Bloody Call – Jin

Finally! I’ve been so busy lately, but finally I have enough time to write the summary of Jin’s route. This cool villain is actually the main guy. Nobody could compare to him in terms of plot. He’s the best. Please excuse me, I’m totally biased. x3

Jin is the big boss of NEDE, the enemy organization. Which means that he’s the boss of the villains in the game. Even though it’s a hanki organization, Jin is surprisingly a human. Futaba first saw him when she came to NEDE’s base. Jin is a charismatic leader who values his subordinates’ lives, a trait also shown in some of the others’ routes. Anything beyond this would be spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Even in the general route, Futaba keeps having flashbacks about a guy in a military uniform whom she met when she was small. He was badly wounded and told Futaba to leave, but she came back with a medicine box (first aid kit?) to treat his wounds instead. Worried about him, Futaba visited him everyday until he finally told her his name — Chrome.

Their time together didn’t last long though. The citizens soon found out about them by following Futaba. They were blaming Chrome for reasons Futaba didn’t understand, and Chrome said he doesn’t mind if they kill him. But he wanted them to spare Futaba’s life, so he asked the citizens to let her go if he does what they say.

Not too long after Futaba quit school, their mansion was attacked by NEDE. While the twins were fighting outside, Ensof came into Futaba’s room to pick her up. Apparently NEDE wanted to make a trade. If Futaba comes to them, they will release her mother. In addition, they will also stop attacking Freikorps and the twins.

For the safety of the twins and her mother, Futaba eventually agreed to go with Ensof. In NEDE’s base, she finally met Jin directly. Futaba noticed immediately that Jin is a human. Jin then ordered Futaba to be put in an empty room in their lab for now.

Because she’s the boss, Futaba was treaten really badly by the guards who have grudges against Freikorps. She was hit, kicked, and pushed down during her stay in the lab. There were even times when they didn’t give her food. One of the guards was especially harsh by forcing her to lick his shoes. He was about to beat her when she refused, but then someone came to save her.

Yes, the big boss came to her rescue. Jin slashed the guard, saying that NEDE doesn’t need his existence. Apparently he received a report that Futaba’s condition has been weird lately, so he came to see how she’s doing. Jin said that it’s not Futaba who killed the guard’s family, so he shouldn’t take his anger on her like that. When Futaba told him that there’s no need to kill the guard, Jin said that Futaba is a strange girl. NEDE is her enemy after all.

To prevent similar things from happening, Jin took Futaba to his private room. He gave her clothes and food, let her sleep on his bed, and told her to use the room however she likes. She’s not allowed to go outside though.

Now that she’s completely in NEDE’s boss’ hands, Futaba asked Jin when he will release her mother. It appears that they already made arrangements with Freikorps, and Futaba’s mother will be released tomorrow. Futaba asked for a chance to meet with her mother for the last time. Jin initially refused, but eventually allowed her to look at her mother as she was picked up by the twins.

Gazing at the people she loves, Futaba held back the urge to run or scream to them. She already promised Jin that she won’t do anything like that. Upon returning to their room, Jin said that he can’t understand her. He knew that by looking at her mother and the twins, it’d be more painful for Futaba to part with them. Futaba said that she feels grateful to him for letting her see.

Futaba then asked Jin if he ever experienced such partings before. Jin answered that he already threw away such emotions a very long time ago, he doesn’t want to remember it now.

Ever since the first time she slept in Jin’s room, Futaba has been seeing dreams about Chrome. It’s been a long time, and she never thought she’d be able to see him again.. even in her dreams.

One morning, Ensof came to eat together with Futaba. Noticing that she doesn’t look well, Ensof asked her if she hasn’t been able to sleep lately. From him, Futaba found out about a hanki skill called ‘enpass’. It enables the user to share dreams with people nearby. This led Futaba to think that her dreams about Chrome might be someone else’s. Someone who happened to be close to her.

