Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Lucia

Just got back from a weekend trip with my family. My cousins are busy hijacking my Wii, so I’m free from any distractions for now. So here’s the tsundere duck’s route. God, I love this route.

Lucia, the third prince of Fasan Kingdom, was turned into a duck because of the curse. He’s a fast thinker who’s really good at arguing with people, but he’s not very athletic and usually is the first to escape should a battle breaks out. He thinks everything is troublesome and often uses mean words. Lucia gets fat easily, so he’s always thinking of his diet carefully.

After Tiana ordered the stronger gold powder from Silvio, Lucia initially wanted to make money by blackmailing rich people lol. That doesn’t seem like a good idea, so in the end he went to the colosseum with Tiana. Since he’s not Alfred, he wasn’t there to fight.. but to take a look of the bounty list instead. Tiana wasn’t sure how to execute their bounty hunting plan, but decided to trust Lucia even thought it sounds difficult.

Lucia spent the first 15 minutes walking around the town looking for some information, and then took Tiana to the theatre house when a popular idol (called the “prince” by his fans) was performing. He asked Tiana to go up the stage and hug the prince while confessing. At first Tiana didn’t understand at all, but apparently the prince was a disguised female swindler they saw on the list earlier. Lucia, who tried to protect Tiana, was knocked down by the fans, but soon some guards came and they managed to capture the swindler. They earned their reward money, and back at home everyone praised Lucia’s nice observation.

To earn the remaining amount of money, Lucia suggested that Tiana and him do some performance in town. Everyone loves the talking duck despite the unpleasant look in his eyes, and they gathered enough money for the gold powder by the end of their performance.

They found out that Gerda and Silvio were the ones who tried to assassinate them, and so Matheus took his brothers and Tiana on a parade around the town to lure them out. Tiana met Klaus after they returned the carriage to the castle, and she escaped before he could squeeze information out of her. She met Lucia in the garden, who was separated from Alfred and Erik on their way home. Lucia seems familiar with the castle, so Tiana asked if he ever visited the castle before. Apparently Lucia’s mother in a Cattleya royalty and the Pope is his grandfather, so he often visited the castle when he was small. Tiana spent her childhood days training in the castle garden as well, and she wondered if they ever met before.

Before leaving the castle, they met Bernd who told Lucia that “Charlotte-sama” is worried about him. Tiana thought that it must be Lucia’s girlfriend or something, so she asked him if it’s okay for him not to go back to Fasan. Lucia thought that Tiana was jealous and told her that it’s his fiancée, but soon noticed that Tiana looks sad.. so he admitted that “Charlotte” is actually his mother, lol.

When the carnival comes, everyone picked on Lucia before leaving. He said he’s going to spend the day sleeping in his room, but Tiana wants to invite him after she’s finished cleaning up the house. She heard someone playing violin upstairs, who turned out to be Lucia playing her father’s violin. He was surprised and apologized for using it without permission, but Tiana said it’s okay since violins are made to be played anyway. She asked him to go around the town and he accepted her invitation.

First, they visited the church. Lucia said that he used to doodle on the floor with his cousin, the prince of Cattleya, and their grandpa spanked their butts so hard for that. Tiana said it’s natural for the Pope to get angry since their doodle was still faintly visible even after they tried to clean it up, and Lucia was about to say something about her. He stopped and said it’s nothing though, so she didn’t ask any further. They went to the market next and met Hannes, who gave them an inflatable ball famous for making animals slimmer just by standing on it — something that piqued Lucia’s interest.

Done with their shopping, Lucia and Tiana came to the rest area. Lucia said that it’s a dangerous place filled with temptations lol. He’s very well-informed about the food there though. Tiana wanted to eat cakes together, but Lucia refused and said she’s pulling him towards the bad side. (。-∀-)ニヒッ She bought one and started eating the cake in front of him, which made him asked her if she’s tormenting him. After Tiana tried to feed him the cake, Lucia eventually gave in and ate it. It was so delicious he totally forgot about his diet and ran off to buy more cakes. (*´艸`)プッ

When they came to the famous rose garden, a tourist asked Tiana about the place and Lucia explained everything to him thoroughly. After he’s gone, Lucia asked Tiana if she ever tried giving a rosebud to someone. Tiana said she never tried since she doesn’t have someone like that, and Lucia asked about Klaus. Tiana replied that Klaus is just a strict childhood friend. Lucia said Tiana seems dense and they left the garden after that.

