Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Alfred

My cousins came to visit for 20 days. That distracted me all the way through Alfred’s route, but I still think it’s sweet nonetheless. Alfred looks extremely cute during the mofumofu time. ♥

The second prince of Fasan Kingdom. Alfred lost his left eye when he was young and has pledged his loyalty to Matheus ever since. Stronger than Matheus in battle, but doesn’t seem to be interested in anything other than training. He even does sit-ups in his wolf form. Alfred keeps his distance from most people, and thus is inexperienced in handling girls.

After failing to get information out of Klaus, Tiana met Kurt. He gave her a map that shows the location of a medicine shop next to Lotte’s bakery. Tiana decided to take a look upon Alfred and Lucia’s suggestion, and that’s where she met Silvio. She bought the medicine, but soon came back asking for a stronger one. It costs 150,000 nerke so Tiana asked the princes if they’ve got a plan to make money.

Alfred said he does have a plan, but he’s going to need the remaining gold powder to do so. Tiana let him use the gold powder, and he took her to the the castle. It turns out that his plan was to fight in the colosseum for the prize money. His opponent was a man who already won 99 times in a row, naturally a strong-looking fighter who was looking forward to his 100th victory. Unfortunately for him, Alfred destroyed his weapon as soon as the fight began. xD

After getting the money, Alfred and Tiana met some men in front of the castle. The man Alfred defeated earlier was among them. Worried that the gold powder’s effect would run out soon, they ran away from the crowd. The men chased after them though, which made them think that they’re angry because of Alfred’s easy win. He carried Tiana so they can run faster and escape from them. It turns out that the men was amazed by Alfred’s strength and chased them around begging him to fight them.

So yeah, while Matheus has tons of fangirls.. Alfred’s fans are a bunch of brawny men LOL. Tiana and Alfred then started doing performances in town to get the rest of the money. They did a great job, especially since a sit-up wolf is an extremely rare phenomenon lol. She also tried doing simple maths with him, during which his tongue slipped and he answered “two”. Luckily people then decided that it’s just their imagination.

Realizing that Gerda and Silvio were the ones responsible for their curse, Matheus decided to go parading around the town in a carriage with his brothers and Tiana. After returning the carriage to the castle, Klaus chased after her demanding for an explanation. Tiana ran away from him and met Alfred on the way even though he already left earlier. Apparently Alfred has no sense of direction and had been walking around in circles. He usually asks people for direction, which always resulted in him getting guided there. Tiana was worried, so she offered to take a walk with him sometime.

They met Bernd before leaving the castle, who told Alfred that Dirk is worried sick. Alfred wants to stay with Matheus though, refusing Bernd’s suggestion to go back to Fasan. After he left, Alfred explained to Tiana that everyone was born from different mothers except Dirk and him.

When the carnival comes, Alfred asked Tiana to guide him around Cattleya. His brothers was surprised since it’s so rare for Alfred to ask a girl out. Matheus teased them and left him in Tiana’s hands, making both of them blushed heavily. Tiana was surprised, but now she knows why the princes don’t look similar even though they’re brothers.

They visited the colosseum first. The soldiers were using the colosseum for training that day, and Tiana noticed that Alfred wants to join them. She told him to join the soldiers while she watches. Alfred happily joined the training while Tiana thought about how popular he is with the soldiers. After he was done, Alfred told her that he heard a rumor about Tiana and the colosseum tiger. Tiana said that it was indeed her who put the tiger to sleep, and Alfred replied that he wants to tell the soldiers about her success in capturing the tiger.

Their next stop was the market, where they met Hannes and got a toy from him — a tiny clothes for pets. Tiana then took Alfred to Muskel plateau and they saw a beautiful spring. Not many people know about that place, so it’s really calm with no people nearby. Tiana wants to come with everyone next time, which made Alfred happy. They also visited the famous rose garden and Tiana explained the rose only blooms when you give it to someone who shares the same feeling. Alfred asked if she’s into fortune telling and things like that, and Tiana said she does want to try.

