Tokyo Yamanote Boys – Zenyasai Disc

This is the prologue CD of Tokyo Yamanote Boys, so no it’s not the trial of the game. Rejet had a promotion event for TYB in Ikebukuro Sunshine City fountain plaza last month. They gave this CD to those who came. Limited amount, but for free. My friend lent me her copy. ♥

Every year, just one girl from all high schools in Japan is chosen to be a “Princess”. Top high school boys from all around Tokyo are then selected to be the participants in a confession tournament that is Tokyo Yamanote Boys. It’s a love royale where the boys will confess to the Princess with various kinds of appeal. The one she picks will be crowned “Prince”, and there’s a legend that the Prince and Princess are guaranteed to have an eternally happy future together through this event.

Our heroine received a surprising mail saying that she’s been chosen to be this year’s Princess. When the love royale starts, she will receive confessions from all of the ikemen participants. She’s about to experience seven fateful days. Who will be this year’s Prince? Everyone since I’m going to get ’em all. 8D

Apparently the heroine’s name is Chihiro. But since I didn’t know that and there wasn’t any default name set in the game, I went with Okita Rin for the LOL. Yes I love Souji. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

Just like what the title says, this CD is about the Eve Festival (前夜祭 / zenyasai) before the tournament starts. Chihiro was called to the TYB Dome to be introduced to the audience that day. It was then when she met the participants for the first time. There are nine of them, and they were split into groups of three. The president made them pick a candy to decide on the team’s name: Honey Milk, Super Mint, and Dark Cherry.


1. Ninomiya Yuuto
The Unrivaled Perfect Prince

The representative from Shinjuku. Chihiro first met him when she was lost, and she overhears him talking on the phone that “everything’s going according to the plan.” Yuuto is filthy rich and he’s very confident about being this year’s Prince. In addition of commuting to school with a car everyday, he had his own MIBs who would clear the road for them when they visited the crowded Shinjuku with the Honey Milk team.

As if that alone wasn’t enough, he prepared a red carpet for them to walk on. Along with red rose petals to make it more romantic. Chihiro thought that she’s having an amazing experience, then he knelt down and kissed her hand prince-style. I dunno, but he looks kinda evil to me lol. It’s probably the way he smiled.

2. Misaki Koutarou
The One-hit-kill Love Tiger

The representative from Ikebukuro. The title Love Tiger most likely comes from his given name, since the first kanji means tiger lol. When he met the lost Chihiro for the first time, he thought she was looking for her audience seat and offered to help her find it. She asked to be taken to see the staff instead, and he happily guided her there. Friendly and cheerful, Koutarou has a lot of friends in Ikebukuro. Some of them teased him about the tournament, but most of them are cheering for him.

One of Koutarou’s friends asked him to impress the Princess with his street dancing. Despite their location, Koutarou followed the suggestion and started dancing until the security came because he created a ruckus lol. They escaped, but Chihiro was impressed by his dancing skills. The way he speaks bothers me a little, but he’s a funny character.

3. Momose Ayumu
The Pretty Forest Boy

The representative from Sugamo. Their first meeting was when Chihiro sat on the ground, giving up finding the way to her dressing room. Thinking that she’s tired, Ayumu kindly offered to carry her and see the staff. Chihiro said that she’s okay, but asked for his help to guide her to the see the staff. Despite his small and pretty girly looks, Ayumu is a very reliable guy. He gets along really well with the old folks in Sugamo and prefers relaxing / quiet places over the crowded ones.

Noticing that Chihiro is tired, Ayumu wanted to give her a piggyback ride. Even though he’s small, he’s pretty confident in his strength. Since she’s too embarassed to do that, Ayumu held her hand instead and took her to a Japanese sweets shop so she could relax. Okay, I don’t like boys who look prettier than me.. but Ayumu is really a nice guy. Gap moe anyone?


4. Kirishima Iori
The Wild Rookie

The representative from Shibuya. Iori also mistook Chihiro for a lost audience when they first met. After she told him she’s an authorized person, Iori agreed to take her to where the staff members are. He teased her saying if they should hold hands so she won’t get lost again, and she got angry at him for treating her like a kid. Iori worked as a model for a magazine, so he’s got a lot of fans. Not to mention that he’s tall and got a nice style. He’s a year younger than Chihiro though, something both of them didn’t expect.

