies. Shirou tried to kiss Futaba since the first time they met, and he was shocked that she pushed him away.

Right after Reimei and Shirou enrolled to Futaba’s school, Shirou got his own mob of fans. He treated everyone fairly though, giving his attention equally to each of the girls. When one of the girls was jealous, Shirou always answered that he wanted to remain as everyone’s guy and so he couldn’t treat anyone of them differently.

He spent most of his free time with the girls. Even during his off days, Futaba overheard him calling the girls one by one and talked on the phone until the battery ran out. Since he’s THAT popular with girls, he believed that every girl will always succumb to his charms. A thought that made him so shocked when he met Futaba, since she didn’t even let him touch her.

One day when Futaba and Shirou had lunch together, Futaba said about how perfect Reimei is in everything he does. Shirou answered that it’s because he was made to be perfect, but Futaba didn’t know the meaning behind those words yet.

The turning point in Shirou’s route started when Reimei and Shirou decided to attack NEDE’s base. Both of them knew where Futaba’s mother would be in, so the three of them went to the lab after taking care of the guards. On the way they met Cabracan though, who stopped them from going any further. At first both Reimei and Shirou battled Cabracan together, though for some unknown reason Shirou kept telling Reimei not to interfere.

Cabracan eventually revealed that he possessed two bugais, an armor alongside his battle axe. Both Reimei and Shirou was surprised since a hanki normally could only have one kind of bugai. However, Shirou insisted on fighting Cabracan alone with his survival knives. The fight ended when his knife was shattered into pieces after holding out Cabracan’s battle axe.

Since Shirou’s bugai was damaged, they had no choice but to flee that night. The broken bugai will eventually recover, but it’s going to take some days until Shirou can summon his bugai again. That night, Harphas also attacked Freikorps’ mansion. With Shirou in such a state, Reimei asked him to escape with Futaba while he buys them some time.

During their way out of the mansion Shirou asked himself what has he done, being all stubborn and pushing himself so hard like that. He is Reimei’s older brother, so he shouldn’t leave Reimei to settle things with their enemies. Futaba told him that since they’re brothers it doesn’t matter who does the settlement, but Shirou said that it’s not like that. He didn’t explain any further though. Reimei caught up with them on the way, and they escaped the mansion to Rin’s place.

Some days after their escape, Shirou called the Master. He asked him to make a new bugai for him. A strong one, if possible. The Master warned him about the danger of having another bugai, but Shirou said that he wants to protect someone and the bugai he had wasn’t enough. Eventually the Master agreed and tattooed a powerful bugai into Shirou.

However, there is a limitation of usage. Shirou’s new bugai was a gun, and he can only shoot six bullet per hour. If by any case he crossed the limit, the bugai would take over his mind and he would lose his sanity.

Up to this time, Futaba kept seeing dreams about a hanki in NEDE who felt inferior since a new and better version of himself was successfully created. That new hanki has exactly the same face as he is, only possessing better power and ability. He felt so useless and inferior now that he has a perfect little brother, even going as far as trying to kill him. He failed though. Eventually his little brother came with an unknown man and asked him to escape NEDE together with them.

At first Futaba didn’t know who was the hanki in her dreams, but eventually she realized that it was Shirou when Reimei was first created. And that unknown man was Freikorps’ former boss, Eikun.

After a few days, Shirou eventually went back to Rin’s place. Futaba and Reimei were worried about him, but Shirou only said that he got a new and powerful bugai now. They then decided to attack NEDE’s base once again.

On the night when they invaded NEDE’s base, they found all the people in the building was massacred. The three of them went to the underground chamber to find Jin standing in front of an ancient machine, with Ensof’s body at his feet. Shirou realized that Ensof had taken over Jin’s body and asked both Reimei and Futaba to escape, carrying Futaba’s mother with them. He will deal with Jin alone.

After Reimei and Futaba got out of the underground chamber, Shirou summoned his new bugai — a gun named Ragnarok. Jin also unsheathed his sword, and the final battle took place between them.

Not knowing what happened in the underground chamber, Futaba waited for Shirou alone in front of the gate. Reimei went ahead to take her mother to a hospital, but she was worried about Shirou. After a few hours, Shirou finally appeared in the gate. However instead of going home with Futaba, he asked her to go ahead of him since he still had things he had to take care of.

Futaba realized that something bad will happen, just like when Shirou decided to get a new bugai without telling everyone. She knew that Shirou was thinking that he would never see them again, and so she decided to stay with him since she didn’t want him to hold all the pain alone.

Since she didn’t want to hear anything about leaving him alone, Shirou then kissed her.

