Bloody Call – Kugami Kyou

Sorry for the long pause. I finished the game some time ago, but didn’t have enough time to write the summaries. Anyway, Kugami is one of my favorite characters in Bloody Call.

Kugami Kyou is the infirmary teacher in Futaba’s school. Futaba first met him when she fainted during gym class and was taken to the infirmary. He is a replacement for the teacher who is currently on leave, and so she never saw him before. Kugami is very calm and composed, yet he shows a caring side when he told Futaba that she can talk to him if she has any worries. Because of this, Reimei is worried that Futaba might tell him about her conditions.

Since Reimei was so strict about her actions at first, Futaba skipped school one day to look for her mother around the city. However, she met Kugami on her way out of the school. Futaba then told him that her mother was abducted and she wanted to look for her. Kugami then let her out of school, surprising her.

After Futaba quitted school, she received a call from Kugami. He asked her to meet him since he wanted to return something that she left in his office last time, which turns out to be a button. Kugami asked Futaba why did she quit school, and again told her to talk to him about her worries.

Futaba tried to leave as she couldn’t talk to him about what really happened, but he stopped her and said that she might feel better after talking about it to someone.

Since Kugami promised not to leak out her worries, Futaba then told him everything without revealing the truth about Freikorps and NEDE. She said that someone is aiming for her life, and so she decided to quit school because it might bring danger to others. Futaba noted that Kugami listened seriously without doubting or laughing at her, even though he also knew about her mother.

Knowing that Futaba felt sad because she had to leave the school she loved, Kugami asked her to meet him the next Sunday. He will tell Futaba about the things happening at school, which would be better than her staying home all day long. Futaba agreed to meet him again.

Despite the argument with Reimei after she got home, Futaba got the permission to meet Kugami again. When she later told Kugami about this, Kugami said that he wanted to come and talk with her ‘cousins’. They’re not doing anything suspicious, so it’d be better to talk to them directly. On her way home after parting with Kugami, Futaba found out that Shirou was following her. She told him about Kugami’s visit, and it turns out that Shirou doubted him as much as Reimei did.

When Kugami came to Freikorps’ mansion the next Sunday, Reimei’s attitude was so unfriendly it made Futaba felt bad for Kugami. He even went as far as intentionally spilling coffee on Kugami’s shirt, just to check if he had any bugai tattoo. Kugami didn’t have one though.

After his shirt has dried off, Futaba and Shirou walked with Kugami out of the mansion. Kugami asked Futaba if she trusts him, even though it seems like her ‘cousins’ didn’t trust him at all. Futaba said yes. Even if she was betrayed, she still wants to trust people. To her, it’s better to be betrayed rather than betraying someone. Kugami then thanked her and left.

Here, Shirou said that he felt like he has met Kugami somewhere before.

Some days after that, Reimei informed that they will go to NEDE’s base. They received a message telling them to come at the specified time if they want NEDE to return Futaba’s mother. Though the twins didn’t want to bring Futaba to such a dangerous place, she asked them to bring her along. They might not be able to come back alive, so Futaba decided to talk to Kugami for the last time.

When Futaba called him, Kugami said that he didn’t want to meet her again. Despite Futaba saying that she has something important to tell, Kugami still refused to come. Futaba then said that she will be waiting at the usual place even if he doesn’t come.

The next day, Futaba waited for Kugami alone in the rain. He didn’t come until it was dark, but Futaba kept on waiting since it might be her last chance to see him.

However, Kugami did come later. He hugged Futaba saying that he wasn’t planning to come and see her, no matter how painful it is. Yet he found himself coming to see her after all, though he didn’t know why. Futaba asked him if she did something that makes him hate her. Kugami only answered that it might be the last time he could meet her as a teacher. She asked for a further explanation, but he only apologized and left.

That night they met Cabracan outside NEDE’s gate. Reimei was taken inside to meet the boss and Futaba’s mother was returned to them. They then waited for Reimei to come back. When hours passed and he didn’t return, Futaba and Shirou decided to go into the base.

They soon found Reimei on the floor inside. His wounds were not that bad, yet he was in pain. Reimei asked them to escape, but before they could do that Harphas came to greet them. Shirou then said that he recognized that voice and revealed that Harphas is actually Kugami — something that Futaba herself also noticed.

