Starry☆Sky~After Spring~

I still haven’t got the chance to reinstall Spring and write a proper summary for it. But since After Spring is here, I decided to play it first before going back to Spring. Or maybe I’ll play Spring Portable instead. Seems like the otome boom on PSP still continues.

After Spring takes place in Autumn, when the students of Seigetsu Gakuen are busy with preparations for the upcoming culture festival. They’re holding an exhibition, and some advisors from USA came to help the students. Yahisa Tsukiko, along with her childhood friends Nanami Kanata and Tohzuki Suzuya, was surprised to see their friend Tomoe Yoh there. Yoh came to see her in March, but left for America by the end of Spring. It turns out that Yoh is one of the advisors, and he’s staying in Japan until the culture festival is over.

The game is split into four parts: After Spring, and three After Stories for each guy. After Spring mainly deals with two new characters: Izumi Takatsugu and Oshinari Haru. I’m going to summarize the After Stories first, since the new characters are listed under ‘sub-characters’.

Tomoe Yoh

Yoh, a Capricorn, is one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends. Different from Suzuya and Kanata who are her neighbors, Yoh met Tsukiko during her visit to her mother’s hometown. He’s very direct in expressing his feelings towards Tsukiko, as she was the reason he came to Japan back in March. By the end of spring, his parents started working on a new project in America. It was Yoh’s dream to be able to work with his parents as astronomers, so he went to America to pursue his dreams.

The main highlight of his After Story is Tsukiko’s long-distance relationship with Yoh. At first they had no problem because Yoh called Tsukiko whenever he can, despite the time difference and his busy job. He also came to walk in the Star Road with her during the second culture festival. Yoh said he’d have to work harder soon, and he left right after walking Tsukiko back to her dorm.

After he returned to America, Yoh gradually became busy with his job. He still came to visit her from time to time, but then he got so busy that his calls and messages are decreasing. Tsukiko was worried about him, but he said everything is fine whenever he’s got the chance to call her. She also noticed that he started appearing in magazines and TV for his admirable work, and was slightly disappointed that she knew nothing about it. Eventually she found out from Suzuya and Kanata that in summer, Yoh collapsed during work due to fatigue.

Since Yoh is still young, he needs to get recognized by his co-workers. He worked really hard and pushed himself to the limit just to gain their recognition. There were times when he called Suzuya and Kanata to talk about his work, yet he never said anything to Tsukiko. It was obviously because Yoh didn’t wanna show his weak side to her, but Tsukiko felt hurt that he’s been hiding things from her.

The third cultural festival came. Though he said he won’t be able to come, Yoh secretly went to Seigetsu Gakuen to give Tsukiko a surprise. Still angry and sad, Tsukiko rejected his kiss and said that she found out about what happened to him at work. She then ran away and locked herself in a classroom, despite Yoh’s apology and plead to talk. He had to return to America soon, so he cried and left because she won’t open the door.

Time passed and Yoh left a voice mail in Tsukiko’s inbox, saying that he’s not giving up on her. From Suzuya and Kanata, she found out that the reason Yoh has been working so hard is because he wants to be able to support both of them in the future. Tsukiko later saw Yoh and his parents on TV, receiving an award for their theory. Realizing how much she meant to him, Tsukiko ran out to the school gate. Surprisingly (or not..), Yoh was there since he’s going to visit her again. They hugged and kissed and finally made up.

Upon Yoh’s invitation, Tsukiko went to America to spend her Christmas with Yoh and his family. There she met Yoh’s parents for the first time: Raoul and Imari, who are so raburabu with each other and not afraid of showing it. Tsukiko then told Yoh that she has decided to attend a university in America, as she wants to work together with him someday. Of course Yoh was delighted to hear her decision. After talking to Yoh’s parents, it was decided that Tsukiko will live with them when she moves to America later. Think of it as a housewife training for Tsukiko since she told Imari she wants to marry Yoh, lol.

Tsukiko returned to Japan right after Christmas, where she told everyone about her moving to America. Both Kanata and Suzuya supported her decision, though they were sad too since America is so far and they won’t be able to see each other often. Time passed with Suzuya helping Tsukiko learning English, and their graduation eventually came. Yoh came to pick her up, just as he promised.

