Asuka! – Homura Daichi

Just by playing the general route, I guess we all can tell that Asuka is as dense as a stone. Most visual novel protagonists are usually donkan, but Asuka’s one of the high-level ones lol. Anyway, I decided to follow the character list in the official site and started with Dai-chan.

Homura Daichi is one year older than Asuka, but since they’ve been close ever since they were small, she called him Dai-chan. Daichi lives in a shrine owned by his family across the road from Sky Blue. He’s very cheerful and bright, though not exactly smart. It’s obvious right from the start that he likes Asuka, often having stupid fights with his neighbor and rival, Ren to compete for her attention.

Daichi used to play baseball with Ren when he was younger. He quit playing after his shoulder was wounded, making Ren quit as well because he thinks the accident was his fault. Scared that he will permanently broke his shoulder (which means that he won’t be able to play ever again), Daichi doesn’t want to play baseball anymore. He created the archery club in Seitou High, in which he was the captain and the only member.

Despite his fear, Daichi still loves baseball. He kept refusing Asuka’s invitation, but deep inside he wanted to play again. He even watched the training secretly with Ren, hiding in the bushes and running away when Asuka noticed them. Knowing this, Haruto told him to just join the club since he was blocking Ren’s opportunity as well. Daichi eventually agreed to join their baseball team.

Even though it’s really obvious that Daichi is in love with Asuka, she didn’t notice it until later. Ren noticed that she’s been spending a lot of time with Daichi lately, so he went to ask her if they’re going out. Asuka said no. By this time she started to realize her feelings for Daichi, even though she didn’t know her feelings yet. However, Ren couldn’t hold back his feelings and told her that he loves her.

Asuka didn’t know how to face Ren after his confession, and of course Daichi noticed that something’s wrong. When he asked Asuka about it, she was confused and Daichi eventually told her that both of them are in love with her. Asuka never noticed of course, since she thought they were just joking all this time. *rolls eyes* Both Daichi and Ren tried to behave normally after all the confessions, but Asuka continued to feel weird around Daichi.

One day after practice, Daichi asked Asuka to go home together. Asuka didn’t know how to behave around him, so she lied by saying that she had a promise with Karin. Asuka then waited until everyone left before going home. She met Ren on the way, and they walked home together. Ren asked if Asuka loves Daichi, and she said yes, settling things between them. However, just when they reached Sky Blue, they met Daichi. Since Asuka lied to him earlier, Daichi thought that she’s already going out with Ren.

Asuka and Ren kept trying to clear the misunderstanding, but Daichi kept avoiding them.. especially Asuka. She managed to caught him near their clubroom one day, but Daichi asked her not to make him feel more miserable and left before she could explain anything. Eventually Ren called Daichi to come to the clubroom to talk with him and Asuka. Daichi didn’t want to listen at first, so Ren punched him and said that Asuka is in love with him.

After Asuka told him it’s true that she loves him, Daichi finally realized that he misunderstood everything. Ren shooed them out of the room so they can talk properly and he can cry alone. They went to his shrine and sat at the stairs, and he finally confessed to her again. Asuka laughed at his messed up confession line, but then replied that she loves him too.

Ever since they started going out, Daichi holds Asuka’s hand everyday whenever they’re walking together. She was shy at first, but got used to it eventually. After Tohru moved away, they had their first kiss in front of the shrine. Their second was in the clubroom when Daichi helped her cleaning the balls. He also hugged her from behind when she went to the batting center with him, which sent her heartbeat up through the roof.

After they lost their first match, everyone in the team realized that they won’t be able to make it to Koshien unless Daichi took his old position as a pitcher and form a battery with Ren as the catcher. Still scared by the past incident, both Daichi and Ren refused to do so. They both knew that it was necessary, but they didn’t know if Daichi’s shoulder could handle it.

During their first date in the shopping mall, Daichi held Asuka from behind when they were going down the escalator. Asuka asked Daichi why is he so calm when he’s touching her like that, because her heart couldn’t stop beating. Daichi turned as red as a tomato and said it’s fine if Asuka thinks like that. So cute, lol.

On the lower floor, they met the guys from Teigetsu Minami (the rival team) — Akanuma Ibuki and Naoe Ryousuke. The incident happened when they were playing against Naoe, who continued to brush up his baseball skills. Naoe also asked Daichi to form a battery with Ren, but he refused. Here, Akanuma was surprised to see Daichi going out with Asuka since he likes her too. That didn’t stop him from aiming for Koshien though, since he’s planning to confess to Asuka when he reaches Koshien.

