Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

I absolutely don’t know what made me play this game. Probably because of the art, since I don’t really like dark-themed games. I was going to post separate summaries for each guy, but I went WTFBBQ after finishing the guys.. so I’ll just put it in one post. >_>;

Katagiri Kanade is a hikikomori who spent her days lazing off in her room. Her specialty is her broad imagination which often leads to various wild delusions. One night a weird cowboy guy appeared in her dream, saying that he’s her heart’s hero. Due to his encouragement, Kanade decided to try and go have a haircut the next day. It was then when she met a mysterious guy who cut her hair in the park, giving her courage to resume her school days.

Right after her haircut, Kanade was nanpa‘d by a guy who turned out to be her former classmate, Sudou Yukio. Kanade used to like him back then, and he was happy to meet her again. Kanade lives with her non blood-related brother, Sonomura Ikuto. Despite Ikuto’s warning, Kanade went looking for the mysterious guy who cut her hair the next day. She found him in the park, where he introduced himself as Hasui Tomoomi. He’s a professional hairdresser and owns a salon named Azalea nearby. Since Kanade was absent from school for so long, her homeroom teacher, Konno Chihiro, offered to help her with her studies.

Having these guys around her, what will happen to Kanade’s life from now on?
P.S. I’m not covering the bad endings. Most of them are pretty fucked up, so no.

Sonomura Ikuto

Ikuto is Kanade’s tsundere younger brother. He’s the son of her mother’s lover, so they’re not related by blood. Since their parents are away, Ikuto was the one who took care of their household. He’s especially good at cooking, in contrary to Kanade’s nonexistent cooking skill. Ikuto is very protective of Kanade, taking care of her everyday and watches over her so that she won’t be harmed by dangerous bugs guys. His hobby other than cooking is gardening.

The romance in Ikuto’s route starts off VERY late in the game, almost towards the ending. It was obvious that he’s in love with Kanade forever, but she’s just too dense to notice. They accidentally drank some sake on the night of the school festival and got home drunk. The drunk Kanade refused to let go of him, so poor Ikuto had no choice but to sleep in his aneki’s arms that night. He keeps thinking about how he’s a man too, so Kanade’s actions are driving him crazy.

Since Ikuto really does care about Kanade, he tried to hold back so Kanade could get a boyfriend. He erased her curfew, told her to go on a date, and even invited all of her guy friends to see if she likes someone. Despite all of this, Kanade still doesn’t have someone she likes. She preferred hanging out with him instead, asking him to go with her to a manga cafe and a bath theme park. (LOL what’s this?)

All of this eventually made Ikuto reached his limits. Unable to hold back his feelings, he went back to his old overprotective ways, going as far as telling Yukio not to come to pick up Kanade in the mornings. Kanade still doesn’t know what’s going on, until one day.. she accidentally saw him fapping in his room, calling out to his “aneki”. The door opened before she could get away, and so Ikuto knew Kanade saw him. That night he tried to make her realize that he’s a man too, but Kanade brushed it off by saying that it couldn’t be helped since he’s a guy.

Ikuto was frustrated by all of this, but he went back to his usual self. He had the thought of attacking and doing it with her, but he doesn’t want to make her sad.

One night, after having a strange dream with the hero onii-san, Kanade woke up to find Ikuto kissing her in her room. He whispered that he loves her, and went out soon after, not knowing that she was awake. Kanade then realized that the hero onii-san was actually Ikuto, combined with her own delusions. He was the one who encouraged her to go out of her hikikomori life, who always helped her whenever she was down.

Happy Ending
The next day, Kanade sneaked into Ikuto’s room before he wakes up at night. He was really surprised to find her there. Even more so when she said that she knew he’s been going to her room every night. Kanade said she wanted to know Ikuto’s feelings, so he told her that he’s been in love with her ever since they were small. Kanade said that she loves him too, which is the reason why she can’t fall in love with guys other than him. They had sex afterwards.

In the ending, the first Valentine after they became a couple comes. Kanade went home carrying a lot of chocolates from Ikuto’s fans, but she failed to make one herself. Ikuto kissed her, saying that he’d just cover her in chocolates and eat her instead. フフ(*´艸`)エロイ

Gold Ending
Basically the same with the happy ending. It’s just that Kanade caught him when he went to her room. After confessing to each other, they had sex in Kanade’s room. Before they did it, Ikuto actually ran out to his room to grab a condom first, lol. It’s funny, but at the same time also shows that he really cares about her.