Tiana took Alfred to Gloss hill next, a beautiful hill with a nice scenery of the town. Tiana said she really loves Cattleya since it’s the place where she was born and grew up. Alfred was happy to hear that. He also wants to protect Fasan, so he knows how she feels. Tiana thanked him for always protecting them, and both of them prayed that no more war will take place in their countries.

Before going home, somehow they got lost in Kinbart forest. Alfred turned into his wolf form here, and they were soon attacked by three wolves. After Tiana put them to sleep with her whistle, Alfred asked her reason for wanting to be a beastmaster. Tiana said she wants to make people happy, just like her parents when they’re performing. Alfred then offered to help with her training using his wolf form. He wanted to return her kindness for taking care of them.

It suddenly rained when they were walking home. They took shelter together, and Alfred hugged Tiana so she doesn’t get wet. She was surprised by the sound of thunder, so he told her to listen to his heartbeat if she’s afraid. When they got home, Lucia and Matheus teased them by making up some scenarios about when they were taking shelter together. Alfred was surprised and asked him how did they know, since the made-up scenario totally fits. Lucia told Tiana that she’ll get tired with a lover like Alfred, and Matheus told Alfred not to cause too much trouble for her. xD

Totally clueless, Alfred asked Tiana if he did something wrong. She said he should stay that way since she likes him the way he is now. Alfred blushed, but then replied that everyone likes her too. That night Tiana went to see him in his room, where she dressed him up in the girly clothes they got from Hannes earlier. Alfred doubted that it’s a good idea, but went along with it just to make her happy. This made Lucia burst out laughing while Erik wanted to draw a portrait of him LOL.

Tiana and Alfred spent the next day training at home, which was basically putting him to sleep and waking him up repeatedly. Their relaxing time was interrupted when Klaus came with Dirk, who wanted to see Alfred. From this short visit Tiana could see that Dirk was blaming Matheus for everything. He thought Alfred should be the king instead of him, and also threw some insults to Tiana and her house. Since Dirk covered his right eye, Alfred was worried that he might lose his sight. Dirk slapped Alfred’s hand when he tried to touch him, surprising him.

Alfred apologized to Tiana for Dirk’s behavior. He used to be a nice little brother until their brother, Abel, died in an accident. It was the same accident that took Alfred’s left eye. Tiana knows how much Alfred cares for Dirk, so she prayed that one day they would be able to understand each other.

When Matheus and the others came back, Alfred told them that they did some “light sports” which made them “tired”, so they also “slept”. This made their imagination runs wild lol. Alfred then asked them to go to Muskel plateau tomorrow, just like what Tiana wished for. They had fun swimming the next day, with Matheus teasing Alfred whenever he gets the chance. He said spring has finally come for Alfred who spent his whole life with physical training, and he asked Tiana to take care of his brother.

That night, the fangirl swarm came to their house and Gerda stabbed Tiana with the cursed dagger. They left a note saying that Matheus should come to Kinbart forest alone after killing his brothers. Alfred had a plan and asked for Tiana’s help. That night, Tiana came to Kinbart forest with the princes (animal form) in a cage. She told Gerda that they had a fight after that, and the princes decided not to go and see them. That’s why now she’s trading them for the cure for her own curse.

Silvio wanted to check the animals in the cage, and thought that it might be a trap when Tiana didn’t let him do so. Just when Gerda and Silvio turned their backs on her, Tiana used her whistle to summon the wolves in the forest. After they were captured, Gerda said that there’s no point in telling Matheus everything since he’s just a cold-blooded and ruthless person like his father. Alfred told her that they’re following Matheus because they trust him, he’s not that kind of person.

After Gerda told them everything about her relationship with the Last Witch, Lotte came to inform them that Renard’s army has crossed the west border. After they split up into two groups, Gerda gave Tiana the communication mirror and some gold powder supply. Tiana followed Matheus and Alfred to the castle, where she met Klaus. He got angry at her for staying in Cattleya, but then Alfred came and told him that he’s borrowing her power as a beastmaster. Not for hurting people, but rather to protect their countries together.

