Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama

After some trial and errors, I finally got the emulator to work on my PC. It means that I can play those PS2 games again, yay! I really wanted to play this back then, and was in the middle of playing when my PS2 suddenly died. That really pissed me off lol.

Tiana is the daughter of a famous beastmaster living in Cattleya. Her parents are busy travelling around the world, so she lives alone in their absence. Tiana wants to be a great beastmaster like her mother and has a whistle she can use to control animals. One day in the market, Tiana met a man who was selling some animals: a lion, a wolf, a duck and a rabbit.. for dinner. The animals look weak and tired, so Tiana buys them with her precious brooch.

Tiana thinks training the lion and the wolf would be nice, but when they got back home.. she noticed the animals seems to understand human words. They refused to eat the raw food she gave them as well. The lion suddenly started talking then, surprising her. Apparently the animals she just bought are originally humans. They were cursed and turned into animals, though they have no idea who did it.

The animals asked for Tiana’s help to lift their curse. Despite not knowing who they are and where they came from, Tiana decided to help them. Little did she knows that they’re actually the four princes from the neighboring kingdom of Fasan: Matheus, Alfred, Lucia and Erik. They’re currently “missing” after someone attacked their ship. People start thinking they died in the accident, but actually they just turned into animals instead.

With the “Last Witch” and the medicine shop being her only clues, Tiana’s adventure with them has just begun.


15 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama

  1. There’s an emulator for PS2 games??May I know the name of the emu?
    Btw, are you not uploading any more CGs in this blog? Just like the ones you’ve uploaded in your LJ? Sorry for bothering you again. ^^”

    • I use PCSX2. :D
      I’m not uploading CGs here since this is only a blog for my crappy summaries, but I always save all the CGs from the games I’ve played. If you want something just tell me and I’ll try to send them to you. :)

  2. Ah~! One of my favorites from you blog! This is my second or third time re-reading this one, LOL. They are all just so cute, and I love the bright colors (and of course, pretty boys!) the artist drew. I hope s/he does other games (I only know of Arcobaleno!). XD
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for doing this and giving us non-Japanese speakers a chance to enjoy these awesome games as well!

    PS: Hope you have a nice break and good luck moving! =)

    • OMG thank you for reading my posts so many times. Looking back my writing was even more terrible than it is now, I’m so grateful that you’ve put up with it. (´∀`;)ゞ I love Miko’s art too, and recently she did Toki no Kizuna.. but sadly I’m not interested in the game, so if you want to read about the routes, do check domshiki’s review. :D

      Thanks for the wishes! Once I’ve settled into my new place, I’ll start summarizing again. :3

  3. Your writing has never been terrible! Haha, I really enjoy it! =D I do love that a lot of your newer posts are much longer and more detailed, definitely makes it seem less sad that it may be a very long time until I play them myself. =P

    Oooh, the art looks very pretty! The game itself looks… unique, I’ll have to read domshiki’s review sometime soon- thanks for the link!

    Whoo~! Can’t wait! I’m super excited since I’ve been watching the anime recently. =D

    • Thanks, I do my best to put in all the details for people who can’t play the game. :D

      Also, Toki no Kizuna is a historical game mixed with demons.. so I guess it’s similar to Hakuouki. Personally I like Miko’s art more when she’s drawing colorful stuff, but it’s still beautiful nonetheless.

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