Asuka! – Kazamoto Nanami

LOL I don’t know what to say. There’s a very unexpected surprise in this route that makes me wonder why they’d put such details here, considering the main guys are Daichi and Ren.

Kazamoto Nanami is the son of the cake shop owner in Seitou’s shopping district. He’s classmates with Asuka, though he often skips classes and gets into fights with other schools. Nanami loves to make weird cakes, such as udon cake or vegetable cake. Since Asuka’s sense of taste is completely off, she loves eating his cakes. A bit flirty and is super popular with the girls at school.

Just like everyone else, Nanami used to play baseball too when he was younger. He partnered up with Sena as a battery during his Little Senior days, but was shunned by everyone in the team because of an error he made one day. The person who caused this is none other than Akanuma Ibuki. Nanami quit playing baseball after that, refusing to play ever again.

Thanks to the fights he often got into, eventually the principal called Nanami and his mother. He had to choose between leaving the school.. or getting into their baseball team. Nanami chose the latter, and so he finally joined the team. He couldn’t get into fights anymore, because the baseball club will be disbanded if he creates more trouble.

One day during lunch, Nanami snatched a chocolate stick Asuka was about to put in her mouth. Karin teased them about it, but both of them said they’re best friends since childhood. Nothing more than that.

After practice, Asuka met the delinquents who had a fight with Nanami on her way home. They were about to attack her to lure Nanami out because he ran away last time. Fortunately, Hikaru came at the right time to save Asuka, but he later called Nanami and said not to put his sister in such danger. He won’t forgive Nanami if anything ever happened to Asuka.

Nanami avoided Asuka at school the next day, but he came to Sky Blue looking for her after school. He gave her a fruit cake with “Sorry, Asuka” written on a chocolate bar. He also said that he won’t let her go home alone from now on because he’s worried and felt responsible.

They obviously started to realize that they’re in love with each other by this point, but still thought that they’re just childhood friends. On their way to school the next day, Nanami didn’t put his arms around her like usual. Daichi asked if something’s wrong with him today. Nanami said he’s okay and put her arms around Asuka, both of them blushing. Ren said that he had a bad feeling about this lol.

The adorable moments continued for a while, but soon a rumor about Nanami’s junior (?) getting beaten up was heard. Apparently the reason was because Nanami ran away. Asuka was worried that Nanami might get into another fight, and Sena didn’t want him to destroy the baseball club. They end up having a fight and Nanami stopped coming to practice after that.

Asuka then came to visit him at the cake shop. Nanami said that he’s thinking of quitting the club before causing any trouble for everyone, despite her protests. Since Tomimatsu-sensei would often check for Nanami’s progress in the club, Asuka was worried that he’d get kicked out of school. But no matter how many times she talked to him, Nanami won’t change his mind. Eventually Asuka blurted out that she’s lonely without him and ran away before he could reply.

The next day, Nanami finally came to practice again, much to her relief. He also started enjoying baseball from this point on, telling Asuka that he wants to work harder and to stop him if he does anything wrong. Since Nanami and Hikaru both wanted to be the pitcher, they often have sarcastic fights over the position. Apparently Hikaru’s speed is better but he absolutely has no control. Nanami’s not as fast, but good at throwing curves and sliders.

While Asuka was still unsure about her own feelings, Nanami already realized that he loves her. He told her to be prepared since he won’t hold back from now on, and he did approach her boldly — going as far as hiding with her so Daichi and Ren wouldn’t ask her to go home together. After they lost their practice match with Teigetsu Minami, Nanami was feeling down with Asuka comforting him. He told her that he’ll grow stronger because he wants to look better in front of her.

After Tohru moved out of town, Nanami and Asuka went to the park. He suddenly hugged her there and said that he will definitely take her to Koshien. Asuka was happy to hear his decision.

Losing to Teigetsu Minami made everyone, especially Daichi and Ren, really down. Haruto revealed that it was Tohru’s request for them to play agains Teigetsu Minami, because he knew that by doing so it’d motivate them to train harder. Nanami also noticed that his pitch speed won’t be enough to win against them.

Walking home together one evening, Nanami asked Asuka to go play together on Sunday (namely, a date). When she got back to Sky Blue, she found Akanuma waiting for her. He wanted to talk, so they went to the park. There Akanuma confessed to her. He noticed that she’s close with Nanami, and asked her to forget Nanami and go out with him. He told Asuka to think about it.