Ikuto has two gold endings. He married Kanade and they opened a restaurant in both, growing the ingredients in their own garden. It was the opening day, and their friends came to celebrate the tape cut. They do a tomato cut instead in one the first ending, by biting the same tomato. In the second one, they kiss after cutting the tape. Kotoko kissed Komine in this ending, though blocked by a flower petal lol.

Ikuto’s probably the sanest guy out of the whole bunch. I like his route the most. The romance starts very late, but it’s understandable. Couldn’t help but feel sorry for him though, all of those teasing must have driven him insane. I’m really glad to see him happy with Kanade in his gold endings. His bad endings, especially the black one, is disturbingly creepy though..

Sudou Yukio

Yukio is Kanade’s former classmate, way before she became a hikikomori. They met again when he hit on her after she had a haircut. He was embarrassed to have nanpa‘d a girl he knew, but also encouraged her to go back to school. Yukio went to a different, neighboring high school, but he came to pick her up every morning.. much to Ikuto’s dismay. Yukio lives alone in a small apartment, since his home was too far from the school. His parents own a family company.

The first half of Yukio’s route was extremely adorable. They shared a dance by the bonfire on the night of the school festival, and realized that they’re in love ever since. After some cute nervous moments, he asked her to be his girlfriend and they started going out. Naturally they won’t be able to hide it from Ikuto, so they took him to an Italian restaurant where Yukio asked for Ikuto’s permission to date his sister.

Both of them were adorably nervous and shy, blushing heavily after having their first kiss. The first sign of what Yukio’s route would be like was shown when Kanade was late for their date. It was raining outside, and Yukio gloomily waited for her in the rain. They went to his room after that, where Kanade found a magazine full of dating tips. Apparently Kanade is Yukio’s first girlfriend, and so he’s just as clueless as she was. Yukio also gave Kanade a key to his apartment.

An article for the magazine states that 50% of the couples out there did it on their first day. This made both Kanade and Yukio nervous, but eventually they had their first sex in his room. It was adorable since they’re both virgins, but the cuteness of Yukio’s route ends here.

The night after they had sex, Yukio asked Kanade to come and see him. She felt bad for sneaking out, but came to see him anyway. Right after she entered his room, he grabbed her from behind and did it with her at the door. Ever since that night, everyday Yukio would call Kanade to come and have sex.. and she would stay with him until daybreak. Kanade didn’t get enough sleep and often fell asleep during class, eventually resulted in a significant drop in her grade and performance at school.

Knowing that there’s something wrong with their relationship, Kanade tried to ask Yukio to hold back their desire for sex. He didn’t listen though, and forced her to do it with him in the park instead. By this point he also got extremely possessive, getting angry over Kanade’s discussion with Konno-sensei.

Later on Kanade found out that Yukio’s grades dropped so bad that he might have to repeat the year. Following Ikuto’s suggestion, Kanade asked him to meet her every three days instead of everyday. He agreed, but he came to her apartment that night begging her to let him in. The situation got even worse when Yukio locked himself up in his room when Kanade came to see him. Apparently his parents’ company might get closed. They didn’t have enough money to pay for his apartment anymore, so they told him to go back home.

Yukio wanted to leave school and look for a job so that he can stay, because he couldn’t bear being apart from Kanade. She told him that he couldn’t do that since there’s no guarantee that he’d be able to get a job after leaving school. Yukio was really down, and so Kanade thought of getting a part-time job to help him. Somehow she managed to get one.. at a cabaret club. And for some reasons I can never understand, everyone including Ikuto supported her decision. ಠ_ಠ

From time to time Kanade would visit Yukio, who was still locking himself up in his room. One day before leaving, Kanade mentioned that she had to get to work. This made Yukio really angry since Kanade was hurting his pride, making him feeling more pathetic and miserable. Eventually he slapped Kanade and told her not to come and see him again.

Sad that her feelings couldn’t reach him anymore, that night Kanade went to Yukio’s apartment to return the key. She hoped that by doing that, it’d be enough as a trigger to make Yukio move.

Happy Ending
Before Kanade leaves, Yukio finally came out of the room asking if she’d throw him away along with the key. Kanade said that she came to ask about how he feels, since she couldn’t understand him anymore. Yukio answered that he felt really pathetic for hurting her, while he really wanted to look good in front of her. Kanade told him that she loves him the way he is, so there’s no need to worry about such things.

After making up with Kanade, Yukio returned to his parents’ house. Kanade also quits her job at the cabaret club. Their relationship became a long-distanced one, with them meeting once a month. They make really good use of their time together, to make up for their time apart.