He begged her to return ahead of him. Futaba, who realized that she loves him, asked him to promise that he will catch up with them later. Shirou agreed and told her that he will never break a promise with a girl. Futaba then believed him and went home, leaving Shirou thinking alone about how he had lied to her.

No matter how long Futaba waited for him, Shirou didn’t return. Time passed by with her thinking what happened to him after that. One day, Rin informed her that a new series of murder had occurred in the city. It was unknown if he was really the murderer, but there were reports of someone like Shirou sighted near the murder locations.

Futaba then decided to ask the Master about Shirou’s new bugai, and found out about the limit of usage. The Master then told her that Shirou must have crossed the limit and left Futaba because he didn’t want her to see himself losing his sanity. Despite the danger, Futaba then asked the Master to insert a bugai that could win against Shirou’s into himself.

At first the Master didn’t want to do it since it could kill her, but after seeing her eyes changing into that of a hanki‘s, he agreed to help. Futaba got a bugai in the shape of a shield believed to be able to reflect any attacks it had received. Giving in to Futaba’s persuasion, the Master also told her about a dangerous way to bring back Shirou’s sanity. She didn’t waste any more time and went looking for Shirou after that.

She eventually found Shirou in a car dump at the end of the city. His eyes were blood-red. It wasn’t long until she had to fight him, but since she didn’t have the time to practice using the shield, she was soon shot by Shirou’s gun. He remarked about how he wanted to make it a long and painful death for her, and then pinned her to the ground.

When Futaba cried out for him to let her go, Shirou asked her what happened since she loves him. He then said that she didn’t really love him, she was just in love with Reimei’s image in him since they have the same face. Futaba tried to tell him that it wasn’t true, but he didn’t hear her out at all.

After he kissed her, the thing possessing Shirou said that he didn’t make anything up. He was only telling her the feelings Shirou always held in his heart. Even though Futaba didn’t realize it, Shirou was always comparing himself to Reimei every single second in his life. It was then when suddenly Shirou’s eyes turned into its original color for a short while. He told Futaba to run away before he was possessed again.

Futaba remembered about the way to release Shirou from this insanity that the Master told her earlier. When the person possessed witnessed a precious person in danger or death, he will regain his mind and sanity. Futaba told Shirou in her heart that it was okay since she will save him. Then a gunshot was heard.

Shirou woke up in the city dump. His memory since he parted with Futaba in front of NEDE’s base was foggy. When he felt a sharp pain in his left arm, where the gun tattoo was, he suddenly remembered hearing Futaba’s cry. Having a bad feeling, he looked down and saw Futaba’s body at his feet.

He tried calling her, but she didn’t respond. He then checked her body and found her not breathing. In fear, he placed his ear on her chest.. only to find her heart not beating. He then saw wounds on her body and realized that it was his gun that shot her. Realizing that Futaba was dead, Shirou cried hugging Futaba’s body and calling her name.

All that he did was to protect her, but in the end she died before his eyes.

However, Shirou didn’t give up yet. He carried Futaba’s body all the way to the Master’s coffee shop. Although the Master said that he couldn’t bring people back from death, it turned out that Futaba only experienced temporary death. They could still save her, though it would be a dangerous operation. Shirou asked him to do everything he could to help Futaba, and the Master agreed. He tattooed another bugai into Futaba’s body.

Good Ending
Months have passed since what happened in Gladsheim. Futaba was staring at the endless blue sky, reminiscing about the time she spent in that city as Freikorps’ boss.

When Shirou hugged her and asked her what she’s thinking about, Futaba told him that she remembered about the time she opened her eyes and saw Shirou’s relieved face. The time when she was brought back to life. She quit Freikorps after that, now living with Shirou in a southern island where they can spent their life together.

Bad Ending
On the night after the final battle with Jin, Shirou told Futaba that he felt tired and only wanted to rest for a while. He will catch up with her later, and Futaba went ahead believing in what Shirou said. After she was gone, Shirou thought about the big lie he had just told her. He had crossed the limit, insanity was starting to corrupt his mind and telling him to kill and kill. Before Futaba or Reimei came back to get him, Shirou summoned his Ragnarok and placed it before his right ear. After saying goodbye to Futaba and admitting that he loves her, Shirou shot himself.

11 thoughts on “Bloody Call – Shirou

  1. Shirou’s Good ED was the only one that made me go ‘D’AAAAAWWWWWWWWWW….” the whole time I was listening to it, besides Jin’s. I kinda found it slightly more romantic than Reimei’s Good ED, though I stll think Reimei’s confession scene was better.
    Sorry to hear about your PS2. Was it not reading the game disc data or something?
    Thanks again for the summary!