Futaba said that she’s not a hanki, so she shouldn’t be able to possess the skill. Before leaving, Ensof gave her something to think about: NEDE won’t do meaningless things. There must be a reason behind the trade. Curious, Futaba told Jin about her dreams and conversation with Ensof that night. Jin said that he didn’t see such dreams, but Futaba noted a change in his expression.

After leaving the room, Jin came to see Ensof. He asked why did he told Futaba about the enpass skill, and Ensof answered it’s because he wanted to do something for her. Apparently Futaba is an important key for whatever plan they have, so they have to take care of her until the time comes.

Staring at the window outside after Jin left, Ensof thought about how he shouldn’t let go of this chance. He would have to wait again if they fail, but he knew that his body couldn’t possibly wait for that long.
Meanwhile, Futaba saw a strange dream. The person in her dream was losing his friends in the fight with “those creatures”. He was the only person left who knew about their birthplace, and he was trying to find a way to return there. If he gives up, the path to their birthplace would be closed forever.

Futaba woke up and wondered whose dream that was. The dream was so lonely and sad, her tears was flowing. Futaba was really surprised to find Jin sitting on her bed, watching her sleep and wiping away her tears.

She was aware that Jin is her enemy, but for some reason she was glad and relieved to find him there when she wakes up. She was really embarassed since Jin saw her sleeping face and her messy hair, but thanked him anyway for wiping her tears. Well, she sleeps in his room.. naturally he’d see her sleeping face everyday. xD

That morning they had breakfast together. The menu is rations since Jin forgot to ask what Futaba wants. It wasn’t exactly delicious, but Jin said it’s intentional. It appears that he has rations for breakfast everyday to remember his fallen comrades, and to sort of keep his feet on the ground after being NEDE’s boss. Jin is aware that he doesn’t fit for his current position, so he’s preparing for the day when he has to step down from the boss seat.

Before leaving, Jin told Futaba that a bugai expert will come with Ensof later. They’re going to insert a bugai to her body, much to Futaba’s surprise. Despite her confusion, Jin said that it was the reason she was taken to NEDE’s base in the first place. This and his coldness afterwards made her down.

Ensof then left Futaba with the bugai expert in the underground chamber. A familiar feeling stroke her upon seeing the ancient machine there, and Ensof said it’s because of her blood. The expert asked Futaba to take off her clothes since she will begin tattooing the bugai. She noticed a scar in Futaba’s chest, and Futaba said it’s from an accident when she was small.

The bugai they were trying to insert to Futaba’s body was a really strong one. Even a normal hanki wouldn’t be able to handle that. Futaba passed out before the tattoo was finished. She woke up with a fever in Jin’s room, and found Ensof by her side. He believed Futaba would be able to handle the bugai, and they will continue when her body gets better. He left before Futaba could ask for the reason why they want her to hold that bugai.

She woke up again that night to find Jin in the room as well. Knowing that Futaba still had a fever, Jin held her close and they shared a moment before she fell asleep again.

That night, Futaba saw another dream. Chrome was standing in front of a grave, and a child who looks exactly like Ensof approached him. Chrome said that he lost all the hope and love he had for humans. He wouldn’t mind getting killed since he’s a traitor, but they killed an innocent little girl. The child then suggested that they should destroy the human race. When Chrome answered that he wouldn’t mind, the child gave him a new name: Jin, a creature born from the flames long before Adam was created.

Futaba knew that Chrome shouldn’t take the child’s hand, but she couldn’t do anything. She woke up crying after seeing such a dream. Jin then hugged her again. For some reasons he doesn’t understand, he couldn’t leave her alone when she’s crying. Now realizing that Chrome and Jin is really the same person, Futaba told him everything she saw in her dreams.

Admitting that Chrome is really himself, Jin told Futaba what really happened in the past. Gladsheim’s security was really bad back then, as humans and hanki fought each other. However, there were people who sided with the hankis instead. Jin was one of them. He already forgot the reason, but when he saw humans hurting and killing each other, he knew that his decision was right.