Summer soon came, and the team had their gasshuku at school. Daichi took Asuka to the lighthouse at night and they reminisced about how they made a wish there when they were small. He told Asuka that there’s a deity who will fulfill their wishes in the lighthouse, and they scribbled their wish on the wall: to be able to go to Koshien together.

With Morihata taking Tohru’s place in the team, Seitou High participated in the regional competition. During one of the games, Haruto switched Daichi’s position to the pitcher despite the latter’s doubts. They won the game, and Daichi slowly came to agree to take the pitcher position. He started training hard ever since, at the same time persuading Ren to take the catcher position as well. At first Ren refused since he’s worried about Daichi’s shoulder, but after Daichi said he couldn’t release enough power unless he partners up with Ren, he eventually agreed. They formed a battery again, just like their Little Senior days.

Seitou High was going to face Teigetsu Minami in the semifinals. Sometime before that, Daichi took Asuka to the lighthouse again. He remembered where he hid the key, so they opened the door and went inside. Asuka saw their wish still scribbled on the wall, and Daichi promised her that he will definitely take her to Koshien. Worried about Daichi, Asuka cried and asked him not to push himself too hard. They’re lovers, so Daichi should tell her if he’s having a hard time training. Daichi said that he’s okay.

Asuka then noticed something scribbled under their wish, saying “I will make Asuka my bride.” Apparently Daichi wrote that too when he was small, lol. Asuka laughed and said if that wish will come true, and Daichi replied that he will surely make it come true. They kissed again in the lighthouse after that.

Soon it was time for Seitou High to face Teigetsu Minami in the semifinals. With Daichi as the pitcher and Ren as the catcher, they were able to put up a good fight. Daichi’s shoulder was fine, but he told Ren that he didn’t train hard enough since his hands were starting to get tired. All they needed was just one more strike, but unfortunately Naoe was able to hit Daichi’s ball. Teigetsu Minami pulled off a full-base homerun, winning the game.

Their summer has come to an end. Daichi said that he won’t go to any university since he will have to take over the shrine eventually, but there might be a chance for him to get a scholarship if he continues training his baseball skill. He apologized to Asuka for not fulfilling his promise, but Asuka said that she can see Koshien beyond their hard work. So he did fulfill his promise to her in a way.

Good Ending
Asuka went to the lighthouse with Daichi on their date. She wanted to write a wish on the wall, which surprised Daichi since she wrote the same wish as his. To become his bride. Daichi then pulled out a box from his pocket. Inside were a pair of silver rings, he’s been waiting for the right mood to give it to her.

Daichi said it’s to reserve her ring finger, until the time he gives her the real wedding ring. They put the rings on each other’s fingers, just like in a wedding ceremony. Asuka then prayed for their wishes to come true.

Bad Ending
Daichi didn’t take the pitcher position, and so Seitou High lost right away even before they could face Teigetsu Minami. Daichi felt really down because he couldn’t fulfill his promise to Asuka, which resulted in him breaking up with her. He told her he doesn’t have enough confidence to make her happy and left. Asuka went to the lighthouse afterwards. She scribbled down her wish under Daichi’s: “To be able to be lovers again with Dai-chan.”

I don’t hate nekketsu types, so I found Daichi rather cute. His fights with Ren are always amusing, especially when they start kicking bikes or splashing water in the morning. The official site says that Daichi’s delusions are always positive, they’re often about him marrying Asuka. There’s even a time when he suddenly blurted out asking her where she wants to go for honeymoon lol. I like how he’s all raburabu after confessing as well.

As for the baseball aspect, I’m absolutely blind about baseball so I can’t say much. Though.. what’s the point of making baseball the main theme when the team’s going to lose? Heck, they don’t even reach the finals. Koshien is just a dream. I kinda feel bad for them actually. >_>;

2 thoughts on “Asuka! – Homura Daichi

  1. I don’t usually hate nekketsu types but for the sake of my ears and my broadcast viewers ears I had to -for the first time ever – go into the options and actually turn down Daichi’s voice. it was just THAT loud to me l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il

    • Actually I did the same for Daichi and Ayumu lol. It didn’t bother me in his own route, but I noticed it’s getting really loud after that. Ayumu’s even louder considering he speaks normally with higher volume. xD

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