Asuka! – Kamiji Minato

Here’s Minato’s route. I honestly hate this type of character, and my opinion of him only got worse as I went deeper into his route. I’ll skip some of the repetitive details in the first half.

Kamiji Minato is the son of the barber. A year older than Asuka, he went to a baseball champion high school. Last year he suddenly came back to Seitou High for a certain reason, though people noticed that he’s harder to approach now. Minato smiles all the time, but he’s actually a ドS whose words are sharper than any razor. It seems like he doesn’t like dealing with people either.

Different from most of the other guys, Minato continued playing baseball during high school. He doesn’t have a father, and his mother has a weak body. She keeps on running the barber shop to support both of them, which resulted in her getting hospitalized every now and then. Not to mention that the shopping district is suffering now.

Minato had to return to Seitou High, but his baseball career came to an end. He was aiming to be a hairdresser instead to take his mother’s business, despite some people saying that he’s wasting his talent. Knowing that Minato would be a great player for their team, Asuka tried to get him to join the baseball club. Just like everyone else, Minato refused saying he got bored of baseball.

Of course Asuka didn’t give up, being the stubborn hardworking manager that she is. She followed Minato all the way to the back garden, only to receive his cold answer and attitude. Everytime she talked to him, he answered with a heavy sigh which really shows how much she annoyed him. He keeps calling her stubborn, annoying, stupid, or a stalker (because she followed him everywhere) until finally he came to join the club per his mother’s request. Poor Asuka. ಠ_ಠ

Even after he joined the club, Minato didn’t take baseball seriously. Clearly because he was forced to do so and not because he wants to. Everyone including Haruto noticed this, and so Asuka started stalking followed him again, trying to get him to play baseball seriously. Though his attitude didn’t change at all, Minato looks lonely somehow. This was enough for Asuka to think that he actually still loves baseball.

Annoyed by how persistent Asuka was, Minato kept treating her like crap. This time he’d go as far as yelling at her after sexually harassing her multiple times. When he pushed her down on his room, words slipped out of Asuka’s mouth and she said she loves him. As usual he yelled at her and shooed her out. However, Asuka didn’t give up yet. Even after all of that happened, she decided to make a bentou for him.

Hoping that it’d cheer him up even if just a little bit, Asuka brought the bentou to the back garden where Minato usually eats his lunch at. He ignored her, so she put the box beside him. He then said that he doesn’t want it and flipped it to the ground. It’s only then when Asuka thought talking to him might be impossible after all, and she ran away crying.

Asuka started avoiding Minato ever since that day. He stopped her once, just to return her lunch box. It’s empty because Minato actually ate the food that didn’t touch the ground, but Asuka thought he threw it all away. She keeps avoiding him until eventually he couldn’t take it anymore. He came to talk to her after practice, saying that being with her makes him feel irritated.

Minato hugged her and asked if she’s not running away again. Asuka replied that she won’t run, because she loves him. He told her that he’s quite possessive, but she didn’t seem to mind.. so he said she’s all his from today, and she should be prepared.

After they started going out, Minato’s attitude towards Asuka gradually got better. Being a ドS, he would touch Asuka in front of Ren and Daichi — both were really shocked and asked Asuka if she’s really okay with a guy like Minato. She also made another bentou for him, though still scared because of what happened last time. Fortunately, he properly ate the food this time.

Despite his lack of motivation before, Minato started playing more seriously for the baseball team. Both Haruto and Sena said that he looks like he’s having fun recently. Being a possessive person, he didn’t let Daichi and Ren got too close to Asuka though. Everytime they asked her about their towels / stuff, Minato would tell them to pick it up by themselves.

One day after practice, Minato asked Asuka to come to his room. She was scared of course, he pushed her down the last time she went there. But Minato said he won’t do such things anymore, and they had more raburabu time that evening. After Asuka went home though, Minato saw his mother packing. She apologized, but it seems like they had to move after all.

The next day, Minato started avoiding Asuka. His attitude went back to the way it was before they started going out. Asuka was confused and tried to talk to him, only to get dumped because “he got bored of her already.” Minato said he was just toying with her to kill time, and it was so stupid of her to seriously fall in love with him.

This was just too much for Asuka. After he left, she burst into tears and ran home crying. She also refused to come out of her room and eat. Eventually Haruto came to talk to her, telling her to cry her eyes out if she wants to. But he thought there must be a reason behind what Minato did. Asuka cried a river that night, but later on she thought about what Haruto said.