Futaba wanted to believe that it was all a mistake, yet Harphas said that she chose a wrong person to believe in. He was NEDE’s spy who disguised himself as a teacher and approached her to get more information about Freikorps. Since Harphas’ poison gas bugai could disable others’, Futaba then escaped from NEDE’s base with the twins.

In order to bring Reimei back to the boss, Harphas attacked Freikorps’ mansion that night. After taking Reimei away, Harphas went to look for Futaba who was hiding in the garden. Futaba then asked him again if his objective was really to dig information out of her. When he said yes, Futaba cried saying that it’s really vexing that even when he already betrayed her, she still wants to believe in him.

Harphas replied that he only did what he thinks is right. His life was only for NEDE’s boss. Kugami Kyou, the man Futaba trusted, never existed to begin with.

Since the mansion was no longer safe, Futaba brought Shirou to Rin’s place. Rin was worried about Futaba and asked her to go out, giving Futaba one of her MIBs as a guard for the day. On their way home later, the guard went to pick up something for Rin in the shopping district.

When waiting alone in the car, Futaba saw Kugami in a cafe where they met before. She asked the guard to go on ahead since she had something to take care of, and went to see Kugami. He said that he didn’t expect to see her there, yet he came as Kugami because he felt that he might be able to meet her there. Kugami then asked her to follow him since there’s something he had to tell her. Despite his betrayal, Futaba decided to trust him again.

Kugami noticed that someone was watching them, and took Futaba to a car dump at the end of the city. There he gave her a pass card which would grant them access to NEDE’s base. Futaba was surprised, but Kugami said that it was only them who could stop ‘that thing’. Before they could talk more about that, they heard a voice saying that a traitor for NEDE won’t be forgiven. Ensof suddenly appeared and stabbed Kugami from behind.

Before leaving, Ensof told Futaba that there will be a festival soon. Living sacrifices are needed for the festival, and Futaba should come if she’s not afraid of dying.

Shirou soon came to the car dump after receiving a report from the guard. Futaba cried and asked him to help the wounded Kugami, and so Shirou agreed to help even though he still haven’t forgotten about his betrayal. They went back to Freikorps’ mansion after that.

That night, Futaba had a dream about Harphas’ youth in NEDE. He was going to kill himself when he met NEDE’s boss, Jin, outside of the elevator. Jin asked him to drink with him, and he had no choice but to accept. Jin knew that Harphas was planning for a suicide and asked him about the reason.

Harphas answered that his parents were reseachers for NEDE. He really respected his parents, and participated in the research to make them happy. But one day, his parents were brutally murdered in the lab. People who knew about the truth kept their mouths closed, and so Harphas didn’t know what really happened. Until one day, one of them finally told him the truth: what killed his parents was ‘something’ that resides inside of him. After seeing the proof, Harphas planned to kill himself out of guilt and because he was afraid of the thing inside of him.

After finding out the situation, Jin asked Harphas to give his life to him instead. There must be another way to use the thing inside of him. If it went out of control again, he will stop it. He ordered him to live, and he will guide his way. Harphas has been living his life for Jin ever since.

Futaba woke up to find Kugami gone. Panicked, she went to look for him all over the mansion with Shirou. She finally found him in front of the mansion, planning to go back to NEDE’s base alone. Even though Ensof attacked him earlier, he couldn’t just abandon his boss.

Kugami then informed Futaba that a coup d’état was happening in NEDE. The one who gave order to capture Reimei wasn’t Jin, the real boss. They were planning to move an ancient device in the underground chamber, and Reimei’s body was an important key to do that. If that device is successfully moved, Gladsheim will be completely destructed.

Jin wasn’t aiming for the destruction of Gladsheim, and Kugami himself wasn’t a part of the plan as well. They wanted to stop it from happening.

Futaba didn’t want to let Kugami go alone because of his wounds, so he told her that he might be able to stop them if he unleashed the power inside of him. Because of her dream earlier, Futaba knew about how dangerous that power could be. She asked him to take her along despite the high risk. She wasn’t afraid of his power, since she believes in him no matter what.