After some days of packing and preparing, it’s finally time for Tsukiko and Yoh to leave for America. Kanata and Suzuya went to see them off, both doing their best to hold back the tears. Yoh promised that he’d definitely make her happy.

In the ending, Yoh and Tsukiko went to Paris for their honeymoon. Gazing at the beautiful scenery, Yoh told Tsukiko that she was the one who made him realize that he’s not alone. Afraid of getting hurt, he avoided getting close to people by creating a ‘wall’. But after meeting her, everything changed. From now on they will go through everything together as a family.

God, I feel so bad towards Yoh during that high school drama. It’s understandable that she feels sad because he hides things from her, but would anyone take it that far though? It’s not like he’s cheating. He’s working hard for their future. >_> Raoul and Imari are interesting, and I like Yoh here better than in Spring. The beginning made me sleepy, but the high school drama kept me awake. The amount of monologue made me wanna (ノ-_-)ノ〃┻━┻ though, since he keeps saying the same thing over and over.

Nanami Kanata

Kanata is one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends. Star sign is Pisces. They’re neighbors along with Suzuya, so they spent a lot of time together since they were kids. Kanata is strong and often gets into fight, so one would never thought that he actually has a disease. His body can only handle all the actions for three minutes because of that. Kanata hates it when people treat him like a sick / weak person.

His After Story starts off really adorable. Somehow Kazuki told Tsukiko a false jinx that made her kiss Kanata in the Star Road. They initially invited Suzuya to go with them, but he escaped since he didn’t want to disturb them lol. In December, Tsukiko was really busy with the Christmas Party preparations. Kanata always waited until she’s done, and they went home together. There was a time when he got angry because she dozed off in the Student Council Room, but they made up later when he caught a cold and she nursed him back to health.

Tsukiko, Kanata and Suzuya went home for Christmas. During one of her visits to Kanata’s house, Tsukiko met Kanata’s mom — Mayumi-san. She saw them holding hands, and Kanata told her that they’re going out now. Mayumi laughed and asked Tsukiko if she’s really okay with her stupid son (LOL バカ息子), and she said yes.

One of the most adorable moments was Kanata’s birthday. Tsukiko wanted to give him something really special, so when Yoh called she asked him for some advice. What he told her was to tell Kanata that she’s giving herself to him, then wait for 10 minutes before explaining that what she’s giving is her heart. Poor Kanata’s reaction was priceless. xD

Tsukiko was busy with Inter High during Summer, so she stayed at the dorm while Kanata and Suzuya went back home. Apparently Kanata’s condition worsened and he was hospitalized, but he asked Suzuya not to tell Tsukiko since he doesn’t want her to worry. Kanata continued to hide this from her, but eventually Suzuya explained everything after Kanata collapsed at school one day.

Apparently Kanata’s disease was worsening, and he had to take a surgery to fix it. It’s a difficult surgery and the chance of success was only 50%. Kanata’s father, Haruka, passed away when he was 5 from the same disease. By seeing Mayumi after he passed away, Kanata knows how hard it is being left by someone you love. He has been running away from the surgery because he doesn’t want Tsukiko to be sad if he dies.

However, Tsukiko wants him to take the chance. She knows that he must be really scared, but if he doesn’t take the surgery, their time together would be limited. Kanata needs to undergo that surgery so that they will be able to stay together in the future. Tsukiko told him that she believes in him. He will be fine, because he’s her hero.

Kanata eventually agreed to take the surgery, but he asked Tsukiko not to visit him in the hospital. He’s a man, so he doesn’t want the woman he loves to see him all weak. He said that he will come back to her on his own, and Tsukiko said that she will wait for him. When he told her to forget him just in case he never comes back, Tsukiko slapped him (no mercy for poor Kanata, lol) and told him not to say such things.

Whenever she hugs Kanata, Tsukiko thought about how much she loves Kanata’s heartbeat. It makes her calm, saying that Kanata is really there with her. She spent the night in Kanata’s room before he went to the hospital, and they promised to go to Hateruma Island after his surgery. It was the place where Haruka thought of naming his son Kanata.

The next day, Tsukiko came with him to the hospital. Since they won’t be seeing each other until after his surgery, they said goodbye in the lobby. Kanata walked to his room with his fist in the air, just like what a hero would do when he’s heading to a battlefield. Tsukiko kept her promise and didn’t visit Kanata ever since, though they still call and send text to each other.