Gold Ending
Yukio came out of his room, apologizing to Kanade for hurting her. He knew that by giving back the key means that she’s breaking up with him. Kanade was only testing him, so she was shocked when he accepted the breakup. He re-confessed to her though, promising that he’ll work hard to become a man worthy of her love. Kanade accepted, and they had sex again that night.

Yukio returned to his parent’s house once, to think of a better way to solve everything. He eventually managed to convince his parents to let him stay, so now he continued to attend school while working part-time. Christmas soon came, and they ate ramen under the Christmas tree since they were too late to buy a cake.

What a horrible way to destroy a character. I liked Yukio in the beginning since his interactions with Kanade was so adorable, but for the later half of his route? My reaction → ಠ_ಠ I can never like him again after going through all of those crap. Most of his bad endings were so bad they made me cry.

Konno Chihiro

Konno-sensei is Kanade’s homeroom teacher. Since Kanade was absent for so long, she couldn’t follow the lessons when she started attending school again. Chihiro asked her to come to the counseling room whenever she wants her help, since he will be there to help her study. Despite his scary face, he actually likes sweets and is very good at cooking. He actually loves kids and wants to write fantasy picture books for children.

Despite being a dense girl in the other routes, Kanade quickly realized that she’s in love with her sensei here. This really motivated her to do well in school, as she started going to school early and studying everyday. As the result, her marks improved so much she kicked Komine out of the second place lol.

After working together on the night of the school festival, Chihiro started to feel the same way. He tried to stop her from coming to study with him, thinking from his position as a teacher. Kanade still wanted to come and see him though, and so nothing changed.

Since their parents are away, Ikuto came to attend Kanade’s parents-teacher meeting instead. There Ikuto told Chihiro that he’s too close to his sister, and that’d be bad for their position as a teacher and student. He only said this to see if Chihiro’s prepared to date Kanade, since it’s clear that he likes her too. Yet Chihiro said that he won’t meet with her after school anymore, disappointing both Ikuto and Kanade.

Chihiro really avoided Kanade after that. She didn’t want to come to school the next day, spending the whole day crying her eyes out. Ikuto then called her to a park, where he saw him talking to Chihiro. After punching Chihiro and broke his glasses, Chihiro finally said that he loves Kanade. They went back to their apartment, where Ikuto left them alone. He went to Yukio’s place where they drink together to forget their broken hearts lol.

The next day, Kanade went on a date with Chihiro. They met a woman in a shopping mall. Since Chihiro seems to know her, Kanade asked him to talk to her. After a while, the woman came to Kanade and asked her not to run away from Chihiro. This was never really explained, so don’t ask me who she is, or what does that mean lol.

Since they’re student and teacher, naturally they have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone else. At first Kanade felt excited about having such a relationship, but after having sex with Chihiro in the locked counseling room.. things went downhill.

For some reason, all Chihiro cares about now is how to satisfy Kanade. He kept asking her about what she wants, often asking if she wants to have sex again. At first it was just when they were alone, but soon Chihiro made it really obvious to the whole school that there’s something going on between them. Like keeps asking her and looking at her in class.

Despite enjoying the sexual pleasure he gave her, Kanade felt bad for doing it in school. She tried to tell him, but eventually they did it again in an empty hallway. The next day, a rumor was spread to the entire school that they were dating. Kanade panicked, but she was happy when she heard from Komine that a story Chihiro sent to a magazine received positive reviews. So much that a publisher came to see him at school.

Chihiro avoided meeting with Kanade because of the rumor, but passed a note at her to come and see him that night in the counseling room. There she found out that the publisher offered him to become a pro writer. Kanade congratulated him, but Chihiro wasn’t happy because it’d mean that they wouldn’t be able to meet at school again. He got angry when Kanade told him to pursue his dreams, thinking that she doesn’t need him anymore and was throwing him away. He also revealed that he was the one who spread the rumor. Wut? ಠ_ಠ

Happy Ending
Kanade said that he wasn’t really trying to satisfy her, because he’s doing it to satisfy himself. She wanted both of them to be satisfied in their relationship, so she asked Chihiro to put a distance between them. Chihiro decided to trust Kanade.

They went back to the student-teacher relationship at school. Chihiro returned back to his normal teacher self, not focusing his gaze on Kanade only during lessons. Of course they’re still going out though. They’re seeing each other in a hotel room, entering the hotel separately, even wearing a disguise sometimes. Just a little bit more and they’d be able to see each other freely. So I guess Kanade’s graduating soon? Or maybe Chihiro’s starting his writing career?

