Asuka! – Narumi Sena

This route is so slow. Like super slow. Sena’s a nice character though, and this route gives off that youthful mood to me. If only I like baseball maybe I’d be able to enjoy the game more..

Narumi Sena is a member of Seitou High’s baseball team, and is also classmates with Asuka. He’s a hardworker who would do anything to make the team better. Sena’s family owns a bookstore in the shopping district, so he loves reading ever since he was small. His taste in manga is similar to Asuka’s, making them good friends who can talk about their hobbies. Spends his free time in the school library.

Sena’s partner in his Little Senior days was Nanami, and they were teammates with Teigetsu Minami’s Akanuma as well. During a match, Sena was unable to catch Nanami’s throw properly. They lost the match and Akanuma instantly blamed Nanami, shunning him with the rest of the team which eventually made Nanami quit baseball. Sena continues playing, but he always feels guilty towards Nanami.

Sena naturally spends a lot of time with Asuka. They’re in the same club, and their interests match. He would recommend the books he likes to her, knowing that she might like them too. They also made flyers together for recruiting new members. They often read picture books together too when they were small.

Since he’s been working hard all this time, Tohru passed his position as the captain to Sena before he moved away. Sena knew that his baseball skill is nothing compared to the rest of the team, but he does his best to be better. Even though Daichi, Ren and Minato eventually joined the team, both Haruto and Sena noticed that they weren’t serious. He tried to get them to train more seriously, but it was useless effort.

This annoyed Sena to no end. They’re very talented players, and yet they were just messing around during practice even though Sena (who thinks that he’s not talented) is always working hard. Nanami’s attitude didn’t help the situation to improve either, and Sena didn’t want the club to be disbanded if Nanami got into another fight. Stressed out, Sena eventually snapped one day after practice.

Everyone, especially Daichi and Ren, was confused by his recent anger, until Haruto got angry at them for talking bad about Sena when they don’t even know his hard work up until now. The team felt really bad after hearing that, so they apologized to him and started taking practices more seriously. Sena thought that he’s a powerless captain who couldn’t do anything like Tohru, but Asuka said he’s a good captain because he works hard for everyone.

One day after practice, Sena told Asuka that the new volume of her favorite manga has been released. They went to get it from his bookstore, and Sena’s mother told him to let her in. Sena suddenly rushed to his room before letting her in. The reason was actually because he’s been drawing his own manga secretly. Asuka eventually found out when she came looking for him some days later, but he was out shopping. His mother told her to wait in his room, and so she saw his manga script.

Sena was surprised when he came back, but then told Asuka about his secret hobby. He was drawing a fantasy manga, and he went out to buy some ink and tones. He didn’t have any confidence in it, but Asuka said that his manga is really interesting.

It was the first time he ever showed his manga to other people. He later asked her if he can ask for her advice sometimes, since she’s a manga fan as well. Asuka was really happy because it means she can do something to help Sena.

A week after Tohru moved out of town, Sena started spacing out during practice. On their way home, he told Asuka that he’s thinking of submitting his manga to a monthly magazine. Of course Asuka was happy to hear this, and offered her assistance so Sena would be able to finish drawing his manga before the deadline. She noticed that Sena seems a bit down lately, but did everything she can to help him.

Daichi and Ren noticed that Asuka got even closer with Sena recently. They talked about it in Sky Blue, where Haruto said that he doesn’t mind if they’re dating. It’s a misunderstanding, but this made Asuka more aware of her feelings towards Sena. She hadn’t realized it yet though.

When they were out shopping for more tones in the mall, Sena grabbed Asuka’s hand to stop her from bumping into people. They blushed like tomatoes, especially Asuka because of the thing in Sky Blue earlier. That day she helped him with the manga until it was dark outside, and the next day they went to the publishing company to hand it in. Here Daichi and Ren were shocked because they thought Asuka spent the night in Sena’s place, lol.

Sena continued to space out during practice, most likely because he’s worried about his manga. He also started avoiding Asuka after Daichi and Ren asked him about their relationship. Eventually he told her that his manga wasn’t accepted into the magazine and went home, leaving her wondering about what she could do to make him feel better.

Everyone was worried about Sena, so they went to throw a party to cheer him up. Asuka went to invite him, but he refused the offer.. so the team had the party without him. Worried, Asuka went back to the school ground to see if Sena was practicing again. She did find him there, practicing as a First. He eventually told Asuka that they won’t be able to make it to Koshien unless Daichi and Ren form a battery. That, and was shocked about his manga. The reason he avoided her was because he didn’t want her to see him in such a weak state.