During those times, Jin met a little girl. Her innocence healed his heart, and Jin thought that he might be able to trust the human race as long as there are people like her. However, the citizen found out soon. They accused the girl as siding with the traitor and killed her.

That little girl was undoubtedly Futaba. What she didn’t get was why she’s alive now, while Jin already confirmed that the little girl was indeed dead. Futaba told him that no matter what happened, destroying the human race isn’t the right thing to do. She failed to provide a solid argument though, and ran away from Jin’s room.

Futaba bumped into Ensof in the hallway. As she was wondering why Ensof called Jin by his name, Futaba noticed that the child from her dream earlier was Ensof. Which means that the dreams she’s been seeing might be Ensof’s instead. Futaba realized a creepy fact here. Eight years has passed since the incident with Chrome, but Ensof’s voice and appearance remains the same.

After some futile attempts to run away, Ensof dragged Futaba to the underground chamber. The bugai expert was already waiting there, and she started working on the unfinished tattoo. As Futaba endured the pain, Ensof told them about the things she didn’t know.

Hanki is a really powerful race. So powerful that humans couldn’t even compare to them. However, after a long time, the number of hankis started to decrease. There are those who marry humans, resulting in the original power getting weaker and weaker after each generation born. So Ensof thought of a way to preserve that power. That is, by creating the DEHABs.

The ancient globe in the underground chamber held all of the history and knowledge, stored by Ensof. By giving those records to their DEHABs, they will be able to preserve the memories. But that alone wasn’t enough. He needed a key to make the machine move. It would be the ship that will take Ensof back to his birthplace.

Ensof then created DEHABs with abilities close to the powerful original hanki. Yggdrasil (Reimei) and Nidhogg (Shirou), along with the female DEHABs — the Harpies: Aello, Ocypete, and Celaeno. He hoped that they will be able to endure the bugai that would be the key. All of this for the sake of moving the ancient machine.

Out of the Harpies, Celaeno managed to escape from NEDE. The Harpies would lose all of her power upon giving birth to a child, and that child would inherit her power instead. Celaeno is Futaba’s mother. Which means that Futaba might have her mother’s power.

Futaba passed out again after that. She saw a dream again, that answered her questions regarding her past with Jin. She was killed by the citizens back then. Jin took her ‘corpse’ and buried her on the outskirts of town. He apologized for getting her killed. If only she never met him, she would be able to enjoy her life and future.

What Jin doesn’t know is, thanks to the power she got from her mother, Futaba didn’t die back then. Yes, Futaba is a hanki. So normal weapons couldn’t possibly kill her. She was calling out to him all the time, begging him not to do anything reckless. But since she was ‘dead’, her voice didn’t reach him. She dug out of her grave that night. Hurt and sad because the person she loves thought she’s dead, Futaba locked that memory deep inside her heart.

Meanwhile, Jin was surprised by the tremor coming from underground. He later found a dying Harphas outside, who asked him to stop Ensof. Harphas won’t ask him to save the entire human race, but he believed Jin should save a person dear to him. Because he noticed that after Futaba came, Jin started having the will to live.

Jin reached the underground chamber right after Ensof killed the bugai expert. Ensof laughed maniacally, saying that Jin’s wish would be fulfilled soon. Jin ordered him to stop, but since Ensof refused to abort his plan, Jin took out his Grim Reaper. He doesn’t care about human beings, but he will protect the girl he loves. Harphas handed something to Jin before he died.

To answer Jin, Ensof also summoned his bugai. A powerful bugai that includes armors from head to toe. Futaba then called out to Jin, finally telling him that she was the little girl from his past. She showed him the scar on her chest, and told him that his fight wasn’t for nothing. She’s alive and thankful because of him, that’s why he should fight now.