Kugami said that she’s really strong to be able to believe even though she was betrayed already. By being with her he feels that he wants to believe in people as well, even though he didn’t trust anyone before — even himself. Kugami agreed to take Futaba along since he needs her.

When they told Shirou about this, he was initially against it mainly because of his distrust towards Kugami. However, when Kugami said that he does love Futaba and won’t let anything harm her, Shirou eventually agreed. In addition, he was coming with them as well to rescue Reimei.

The next night, the three of them went to NEDE’s base. Shirou took care of the gate guards while Futaba and Harphas went on ahead. They met the badly wounded Jin inside who told them that he tried to stop Ensof only to end up like that. He also gave his sword, Grim Reaper, to Futaba before closing his eyes forever.

In the underground chamber, Futaba saw the ancient machine along with the unconscious Reimei. Harphas tried to confront Ensof about what he did to Jin, but the latter only said that he didn’t have time to deal with them. Ensof then sent Cabracan and Abel to entertain them instead.

They had a hard time since Abel’s bugai returned Harphas’ poison gas back at him, making it hard to attack Cabracan. Futaba tried to get rid of Abel’s bugai using Grim Reaper, but it was hard for her to use such a strong sword. With no other choice, Futaba asked Harphas to release his power. She believes that he won’t get out of control, and if he does she will definitely stop him. For the trust between him and Futaba, Harphas finally released his full power.

However, the time limit for that power ran out after Cabracan used his second bugai, the armor. It was then when Futaba remembered what Abel said about Grim Reaper, that its strength was on par with a bugai. Using Grim Reaper, both Futaba and Harphas delivered the final strike to Cabracan.

The ancient machine was ready to move, and Ensof was laughing maniacally at Futaba’s attempt to bring Reimei out. But then suddenly the machine broke down, and the underground chamber started to crumble because of it. They escaped through the elevator along with Reimei and Abel, leaving Ensof — who refused to go with them – alone in the collapsing chamber.

On their way out, Harphas asked the others to go on ahead since he couldn’t leave Jin’s body to be buried when the base collapsed. Despite the twins’ protests, Futaba asked Harphas to promise that he will catch up with them later. He answered that he will definitely fulfill that promise.

Good Ending
NEDE’s destruction caused a big stir in Gladsheim. After working with Hotsuma Kikan to control the city, Futaba quits her position as the boss of Freikorps. She went back to live in her old apartment with her mother while still maintaining contact with the twins. While Futaba started attending school again, Kugami also resumed her position as the infirmary doctor.

Futaba asked him to eat lunch, and was surprised when he suddenly kissed her. She asked him why he did that at school, and Kugami answered it’s because there’s something in front of him that is more delicious than lunch. He said that watching her is amusing and he won’t get bored staying with her forever.

Bad Ending
Kugami went to NEDE’s base alone. Futaba was wondering about what happened that night when suddenly Rin came to the mansion and told Futaba that NEDE’s base was completely destroyed. There was a strange monster inside that might be the cause of the destruction. Futaba went to NEDE’s base later and saw the said monster. Just when it was about to attack her, suddenly it stopped moving.. as if it had just remembered something. It let out a sad scream before running away, and Futaba noticed that the monster is actually Kugami.


4 thoughts on “Bloody Call – Kugami Kyou

  1. oh sooooooo that fake child again !!!!!!!!! you said he is a complete hanki ? i saw that shadow when it’s rain … ( you know in that window and jin route ) anyway he is mad ! it can’t be helped … kugami was probably on my favorites too <3 my Cousin helped me in some japanese . she is in japan for a while . that's why i have this game she brought this for me :) yeah she helped me in some part of this game . kugami has a good route which is full of good and bad thing , i felt bad for him he is a spy ?! i knew that something is suspicious about this guy at the first moment i saw him ! when my cousin helped me in some translation i notice that he is not a bad guy after all . i finished jin route a while ago . he is probably my most favorite character !

    • Yeah, Ensof is the bad guy in everybody’s routes. xD
      He’s a true hanki with a hidden agenda, though probably you’d be able to tell what his real plan is if you’ve played 2-3 routes.

      For Kugami, you can see a striking resemblance he shared with Harphas if you take a closer look. I noticed this the first time I played the game, but his story is still good even though I figured out his real identity already. And yeah, Jin is the real main guy lol.

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