Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Matheus

Started the game with going for the lion. Who doesn’t love lions? They’re just like big cats, cute and adorable. Matheus is so sexy, too bad Midorikawa Hikaru used his Yoh-like voice here.. :/

Matheus is the first prince of the Fasan Kingdom, who turned into a lion because of the curse. Good looking, strong and smart, Matheus is a very skilled strategist. While he likes women and accepts those who comes to him, he never chased the ones who left either. He’s allergic to men though, and would get hives just by touching them.

Before they found any clues about the curse, Matheus gave Tiana a plan to get some information out of Klaus. It failed, but eventually they heard a rumor about the medicine shop next to Lotte’s bakery. Tiana met Silvio there, and bought the expensive medicine for turning animals into humans. When she tried sprinkling the gold powder onto the animals, they instantly turned back to human.. for a few minutes. Tiana decided to go back and ask Silvio if he has a stronger medicine the next day.

Apparently the medicine was made by an apprentice witch. She can make a stronger one, but it’ll cost her 150,000 nerke. Tiana ordered the medicine and went back home, thinking about a way to make money. Matheus said he had a plan, but he’s going to need all of the remaining gold powder to do so. Tiana let him use the gold powder and they went out, though he asked her to wait outside since it’s not a place for kids.

Tiana waited alone for around 45 minutes when suddenly Hannes came. Hannes was the merchant who sold the animals to Tiana, but this time he tried to take her away by force. Luckily Matheus soon came and shooed him off. He also told Tiana that he gained 100,000 nerke from playing Tarock (?) — a card game. They gathered the rest of the money by doing performances in town.

When Tiana came to get the medicine, she met a woman instead of Silvio in the shop. Thinking that she might be the apprentice witch, she came back to the shop only to find her gone. Silvio said she’s just a new clerk, but Tiana knew he’s hiding something. She later came back to the shop with Matheus and Alfred, which really shocked Silvio because they’re “still alive”. It wasn’t long before they put the pieces together and figured out that Silvio and Gerda, the apprentice witch, were the ones behind the accident and their curse.

Matheus thought that they don’t have any reason to go that far, so there must be someone else who asked them to assassinate them. To lure them out, Matheus and his brothers borrowed a carriage from the castle and went on a parade around the town. By doing so, whoever requested Gerda to do such things will realize that the plan failed. It’s only a matter of time before Gerda and Silvio come out of their hiding.

After returning the carriage, Tiana met Klaus at the castle. He asked for explanation, but she couldn’t tell him without Matheus’ permission. Tiana also heard about Matheus’ past from Klaus, who’s actually classmates with Matheus during their academy days. The late king, Matheus’ father, killed all of his brothers in order to get the throne. Everyone thinks that Matheus is the same as his father, and his distant attitude only made things worse. He was feared by the students and the teachers. Tiana knew that it must be because of his allergy.

The carnival soon came. Using the new gold powder, everyone went out to have fun. Matheus didn’t go with his brothers since he wants to enjoy the carnival with Tiana. She guided him around Cattleya that day. After he beat a cheating gambler in the plaza, they met Hannes again at the market, who gave them a feather toy for free. Matheus bought some cheese for them and wanted to feed Tiana, but since she’s too embarassed to do it in public.. he decided to do it later when they’re alone.

They went to the famous rose garden next. The roses here are special because they won’t bloom unless you give it to a person you really love. Matheus wanted to try giving it to Tiana, saying that he will take responsibility if it blooms. (*ノωノ) When he went to pick a rose, he was swarmed by his own fangirls. They gave tons of rosebuds to him, none of it bloomed since they don’t really “love” him. On their way home, Matheus asked Tiana to help him carrying the rosebuds. The moment she took them from his hands, suddenly all of them bloomed into beautiful roses.

Matheus said that he’d never thought of confirming his feelings through this method, which means that he’s in love with her. Tiana didn’t get what he means though, so he said it must be because the roses are angry lol. After putting the roses at home, they went to a small theatre and starred in a Romeo and Juliet play, substituting for the sick leads. The manager was really happy and Matheus accepted his handshake, even though it made him really sick afterwards.

