Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Erik

For some reason, my computer went bust when my cousin shut it down on Monday. I had no choice but to format my C drive, which means losing all of my programs and saved CGs. -_-

Erik is the fourth prince of Fasan Kingdom. He acts half of his age and is always seen with his frog plushie Kaspar, even after he was cursed into a bunny. Not as skilled as his brothers in other areas, but Erik is a very gifted artist and musician. He’s a tidy-up demon and can’t come to terms with Lucia who likes to scatter things around.

After visiting Silvio for the second time, Tiana asked Erik if he had any plans to make money for the gold powder. He was surprised that she asked him instead of his brothers, having no confidence in himself. Lucia encouraged him to give it a shot and Erik agreed since he wants to help Tiana. They went to town, where Erik started carving wooden animals shaped like the four princes. His creations were very popular with the girls and they gathered a lot of money that day.

Back at home, everyone wondered why Lucia knew that Erik’s creations will be popular. He didn’t want to explain, which lead them to think that Lucia has sold all of the pictures Erik painted for him lol. To collect the rest of the required amount of money, Tiana suggested that Erik paints in town.. in his bunny form. Again, the painting bunny and his creations were really popular and they made enough money before they knew it. Erik also asked Tiana to pet him as the reward for working hard. So cute. ♥

Soon they found out that Gerda and Silvio were the ones behind their assassination attempt, so Matheus decided to parade around the town to lure them out. Tiana met Klaus when they returned the carriage to the castle, and he wanted some explanation. She ran away from him and hid in the garden, where she met Erik who already went home earlier. It turns out that he got separated from Lucia and Alfred and is now lost in the maze-like garden.

Tiana asked Erik if it’s really okay for him not to return to Fasan. Erik said that he doesn’t want to go home, as he can live freely with Matheus here. He also said he likes Tiana too. They met Bernd before going home, who said that Erik’s mother was really worried about him. But again, Erik refused to go back to Fasan and asked Bernd to tell his mother that he’s okay. After Bernd went away, Erik said that he’s afraid of Bernd because he’s scary.

The carnival soon came around. Matheus and Erik tried to get each other to eat meat / vegetables in the morning, and Tiana said they’re really close. Matheus joked and said Erik might be a girl since only Erik can touch him despite his allergy. This made Erik sad and Tiana was worried, but later he went back to his cheerful self and invited her to go around the carnival with him.

First, they visited the colosseum and met Alfred there. Erik said he’s scared of fighting and doesn’t want to be stronger, but Alfred replied that it’s important to be strong in order to protect the ones you love. Erik asked Tiana if she likes strong guys like Matheus and Alfred, and Tiana said not really. Artistic guys like Erik who can draw and play musical instruments are nice too. They came to the market after leaving the colosseum and met Hannes there, who gave them a small bathtub for pets. Erik was interested in this and said he wants to try it later.

When they came to the rest area, a little girl suddenly came and asked Erik to give Kaspar to her. Of course he couldn’t do it, and the girl tried to take Kaspar away by pulling its arm. The girl pushed Tiana away when she tried to stop her, at the same time ripping Kaspar’s arm as well. The girl apologized and ran away, and Erik started crying while hugging Kaspar. Tiana tried to calm him down and told him she can sew his arm back into place. Strangely, Erik said Kaspar doesn’t like being touched by other people. He wanted to sew it himself and asked Tiana to lend him her sewing kit. Tiana noticed that Erik is used to repairing Kaspar.

Their next stop was the famous rose garden. Tiana explained that the roses here will only bloom if you give it to the person who loves you back, but Erik didn’t seem to understand and went to get a rosebud. He gave it to her and the rose didn’t bloom since she didn’t see him that way. Erik started crying and Matheus eventually came, telling him not to trouble Tiana too much. He should grow up first before telling her he loves her. To this, Erik replied that he can’t grow up since his mother would be sad. Both Matheus and Tiana didn’t understand though. Erik apologized for troubling Tiana before they left the garden.