Almost a month later, the day of Kanata’s surgery finally came. Yoh flew all the way from America to attend his surgery, but Tsukiko didn’t come due to their promise. That night she went to the rooftop garden and prayed for Kanata’s safety, until she received a call from Suzuya informing that the surgery was a success.。·゚(つд`)゚·。ヨカッタ

Some days later, Kanata returned to the dorm and Tsukiko hugged him in front of the school gate. Suzuya left them alone after celebrating his recovery, and Tsukiko asked if it’s okay for her to see the scar he had from the surgery. She puts her hand on it, feeling his heartbeat once more. They spent the night in Kanata’s room that night.

After their graduation, Tsukiko and Kanata went to Hateruma Island together. They brought Haruka’s photobook which was taken there, and from Tsukiko he found out about how much his father loved him.

Knowing Haruka’s condition, Mayumi initially wanted to abort the baby. However, Haruka asked her to give birth to their child because she will regret it if she picked abortion. Mayumi said she doesn’t know if she can raise the child alone if Haruka is gone. Haruka knew that he won’t live for long, and he doesn’t want Mayumi to be alone.. so their child would protect Mayumi in the future, even after he’s gone.

Tsukiko then showed Kanata an old copy of Haruka’s photobook, along with a letter for Kanata. Through the letter, Kanata could feel that Haruka really loves him. Even after he’s gone, he’s still watching after him from the skies above. Kanata cried because he used to blame Haruka for the disease, not knowing about how much his father wanted him to be happy.

In the ending, Kanata married Tsukiko who is now 8 months pregnant with his child. He is now working as an astrophotographer, just like Haruka was. Tsukiko found an old album while cleaning, and they looked at it together. Kanata couldn’t wait for their baby to be born. He wanted to show the baby a lot of things, including their pictures. Tsukiko laughed and said Kanata is a really good husband, always giving his family lots and lots of love.

Ahhh Kanataaaa, I cried a river during your route! 。゚(゚*´Д⊂グスン Please excuse the longer summary because Kanata’s route is definitely the best in After Spring. I liked him before, but now I love him thanks to this lol. It’s really cute to see him blush, and his interaction with Mayumi is so adorable. Like Yoh, Kanata also had a lot of monologues. But here it’s really good since we get to see what he thinks about his father.

Tohzuki Suzuya

Tohzuki Suzuya is a Cancer. He’s also one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends. Suzuya loves taking care of Tsukiko and Kanata ever since they were small, making him everyone’s mom. He’s really good at cooking, something that keeps Yoh craving for his onigiris even after he left for America. Suzuya kept his feelings for Tsukiko hidden, until Yoh came and makes him jealous because of his direct expressions of love for Tsukiko.

It’s sad to say that nothing really happened during Suzuya and Tsukiko’s high school days after they started going out. They went shopping together one day, and he left her for a while to buy some preserved flowers. He came back to find some nanpa guys trying to drag Tsukiko, so he beat them down without mercy. Tsukiko asked him not to use his hands for such things, and Suzuya promised that he won’t do it again.

Around the time for the culture festival, Suzuya overheard Kanata and Tsukiko talking about his jealousy. When he came into the classroom, Kanata honestly told him about that. Suzuya tried to hold back his jealousy for a while, resulting in a slight misunderstanding with Tsukiko. But later she asked him to tell her how he really feels, and they made up in the infirmary.

What’s surprising though, is how Suzuya directly said that he wants ‘her’ for his birthday. They were in his room, and Suzuya said that it doesn’t have to be today.. but he wants her. In the end they just kissed and Tsukiko returned to her room though. What are you trying to imply, Suzuya? I thought Starry Sky is an innocent series. xD

They went home by the end of the year and met Suzuya’s mom, Sayuri-san. Suzuya haven’t told her yet that they’re going out, so when he did, she was really happy for them. She also asked Tsukiko to help her in the kitchen, hoping that Tsukiko will be able to remember the Tohzuki’s house taste. Obviously Sayuri-san wants them to marry.