Before going home, Tiana went to the library alone. She asked Klaus if there’s a medicine to cure allergies to men. This time Klaus won’t help unless she gives him an explanation, so Tiana had no choice but to tell him about Matheus’ allergy. Klaus found the recipe for the medicine, but one of the ingredients, the Traum flower, was incredibly rare and hard to get.

Tiana played with Matheus the lion using the feather toy that evening. At night she came out to the garden to find him there, in his human form. He brought the cheese they bought that day and feed her since they’re alone now lol. After licking some cheese from her cheek and making her blush like a tomato, Matheus told her that the brooch she sold to Hannes actually belongs to the Fasan royalties. They don’t know how Tiana’s mother got it though. Matheus also promised that after he returns to Fasan, he’ll give her a big animal she always wanted.

The next day, Matheus started attacking Tiana randomly. It was actually to help her train as a beastmaster, so she used her whistle to put him to sleep. They were attacked by yet another swarm of fangirls that night, since people already know that the princes were living in Tiana’s house. Matheus managed to tell them to go away, but suddenly Gerda came out of the crowd and stabbed Tiana’s chest with a cursed dagger. It’s a curse that slowly eats her life away until she eventually dies.

Before escaping, Silvio told Matheus to kill his brothers and come to the sewers by tomorrow night if he wants Tiana’s curse to be undone. Of course Matheus didn’t want to do it, so he made a plan and brought Tiana with him to the sewers the next night. Alfred and the others faked their death, which Silvio saw through. Before they could do anything, Tiana used her whistle to summon all the mice in the sewers to attack them. Captured and had no choice, Gerda finally told them the truth.

Gerda is the apprentice of the Last Witch, the witch who turned Cattleya into ash 20 years ago. One day the Last Witch was taken away by Renard Empire, and Gerda was told to kill the four princes of Fazan if she wants her to be free. Somehow Gerda knew that they won’t be able to do it easily, so she cursed Tiana to make the princes work with them. Silvio said he also had the same curse, and they all need the Last Witch’s blood to make the cure.

Soon they heard that Renard’s army already crossed the west border, preparing to attack Cattleya and Fasan. With two important goals, Matheus divided the team into two. Matheus and Alfred remained in Cattleya to protect the country, while Lucia and Erik went to Renard with Gerda and Silvio to rescue the Last Witch. Despite the danger, Tiana decided to stay in Cattleya with Matheus. Gerda then gave her a mirror for communication and some strong gold powder supply. Klaus was angry to hear that Matheus is letting her stay, but Matheus asked Klaus to trust him for now. He needs Tiana by his side and asked her to stay.

The next day, Tiana met Lotte who came to get her before evacuating to Sardine. Tiana answered that she’s staying in Cattleya because there’s someone who needs her. Lotte then asked her if she loves that person, and Tiana answered she does. Here Tiana felt a sharp pain in her chest, most likely due to the curse. She thought it might only be from her anxiety.

One day after they moved to the castle, Tiana visited Matheus at night to bring him food. He’s been working hard lately, so Tiana told him not to hold back in front of her. If he’s tired he should say so, and Tiana would be there to pamper him. Matheus told her about his past. Everyone was afraid of him because he resembles his father a lot, knowing the late king’s bloody history. He was always lonely until Bernd came to his life. Bernd treated him normally, and he was the one who taught Matheus a lot of things.

That night, Matheus saw a dream about his past. He was crying, and Bernd was telling him to stop crying over such things since he’s going to be the next king.

The next morning, a messenger came to inform them that Alfred’s doing well in battle. A reinforcement army led by Bernd was also coming to help him in the front line. When Matheus went to see Bernd, Tiana got a call from Erik and Lucia through the mirror. They were panicking, especially after hearing that Bernd was there. Lucia warned her not to let Bernd get near Matheus, but the call was cut then. Realizing that something’s wrong, Tiana went to look for Matheus. She eventually found him in the colosseum, wounded and lying on the ground. His long hair was cut short.