Gold Ending
Kanade told Chihiro not to give up his dreams. She doen’t want him to sacrifice his life just to satisfy her. If he throws away his dreams just to be with her, she won’t be happy. She wants him to pay attention to her feelings too. Chihiro was afraid that she’d run away from him, but Kanade said that she won’t. She only wants them to be happy.

Graduation finally came. Chihiro quit his job as a teacher and started working as a writer. He came to pick Kanade up, and they hugged in front of the school gate. They went to have sex in a hotel (?) afterwards. Chihiro said that it inspired him to write, and that Kanade shouldn’t worry since he’d put the hints so subtle only Kanade would notice.

Again, what a wonderful way to destroy a character. The first half of his route was really sweet, and I was happy when they started going out. But after that.. I couldn’t help but think that Chihiro is a ドM weirdo since his life’s priority was to satisfy Kanade. His black ending was disturbingly creepy, not to mention how evil he looks there.

Hasui Tomoomi

I’ll warn you. This guy is creepy. Extremely creepy. I’ll make this summary as short as possible since he scared the heck out of me. I don’t wanna go through his route ever again. >_>;

Tomoomi is the mysterious hairdresser who gave Kanade a haircut. She was scared when he chased after her and cut her hair by force in the park, but his skills are top-notch. He owns a salon named Azalea in front of the station, and Kanade often came to visit him for hair treatments. He refused to receive any payments though, since she’s his cut model.

Kanade’s feelings for him started to grow when they spent an evening together during the school festival. He hugged her from behind, whispering that she’s beautiful and that he loves her. Kanade thought he did that to make her feel confident, but she was also wondering how Tomoomi feels.

Tomoomi wanted to take Kanade to a nice shop, and she was so impressed to see him waiting for her by the school gate with a car. During their meal together Kanade asked about Tomoomi’s past, but he avoided the subject. They later had their second date, with him taking pictures of her for Azalea’s catalogue.

Apparently there was a shooting location in town, and one of the crews seems to know Tomoomi. He ignored him though, running away as soon as he got the chance to do so. Kanade tried to ask him about it.. but again, he didn’t want to answer. He told her that he loves her instead. Though interrupted by Ikuto before they could kiss, they had their first kiss a few days after that.

Later on, Tomoomi took Kanade out on a date. He bought her an expensive dress and had meal in an expensive hotel. Kanade thought that Tomoomi must be really rich to be able to do that. The next day, Kanade heard from Kotoko, who did some research regarding Tomoomi, that he’s actually a really famous make-up artist who is currently missing. Kotoko also gave the hotel’s address and room number that he’s currently staying in. Kanade was disappointed that Tomoomi would hide such things from her, and went to Azalea to see him.

The salon was closed when Kanade came. She was suspicious because it’s always closed unless she called to make an appointment first, and because she never saw any customers other than herself. Not to mention that there’s no address and operating hour in the business card he gave her. She tried calling him, and surprisingly he picked up saying that he’s in Azalea. Kanade was sad because he lied, so she went to check the hotel.

She met Tomoomi in front of the hotel, who dragged her all the way to his room. He confirmed that what Kotoko said was true, and he’s also pissed saying Kanade’s just like the others. Kanade was scared and tried to run away, only to find a room full of mannequins. All of them with the same haircut as hers. Tomoomi told her that Azalea is a salon he created just for her, so she was his only customer. He also had tons of pictures of her.. which should be enough proof that he stalked her.

Before Kanade ran away, Tomoomi gave her his room’s card key. It was to challenge her if she has enough courage to visit him again. After some hide-and-seek with Ikuto, Kanade decided that she’s going to see Tomoomi again.

Happy Ending
Tomoomi was waiting for her when Kanade came. He wasn’t sure if he can really trust her, so he gave her some more test. Which is to strip. She did so, but refused to wear the dress Tomoomi gave her. Kanade told him that she wants him to see her. She loves him, so she wants to know him more. If he couldn’t tell her now, she will wait until he’s able to do so. Until that day, she’s willing to accept any trials he wants to test her with.

Ever since that day, Tomoomi has been testing Kanade with a lot of things. Then one day, he wanted to have sex with her. Kanade agreed even though he might throw her away after that. He eventually told her that he doesn’t know how to answer her love, but he does love her. He became really gentle after that and they had sex in the bathroom.

Gold Ending
Kanade let Tomoomi dress her up as he pleases, but eventually she cried out that she’s not his doll. She started crying and tearing up the dress with his scissor, saying that he was the one who saved her from her hikikomori days. Surprisingly, Tomoomi asked her to stop crying because it makes him sad.