In their third year in high school, Tsukiko and Suzuya aimed for the same university. They studied together in the library, with Suzuya helping her with problems she didn’t understand. Tsukiko felt bad since Suzuya also had to study for himself, so she tried to solve it all by herself. This resulted in her grades dropping. She felt really down, but eventually Suzuya found out and asked her not to hesitate whenever she needs his help. He helped her study again after that, and her grades got back to normal.

They soon graduated from Seigetsu Gakuen and got accepted by their university. Suzuya asked Tsukiko if she wants to live with him, but since they’re still adjusting to their new life, she agreed to do so in the future. For now, Tsukiko and Suzuya lived next to each other in an apartment near their university.

At first their new life was perfect. With them living next to each other and attending classes together. Tsukiko enjoys eating meals together with him, as well as making new friends. She was surrounded by boys during her high school days, so she was really happy to find a girlfriend — Haruna Makoto. Tsukiko also noticed that whenever she met Suzuya, girls would stare at her. It’s obviously because he’s popular, but Tsukiko was so dense she didn’t notice.

Tsukiko told Suzuya that she wants to join the archery club in their university. Suzuya said that he will always support her no matter what she do, and she promised that she will treasure their time together despite her increasing activities. Later on Suzuya also said that he wants to start working part-time at a restaurant as a kitchen staff. Because of their new activities, their time together decreased significantly.

When they were spending time together in the cafeteria, Suzuya’s friends saw them and asked him to introduce them to his girlfriend. The girl in that group obviously likes Suzuya, so obvious that even Tsukiko noticed. She felt a bit jealous, but she didn’t know it yet since she had never felt jealous before. From Makoto, Tsukiko found out that Suzuya is actually really popular. There are even girls who confessed to him, though he obviously rejected them all.

Tsukiko wanted to talk to Suzuya that day, so she came looking for him in the classroom. She was shocked to find a girl hugging him, though Suzuya had a troubled expression. Because of that, she started avoiding Suzuya ever since. She would even pretend not to see him whenever they meet in the campus, or using Makoto as an excuse not to talk to him. Makoto told her to straighten things up with Suzuya, or else she might lose him.

Meanwhile, Suzuya kept doing mistakes in his job. He knew he had to talk to Tsukiko, so he left work early and called her. Fortunately, Tsukiko already got over herself and they finally made up. Suzuya was happy that she gets jealous because apparently Tsukiko is also rather popular, and some of his friends asked him to introduce them to her.

After making up, Suzuya said that there’s still something he hasn’t got yet from Tsukiko. He wants her everything. Though afraid because it’s her ‘first time’, Tsukiko gave him what he asked for.. asking him to make her his. Wait, what? Does this mean they did it? o_o

Apparently Yoh was visiting Japan, so they had a meet-up in Suzuya’s room along with Kanata. They had dinner together that night, and Kanata asked about how they were doing. The next day, Tsukiko spent the night in Suzuya’s room after seeing Yoh and Kanata off. She agreed to sleep together that night, much to his surprise. Suzuya thought about how much their relationship has changed, and that he will always love her from now on.

In the ending, it’s been a year since Suzuya and Tsukiko are married. He was busy with work, but lately it seems to have calmed down. They watched the stars together that night, and Suzuya prepared a blanket and some food for them. He said that they haven’t changed at all from their high school days, but only one thing have changed: the wedding rings on their fingers.

Suzuya is my favorite in the whole Starry Sky series, so I have to say that I’m disappointed by his After Story here. Sure there are some minor conflicts here and there during their high school days, but I feel like Tsukiko’s stupidity and uselessness has increased by tenfold thanks to them. The subtle hints that they did it made up for it though, didn’t saw that coming lol. Oh, and Sayuri-san looks like my ideal image of a mother-in-law.

Izumi Takatsugu

Izumi Takatsugu is a first-year student in Seigetsu Gakuen, making him Tsukiko’s junior. He’s a Virgo and is in the mythology department. The story of After Spring mainly revolves around him. Takatsugu first appeared out of nowhere, asking Tsukiko to be his girlfriend in such a forceful way that Kanata punched him in the face. Takatsugu is actually the son of a yakuza leader. He’s weak though, not to mention he hates fighting as well. He loves stars and the myths ever since he was small, which was the reason he enrolled to Seigetsu Gakuen.