When they came to the theatre, nobody was there except the manager who looked really down. Apparently a famous pianist scheduled to play today has ran away after receiving the payment. Erik asked if he can play for the audience instead, and the manager was really surprised when he said he’d do it for free. Erik’s skill as a musician is really famous throughout the land, and his performance impressed the audience despite their initial doubts. Tiana was really moved and remembered that her father used to play piano for her too.

That night, Lucia suggested they play Tarock and bet something important for fun. Erik thought Lucia was after Kaspar, and this resulted in everyone asking about Kaspar since it seems to be really important. Tiana asked if it was a gift from his mother, but Erik said it wasn’t. He knew that Kaspar is really important, yet he couldn’t remember who gave it to him.

Erik used the bathtub from Hannes that night, much to Lucia’s envy. He wanted to join in, but Erik refused to bathe together unless it’s with Tiana. Matheus said that he’d get punched if he was the one who said that, and Alfred replied only Erik could get away after saying such things lol.

The next day, Erik asked Tiana to eat lunch outside since the weather was lovely. They went to Gloss hill together, and Erik said he forgot to bring brush and paper to paint the beautiful scenery. They made a promise to have a picnic again someday. Erik asked if they look like a couple like this, and Tiana said they probably do. The way Erik blushed here was so adorable I almost died. (*´ェ`*)ボー

Erik said he always thought he’s just a burden to everyone, but he knows that he’s wrong when Tiana asked for his help when they need to collect money. That made him really happy, and this is the first time he ever felt that way. Erik then asked Tiana to kiss him, something she couldn’t put her feelings into. This made him think that Tiana doesn’t like him the way he does and ran away feeling hurt. Tiana chased after him and eventually met him near the forest with Silvio, who has been tailing him since he’s the easiest prey out of the four princes.

Silvio wanted to use Erik to lure his brothers out. Worrying about Erik’s safety, Tiana told Erik to escape while she distracted Silvio. Just when Silvio was about to attack, Erik jumped in to protect her. He was knocked away by Silvio’s claw, leaving Kaspar in his hands instead. Knowing its importance to Erik, Silvio was kicking Kaspar on the ground when they heard something broke inside of the doll.

When Silvio picked it up, they noticed that some silver powder were coming out from Kaspar’s stomach. Suddenly there was a blinding light, similar to when they used the gold powder. Tiana heard Erik cried out sadly as the light enveloped them. Soon the light disappeared, and before them stood a man they have never seen before.

It’s clearly Erik, but he changed into someone completely different. Erik asked Silvio if he wants to see if he’s really the easiest prey. Silvio sensed danger coming from Erik and escaped, even though Erik haven’t done anything yet. To the surprised Tiana, Erik said that he is Erik. He asked her not to tell anyone about meeting him, since there’s someone he wanted to keep this a secret from. After telling Tiana not to ask about anything, Erik put the remaining silver powder inside of Kaspar and sprinkled some on himself — returning to the usual Erik.

This Erik didn’t remember anything and apologized to Tiana for asking her to kiss him earlier. Matheus wanted them to explain what happened when they got home, but Erik didn’t remember anything and Tiana was keeping her mouth shut. Lucia took Tiana outside after that, asking her if something happened to Kaspar. It turns out that he also knew about the other Erik. He told her that the usual Erik is actually a fake personality. The other Erik she saw is the real Erik. Lucia said it’s better if she ask Erik himself about this.

That night, the fangirls swarmed their house. Gerda stabbed Tiana with the cursed dagger after that, and Silvio told Matheus to come to the sewers alone after killing his brothers. Matheus said he had a plan after Tiana regained consciousness and asked for her help. Before they went to the sewers at night, Erik came to talk to Tiana in the garden. He apologized for not being able to do anything, saying that he’d trade places with her if he could since he’s just an unwanted child.

