Bloody Call – Wataru

Here comes another tsundere. Wataru is different from Reimei though, since he’s more like a nekketsu tsundere while Reimei is a cool one. He has this puppy-like side too..

Wataru is a part of Hotsuma Kikan, and usually is seen near Hotsuma Rin wherever she goes. He respected her a lot and called her aniki because she’s so powerful and manlike. Wataru really admires a man’s way of life and hates a person who is always fooling around. This is the reason he was so tsun towards Futaba at first, since he thought she’s always fooling around with Reimei and Shirou. His sense of justice is really strong.

By looking at the shape of his iris, one can tell right away that Wataru is a hanki. However, he didn’t have any bugai tattooed into himself. Futaba first found out about this when Wataru was walking her home from Rin’s house. They took a shortcut towards the mansion and were attacked by Cabracan on the way. Even though he was agile enough to avoid his attacks, Wataru couldn’t fight back. Fortunately Reimei and Shirou, followed with Rin and her MIB, soon came to rescue them.

After Cabracan and Cain attacked the school, Futaba decided to quit school for everyone’s safety since she was their target. Rin was worried about her, and sent Wataru to go to Freikorps’ mansion in order to protect Futaba. Despite the fact that he didn’t have any bugai (and Reimei’s protests), Wataru moved to their mansion and started living in the attic room since he doesn’t like large rooms.

Not too long after that, NEDE’s executive attacked the mansion at night. Knowing that Wataru couldn’t fight, Reimei trusted Wataru to escape and get Futaba to somewhere safe while he and Shirou fought the enemies. Just before they make it to the front door, they met Cabracan again. By this time he already recognized Wataru as a hanki who ran away from NEDE, having a very thin hanki blood and couldn’t hold a bugai because of that.

The angered Wataru soon tried to attack Cabracan with bare arms, ignoring what Reimei told him to do. Obviously he didn’t have a chance to win, and eventually he was slashed by Cabracan’s battle axe. Reimei came to help them, and Futaba escaped to Wataru while he battled Cabracan. Since the mansion’s front gate was guarded by NEDE’s soldiers, Futaba decided to hide in the garden with Wataru.

Wataru apologized to Futaba for causing her trouble because of his impatience earlier. He regretted what he did, since they might be able to escape safely if he didn’t try to attack Cabracan foolishly like that. Futaba was more worried about Wataru’s wound rather than that, but he asked her to leave him and escape alone.

The conversation was cut when they heard footsteps coming which turned out to be Reimei’s. Both Shirou and him were able to drive NEDE’s soldiers away, but they need to leave the mansion first since they might come back later. But before that, Reimei punched Wataru for doing such a reckless thing earlier. He asked him to escape with Futaba, yet he put her into danger by trying to fight Cabracan despite having no bugai

Futaba tried to argue with him, but Reimei didn’t stop blaming Wataru until Shirou asked him to stop. They went to Rin’s house afterwards, where Wataru received treatment immediately. Futaba tried to see how he was doing later, but Wataru asked her to just leave him alone. Thinking that Wataru needs some time to recover both from the wound and the shock, Futaba didn’t see him again after that.

Some days later, Reimei and Shirou called Futaba to talk with Rin. They decided to go back into their mansion and plan the next steps. However, Reimei said that Wataru should stay in Rin’s house rather than coming back with them to the mansion. Remembering what he has done, Wataru would only cause them trouble. He was not needed, and so Rin agreed to let Wataru stay with Hotsuma Kikan again.

Futaba disagreed with Reimei, especially since he said it in such a harsh way. Despite her protests, Reimei told her that Wataru couldn’t fight and he might get hurt again when another battle breaks out. Worried about Wataru, Futaba eventually said that it might be the right decision to let him remain here with Rin. As soon as she said that, they heard footsteps running outside of the room. Realizing that Wataru was hearing their conversation, Futaba chased him in the rain.

Futaba tried to explain that she wants him to stay because she’s worried about him, yet Wataru thought that she didn’t need a weak person who couldn’t hold a bugai like him. He eventually asked her not to lie and to tell him what does she mean by telling him to stay. Futaba said that it’s not like she didn’t need him, but in this world there are people who could and couldn’t fight.

Hearing those words, Wataru turned around and said that even Futaba treated him as a useless person. She saw flashes of emotions and light disappeared from his eyes. Finally he brushed her hand off, saying that he understands that he should just disappear and he won’t ever show his face in front of her anymore.

Futaba tried to chase him, but she fell down and lost track of Wataru. She went back to Rin’s place and waited for him to return, but he didn’t return. Eventually Futaba went back to Freikorps’ mansion with Reimei and Shirou, and Rin told her that she will contact her when she finds Wataru.

Meanwhile, Wataru came to see the Master alone. He showed him an unfinished tattoo in his arm, the one he got from NEDE in the past, and that he wanted the Master to complete it. Since Wataru’s hanki blood is so thin, he was almost the same as human. Tattooing a bugai into him would be dangerous since he might die. Wataru didn’t give up though, and the Master agreed to work on the tattoo since Wataru has someone he wants to protect.