Takatsugu knows thinks that Tsukiko is the boss of the entire school, since she appears to be in control of her harem the guys around her. At first he thought he only admired her strength, but as they spend time together he starts to fall in love with her. In order to be stronger, Takatsugu asked Kanata to train him, calling him Shishou. Suzuya and Yoh also helped Takatsugu with his training.

In the ending “崇嗣の決意”, Takatsugu approached Tsukiko everyday without fail. One day after school, Tsukiko spent time alone in the rooftop garden. A senior she doesn’t know then appeared and started to hit on her, but luckily Takatsugu came and pushed him away. They escaped together, and Tsukiko said Takatsugu has grow stronger.

One day in winter, Takatsugu invited Tsukiko to watch stars together. She accepted and they gazed at the night sky together, much to his delight. When he was talking about Haru, Tsukiko fell asleep on his shoulder. Poor Takatsugu blushed as heavily as a tomato as he thought about how amazing and cute she is. He managed to kiss her cheek before she woke up, lol.

When spring came, they went home together and talked about her graduation next year. Takatsugu then told Tsukiko that he made a decision: he will make her fall in love with him before she graduates. He will do his best to be a better man, and asked her to only look at him. Tsukiko said that she will, making him both surprised and happy at the same time.

Oshinari Haru

Oshinari Haru is a student teacher who came to Seigatsu Gakuen in autumn, just like Mizushima Iku. He’s actually a member of Takatsugu’s family organization, and also his childhood friend despite the gap in their ages. Haru speaks in a very polite way and really cares for Takatsugu, who told him not to call him bocchan at school. Despite his appearance and personality, Haru is very strong, making him number three in the organization — next to Takatsugu’s father and older brother.

Haru is an orphan. He doesn’t have any relatives, so he didn’t know where to live after his parents died. It was Takatsugu’s father who invited him to come to his place, giving Haru a place to live. Not just that, but he also allowed Haru to attend university. Haru really respected Takatsugu’s family because of this.

In the ending “ハルの願い”, Haru was worried that Tsukiko comes back late everyday. She was busy with student council work, and Haru told her to ask him to go back together to the dorms since it’s dangerous at night. Tsukiko didn’t want to bother Haru though. She was scared by something in the bushes on the way to the dorms one night, and luckily she met Haru there. It turns out that “something” is actually a cat.

On Sunday, Tsukiko met Haru in front of the dorm. They played with the cat from before, and gave food to its friends — who all came sticking to Haru like a glue. The field trip is coming soon, so Tsukiko asked Haru if he wants any souvenirs. At first he said her coming back safely would be enough for him, but after she mentioned buying same presents for him and Takatsugu, Haru changed his mind. Having the same stuff makes him feel connected to the other person, so he asked Tsukiko to buy the same present for him and her.

Haru will have to leave Seigetsu Gakuen in November, so they won’t be able to meet everyday again. But by having the same stuff with Tsukiko, he won’t feel lonely. Haru then asked Tsukiko if they can meet again even after he left. She said yes.

In the third ending for After Spring, “幼なじみの絆”, Tsukiko and Takatsugu decided to cook for Haru’s farewell party since he’s leaving Seigatsu Gakuen soon. Takatsugu said that he didn’t know how to cook, and Tsukiko said it’s alright because she’s the same. So they end up making failed curry for Haru, lol. Despite the failure, Haru was really happy and ate the 不味い curry.

Haru was leaving the next day, Takatsugu and Tsukiko went to see him off. Haru said that if Tsukiko wants it, he will come to see her again. Takatsugu raised a protest since he’s planning to make her his, but Haru said that he won’t lose. They went from childhood friend to rivals in love.

The endings are so cute. I find myself liking both Takatsugu and Haru. Takatsugu is so adorable with all of his failed confessions and cute blushes, and somehow Haru makes me feel peaceful lol. I guess I like the fact that while he speaks so politely, he refers to himself as 俺 / ore. Too bad that you can’t have love endings with both of them, but that was fun. <3

After Spring was quite enjoyable for me. While Suzuya’s route was such a disappointment, Kanata’s route totally made up for it. The only thing I don’t get is why the heck is Tsukiko still acting all embarassed after she’s married to the guys. But since I’m a big fan of the series, I’ll let it slide lol. And speaking of Tsukiko, she finally has eyes! She looks so much better with them. There are also real kissing CGs here, though the old kiss-the-screen CGs are also back. Overall, you’ll like After Spring if you liked ~in Spring~. Otherwise you might find it boring.