His fans asked for his signature and mail address, but he refused since he’s on a date with the Princess. Iori said he’s happy to be popular, but he only needs one special person. He clearly draws a line in that area since he doesn’t like being vague. Currently he works part-time at a monjayaki stand. I like Iori a lot, he’s cool and his personality rocks. ♥

5. Lucy
The Solitary Charisma Queen

The representative from Akihabara. When Chihiro met him for the first time, she thought Lucy is a very pretty girl. Lucy noticed her looking at him, and Chihiro asked him the way to her dressing room. He gave her the directions, telling her the way to the Princess’ room. Looks like he knew right from the start that she’s this year’s Princess. His real name is Isono Rui, but he always cuts people off before they say it and asked them to call him Lucy instead. He’s a popular idol in Akihabara and has his own fans who are all dressed up like him.

The Super Mint team saw a purikura booth when they came to Akihabara, so they decided to take one as a memorial. Both Iori and Takumi are so huge they didn’t fit in the booth though, so in the end Lucy took a two-shot with Chihiro. He promised to take her to his “world” and gave nicknames Kirii and Joe for Iori and Takumi lol. I think his heels are scary.

6. Kujou Takumi
The Calm and Composed Elite Knight

The representative from Meguro. Chihiro asked him for some directions when she got lost. After she explained that she’s an authorized person, Takumi gave her the directions for the staff room. He also told her about the Princess’ room so she won’t make a mistake, not knowing that it makes things a lot easier for her. Takumi is very mature and serious, always protecting her whenever she goes like a knight. He tends to use difficult words, sometimes incorrectly even though he’s unaware of it lol.

Just like Takumi himself, he introduced Meguro as a town for adults. Both Iori and Lucy said they’d probably get into trouble if they sing there. As he guided her through the town, Takumi asked her to visit his place next. Why? Because he wants to introduce her to his parents LOL. Takumi is so serious, but he has an adorable side too. I wonder what’s his parents like? :D


7. Rudou Jesus
The Super Cool Tyrant

The representative from Roppongi. Chihiro first met him when she was lost, and she came to him wanting to ask for directions. She hesitated because he seems scary, which resulted in him glaring at her. Scared, she apologized and said that she’s just lost. Jesus said that it’s annoying and started kicking the wall until a staff member came to stop him. He’s probably the only participant who doesn’t act all raburabu around her, but he went along with how the tournament goes anyway. He said he’d kill her if she chose him and changed her mind though.

Despite his personality, Jesus is well-known in Roppongi. People would talk about him or even directly to him, even though he scared them to death once he opens his mouth. Tetsu said he’ll lose his friends the way he is now, but Jesus replied that he doesn’t need any. It’s easier being alone since people are too scared to disturb him. Now where have I heard that line before? *looks into a mirror* Before they leave, he pulled Chihiro into his arms and said he’d love her until she breaks down. I don’t even know why, but I’m strangely attracted to him lol.

8. Moroboshi Tetsu
The Reliable Edokko Big Brother

The representative from Ueno. Chihiro bumped into him when she was running around looking for her room. He apologized, helped her stand up and called her cute before running off. Tetsu loves playing baseball and the overall atmosphere of Ueno, the traditional downtown filled with the old spirit of Japan. Since the Dark Cherry team is filled with problem children (lol Jesus and Shinnosuke), Tetsu acts as the reliable big brother of the group. He gets along really well with the people who lives in Ueno.

Chihiro said that Ueno is really nice since everyone is like friends just by living in the same town. Tetsu asked her to come again if she wants, and gave her a pat on the head. Chihiro was embarassed but then said she doesn’t hate it.. and Tetsu asked her to say that to that samurai floating behind her. LOL he can see ghosts! Tetsu is nice and reliable, I like him. xD

9. Hamada Shinnosuke
The Invincible Demon King Devil Hummer

The representative from Shinagawa. Chihiro felt that someone’s looking at her when she got lost, and she found Shinnosuke staring at her from behind a wall. Stalker-style. 壁|ω・`)ジー He was shocked upon learning that he’s been found out, but soon managed to regain his composure (?) and told her he’d try harder next time to stalk her while remaining unnoticed LOL. Shinnosuke tried to act cool in front of her, but he was shocked (again) when she took his hand during the introduction. His imagination is very rich.