Some days later, Rin called Futaba informing that they have found Wataru. However, he was burning up with a high fever. Rin brought Wataru to Freikorps’ mansion, where Futaba nursed him in the attic. By this time Futaba already realized that she loves him, but she didn’t say anything since she thought Wataru is in love with Rin. The misunderstanding was cleared when Rin explained that she already has someone she loves. Someone who gave her the ring on her finger. And that person wasn’t Wataru.

Meanwhile, Wataru saw a dream about Futaba. At first he thought that she’s only a normal high school student who doesn’t have any interests other than boys and romance, yet she never whined about the things she had to go through as Freikorps’ boss. He wanted to grow stronger for her sake, but when she said those things during the rainy night it really hurt his pride.

Wataru then woke up to see Futaba sleeping beside him, asking himself why did she nurse him. Wataru gently stroked Futaba’s hair, realizing that he’s in love with her. She woke up soon, and out of panic he told her to go away which resulted in him getting punched by Rin for hurting Futaba. Rin basically told her to be a man since it was what he really admires all this time.

After Rin left them to talk alone, Wataru told Futaba about his past. He was born in NEDE’s lab and never met his parents. He has 90% human blood and only 10% hanki blood, making him a Class-E hanki whose blood was too thin to be able to hold a bugai. Once he tried to get a bugai tattooed into himself, but it was soon stopped for his own safety.

Feeling that he couldn’t do anything for the organization, Wataru left NEDE. However after getting out, he realized that he couldn’t blend into the humans outside too since his eyes are that of a hanki‘s. Since he was so powerless, usually when someone told him to go away like Reimei did, he would just obey them. But now, he didn’t want anyone to protect Futaba except himself. Because he wants to protect the woman he loves with his own hands.

Futaba also admitted that she misunderstood Wataru and Rin’s relationship and planned to never confess to him since she was afraid of getting her heart broken. She told Wataru that she loves him too, and asked him to protect her. After they had their first kiss, Wataru vowed to stay by her side and protect her for the rest of his life.

Not too long after Wataru’s recovery, Futaba saw Reimei and Shirou coming out of the mansion at night. They were wearing Freikorps’ uniform, so she knew that they were going to do something important. Apparently they were planning to invade NEDE’s base that night, but they refused to bring Futaba along since they might not be able to protect her. Wataru then came out of the mansion saying that they shouldn’t be worried because he will protect her. He then showed them the tattoo on his arms, and they agreed to take both of them along.

When they arrived at NEDE’s base, they were immediately greeted by Cabracan in front of the gate. Wataru told Reimei and Shirou to go on ahead while he takes care of Cabracan, protecting Futaba at the same time. After Cabracan summoned his signature battle axe, Wataru also summoned his bugai which turned out to be a pair of gauntlets and greaves.

The duel between them soon started. Cabracan was surprised that the previously weak Wataru is now a very strong opponent in battle, but it only made him more excited. He eventually summoned his second bugai, the armor, but Wataru proved to be stronger and eventually beat Cabracan and won the duel.

Before his death, Cabracan asked Wataru how did he get so strong. Wataru answered that he’s not a strong person, he only found someone he wants to protect. Cabracan then told him to admit his strength so that he wouldn’t bring shame to those whom he already beaten. The muscular battle mania then died in satisfaction, beaten by a strong opponent.

Good Ending
Wataru and Futaba went inside NEDE’s base after that and met with the twins. Together they rescued Futaba’s mother and managed to get out safely. She never found out what actually happened in NEDE’s underground chamber and NEDE’s real objective though.

Since NEDE is now destroyed, Futaba quit her position as Freikorps’ boss. Together with Wataru, she joined Hotsuma Kikan to protect the peace of Gladsheim. They were patrolling together and talked about going on a date since they didn’t have the time to do so lately. Wataru said that even though he was stronger now, he could never win against her.

Bad Ending
Futaba refused to sleep while nursing Wataru. Soon, he regained consciousness though still pained by his high fever. He tried to talk to her, but Futaba held his hand and asked him to go back to sleep. They can talk again later after he recovers. Wataru tried to tell her his feelings when suddenly his hand fell down. He died before he could tell Futaba that he loves her.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Call – Wataru

  1. Wataru’s route felt like it was overflowing with Wataru-ness– like a shonen manga from a girl’s perspective. Though I’m kind of upset that he was the last one I was missing in the gallery instead of having Abel as a chasable character, he had the most memorable character development and a pretty awesome bugai tattoo, but I still can’t offer up much love for his route.
    How were your feelings about Wataru?

    • Hmm.. just like you, I think his route feels like a shonen manga told from a girl’s point of view. Not to mention it involves getting emo for being weak and growing stronger after that. I guess he’s kinda adorable too, especially when he blushes, but he’s sort of overshadowed by the greater characters like Shirou or Jin. So yeah, though I like his character and plot development, his route isn’t my favorite either.

      The first time I saw Abel in the official site I thought (and hoped) that he’s a hidden character too. Too bad that is not the case though.. T^T

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