Apparently Bernd, the Prime Minister of Fasan and the person Matheus trusted the most, betrayed him and attacked him from behind. Bernd asked Matheus why he trusted him that easily while his father, King Balthazar, never showed Bernd his back even once. Tiana stepped forward and tried to shield Matheus from Bernd’s attack. Just before Bernd killed them, Tiana saw her whistle shining beneath the sunlight and remembered something. She blowed the whistle and a tiger suddenly came. It was the tiger who ran away from the palace at the beginning of the game. The tiger chased after him, but Bernd already escaped.

Soon Klaus came and Tiana asked for his help since Matheus was wounded. However, the Pope of Cattleya was attacked earlier. The soldiers are now looking for Matheus, thinking that he’s the one responsible for the death of the Pope. Since they can’t stay in the castle any longer, Tiana and Klaus took Matheus to Gerda’s secret lab beneath the medicine shop. Klaus saw Matheus’ lion form during their stay here.

Tiana received another call from Lucia informing that Renard’s emperor was assassinated. Matheus and his brothers were accused for killing the rulers of the three countries, so they had difficulties moving around in Renard as well. Matheus then asked Tiana to deliver a letter to Alfred, which she sent by using birds. Nobody knows about their curse, so Alfred managed to withdraw from the battlefield by turning into his wolf form. While waiting for Alfred to come to their hideout, Tiana and Matheus told Klaus everything.

One day Tiana went to the bakery next door to cook some food for them. Matheus came to stay with her, and he talked about his own weakness. Somehow he could feel that Bernd was only using him all along, but he couldn’t bring himself not to trust anyone but himself. Tiana hugged him and said Matheus didn’t do anything wrong. His brothers following him all this time should be enough proof that they like and trust him as well.

After getting enough rest during the day, Matheus and Alfred raided the castle at night. Tiana came with them too because she wants to stay with Matheus always. They managed to locate Bernd and tried to attack him, but after a strange flash of light.. a boy suddenly appeared. Alfred noticed him as Dirk, his younger brother — the fifth prince. Dirk hates Matheus for taking Abel from their mother, and for taking Alfred away from him.

Bernd called the guards to capture them. He then told them that they want to unite the three countries into a big empire, making Dirk the first emperor to rule. Before throwing them into jail, Bernd took Tiana’s whistle and destroyed it. Apparently Dirk has made a contract with a dragon the Last Witch sealed in her own body.

Klaus eventually came to get Tiana out of jail. He got angry because she also came to the castle, so Tiana told him about her curse. She wants to help Matheus up until the last second in her life. Realizing how much she loves him, Klaus took her to meet up with Matheus in a different room. Alfred was already taken away since Dirk really needs his brother. They got a call from Gerda, this time informing that the Last Witch wasn’t found in Renard. She was taken away for some plans they didn’t know.

Outside, Bernd and Dirk gathered everyone in the courtyard. They announced the birth of their new empire — Elfonbine. Dirk also said that he already got the Last Witch’s power, and he’s going to demonstrate his power by turning Sardine into ash. Matheus retreated along with Klaus and Tiana back to Gerda’s hideout, where he told them that the “power” Dirk was talking about is actually a dragon. What destroyed Cattleya 20 years ago wasn’t the Last Witch, but rather the dragon who took over her body.

While Matheus was planning to go to Sardine and stop Dirk’s crazy plan, Tiana’s curse caused her to pass out again. With her whistle gone, she knew that she’d only be a burden if she goes along with him. After Matheus asked Klaus to leave them alone for a moment, Tiana apologized for being useless. Matheus kissed her and said that he loves her, and asked her to believe in him. Tiana made him promised to come back to her after everything’s over.

After Matheus went to Sardine, Tiana told Klaus that she knows her body was reaching its limits. She knows that if she faints again, she would die. She regrets not going with Matheus, but there was nothing she could do. Klaus then pulled out a medicine from his pocket. If Tiana drinks it, she’s going to die in 24 hours.. but before then, her body will be free from the curse. Klaus made it with Gerda’s instructions when she passed out earlier.

Matheus told Klaus not to give her that medicine no matter what. Klaus didn’t want to do it either, but he knew that Tiana should spend her last moments with Matheus and not him. Without hesitation, Tiana drank the medicine and rushed to Sardine on a horse.