The next day, Tiana went back to her house to get some stuff. She met Lotte who came to get her before evacuating to Sardine. Tiana said that she’s not leaving Cattleya because Alfred said she might be able to do something for the country, and she wants to do all she can for him. Lotte was amazed by her bravery. They made a promise to meet again in this town after everything’s over.

Back in the castle, Matheus wanted Tiana to go with Alfred to the front line. Tiana was surprised but Alfred said he will protect her, so she agreed to go with him. After Alfred left, Tiana felt a sharp pain in her chest because of the curse. She told Matheus that she’s just hungry, afraid that Matheus won’t let her go with Alfred if he found out. The soldiers were initially against bringing Tiana to the battlefield since she’s just a girl. Alfred then told them this is the girl who managed to capture the tiger when it escaped from the colosseum, not Cattleya nor Fasan soldiers. He also said that Tiana also wants to protect the countries, just like them.

That night on their camp, Alfred came to see Tiana when she was taking care of her horse. He asked about her parents and said he wants to meet them someday. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Tiana then asked about his mother since Alfred never really talked about his family. Alfred said that his mother is the king’s first concubine. She came from a good family, so she couldn’t accept that her position is lower than Matheus’ mother because their family reputation and social standings are about the same.

Alfred’s brother, Abel, was a year older than Matheus. Their mother wanted him to be the king, but then he died. Now she wished for Alfred to get take throne instead. Since Alfred already pledged his loyalty to Matheus, believing that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a king, it means that he’s turning his back to his family. He won’t betray Matheus no matter what happens since it was the path that he chose to walk on. They were tired of all the dispute over the throne, so they went to pick up Lucia and Erik in Sardine — hoping that they can spend some time peacefully.

We get a little flashback here, back to when Alfred was still a young boy. His left eye was bandaged and Matheus was looking for him. Matheus asked him why he did such things, since his life isn’t valuable enough to be protected like that. Alfred asked Matheus to take his swords, as he wants to support him when he becomes the king. Matheus agreed and said he will become his left eye in return, asking Alfred to always support him.

Back in the front line, Tiana used her whistle to stop Renard army’s horses. She turned them back and made them run all the way back to where they came from. They didn’t have time to enjoy their victory though, because Erik and Lucia soon called through the mirror informing the situation was getting worse: Renard’s emperor was killed. They also found out that Hannes was the one behind Gerda and Silvio’s attacks. He wants to destroy the three kingdoms.. with Bernd, who should be in Cattleya with their reinforcement.

Lucia asked them to go back to Cattleya as soon as possible because Matheus is in danger, so Alfred and Tiana rushed back to the castle. Tiana’s chest was hurting again on the way, but she had no time to think about it. She did realize that the curse was starting to eat her life though.

Upon arriving at the castle, they heard that Bernd went to the colosseum with Matheus. Dirk stopped them on the way, and again started blaming Matheus for Abel’s death. Alfred said he was the one who killed Abel, but Dirk replied that Alfred was tricked by Matheus. It turns out that they already killed Cattleya’s Pope and took control of the castle. Not only to kick Matheus off the throne, but also to merge the three countries into a single empire. Dirk was willing to let Alfred be their first emperor, but he refused.

Angry because of the rejection, Dirk wanted to kill Tiana. They escaped to the sewers before he could do anything to her, and they noticed there’s blood on the floor. They followed the trail of blood which eventually leads them to Gerda’s underground hideout. They found Matheus there, along with Klaus who helped him escaping from the castle. He had a hard time treating Matheus because of his allergy, not to mention he turned into a lion after that. Tiana finally explained everything to Klaus while Alfred takes a look at Matheus’ condition.

After Klaus explained that Bernd was doing all of this to turn people against the princes, Tiana got another call from Lucia. They couldn’t find the Last Witch in Renard, and they got accused of killing the emperor as well. The Last Witch was taken away by Bernd, so she’s probably kept somewhere in the castle. They realized that Bernd and Dirk was up to something bigger than merging the three countries, most likely to conquer the whole land.