After seeing Shinagawa’s ハマギャル for the first time, Jesus teased Shinnosuke about his hobby in girls. Shinnosuke panicked and said he’s not such a person, offering money to Chihiro to make her believe in him. Chihiro refused and said she does believe in him. He was so happy and offered to give her one of his hotels next, but when she refused again.. he put handcuffs on their hands. It was so that they’ll stay connected from now on. He unlocked the handcuffs after Jesus’ dog bit his ass though lol. All of his actions made me LOL so hard. xD

The Murder Demon

This.. is the mysterious guy Chihiro saw on her way to the TYB Dome. He was in pain and she was worried about him, but he told her to go away. After the group date with all the teams, we got another scene of him presumably killing a high school girl while muttering the words “love” and “kill”. His role in the plot is still unknown for now.

It was 3 AM when I started playing and suddenly he appeared. Since it’s a love royale / confession tournament game, I totally didn’t expect for such a character to appear. His eyes are super scary. I’m too scared to even look at his character sprite. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

But anyway, Tokyo Yamanote Boys is an interesting game. I was interested in this game because I like Maeda Hirotaka’s art, but this disc made me wanna play it even more. Looks like it won’t be just a plain love royale though.. *glances at the demon* The system interface is so pretty and fun, and I’m loving the sleek widescreen resolution. I can’t wait for the Honey Milk game in April!

13 thoughts on “Tokyo Yamanote Boys – Zenyasai Disc

    • I can’t find them on HMV or Play-Asia too. Maybe not yet since it’s still in April? I prefer HMV for online shopping, so I hope they’re going to have them up for preorder. :3

  1. Thanks for giving us a look at the zenyasai.
    I don’t think I’ll be able to get it myself…

    I’m glad that you like Iori the most…cause he’s my favorite too.LOL About Ayumu…everyone seems to like the manly/dependale shota type characters. LOL And when you summarized Shinnosuke…his character surprised me because I thought he be cooler. I guess he’s actually a bit of a hetare…and then the stalker thing…it also kind of screams former otaku.
    I can understand why you’re interested in Jesus…even though he scares me…at least his dog saved Chihiro from Shinnosuke’s handcuffs LOL

    The Murder Demon looks scary…and his eyes…it’s like he’s possesed! I can’t help but wonder if he was a former prince and was one that didn’t get the girl. ^^;

    • You’re welcome. It’s event-only, so yeah kinda hard for people outside of Japan to get them. You can still get it if you preorder from Animate or SKiT, but.. lol will be expensive.

      LOL I know what you mean. Judging by his looks and the lines he says on the official site, I thought he’d be like a poetic ore-sama who spams you with romantic words, but every single one of his actions makes me LOL so hard. So yeah, I think he’s actually hetare too lol.

      As for Jesus, his dog is cool. But I think I’m interested in him because he sounds like.. me? LOL. There’s a time when Shinnosuke freaked out and screamed “Kami-sama, Hotoke-sama, Jesus-samaaa~!” and he was like “Wut? You should’ve called me that from the beginning”. xD

      And yes the murder demon is scary.. it’d be interesting if he was a former prince though. Still curious about his connection to the whole love royale.

  2. thanks for the preview post? So is this gonna be a PC game? I kept seeing ads for it but I never really figured out what it was supposed to be. I haven’t played any of the Vitamin Games so I’m not quite used to the art style but the cast is superb so I’ll just give it a chance based on that xDDD (like i do with every game I Play sigh (ಠ_ಠ))

    • You’re welcome~
      Yeah this is gonna be for PC. I wasn’t too fond of the art style too when I first played Vitamin X, but dunno why the games that use Maeda’s art usually have unique themes so that keeps me entertained lol. Do give TYB a chance when you have the time. :D

  3. I ready all of the summaries, and then I got to Murder Demon…I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to play this game (the face haunts me in my dreams too…) Is it just me, or are otome games starting to lean more and more towards psychos…?! Maybe when his connection to the love royale is clarified, will I ever be able to brave this game.

    • You’re welcome.
      There must be something behind the existence of the murder demon, I hope something connected to the love royale that makes him the way he is now. But yeah quite a lot otome games are starting to lean towards that side lol. *stares at KuroKin* I saw the demon in a magazine earlier.. and he actually doesn’t look as scary without that black circles around his eyes.

  4. The Murder Demon… O_O;;;

    Plot sounds deliciously otome though the art style is not really my type. :P And speaking of art style, it kind of reminds me of Kayono’s mangas e.g. Lovenista.

  5. Oh god I can’t stop staring at that stupid demon…*shivers* and I also thought Lucy was a girl at first and boy was I wrong

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