It wasn’t long until the answer came. One night, Minato and his mother came to Sky Blue informing that they’re moving out of town soon. She couldn’t possibly run the barber shop anymore, so they’re going to move to Minato’s uncle’s house. He owns a beauty salon in which Minato’s mother was going to work at. Hearing this, Asuka cried and ran out of Sky Blue.

Minato chased after her, trying to explain everything. He took her to the beach and waited until she calmed down. Then he asked her not to tell anyone yet, since it’s an important period for the team. Asuka asked him if this was the reason for his cold attitude recently, and Minato said yes. He had to move back to Seitou High because they’re moving, but the happiness of playing baseball and having Asuka by his side made him forget.

He knew it’d be painful for her if they continue going out after he moves away, but after seeing her crying he realized how much he loves her. Much to Minato’s surprise, Asuka said that she still wants to be with him even if they’re apart. She asked him if it’s bothering him, and he finally admitted that he doesn’t want to break up with her too. They kissed at the beach that night, and Asuka wished the time would stop.

As usual, the team realized they need Daichi and Ren to form a battery in order to reach Koshien. They kept thinking and worrying until Minato eventually snapped at them during their first match in the regional tournaments. One day, Minato told Haruto that he won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s practice. His mother was hospitalized for a check-up, so he had to go to his uncle’s place.

With their next match being so close, Daichi and Ren thought that Minato was being irresponsible for skipping practice. Asuka really wanted to tell them that they’re wrong, but she already promised him to keep quiet about it. On the day of the match, Minato came a little late and they got angry at him for not taking baseball seriously. Eventually Haruto got enough of this and told them that Minato is moving, so it’s not like he’s skipping practice or doing things as he wants.

Seitou High won the next games as usual, and finally it was time for them to face Teigetsu Minami. The day before the match, Minato asked Asuka to come to his place. He gave her a passionate kiss upon entering the house, and since Asuka woke up in his bed after that.. I guess they did it?

Still lying together on his bed, Minato gave a small bottle filled with sand to her. He wanted to give it earlier but he forgot. They reminisced about how he made her cry when they were kids, because he told her they won’t be able to go to Koshien. Minato managed to reach Koshien with his previous high school’s team, and his teammates took the sand from Koshien as a memento. He thought they’re being stupid, but for some reason he remembered her crying face.. so he also took some. It was his apology for her.

The next day, Seitou High faced Teigetsu Minami in the semifinals. Minato gave it his all and helped Yuudai to calm down so they’d be able to guard the bases properly, but I guess you can guess the outcome. Yes, they lost again. It’s the same in every route. Full-base homerun. Naoe saves the day. Seitou High said goodbye to Koshien this year. (。・・。)ノシ

Time passed, and it was finally time for Minato to move. They spent time on the beach before the train comes. Minato apologized for being unable to take Asuka to Koshien, but for her their match with Teigetsu Minami was their own Koshien. Everyone did their best. Asuka then asked if they will be okay from now on, and Minato told her not to worry since he loves her more than she thinks. Before he leaves, he hugged Asuka and asked her to wait. He will surely come back to pick her up.

Good Ending
Months have passed since Minato moved away. They called and wrote mails to each other everyday, maintaining their relationship. There were times when it’s hard for her, but she managed to overcome everything because she loves him. As she walked to school one morning, Asuka saw a familiar person on the beach. Realizing that it’s Minato, she immediately ran to see him.

Minato said that he’s home. He had a great news for her, so he came back because he wants to tell her in person. He came to tell her about the start of their new days together..

Bad Ending
For her own sake, Minato broke up with Asuka. He said he was bored and he only dated her to kill time. Deep inside he knows that he loves her though, but they had to part because he’s moving away. But if she’s still alone when he comes back to Seitou, he will make her his once again. Asuka noticed that Minato looks sad when they broke up though. She later visited the back garden and found a small bottle filled with sand on the bench where Minato used to sit. Realizing that it’s a message from him, Asuka hugged the bottle and said she will wait until he comes back.

I have a mixed feeling about Minato. His attitude and constant harassment in the first half of this route was so DNW, but I like how things turned out after he started dating Asuka. Like seriously, if a guy called me those things I’d probably punch him in the gut. I was amazed by Asuka’s stupidity too. I mean, how come you still want to see the guy who tried to rape you? Are you insane or just stupid? ಠ_ಠ

But since he’s rather sweet towards the end, I guess I’m willing to forgive him a little. Ren is absolutely terrified at the sight of Minato holding a scissor though. I wonder what happened between them. Did Minato threaten to cut his ears or something? Σ(´д`|||)ヒィーッ


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