    • Both Jin’s and Shirou’s Good EDs are the best in the game, I agree. Some people said that Reimei’s route and ED aren’t romantic though, what do you think? Personally I love Reimei’s confession too, and in the ED he really looks like a white knight. xD

      I think the problem with my PS2 is the motor. There’s nothing wrong with the optic since it’s new and it read the DVDs just fine before it started acting up. I guess I really have to get it fixed.. again.

      You’re welcome. :3

      • Hmm…it’s just…nnnnnnnnnn…I guess it felt like the love was overpowered by ‘duty’? Something about it didn’t seem complete enough… I don’t think I’m really getting the wording right. :'< I do think that Reimei can be the most adorable personality and his route made me laugh the most. Maybe if it came down to it, there were just fewer 'romantic' scenes compared to everyone else…? Other than his confession scene and the Good ED scene, it felt more round-a-bout unlike Jin's or Shirou's route where you can clearly see Futaba is slowly falling for them, and moreover the feeling is better captured in their CGs.
        I played through iMitati0n Kiss first to see what would happen if Futaba didn't confess. I reached this conclusion after playing through everyon'e route: ALL OF THE BAD ED AND NORMAL ED ARE AWFULLY SAD. Not only does someone die, it's usually the guy you're going after or ALL of the possible ones you can go for disappear altogether. I literally wanted to press the CTRL button every time I have to enter the guy's Bad ED. I immediately reloaded from the save point and clicked the choice to confess to Reimei at lightning speed, and got a wonderful kiss CG leading to his Good ED. I kya'd over Reimei's white knight-ness! XD It was sweeeet.
        (…I ended up typing a whole rant…….)
        Grrr…that must suck! Does it stop spinning altogether? I hope it gets better after repairs. :)

        • Yeah, I know what you mean. Somehow in Reimei’s route it feels like Futaba is slowly getting used to her new life, mixed with a little bit of adorable scenes (drunk!Reimei is so cute) and then suddenly she realized she’s in love with him. :/ ..and yes, the bad EDs are really sad. I think almost all of the guys are dead in their bad ED? The ones who don’t die would just disappear anyway.

          I didn’t like seeing bad EDs too, but since it’s necessary to collect the scenes and CGs.. T^T

          My PS2 spins the disc just fine.. for a few second, then it just stops. xD; Thanks, I hope this time it will last for at least a year after repair too.

  2. Meh, was I the only one who didn’t really like Shirou’s good ED? It was too “happily ever after” for me. D; Shirou’s routes are my second favourite (first come Cain’s, even though Shirou is my favourite chara), but I was only satisfied with the bad ED. Oh, well.

    • Well, not everyone likes happy endings like that. :)
      Since I don’t like sad endings, I pretty much like everyone’s good ED in Bloody Call. Though I have to admit that I love Shirou’s because of Futaba’s sacrifice. Cain’s ED is good too, though my favorite is actually Jin’s.

      • I’m not yet done with Jin’s routes, so I can’t comment on those, but I’m looking forward to them. :) I also liked Futaba’s ways in Shirou’s route, but I preferred her Bugai in Cain’s more. ^^

  3. I love~~~ this game. Thanks for doing a summary!^^ I’m trying to get the CG set now~ Awww~Shirou is just soo cute, I guess I prefer him to Reimei in some ways.

    • You’re welcome. :D
      Bloody Call’s artwork is pretty nice, isn’t it? I’m thinking of saving the CGs too before uninstalling the game later. And yeah Shirou is so cute. I don’t like his playboy-ish way, but his whole route totally makes up for it.

  4. I decided to aim for Shirou first and I really loved his route a great deal. Now, it’s really hard to get through the other routes because I just keep thinking about Shirou. XD I’m slightly sad that Shirou only blushed once in the route though.

    I also finished Reimei’s route and I found him adorable. I love it when he blushes and boy was there a lot of blushing!

    I think Futaba is a great heroine so far. She’s quite strong and comes to realize her feelings about the guys in a way that does make you angry.

    Currently on Wataru’s route…it’s okay…except it feels a little bit too shoujo like. Plus, his route seems to not give any clues to he main plot and he’s not a great as the other characters.

    • I don’t remember much since it’s been 3 years, but.. only once!? xD
      Actually I’d recommend doing Reimei’s first since Shirou’s route is so much better. Doing Reimei after Shirou would only make his route feel inferior, but glad to hear that you still like him. Oh, and I agree with you on Futaba. She’s a strong heroine and knows how to fight, though she acts without thinking at times. Wataru’s theme is about growing stronger, so yeah it gives off a strong shounen manga vibes LOL.

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