Asuka said that Sena isn’t weak. He always thinks about his problems and does his best to fix them. Sena felt a lot better after talking to her. He said he wants to be a stronger person, just like the prince in the picture book he used to read with Asuka when they were kids. Asuka replied that she will fight with him, as she didn’t want to be a princess who has to be protected all the time. It was then when she realized that she loves him.

They went to ask Daichi and Ren to form a battery again, only to get rejected. Some days after talking to Haruto, Daichi eventually got over himself and decided to try playing the pitcher again. Sena knew that he couldn’t lead Daichi as the catcher, so they had to convince Ren next. When he said he’s not skilled in any area, Asuka said that he’s got the talent for drawing manga. Even if he failed last time, he should give it another try.

The summer festival came, and Sena asked Asuka if she wants to go with him. They tried scooping a goldfish and failed, but the stand owner was so nice that he gave them one for free. Sena asked if he can keep the goldfish since he had a fish bowl at home. He also told Asuka to come and see it every once in a while.

After winning their first game in the regional tournaments, Sena told Asuka that he’s thinking of drawing a new manga. There’s a beginner award which will give the winner the chance to have their own serial in the monthly magazine. The deadline and the semifinals fell on the same day, but still he wanted to do it. Asuka said she will help too.

Daichi returned to the pitcher position on their second match, and soon after that Ren finally agreed to play as the catcher. That evening, Sena asked Asuka to come to his place. He finished drawing the name, and she should come by to see the goldfish too. The title for his new manga is “Hakukyuu to Kimi no Sora / 白球と君の空”, which tells the story of their own baseball team.

Sena thought that if his manga becomes well-known and the town-revival project is successful, Asuka’s dream of staying in Seitou with everyone would be fulfilled. He also draws a character resembling Asuka: the manager who always supported the weak protagonist.

Seitou High won the next games, and they’re finally up against Teigetsu Minami. One day, Ayumu suddenly came to Sena and thanked him for leading everyone. Sena also thanked everyone for working hard up until now, and Asuka was happy to see everyone smiling. Sena isn’t a powerless captain after all.

The day before the semifinals, Asuka came to Sena’s place to help him work on his manga. Sena wasn’t sure if it’s the right thing to do, but Asuka insisted that she won’t go home before it’s finished. They worked hard all night, and the manga was finally done by 3 AM.

When Sena’s mom went to wake him up in the morning, she saw the two of them sleeping and holding hands. She thought about how much they’ve grown and let them sleep for a little while before their big game.

After sending the manga in the morning, they finally faced Teigetsu Minami. Sena did his best as the First, not making any errors during the match. But yeah.. still the same old story. Full-base homerun. Seitou High lost the match. Sena apologized to everyone, but was surprised that everyone thanked him for taking them this far. He was so moved that he cried while thanking everyone.

The 3rd year students retired and their summer had come to an end, but the baseball club got a lot of new members in return. They continued training while Daichi and Ren watched over them, saying that Sena is truly a captain now.

Good Ending
Sena asked Asuka to come to his place, where he told her that he lost the beginner award. However, the publisher contacted him and asked if they can put his manga in another monthly magazine. He was disappointed about the award, but the news made him happy.

He then took out a picture book, the one he used to read with Asuka during their childhood days. He said wants to be like the strong prince, protecting her in this town she loves. Sena then confessed that he loves her. Asuka happily said that she loves him too, and they finally kissed.

Bad Ending
One day after school, Sena asked Asuka to go with him to the beach. Even though he tried drawing a new manga, Sena eventually decided to throw the pages into the sea. He muttered that the weak prince remained weak up until the end. From now on they have to start from scratch to be able to reach Koshien next year. Asuka saw the last page of Sena’s manga before it was blown away by the wind. It was the scene of the baseball captain confessing to the team manager. As they left the beach, Asuka thought that it’d be nice if her story with Sena could be like that.

Oh God. Sena’s only kissing CG is so awful. He looks okay, but Asuka’s face is so badly drawn it makes me cry. Well, but Sena is the character I like the most so far. I guess he’s the only one who didn’t date the heroine from the middle of the game, but since I get the seishun mood.. he’s forgiven lol. I really like it when he says “うん” for some unknown reason. ♥ He’s probably the sanest out of the whole bunch, since he’s the serious character. His blush is the cutest too.

Okay, next would be Minato. I’m not too excited, but.. >_>;

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