Meanwhile, Matheus faced Bernd again in Sardine. Bernd said that he never really cares about Fasan since he really suffered thanks to Matheus’ father. They captured Bernd’s wife and locked her up deep inside the castle. Matheus’ father was afraid that Bernd would turn back on them someday, and this was done so Bernd wouldn’t be able to betray them. Bernd knew about Matheus’ loneliness and only used him for his own plans.

Dirk then summoned the dragon sealed inside of him. By the time Tiana arrived in Sardine, the town was in chaos with the giant dragon in the sky, ready to burn them to ashes. She soon met Matheus, who was surprised to find her there. After Tiana told him about the medicine, Matheus said that he actually regrets leaving her behind because he wants to stay with her until the end.

Matheus knew that he couldn’t do anything to stop Bernd and Dirk, but he couldn’t abandon his duty to people as their king. He wants to stop them even if he had to go through the pain and wounds, thinking that it’s to atone for those who have died for him to be the king. Tiana was proud to see Matheus not running away until the end, and he asked her to stay with him up until their last moment since they’re going to die.

As they were staring at the dragon above, suddenly they heard Lucia’s voice telling them it’s too early to give up. Lucia gave Tiana a whistle similar to the one Bernd destroyed, which Tiana recognized as her mother’s. With no time left, Tiana blew the whistle and managed to control the dragon. After three whistles, the dragon transformed back into Dirk and fell to the ground.

Gerda and Silvio then came and gave everyone the cure for their curse, since they already rescued the Last Witch. Matheus had to face Bernd for one last time though, and he managed to knocked Bernd’s sword off his hand. Bernd asked him to kill him, but Matheus couldn’t do it because of their past. He knew that it’s so naive of him not to be able to do it, but as long as Bernd cares for him even if it’s just a little bit, it was enough for him.

With Bernd and Dirk gone, the Elfonbine Empire collapsed immediately. Bernd was captured and thrown into jail, while the Last Witch sealed Dirk along with the dragon in the castle’s underground. Gerda and Silvio went on a journey with the Last Witch after that. In the castle, Lucia explained that they met Tiana’s parents who tried to rescue the Last Witch. They failed though, so now they’re staying at an onsen to heal their wounds.

The next day, Matheus was crowned the king of both Fasan and Cattleya. This event made Tiana feel that there’s a wall between them, especially since Matheus will be going back to Fasan soon. One day, Matheus took her out on a walk in the garden. After making sure that no one’s around, suddenly he turned back into a lion. Matheus revealed that actually he hadn’t drank the medicine yet. He knew that Tiana loves his lion form as well, so he gave the medicine to Tiana — telling her to use it on him after she’s satisfied.

Before going back to the castle, Matheus proposed to Tiana. It was so sudden and direct, so she was surprised. Matheus also told her that Fasan is not a peaceful place, knowing the dispute in the royal family for generations, but that’s why he needs her. He feels that by having her by his side, they will be able to change everything. Tiana accepted his proposal and decided to go with him, she has decided to stay with him ever since she followed him all the way to Sardine.

Matheus and Tiana celebrated their engagement in Cattleya. Lotte then came and gave them a basket full of flowers Klaus asked her to find. He said it’s Matheus’ favorite flower, but actually it’s the Traum flower. The rare flower they need to make a cure for Matheus’ allergy. Matheus thanked everyone and gave Tiana a crown with the stone from her brooch. Gerda managed to get it back from Hannes and gave it to him as an apology for cursing Tiana. Matheus kissed her as they rode the carriage, people showering them with white flowers.

Wow, this is the first Otomate game that doesn’t put me to sleep. xD
I’m loving the heroine so far. Tiana is slightly oblivious in the beginning, but she doesn’t give us that “I dunno how I feel” crap — something most otome game heroines do. I also like how honest the characters are. Matheus admits that he wants to bring her along despite the danger, and I like that. No “It’s too dangerous!” crap which usually leads to the heroine being a damsel in distress. My favorite scene would be when Tiana called the tiger in the colosseum. It’s been a long time since I last saw a heroine saving her guy. Oh, and Matheus is sexy. ♥


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