When he was small, Erik heard the servants talking about how his mother was scared to have a son and wanted a daughter instead. She was worried about getting dragged into the royal dispute over the throne, while all she wanted was to live peacefully. She also told Erik not to get near Matheus at all costs, afraid of his resemblance with the previous king. Erik started crying because he only brings pain to his mother by being a guy. He said it’s better if he doesn’t exist, and Tiana hugged him and told him not to say such things.

After hearing about his past, Tiana started to understand Erik’s reason for creating the fake personality. She asked Erik to live freely and stop hiding his real self since he’s not alone anymore. Erik replied that he wants to grow up and stop being his mother’s doll from now on. He wants to protect Tiana with his own hands, finally understanding Alfred’s words. At this time Tiana still didn’t know what would happen to Erik next.

Just before Matheus explained to them about his plan, suddenly Lucia panicked because Erik was missing from the house. They figured that he’s probably going to the sewers ahead of them and went after him. Upon arriving at the sewers, they suddenly heard a woman screaming for help. They went to where the voice came from, and there they saw Erik holding a dagger against Gerda’s neck. He threatened to slit her throat, saying that it’s nothing compared to the pain she gave to Tiana.

Erik said he won’t forgive her no matter what, despite her reasons and apologies. Matheus and Tiana stopped him though, so he asked them to tie Gerda up while he took care of the unconscious Silvio. They took them home, and Gerda was so scared of Erik that she told them everything right away. Matheus asked Erik and Tiana to explain what’s happening, but Erik only said that he is really Erik. He apologized and told Matheus that he will explain it to him someday. He also told Matheus not to worry since he’s doing it on his own will.

Lotte then came to relay a message from Klaus, saying that Renard’s army has just crossed the west border. They split up into two groups as usual, and Tiana decided to go with Erik to Renard. Gerda and Silvio were really scared of Erik, but they had no choice lol.

After they left Cattleya, we get a flashback about Erik’s past. Erik and Lucia finally got their hands on the silver powder, but Lucia was worried. Erik said that he and his mother gave up on the throne, but they don’t know about the rest of their family. It’s better to change his personality, erasing the probability of yet another dispute over the throne. Erik told Lucia not to worry since he won’t be gone. He’s going to watch over the world with the other Erik.

On their way to Renard, Erik kept scaring Gerda and Silvio with his 腹黒 smile. He asked about some information, which resulted in two conclusions: Gerda’s client doesn’t know about their curse, and Gerda doesn’t know who her client is. He always covered his face whenever he called her through the communication mirror. All that she knew was that her client is connected to Renard’s emperor.

Gerda then received a call from her client. Like in Lucia’s route, the client threatened to torture the Last Witch if Gerda failed to kill the princes in three days. Soon they were ambushed by some Renard soldiers. Erik and Silvio stayed behind to massacre the soldiers while Lucia took the girls to escape. When they meet again in the forest, Erik said that they’re being watched and followed ever since they left Cattleya.

They decided to camp in Kinbart forest that night, where Lucia borrowed Kurt’s tent and revealed that he’s the prince of Cattleya. Gerda gave Tiana a medicine to slow down her curse, apologizing for getting her involved. That night, Tiana came out of the tent to talk with Erik by the campfire. Erik said he wanted to talk to her as well and sprinkled some silver powder on himself, turning back to the gentle Erik.

When he was born, Matheus and Alfred’s family were already disputing over who should take over the throne. Erik’s mother was afraid that Erik and herself might get killed like Abel should they get involved. Because of that, Erik wasn’t allowed to do anything since he might attract attention if he stands out too much. She was making sure he doesn’t have any qualities required to be the king, except for his talent in art. Erik wanted to make his mother happy, but he had a hard time just being a doll. He always envied Matheus and Alfred, at one point even thinking of dying but was stopped by Lucia.

Lucia helped Erik to make the silver powder, and he completely becomes his mother’s doll since seven years ago. He’s been a doll for a long time that he’s starting to forget that this isn’t his real self. He only remembers that Kaspar is important, forgetting the hidden silver powder inside of it. He finally remembered everything when Silvio attacked him that day.