Alfred wanted Tiana to hear about their past here. Alfred used to only gaze at Matheus from afar when he was small, because everyone was scared of Matheus and parents told their children not to get near him. Alfred always wanted to know what kind of person he really is, and he also wanted to try fighting him but never got the chance to talk to him. One day he found Abel asking Matheus to fight him. Matheus refused and turned back, but suddenly Abel took out his sword to attack him. Alfred jumped in to protect Matheus, his left eye was stabbed by Abel’s sword by doing so. But at the same time, his sword also stabbed Abel’s chest.

Alfred asked Tiana if he made the right decision. Tiana answered that even if he’s confused now, someday he will be able to see that he did the right thing. Matheus and Alfred both wanted to support each other for Fasan, and they will see that what they did was right after creating the future they wished for. Klaus brought some bread for them after that, but Tiana passed out from the curse again before she could eat them.

Tiana woke up and found Alfred beside her. He hugged her and apologized for not realizing that the curse is eating her life. In his arms, Tiana realized how much she loves Alfred. She doesn’t want to lose him. Deep down she knew she’s in love with him, but she pretended not to notice because she feels she’s not allowed to feel that way. They totally forgot that Klaus and Matheus were there too lol.

They were planning to go back to the castle at night to look for the Last Witch. Alfred promised to protect Tiana, so she was allowed to tag along. They met Dirk in the colosseum, who rambled on about nobody needs him and everyone’s treating him like a kid. He then showed them his right eye, revealing the contract he made with the dragon after taking the Last Witch’s power.

Dirk then summoned the dragon, wanting to burn Cattleya into ashes just to make Matheus suffer. This threw the town into chaos. Alfred and Tiana got separated from Matheus and Klaus while escaping, and he asked her to escape. Tiana didn’t want to leave Alfred alone. She tried to stop him from going back to face Dirk, since nobody could support Matheus like he does. Lucia and Erik followed Matheus, and Matheus can smile thanks to Alfred, so the path he took isn’t wrong.

Alfred pulled Tiana into his arms and kissed her. He was always hiding it, but he wants to be honest to his feelings right now: he loves her, even though he already sealed such emotions inside of him. Alfred thanked her for he was saved by her everything. He can feel happiness because of her. After wiping out her tears, Alfred left her and went back to stop Dirk.

Tiana didn’t want to give up yet, she still wants to protect Alfred. She contacted Gerda through the mirror. Apparently Gerda and the others already rescued the Last Witch, and they were at her hideout making the cure for Tiana and the princes’ curse. She told Tiana to come and get the cure, but Tiana couldn’t go back because she doesn’t want to leave Alfred. Gerda then told her that her flute is special — she can control the dragon with it. The flute was actually created for that purpose, and Tiana should do it quickly before the dragon completely takes over Dirk’s body.

Rushing to the colosseum, Tiana found Alfred there trying to fight Dirk alone. She blew the whistle, sending pain to Dirk’s head. Dirk tried to attack her and failed, and after three whistles he transformed back to human. He started calling and blaming Bernd, who was already captured by Matheus and Klaus. Alfred then hugged his brother and apologized. Both Matheus and him might have made some mistakes in the past, but what Dirk did was wrong too. Someone who doesn’t mind destroying a country like him doesn’t have the right to be a king.

Bernd and Dirk was thrown into jail, but Tiana suddenly collapsed from her curse. Somehow she knew that she was dying, and Alfred was crying beside her. Everything was finally over, so he begged her not to go since he wants to fulfill her dream: to be a beastmaster who makes everyone happy. Tiana couldn’t hear him clearly anymore. She handed her flute to him and said that she loves him.. then everything went black.

Luckily, Gerda came just in time with the cure. They gave it to Tiana, and she opened her eyes some days later in her house. Alfred was very relieved that she woke up. He explained what happened to her. Gerda and the Last Witch are now sealing the dragon in Dirk permanently, and Alfred thanked Tiana for stopping Dirk before he caused any damage. Tiana then asked about his curse. It turns out that Alfred hadn’t drank his cure yet because he knows how much Tiana likes his wolf form.

When Tiana came down to the kitchen, Alfred was cooking some cream soup for them. Just before they eat, Alfred gave Tiana a bouquet of rosebuds and asked her to marry him. The roses bloomed instantly when she touched them. Apparently Matheus told him to stop being stubborn and just be happy with Tiana. Alfred’s vow to Matheus doesn’t change, but now he has found something he doesn’t want to lose. He wants to protect her, loving her. Tiana answered that she will always stay with him.