Jin received many blows and he was heavily wounded, when he finally took out something that made Ensof’s bugai disappeared. It was Harphas’ bugai, which he gave to Jin earlier. His poison gas would only affect hankis, thus cancelling Ensof’s armor. Panicked, Ensof called out to Cabracan and Abel for backup, but it appears that the twins already took care of them.

While Futaba tried to destroy the ancient machine, Jin finally managed to deliver his killing blow to Ensof. The building started to collapse soon after, so the twins helped both Futaba and Jin to escape. Jin refused and wanted to die along with the building, but Futaba told him to live. He should know how it feels when someone you love dies. Shirou then took Jin out, ignoring his wish to die.

The twins left Futaba alone with Jin in front of the collapsed NEDE’s base. She told him that he has saved her again, just like when she was small. Of course the people who died couldn’t be brought back to life, but Jin will always remember them.

Jin asked Futaba if she still remember the name he told her in the past. Chrome, the metal that never changes. The reason Jin gave her this name was because he wanted to remain the same in front of her. He already changed when they meet again, but Futaba said that’s not right. He is still the same, precious person to her.

Good Ending
After everything’s over, Futaba stepped down from her position as Freikorps’ boss. Jin already recovered from his wounds, and both of them went out of Gladsheim because of his status as NEDE’s former boss. They travelled to a faraway country, forgetting all about Freikorps and NEDE, spending their time together peacefully.

Futaba writes letters to her mother from time to time. The accidents in the city were gone along with NEDE, and the city finally have quiet days. As she was looking up at the sky, Jin asked if she remembered what day it is now. It was the day when they first met each other. She was happy that he remembered, and they kissed. Jin vowed that he will love only her, so she shouldn’t go away from his side until death do they part.

Bad Ending
Instead of telling Jin to fight, Futaba asked him to run. This eventually resulted in Ensof managed to move his ship, which destroyed Gladsheim along with its citizens.

The wounded Jin woke up in Futaba’s lap. He asked about what happened with Ensof, but Futaba told him to rest for now since it’d be a long story. Jin did what she said and closed his eyes. He didn’t know that every single human being was wiped out from the land.

Jin compared the destroyed land with Eden, the garden where Adam and Eve lived. The name that inspired his organization’s name. Just like in Eden, in the destroyed land there wasn’t any other existence other than Futaba and him.


8 thoughts on “Bloody Call – Jin

  1. Welcome back! Thank you for the Jin review :D
    I was so shocked when I revisited your blog and found three new posts.
    Err…though I have heard about the notorious Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi -shivers- i swear…dark doesn’t even cover the half of those psychos…

    • You’re welcome~ :D
      I could barely find the time to blog lately, so posted updates whenever I’ve got the chance to do so lol. Thanks for keeping up with me.

      LOL yeah the guys in KuroKin are psycho aliens once they snapped. Aliens because their personalities totally changed. That’s what I get for judging a game by its art, I guess. xD

  2. OMFG. I haven’t really read this review yet, by I felt EXTREMELY compelled to comment because I needed to tell you that Jin looks exactly like Date Masamune (from SenBasa). Right down to the eyepatch.

    I am sorry to have intruded. I’ll read this properly nao.


    • Now that you mention it.. you’re actually right, LOL.
      I’ve never really thought about it before, but now whenever I see Jin I start seeing DateMune as well. xD

      And don’t worry about it lol. This blog is full of tl;dr. 8D

  3. guhhhh…. This guy is the reason I got the game (silver hair? check! eye patch? check! UNIFORM? cheeeeeccckkk~~~~!!! 8D kekekekeeee)

    I didn’t want any spoilers, so I only read the beginning of your review, but I’ll come back later~ :)

  4. Thank you so much! I just started playing this game and Jin’s voice captivated me immediately. He definitely made the strongest first impression and so I couldn’t resist looking for more info. Although I’d hate to tell Jin to run, but his bad ending seems so poetic! I can’t wait to see it.

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