Erik already made up his mind to stop hiding his real self under the fake personality. This is the last time he became the gentle Erik, as he now knows that he’s not alone thanks to Tiana. He wants her to look at the real him. Erik asked Tiana to always watch over him, and he threw away all of his silver powder — only saving some to turn back to the real him.

As Tiana watched the silver powder pouring out, she recalled her memories with Erik and cried, now realizing how much she loves Erik’s smile. Erik told her not to hold back and thanked her for everything, then he said goodbye to her forever.

The team finally reached Renard the next day. The town was quiet and empty, but they met Hannes on the street. Erik asked him about Tiana’s brooch, only to make sure that Hannes still had it with him. He also mentioned that Alfred’s mother has been after it for a long time. After hearing that Hannes is allowed to go inside the castle, Gerda wanted to bribe Hannes to let them in. Erik said he’s too suspicious to trust though, so they parted ways with Hannes there as everyone agreed with him.

Tiana used her flute to control the dogs by the castle gate, attacking the guards and throwing them off the bridge. They quickly sneaked in and Erik took control here. He made some plans and divided the team into two. Lucia would disguise himself as a guard, bringing Gerda and Silvio into prison. Tiana and Erik himself were going to the east tower. Gerda handed her mirror to Tiana before they go.

The east tower was guarded so heavily that Erik and Tiana had to hide in the storage room before they could sneak in. There, Erik talked about their time together since he’s always troubling her. Despite hiding his real self, he remembered all the time they spent together. He then said that he really does love her after all, and Tiana replied she wants to know more about him. The past is the past, but their memories together are real. She wants to spend more time with him from now on. Erik thanked her and said he’s glad to have fallen in love with her.

Soon the guards were gone, so Erik and Tiana used this chance to get into the east tower. They found a beautiful bedroom there, but Erik noticed the smell of blood in the room. They noticed that blood was dripping from the bed, revealing a corpse lying there. Erik knew that they had to get out of there as soon as possible, but Hannes came with the guards before they could do so. It turns out that the corpse is Renard’s emperor, and they were framed for the murder.

Tiana and Erik was captured and thrown into jail. Fearing for Tiana’s safety, Erik had to give information about Lucia and the others to Hannes. He realized that Hannes was the one behind Gerda and Silvio’s assassination attempt. Hannes said that indeed he was, as he was working with Bernd who should be attacking Matheus and Alfred right now. Luckily Tiana’s mirror wasn’t taken away, so she tried to call Matheus after Hannes went away. Klaus picked up and they told him everything, ask him to chase after Matheus and Bernd.

With her whistle, Tiana controlled some mice to get the keys from the wall outside. Erik knocked out the guard and they broke out of the jail. In the hallways, Erik attacked another guard and threatened him to tell them about Hannes’ location. They went to the audience chamber, where they saw their friends captured as well. Before Hannes could do anything to them, Erik threw all of his gold powder into the room, turning everyone into animals except Gerda. Apparently she was using a medicine that makes her immune to the gold powder.

Erik then sat on the throne and told everyone that they’re now cursed. They all need the Last Witch’s blood to make the cure, so they have to spit out where they kept her. Hannes (who turned into a fox lol) finally told them that the Last Witch wasn’t in Renard anymore. She was indeed there until Bernd came and took her away a few days ago.

They got a call from Alfred then, informing them that Bernd has took over the castle in Cattleya and killed the Pope, pinning the blame on the princes. Fortunately Matheus is safe, but injured. Before they went back to Cattleya, Erik used the gold powder to turn Hannes into human. Why? Because he wants to kill him in his human form, that is.

Before he could slit Hannes’ throat, Tiana stopped him. She noticed that deep inside Erik is scared too, since he’s not as cold and cruel as he thinks. There’s no need for him to get his hands dirty. Tiana asked him to put down his sword if he has a moment of doubt, even if just a little bit. Hannes already fainted from fear by this time, lol. Erik dropped his sword on the ground and wondered what Matheus would do in a situation like this. Lucia said Matheus would probably do the same thing.