Suddenly everyone came out of their hiding and congratulated them. They were worried, so they decided to watch if Alfred could propose to Tiana properly. Matheus said he’s going to recite Alfred’s proposal words to the soldiers in Fasan since he already remembered all of it, lol. As Alfred went out to chase his brothers, Tiana gazed up at the blue sky of Cattleya. They will always be here protecting their beloved countries.

Gah. Why so cute, Alfred? ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・
I LOL’d so hard whenever he does sit-ups in his wolf form. It’s really cute how he blushed when his brothers teased him about Tiana, since Alfred is totally clueless about romance lol. Tiana isn’t as strong here as in Matheus’ route, but she still rocks. I really want to slap Dirk in this route though, especially when he starts bitching about a lot of things towards the end.


18 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Alfred

    • Alfred is love. Most of my friends love him too. <3
      The PSP version will be out in June, so play it when you have the time? :D
      I didn't fall asleep at all during the game.. and that's saying something lol.

      • If you mean you can’t play a japanese game on an american psp/ps2 then yeah. Even if it didn’t have that region lock on it, I wouldn’t be able to understand what they’re saying except a few basic japanese words here and there which sucks. ^^;;

      • That’s really too bad..
        Otome games rarely get translated, so most of them are only available in Japanese. My Japanese was limited too when I first played visual novels, so I understand how you feel.

  1. Yeah, I thought about learning japanese but it sounds kinda petty to learn the language just cuz you wanna be able to read what the games are saying and play them yourself.

    It’s pretty much either learn the language which takes years of studying and practice or create your own visual novel/dating sim game. Either way both are pretty hard to accomplish. : <

    • I think you should learn a language because you like it, otherwise it’d be hard to grasp. My initial motivation was because I want to play Japanese games, but I have come to love the language too.. so it’s enjoyable to learn.

      Actually playing otome games / visual novels improves your Japanese too if you don’t mind carrying a dictionary with you. :3

  2. I find the language interesting of course, if I want to learn do you think I should just self-teach myself or find a way to take classes for it?

    By the way, how many years did it take you to be able to understand the otome games you play?

    • Of course it’s better if you take classes since you can learn faster. But if you already understand the basics, you can also self-teach yourself by using visual novels and dictionaries like me. My parents didn’t want to pay for my classes back then, so.. xD;

      It took me around two years to learn Japanese from scratch until I can finally use it fluently for daily conversations, and I think around a year to be able to understand visual novels / otome games fully. Before then I can only understand like half of the story or less.

      I’ve been playing visual novels way before I learned the language though.. it was like a bunch of ancient writings to me lol.

  3. For some reason, I missed commenting on this post. :O Anyway, I know I’ll love this guy (plus Tsundere Duck lol) when I eventually play this on PSP simply because he’s voiced by Toriumi Kousuke hurhurhur. XD

    And speaking of PSP, this whole PSP/PS2 conversation above *points*…there’s no region-lock for PSP right??? How about PS2/3? Do they have region-lock??? *is a noob on game consoles*

    • LOL adorable wolf and tsundere duck. Have you played Hakuouki? Somehow I keep hearing Saitou in Alfred’s route. I’ve been liking Toriumi since his PoT days. <3

      Yeah there's no region lock for PSP, but PS2 is region locked. You can't play Japanese games unless it's on a Japanese PS2.. or a modded one lol. Not sure about PS3, but I heard the games are region free. Only the Blurays, DVDs and CDs are region locked. So I guess only half? xD;

  4. Thank you for this!Matheus is such a bro, helping out his dense little brother.But more often, teasing, though lol. The teasing brothers, Matheus and Lucia.Then, when the two of them teased Alfred after Alfred and Tiana’s day out… So cute! I could just imagine it! Alfred hugging Tiana after she woke up, so romantic! … Even forgetting that they have an audience! And the final scene… how wonderful! They have so many supporters. Aww—

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