Unfortunately, they met Nanami when Akanuma walked her back to Sky Blue. After Akanuma left, Nanami asked her what she’s been doing since it’s pretty late. Asuka couldn’t tell him that Akanuma has just confessed to her, and Nanami eventually said that it’s got nothing to do with him. It was a misunderstanding, but the reality that they’re not going out made her sad.

Just like what the other guys in the game would do, Nanami started acting cold towards Asuka. She told him what happened with Akanuma, but he said it’s up to her. He also said that they’re just childhood friends in front of Ren and Daichi. Practice wasn’t going well for him that day due to all the frustration, when suddenly an injured guy ran to him asking for help. Sena and Asuka tried to stop Nanami from going, but he only apologized and left.

Later on that day, Nanami eventually came to Sky Blue where everyone was worrying about him. According to Hikaru, those delinquents he used to fight with knew that Nanami is now in the baseball club, which means that they knew Nanami couldn’t do anything unless he doesn’t mind the club getting disbanded. Nanami said he didn’t do anything though, and everyone decided to believe in him.

With his head full with Akanuma and the delinquents, Nanami cancelled his date with Asuka. She asked if they can go next week, but he said there are other guys who can take her out. The situation only got worse when Akanuma came to Sky Blue again, asking for Asuka’s answer. When they came to the park, Asuka couldn’t take it anymore and started crying. Akanuma waited until she calmed down and took her home, both of them didn’t know that Nanami saw them and got the wrong idea even more.

One day when the club members were hanging out in Sky Blue after practice, more injured students came in asking for Nanami’s help. The delinquents were waiting for him on the beach, and so Nanami immediately went to see them. Asuka and the others went after him, desperately holding him back from fighting the delinquents. Despite Nanami’s attempts to fight, they eventually managed to drag him back when Morihata took care of the gang. He knew that Nanami has come to love playing baseball again.

That night Nanami sent a mail to Asuka, asking her to meet him tomorrow before they go to school. There he said he wants to be honest, and asked her if she’s going out with Akanuma. After Asuka said she doesn’t want to accept the confession, Nanami finally told her that he loves her.

She cried happy tears and he asked her to go out with him, but Asuka replied that she wants to give Akanuma an answer first. Nanami said he understands her feelings, so he will wait for a little longer.

At school they found out that Morihata was suspended from school. Apparently someone was injured in last night’s fight, and the school contacted Seitou High. Nanami apologized to Haruto for causing trouble and ran 30 laps around the field as the punishment. Haruto noticed that he looks like he’s having fun, different from how he was before. Tomimatsu-sensei gave them another warning though.

After talking to Nanami about it, Asuka went to see Akanuma the next day. She apologized and properly rejected him, and Akanuma knew it right away it’s because she’s in love with Nanami. He said he’s not giving up though. When Asuka got back, Nanami was waiting for her at the park. Before Nanami could say anything, Asuka said that she loves him and asked him out. Nanami kissed her, and they’re officially a couple now.

Nanami later invited Asuka to bake cakes together, since his dream is to make cakes with his girlfriend. They reminisced about the first time she ate his cake, which was a salt cake. It was of course a failure, but Asuka ate it all and said it’s delicious. Nanami admitted that ever since that time he always wants to see her smile. He licked whipped cream off her cheek after the cake is done, and she licked it off his finger. If this isn’t all ages I swear this scene would end up with them doing it.

Now that they’re all raburabu, all that’s left is for them to go for Koshien. Nanami decided to stop playing as a pitcher, thinking that swinging the bat fits his personality more. He also asked Daichi and Ren to form a battery already, but they avoided the subject and escaped. Morihata eventually joined the team as well after his suspension’s over, based on the request of the principal.

Even though Sena doubted Nanami’s seriousness and got angry at him several times, he eventually came to realize that recently Nanami has changed. They can tell that he enjoys playing baseball, and this really changed Sena’s impression about him. On the other hand, Tomimatsu-sensei kept coming back and forth to laugh at their faces, throw insults, or even compare Nanami to Akanuma when the Teigetsu Minami guys came to visit. This didn’t stop Nanami from working hard though.