Their next stop was the Gloss hill. Lucia was tired from all the walking, so they decided to take a break there. Lucia told her that he likes Cattleya better than the snowy Fasan, and Tiana soon fell asleep after lying down. She then heard Lucia’s voice asking her “When will you remember?”, wondering if she doesn’t care about him anymore. Tiana woke up to find Lucia looking at her, and he told her not to sleep in a place like this so defenselessly. He then asked what she thinks of him. Tiana answered that Lucia is Lucia.

Tiana took Lucia to Kinbart forest next, despite his protests. She was looking for Kurt hoping to find some information about Silvio. When they found the guy, both Lucia and Kurt thought that they have met somewhere before. They didn’t get any information though, and so they left the forest. Before returning home, Lucia asked Tiana to go back first since he got something to do.

Everyone was really worried about Lucia wandering off alone. Just before they went out to look for him, Lucia returned home. Matheus then grounded Lucia as the punishment and told Alfred to take away all of Lucia’s gold powder. Lucia got angry because he had important plans for tomorrow, but he had no choice.

That night, Tiana found an old diary in her room and reminisced about her childhood friend. She made friends with a merchant’s son. They went to the carnival and do mischief together, but the boy moved away to another country with his father. They cried and said goodbye, and also made a promise to travel around the world as a beastmaster and her partner when they grow up. Then she heard some noise from Alfred and Lucia’s room. Worried that they’re fighting, Lucia went to take a look. It turns out that Lucia was training with the ball they got from Hannes and Alfred was helping him. Tiana pretended not to see anything and walked away. xD

Erik and Tiana stayed at home the next day to watch over Lucia, who was sulking because he’s grounded. She found a paper near his pillow and Lucia panicked, pecking her with his beak so she won’t read it. Apparently it’s about a performance contest that takes place today. Tiana’s parents won the contest years ago, and she’s been admiring the contest ever since. Lucia wants to participate with her even though he’s grounded, but Tiana refused. Before she could explain, Lucia got angry thinking that Tiana doesn’t want a stupid duck like him and told her to get out.

Downstairs, Tiana met Lotte who came to visit. Tiana told her that she had a fight with Lucia earlier, and Lotte said that she saw Lucia in the castle last night. He came to ask Klaus to lend him an animal from the colosseum (the tiger?), so Lotte thought that it might be for Tiana. After Lotte left, Erik came down panicking since Lucia is gone. They couldn’t find him anywhere in the house, so he must have gone outside. Soon Matheus and Alfred came home, and they went out to town looking for him.

After some time searching with no luck, eventually they met Kurt in town. He was dragging Lucia, unconscious and was in his human form. They figured that he must have some hidden stash of gold powder. Kurt said that Lucia came asking for his help to catch a boar, but they failed and Lucia got trampled on by the boar. Kurt also revealed that they’re cousins, which means that Kurt is the prince of Cattleya. Lucia has changed so much Kurt didn’t recognize him when they met yesterday.

The princes bought Lucia home, and Tiana nursed him in his room. Lucia soon woke up and said that he only wanted to eat a boar, so it’s not her fault. He regained consciousness a while ago, but the situation was awkward so he pretended to be asleep. Relieved that Lucia is okay, Tiana suddenly hugged him, much to his surprise.

Tiana apologized, she wants to enter the contest with real animals since entering with Lucia would be considered cheating. She thought Lucia doesn’t understand that she wants to win with her real skills, but she found out that that wasn’t the case. Lucia went around looking for an animal for her after all. Lucia replied that Tiana never changed and reminded her about the promise they made when they were small — she’s going to be a beastmaster and he’s going to be a musician like her father, then they’re going to enter the contest together.

Surprised that Lucia is the boy from her childhood, Tiana said that she does remember their promise. It’s just that she didn’t recognize him anymore since Lucia used to be really chubby when he was small. Lucia said he went on a diet and exercised even though he hates it so that she won’t hate him when they meet again. He was scared to tell her about his real identity too, thinking that it might create a distance between them. Their moving reunion was then interrupted by Alfred who came back to check on Lucia, and Tiana ran away embarassed lol.

That night, the fangirls swarmed Tiana’s house and Gerda stabbed her with the curse dagger. Silvio told Matheus to come to the sewers after killing his brothers. After Tiana woke up, Lucia told everyone that he has a plan but he needs Tiana’s help to do it. The next night, Tiana came to the sewers alone. Gerda and Silvio were surprised, but Tiana said she brought the princes with them in their animal form, locked in a cage. Same with Alfred’s plan, Tiana wanted to trade the animals with the cure for her own curse.