P.S. I had a headache while typing this, so please excuse me if I made any mistakes.


31 thoughts on “Starry☆Sky~After Spring~

  1. Hihi! Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier! :D

    Tsukiko looks SO MUCH better with eyes. I don’t know how Honey Bee even thought of not giving her eyes in the first place lol. And damn, I really feel like getting myself a PSP just to play the Portable versions of Starry Sky. ><;; Not just for Tsukiko-with-eyes but also all the extra scenes they have compared to the PC version.

    Also I’m drooling over Suzuya’s exposed collarbone in the CG. He looks damn sexy in that shirt lol. Oops sorry for acting like a perverted otaku on your blog. :P

    • LOL it’s okay you’re not the only perverted otaku here *ahem* 8D

      I know right, the extra CGs and contents in the portables look so good. Even though we get a little glimpse of them in After Spring, they’re obviously not in the gallery. I was (*゚д゚*)モエェー-ing over the childhood CGs because they’re so adorable, but then I realized they’re not in the gallery.. orz

      Now whenever I look at the PC CGs I’d be amazed at how creepy the eyeless Tsukiko is. >_>;

  2. Man the side people seem like they have such potential. They would make a perfect love story about yakuzas and high school and all that jazz, with fighting and drama and… You know. Yakuza stuff LOL.

    Sighh well one can dream I suppose (and use my own imagination to make up random scenes LOL so sad. xD)

    • IKR so many wasted potential.
      But since honeybee is too lazy to develop the new characters, they just let Izumi be a weak yakuza boy who sucks at fighting. Not enough drama lol.

      Let’s just use our imagination to make up for what honeybee didn’t give us. 8D

  3. Hello! Thank you for the review, now I’m excited! :D I wish I could buy this game so much! haha, is it true that After Summer is going to be released soon? Oh, and speaking of Summer-! Is there an English patch for it? :O Sorry for the questions! ;; :D Thank you if you’d answer!

    • Actually I don’t know much about patches, but I think OGE Group’s the one who works on Starry Sky English patches.. though I dunno about their progress. The last time I read about them, they’re still working on Spring. Oh, and After Summer should be out on March 25 — next week. :D

      • I actually have the Sprin Patch already! Hee <3 And, oh! I see, thank you very much! :D I'll just scout the net for them then *v* <3

        [may I ask, by the way, are the "After" series going to be released in Japanese only? :O]

      • Oh, you have it. xD
        Yeah the After series are Japanese only.
        Otome games rarely get translated, so don’t expect to see English ones unless they’re fanmade patches / games.

    • Yeah.. I’ve pre-ordered the game, but I dunno if it’d get here on time since my friend (who usually sends my games from Japan) is busy recently with what happened in Japan. But I will write a review when it gets here.

  4. excuse me i have a problem i had played the Suzuya after and i always end up in the same ending D:
    do i have just choose another order of the options or pass al the game with the guys and then try again with suzuya?
    i dunno, u know some games have their hints ¬¬
    I have already played with the three guys and i only got the extra story of the family :S

  5. Hi. was reading (a little) and then skipping this article that u wrote.(because i dont wanna read them while i havent played yet) lolz. I can see after spring gives the player more then in spring.
    Was amazed that u wrote a great summary about this game. :)
    Currently, im waiting for after spring english patch. Really hope it will be out soon. >.<
    How did u manage to play this game and get all their endings? U understand japanese?

  6. Excuse me,could I ask you a question?
    Which one is the true end, ending 01 or ending 03.
    My Japanese is not good
    but I just feel like a story and event on 01 looks happier than 03
    (just my feeling, I can’t understand the whole conversation so.. >_<" )

    However,when I finish the ending 01,it didn't show on memorial.
    So I changed to finish with ending 03 and it worked.
    Now, it showed on memorial page.

    So I would like to know which one is the real?
    Could it be ending 03?

    Thank you in advance!
    an sorry for asking out of blue ; m ; )

    • I’m not sure, it’s been 2 years since I played this game… I don’t even remember that it has multiple endings. Maybe try clearing every ending and see if it unlocks the extras?

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