Tomoomi also started crying, saying that it’s been a long time since the last time he felt such emotions. He apologized for hurting her and told her about his past. Being a make-up artist for famous celebrities, he wanted to give them hairstyles that would suit them the best. But he was forced to follow the trends instead, and so he left the entertainment world because he’s sick of how money-hungry everyone is.

But in actuality, he really wanted to cut hair, and that’s when he met Kanade. At first he only wanted to make her one of his creations, but now he wants to make her happy. They had sex in a bed full of grey roses after that. It’d be romantic if the roses were red.. but grey? >_>

In the ending, Tomoomi received rehabilitation and continued working in Azalea. Kanade helped him out in the salon during holidays. While he refused to cut hair for other people before, he cuts hair for their friends now. He was thinking that he wants to open the salon for public soon, and so he needs her by his side to be able to do so. Tomoomi pulled out a ring and proposed to Kanade, which she accepted happily.

The main guy of the game? His gold ending is really sweet. I never thought he’d be the one with the wedding end though. But seriously, he’s a crazy stalker in the beginning. I’d run away from him as far as possible if I were Kanade, but they say love makes people blind.. Well, the gold ending was worth it. Only the gold ending, mind you. Don’t bother with his bad endings if you don’t like crazy fucked up crap.

Overall, it’s a game yandere lovers woud probably love.. though the only yandere is Tomoomi, in my opinion. The art is nice, music is decent, and it has its funny and adorable moments. The H-scenes are a bit lacking.. but that’s probably because I’m used to the eroge-level ones. Characterization is really inconsistent since the guys turn into psychotic aliens once they snapped, but at least the first half of the routes are adorable. Play it if you like dark themes and don’t mind disturbing bad endings.

My favorite character is actually Komine. Too bad he doesn’t have his own route since he has an obvious crush on Kotoko.. (´・ω・`)


20 thoughts on “Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

  1. Srry to bother you, but could please tell me how you got a hold of this game? I really can’t find anything about it (it’s been months >>;;)

  2. I thought Amazon JP doesn’t ship PC games to outside Japan? Or do you (and your friend) live in Japan?

    By the way, do you have any idea if it’s true that OC otome games only work on Japanese OS? Or will they also work on any Windows system so long as the language setting is set to Japanese?

    • Yeah, I forgot to mention that she has a proxy in Japan to save cost when doing her otome shopping. That way she can get shop tokutens too.

      I think some of them only works on Japanese OS, but most works on any Windows system — some require the language to be set in Japanese, some aren’t. But my PC’s been set in Japanese for so long I can’t tell which one works and which one doesn’t lol. There are always cracks for those games not available to play in Japanese Windows though..

      • I see. Do they indicate if the game only works on Japanese OS or otherwise? I’m eyeing Calamelia Torte’s Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori (big bad and hot wolf lol) but they don’t seem to have any spec information.

        I wonder why they don’t ship the games to outside Japan though. It’s like so “ugh” since I’m all ready to part with my money but they don’t want to take it. =_=

      • Not until you actually try playing it. But PC game usually have trials don’t they? You can try installing and playing the trial first. Speaking of which, I’m eyeing that game too. I hope it works in non-Japanese OS so I don’t have to look around for the crack.

        Most Japanese online shop like Animate doesn’t ship overseas either.. which really sucks cause it’d be way easier to get otome games that way. >_>

  3. personally, i remember only finishing Ikuto’s route. and since i love him, i even checked his bad ends.
    out of all of them, i didn’t even feel like checking the other two guys…though i’m eyeing at Tomoomi’s….MIGHT try it, if i ever get a hold of the game again. (i don’t have a PC right now) Orz

    • Ikuto and Tomoomi are the only ones who’s worth it anyway. Ikuto is adorable, and Tomoomi has nice endings even though he’s creepy as hell. (´∀`;) Yukio and Chihiro are cute at first, but then things just go downhill down their routes lol.

  4. ummm…….. i don’t have any-thing to say… he wanted to cut her hair so he ran after her and cut it by for… WTF ok I’m not so rude when it comes to bad or weird routes but this is like a really sick and twisted love that even i would shy away from. but they rest of the routes were nice and easy which i like but mg he really creeps me put O.O…….

  5. Hi there, I have the game and I’m kinda new to this PC game but how do i get those characters unlock?? Do I need to unlock the 1st page of CG??

  6. hi
    i’ve seen a cg in official site where Yukio was raping her and ikuto was there looking at them, which chara’s route was that??

  7. sorry for disturb,may i know how to get or is that anywhere that i can download this game?and i try to serch it but its end up with Japanese language.i really want to try this game so badly after i saw your review.thnx.so please can u help me. thnxxx lot. ^^

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