Silvio was suspicious and wanted to check if the animals were indeed the princes. As soon as Silvio opened the cage, Tiana blew her whistle — waking up all the animals in the cage. Afraid of the lion and the wolf (both real animals), Gerda and Silvio tried to escape; but Lucia, Matheus and Alfred came out of hiding with swords on their hands, ready to capture them. Gerda and Silvio had no choice but to surrender.

Before telling them the whole truth, Gerda said she can’t trust Matheus since he’s just as cold-blooded as his late father. Lucia said that they won’t be able to live like now if Matheus is that kind of person. He was scared by Matheus when he was small, thanks to the rumors. But it’s different now since he has come to see what kind of person he really is. They want to put an end to all the dispute over the throne. Gerda then told them everything about her relationship with the Last Witch.

Lotte soon came to inform them that Renard’s army has crossed the west border. Then they split up into two groups, and Tiana decided to go with Lucia to Renard even though she knows it’s really dangerous. Gerda handed the communication mirror and some gold powder supply before they left. We saw a flashback about Gerda and the Last Witch here. The Last Witch was crying after burning half of Cattleya into ashes, and Gerda comforted her despite losing her parents in the accident.

On their way to Renard, Gerda received a call through her mirror. Apparently it’s the client who asked her to assassinate the princes. The client threatened to torture the Last Witch if Gerda doesn’t do as he says, knowing how much she means to her. Gerda asked for some more time, and the client gave her three days to kill the princes. If she fails to do so, he will show the Last Witch being tortured through the mirror. Gerda then told Lucia, Tiana and Erik that the Last Witch hates her own destructive power, so Gerda wants to stop Renard from using her power.

Suddenly they were ambushed by some Renard soldiers. Silvio and Lucia stayed behind to fight them while Gerda took Erik and Tiana to escape. Tiana was worried about Lucia, but soon the two of them showed up unscathed. They camped out in Kinbart forest that night, borrowing the tent Kurt hid somewhere around there. When the guys went to get the tent, Gerda cried and apologized for cursing Tiana. She gave a medicine to slow down the effect of her curse.

Tiana asked about the Last Witch, and Gerda replied that she’s her only family after losing her parents 20 years ago. She’s aware that the Last Witch’s power killed her parents, but she can’t hate her. Tiana thought about how similar their feelings are, since she couldn’t hate Gerda either even after she cursed her. It’s also because she wants to protect Cattleya.

That night, Tiana came out of the tent to talk with Lucia. He was worried about her curse. Tiana said that she was afraid, but she’s fine now because Lucia and the others are always there for her. She’s also happy that he remembers their childhood promise. After hearing that, Lucia wants to make a new promise to her.

Lucia admitted that he doesn’t have any talents nor outstanding skills, but he learned to play violin somehow. For now it’s still far from her father’s skill, whom Lucia admires ever since he was small. Lucia said he can’t be without Tiana, and promised to stand on that stage with her next year to entertain the world with their performance. Tiana was really happy and cried, then Lucia pulled her close and hugged her.

After going through the forest, they eventually reached Renard. The town was really quiet, but they met Hannes on the way. He told them he just got back from the castle. He’s allowed to enter since he’s a traveling merchant. Gerda then bribed Hannes with a rare Zarat fruit, knowing that he can be used to bring them inside the castle. The guys all turned into their animal form so it won’t be too suspicious. After successfully sneaking into to the castle, Gerda asked Hannes about the location if you want to keep something really important. Hannes told them about the underground prison and the east tower before leaving.

The team decided to split up. Erik, Silvio and Gerda went to the east tower while Lucia and Tiana went to check the underground prison. There was only one guard in the prison and Tiana gave him a sleeping medicine from Gerda. They searched the prison after he fell asleep, but didn’t find the witch there. Another guard soon came to inform his friend that there’s a commotion in the east tower, and Lucia knocked him out. Tiana said she fell in love with him all over again, to which he replied she’s so dense not to have noticed his charms up until now lol.

They rushed to the east tower and saw that the guards have captured Gerda and the others. Gerda was angry at someone for spying at them.. who turned out to be Hannes. The reason why they often see him was because he was watching them, which explained why Gerda’s client always knew about their movements. Apparently they were framed for killing Renard’s emperor, whose body was found in the east tower.

Moreover, Hannes said that the Last Witch isn’t in Renard either. She was taken away by Bernd, who was working with them. By now Matheus and Alfred should be surrounded by both Renard and Fasan’s army led by Bernd. Gerda noticed that Lucia and Tiana were watching from the shadows, so she tried to move around and dropped her mirror in the nearby bushes before they were thrown into jail. After the guards were gone, Lucia and Tiana used the mirror to call Matheus. The one who eventually picked up was Klaus, who told them that Matheus has just left with Bernd. Lucia asked Klaus to chase after Matheus since his life is in danger.

