Asuka! ~Bokura Seitou Koukou Yakyuu-dan~

I’ve successfully completed Hakuouki after falling asleep multiple times during the first half. I need to go back to the game to get the details, so I won’t be writing any summaries for it yet. But I will, eventually. In the meantime, I also got my paws on Madoka‘s debut title — Asuka!

The game takes place in Seitou, a town known for its love for baseball. Everyone in this town has been playing baseball ever since they were small, but lately people seems to have lost interest in it. Soratani Asuka lives in the shopping district with her brothers, in their cafe — Sky Blue. She’s also the manager of Seitou High’s baseball club, which sadly only has two members other than herself.. and one of them is moving out of town.

The shopping district isn’t doing well, and people are leaving one by one. Kuraoka Tohru, Asuka’s senpai and the current baseball team captain, is one of them. In order to support the shopping district, the residents decided that Seitou High’s baseball team should aim for Koshien. The town will receive more publicity that way, which could help their economy. They asked Asuka’s brother, Haruto, to be the coach and take the whole team to Koshien.

However, the students aren’t interested in baseball anymore, making it hard for them to recruit more members. All the guys in this game are Asuka’s childhood friends who used to play baseball when they were younger, and in order to save the town she needs to convince them to join the club. And it’s not as easy as it sounds.


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