They rushed back to Cattleya that night. When they took a break in the forest, Gerda gave Tiana a copy of the Last Witch’s message they found in the castle. It basically said that Tiana’s parents were trying to help her, and that they sealed the dragon inside of her 20 years ago by using the whistle. Everyone now realized that the true purpose of Tiana’s whistle was actually to control dragons.

They received a call from Matheus this time. He told them that Dirk took over the Last Witch’s power, now planning to burn Sardine into ashes just for demonstration. He also said that Bernd is destroying the three countries to make a new empire, making Dirk the first emperor. They were planning to rule the world with that power. Erik then asked Tiana to go with him to Sardine while Lucia and the others searched for the Last Witch.

On their way to Sardine, Erik suddenly pulled Tiana close and kissed her. He’s been holding back all this time and now he already reached his limits.

Erik was always afraid of himself, wondering if he’s actually the one who inherited their father’s cold and cruel personality. A part of him thinks that he’d make a better king than Matheus, and he’s afraid that he might kill his brothers like their father. When Tiana stopped him, he realized that he was only tied down with his father’s reputation. He starts to like his real self because of her. Now he will protect her like how she makes him stronger.

When they finally reach Sardine, the town was in chaos. Dirk already summoned the dragon and was hovering above the town, ready to burn anything down. Erik said that he understands why Dirk would do such a thing, because Dirk and him were alike. They were always looking for a place to belong in that cold castle in Fasan.

Erik wanted to try talking to Dirk first. Deep inside Dirk must have known as well that he’s only being used by Bernd, because he’s still young and easy to control. Dirk didn’t want to hear anything though, saying that Erik is just jealous with his new power. Realizing that talking was futile, Erik asked for Tiana’s help. She was ready to blow her whistle when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her chest.

Luckily before Dirk could attack them, Matheus and Alfred came to help them. They distracted Dirk away from Erik and Tiana, and Tiana finally blew her whistle to turn Dirk back into human.

Right after everything’s over, Tiana suddenly collapsed to the ground. Somehow she knew she had no more time left told Erik she’s sorry. He cried and begged her not to leave him alone as she apologized again for not being able to accept Erik’s feelings. She now realized that she loves him too and wants to know more about him, but it’s already too late.

Before she completely blacked out, Tiana could feel something warm running in her mouth. She then woke up and found out that Gerda came just in time with her cure, and she found the teary Erik by her side. After Erik explained everything to her, Tiana suddenly fell asleep because Gerda accidentally mixed some sleeping medicine into her cure. xD

Tiana woke up in her home with Erik watching over her. He already thought of many ideas of punishments he should give to Gerda, but Tiana told him to just forgive her. She was relieved that she’s not leaving Erik alone, as she still has a lot of things to talk about. Erik said he won’t forgive her if she ever leaves him. Tiana laughed since this cute side of him reminds her of the fake Erik. Both of them are Erik after all.

Erik then gave Tiana a letter from her recovering mother. Her father asked him to give it to her when she wakes up. Her mother congratulated her for her success in controlling the dragon and said there must be someone who helped her grow, so she should treasure that person. Erik said he wants to hear about what kind of person his father was from Tiana’s parents, since they seem to know a lot. He also gave Tiana’s brooch back to her. Apparently he took it from Hannes’ pocket when he was unconscious.

Erik also revealed that he already got her father’s permission to go out with her. He played violin and piano for her father, and he was so impressed that he immediately gave his daughter to Erik LOL. After that Erik gave his own cure to Tiana, much to her surprise. He knew how much she loves his bunny form, so he thought drinking the cure without telling her would make her sad.

Gerda and Silvio left on a journey with the Last Witch after sealing Dirk and the dragon, which Tiana thinks that they just want to get away from Erik as soon as possible. A few days later, Matheus was crowned the king of Fasan and Cattleya. Erik still wants to be the king, but he won’t take the throne away from Matheus by force. He’s keeping an eye on him though, just in case Matheus messed up.