However, Tomimatsu-sensei isn’t exactly what he appears to be too. During gasshuku, he suddenly came to see them during practice, carrying a bat. He asked Sena to toss the balls at him, and knocks them at Nanami when he guards the base — actually helping him practice. By the end of practice, Tomimatsu-sensei praised Nanami for working hard, shocking everyone.

Then as usual, Haruto made Daichi play as the pitcher during their first match in the regional tournaments. Nanami has been admiring Daichi’s skill ever since their Little Senior days, so he’s more than happy to give the pitcher position to him. Daichi continued throwing on their second match, and eventually Ren accepted the catcher position sometime before the third match.

Thanks to their hard work aiming for Koshien with only nine members, Seito High’s baseball team will be interviewed for the evening TV news. They also found out from Karin that Tomimatsu-sensei was actually the one who thought about the shopping district revival project. He made Haruto their coach instead because he knows he’d do a better job. During his high school days, Tomimatsu-sensei used to be the captain of Seitou High’s baseball team. But then he injured his leg and became their manager instead. Despite all the insults he said, he was actually doing it for their own sake.

The day before the semifinals against Teigetsu Minami, Nanami and Asuka went to the park. It seems like Akanuma not giving up on her bothered him, because he said he will definitely hit the ball Akanuma throws tomorrow. Then they’ll win the match and bring Asuka to Koshien. Nanami also asked Asuka to always stay by his side, and she answered she can’t be without him. After that, they kissed in the park.

Before the match, they met Akanuma and Naoe in front of the stadium. Akanuma underestimated Nanami, which pissed him off. Here Tomimatsu-sensei finally became honest and told Nanami he shouldn’t mind what Akanuma said. Nanami has been working hard up to this point, and he believed that they can win. He also apologized for all the things he said up until now.

In the third turn, Nanami ignored Haruto’s sign. It’s something that he regretted up until the end of the match since things would be easier for them if he followed the sign. Akanuma thinks that Nanami still couldn’t play as a team, but later on he realized that it’s a mistake. In the end it’s still the same though. Naoe hits the ball. Full-base homerun. Seitou High lost the match.

A week has passed since Minato moved out of town. Nanami and Asuka walked home together. She said that a lot of things happened this summer, and Nanami replied even though they lost, everyone looks like they had fun. Daichi and Ren then came with their bikes. They told Nanami to treasure Asuka since they’re not giving up on her. After they’re gone, Nanami said that Asuka is really loved. But nobody could rival his love for her.

Good Ending
Nanami told Asuka that he’s got the concept for his new cake. Asuka asked him to bring it to Sky Blue next time, but Nanami asked her to come and make it with him instead. She was happy since she’d be able to see his patissier uniform again.

The reason Nanami always asked her to bake cakes together is because she needs to learn how to make them from now. Asuka was about to ask what he means by that when he kissed her. Nanami told her to wait for a little while before he tells her the continuation.

Bad Ending
The day after the guys dragged Nanami away from the delinquents, Akanuma came to see Asuka again in Sky Blue. They went to the park, where he asked for her answer regarding his confession. He knew she loves Nanami, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t fall in love with him either. He wanted her to think about her feelings for him, aside from her affection towards Nanami. Since Asuka didn’t know how to answer, Akanuma apologized and kissed her. When he asked about her feelings, Asuka couldn’t answer.. but she thought at least she didn’t hate it. Akanuma took her silence as an answer, not giving up on her. He said he will come and pick her up when he managed to win in Koshien.

After losing their chance to go to Koshien, Asuka and Nanami’s relationship never changed. They’re still friends, no more and no less.

Wow, this is probably the only route so far where the revival project actually succeeds. It was never mentioned in Daichi or Ren’s route, along with Tomimatsu’s real personality and intention. So even if they still can’t make it to Koshien, at least their hard work pays off here. Before getting the game, I was interested in Nanami‘s hat the most. His way of speaking in the previous routes made me sleepy, but I think it’s fine in his own route. Nanami’s a bit too flirty (at least at the beginning) for me, but he’s not too bad.

..why does his uniform shirts always look too short though? I mean, compare it with Ren’s and you’ll see the difference. It’s kinda weird, but whatever lol. He looks so much better without the hat though. Sorry if this is too long, I already tried to cut out some of the not-so-important details. (´・ω・`A;)フキフキ


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