The guards soon came back searching for them. They were trapped with no way out, so Lucia asked Tiana to escape while he distracts the guards. Tiana refused to run unless he comes with her, and Lucia kissed her.

He apologized for being unable to protect her until the end. He was happy to be reunited with her again. When he saw her on the market that day, he thought that it must be fate. All this time he’s been jealous of Matheus and Alfred since he was just a duck, but he doesn’t care about that anymore as they spend time together. He’s been in love with her ever since they were small, and he loves her even more after meeting her again. After thanking her for the happiness, Lucia went to face the guards alone.

Unfortunately, Hannes came back. He was suspicious because Lucia was alone, so he started punching Lucia to make Tiana comes out of her hiding. She tried to stay hidden since Lucia’s effort would be in vain if she comes out, but she couldn’t stand the sight of him getting beaten. Just before she came out, suddenly a dagger was thrown at Hannes and stabbed his hand. When they looked up to the castle roof, they saw someone up there — Kurt to the rescue!

After some stupid moments, Kurt jumped down and told Lucia to escape while he takes care of the guards and Hannes. Lucia and Tiana ran away and hid in a storage room, where they found a message in an ancient language. Tiana noticed it’s the language her mother used whenever she wrote letters for her, so she thought it might be a message from her mother. It turned out that it was written by the Last Witch, who was kept in the storage room before she was taken away by Bernd.

The Last Witch’s message revealed that she was saved by Tiana’s parents by using their flute to seal the dragon inside of her. So the “friend” Tiana’s parents are trying to save all this time is actually the Last Witch. Tiana realized that her flute and her training as a beastmaster was all for a single purpose: to seal dragons.

When Kurt came to get them out, Lucia asked how does he know about their location. Apparently Kurt found out that Lucia borrowed his tent in the forest, so he followed their scent and footprints all the way to Renard. Soon they received a call from Alfred informing that Matheus was wounded, but they managed to rescue him. Cattleya’s castle was taken over by Bernd after killing the Pope as well, pinning the blame on Matheus and his brothers.

Kurt was shocked to hear that his grandpa was killed, but he realized that it’s time for him to accept his position as the new Pope. He told Lucia to go back to Cattleya first, he’s going to rescue Erik and the others. They promised to doodle the late Pope’s face in the church after they got back. That way they might be able to hear his voice getting angry at them. Tiana used her flute to control a bunch of cats and created some distraction for the guards, and they managed to get out of Renard. As they rushed back to Cattleya, Tiana felt a sharp pain in her chest. The curse was starting to eat her life, but she didn’t have time to think about that.

When they finally arrived at the outskirts of Cattleya, they took a break in the forest. Lucia said that he’s still a lazy person, but he wants to do his best for her. He was amazed at her great effort ever since they were small, and Tiana said she was able to go on because Lucia was always there to encourage her. Lucia then asked if it’s okay for him to kiss her again, since their first kiss earlier was rushed. Tiana said okay and he moved in close.. but this romantic moment was ruined when Erik came calling for them from afar. xD

Kurt and Erik (!?) managed to beat Hannes earlier and they made it out of Renard safely. They receive a call from Matheus who told them that Dirk already took the Last Witch’s power. Bernd wants to destroy the three countries and made a new empire with Dirk as the first emperor. Dirk was planning to attack Sardine to demonstrate his new power. Lucia and Erik was talking about going to Sardine to attack Dirk when Tiana suddenly collapsed from her curse.

She woke up in Gerda’s underground hideout later. Worried about her life, Gerda asked Tiana to come with her and look for the Last Witch. They would be able to make the cure for her as soon as possible. However, Tiana wants to go to Sardine with Lucia to stop Dirk instead. Lucia said he knew she’s that kind of person and asked her to fight together. On their way to Sardine, they were ambushed by Hannes again. Kurt and Erik stayed behind to take care of them while Lucia and Tiana continued their journey to Sardine.

When they arrived at Sardine, the town was in chaos. Dirk already summoned the dragon, hovering in the sky and ready to burn everything down after taking care of Matheus. Tiana wanted to get closer to use the whistle when Dirk whipped her away with his tail. She hit the wall and could barely stand, and she asked Lucia to take the whistle to her. Before he could do that, Bernd appeared to stop him. He knew about the whistle’s power and already destroyed Tiana’s parents’ flute. Now he wants to destroy Tiana’s flute to erase all things that could disturb their plan.