After the ceremony, the princes were leaving Cattleya. Matheus and Alfred were going back to Fasan, while Lucia and Erik were going back to their school in Sardine. Tiana came to see them off and Erik asked Matheus not to make a move on her anymore lol. He also told Matheus to keep touching him like he used to do, which leads to Matheus telling him not to get closer. Now that Erik is his real self, he’s no exception to Matheus’ allergy. xD

Tiana said she will wait until Erik graduates from school. It’s going to be lonely, so they promised to write letters to each other everyday. Erik promised to do his best so that he will become a better man for her. The princes then got on their carriage and went back to their country, with Tiana sending them off.

Three years has passed after that day. Tiana was waiting alone in the church, when finally a grown-up Erik came to see her. He still loves her even when they were apart, and he grew up a lot during this three years. He still doesn’t eat meat though. During their time apart, they made a promise that Erik will become a musician and travel with Tiana to perform around the world. They both have lots of things to talk about from now on.

This black bunny is the coolest guy out of the whole bunch. xD I don’t really like his gentle and cute personality, but I absolutely love how warped he really is. Just like what his extra story says, I think Erik resembled Matheus in a way or another. It’s just he’s so.. twisted, lol. I have to admit that saying goodbye to his gentle personality was kinda sad though. For some reason I found his mofumofu the easiest and the cutest too.


15 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Erik

    • Yeah, Miko’s art for this game is so beautiful. <3
      My PC's fine now since I upgraded it. Just too bad about the CGs since I don't feel like repeating those games just for saving the pics. xD

  1. Hey quick question, I thought about buying some otome games from play asia to learn some kanji/japanese. Did you have to buy a japanese console in order to play it because of region protection? Like get a Japanese made PSP or Nintendo DS in order to play these games. I’m afraid to end up spending 50 bucks on a game that I can’t even play. >.<

  2. Anyways, this site is very lovely and I’m sorry about your computer! :( And great update. :D Erik’s really adorable… I can’t stop staring at him.

  3. Ah cool okay.

    So what game(s) do you think would be good beginner’s otome game in Japanese for the PSP/Nintendo DS? I’ve been told Tokimeki Memorial might be a good start, but I’m not so sure. I just need to find a good walkthrough that can help me at least know some of the stuff they’re saying while learning some basic kanji and get more comfortable so I’m not completely lost. ^^;;

    • Tokimemo GS would be a good start. The Japanese level isn’t so difficult and it’s mainly stat-building so you don’t really have to use a walkthrough (except for getting the CGs). Love Revo is nice too. If you need guides, try peche and La Primavera.

      I also found school life-themed otome games are good for beginners. :)

  4. It’s kinda hard to figure out what to click on since most of it is in Kanji or Romaji or whichever…I’m not sure. >.<

    I wonder if the game companies ever thought about just adding english subtitles as an option to their dating sim games. Like have the option to add captions for those that don't speak their language so others can import and enjoy playing it too so we won't have to deal with making ROMS or translating it all by ourselves.

    • Unfortunately they think that the market is to small for otome games outside of Japan, so I think it’s difficult to see more English otome games anytime soon.. There are people who make translation patches for some games though.

  5. I think they just don’t see the value in it and don’t want to take such a big risk, but sometimes in life you gotta take a risk once in a while.

    If I knew how to dowload patches I probably wouldn’t be complaining as much, I tried it and I couldn’t get the hang of it so I ultimately just gave up. Oh well, a girl can dream right? ^^;;

  6. Wow I thought he was gonna be the annoying shota of the bunch and he was for awhile but his warped side is such a pleasant surprise. I love how twisted this guy is deep down

  7. Tiana’s father accepted Erik quickly but not Lucia like that’s fair NOT! The next Lucia get her father to like but he likes Erik right off the bat what the heck.

    • That’s because Erik is a talented musician, remember?
      It doesn’t help that Lucia guarded Tiana’s room when she was unconscious, and he ended up chasing Frantz away because he doesn’t know Frantz is Tiana’s father.

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