Bernd held his sword against Lucia’s throat, threatening him to give the flute to him. A lazy person like Lucia couldn’t possibly oppose him anyway. Lucia said it’s true that he was like that, but he won’t lose to Bernd now. As Bernd swung his sword, Lucia dodged the attack and threw the whistle to Tiana. He then came and helped Tiana to walk closer towards the dragon.

Looking up at Dirk above, Lucia said people should know the line between right or wrong. Now he’s going to give Dirk a punishment for not knowing where to stop. Tiana blew her whistle, giving Dirk a splitting headache before losing his power and turning back to human. Alfred came just in time to take care of Bernd before he could do anything harmful. Both Bernd and Dirk were captured successfully.

Alfred already found Matheus and tried to treat his wounds, but had a hard time doing so because of his allergy. He asked for Tiana’s help and she was on her way to see Matheus when she suddenly collapsed from her curse again. Somehow Tiana knew that she was dying, and said she’s glad she had enough time to stop Dirk. Lucia cried, asking her not to die because they haven’t fulfilled their promise and her dream yet. Tiana thanked Lucia for staying with her until the and, and finally said that she loves him. She felt Lucia’s tears falling to her cheek before she blacked out.

Tiana woke up in the castle and found Lucia next to her. Lucia was relieved to see her open her eyes again. He explained to her that Gerda came just in time with the cure for her curse, as she finally managed to find the Last Witch. Lucia also met Tiana’s father who came to deliver a letter, since Tiana’s mother was also recovering from her wounds. Tiana read the letter, which basically apologized for not telling her everything for her own safety. Her mother also said that she heard Tiana already found a partner, and though her father doesn’t approve, she will always be cheering for them. She’s also looking forward to their performance next year.

Lucia was about to tell her something when suddenly he turned into his duck form. The first words that came out of his beak was “よっ。お、お久しぶり” LOL. He wanted to tell her that he hadn’t drank his cure yet because he knew that she really likes his duck form. He doesn’t like being a duck, but doesn’t mind if that makes her happy. This made Tiana really happy and hugged him while he protested saying she likes his duck form more. xD

After sealing Dirk and the dragon, Gerda and Silvio went on a journey with the Last Witch. A few days later, Matheus was crowned the king of Fasan and Cattleya. Kurt took his position as the Pope earlier, so he was the one doing the coronation for Matheus. Tiana went to see them off when they’re going back to Fasan, and Matheus asked her to take care of Lucia since he’s staying in Cattleya to fulfill their promise. That, and because Kurt begged him to do so. They left as they saw Lucia running towards them. They never stopped picking on him, don’t they? xD

Lucia was busy helping people out in the castle earlier, since they really trust him. Tiana asked him to go and practice now because they have to work hard to fulfill their promise next year. Before leaving, Lucia kissed her and asked if she loves him. Tiana replied she does, and he said he loves her too.

A year later, people are gathering in town to see Tiana and Lucia’s performance. They participated in the contest and won, so now they’re really popular. Tiana said that even though her father finally approved their relationship, Lucia still has a long way to go before he could surpass her father’s skills. Lucia replied that she’s his pride. Someday she will surpass her mother’s skills as a beastmaster, and Lucia will become a musician greater than her father. They planned to perform in Fasan next to see Matheus and the others. After that they’re going to aim for a trip around the world.

To put it shortly: 何この子かわいい~萌ぇぇ( *>ω<`*)ぇぇぇ
The childhood promise was so adorable. I didn't expect Lucia would be the one to get such an important part though, and that only makes me like him more. For some reason my eyes keeps going to his waist / hip area, dunno why. I also like the way he does his belt. (。・ω・。)ノ♡ But really, a tsundere duck is epic win. Lucia is so adorable, I can’t wait to see him in Snow Bride.

2 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Lucia

  1. “Tsundere Duck” – I have no idea why but it made me laughed. XD I didn’t read through the whole thing cos I plan to buy the PSP version but the first picture is an instant love at first sight for me. SO ADORABLE. <3

    By the way, do you have any intentions of getting a PS3 to replace your PS2? Or do you plan to continue using the emulator? Just curious. ^^

    • LOL tsundere duck is awesome. xD
      Yes Lucia is so adorable, I hope you’ll love him as much as I do when you play the PSP version later. I’m planning to get that too even though I already bought the PS2 one. <3

      My bf wants to get a PS3, so yeah we'll buy one eventually. Just not now lol. So until I can get my paws on a PS3, I'll use the emulator. :D

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