Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Klaus

I’ve been feeling so tired for the past few days. Had a water splash fun with my cousins today, which I hope can refresh my mind. Anyway, I’m done with the extra characters. :D

Klaus is Lotte’s brother and Tiana’s childhood friend. He’s strict and made Tiana cried a lot, but he’s been looking after her in place of her parents. She looked up to him as a brother. Klaus graduated from Sardine Royal Academy with top grades and is currently working in the royal library as an assistant librarian. He was rivals with Matheus during their school days.

At the beginning following Matheus’ plan, Tiana tried getting information out of Klaus. He saw through the entire thing though. Feeling bad for hiding things from him, Tiana almost told Klaus everything but was interrupted by Kurt. Klaus went back to work immediately, and Kurt gave Tiana a map locating the medicine shop.

After she ordered the expensive gold powder, Tiana wanted to talk to Klaus if she can borrow the money from him. Naturally he asked about the reason. Tiana couldn’t explain properly and ran away to the garden, where she met a suspicious man offering a job to her. It pays 20,000 nerke per day but he didn’t want to explain anything unless she comes with him. He almost dragged Tiana away since she keeps asking him, but luckily Klaus came in the right time to rescue her.

He received some reports that a suspicious man has been throwing girls into indecent jobs lately. Soon the guards came and the man was captured. After getting angry and warning Tiana to have more wariness in her, Klaus gave her the money she needed and said he believed she had her own reasons. Here, a guard came to get Klaus to the audience hall since the four princes of Fasan were missing.

They soon found out about Gerda and Silvio’s plan, and Matheus took his brothers and Tiana on a parade around town to lure them out. As usual, she met Klaus here and he asked for an explanation. Tiana tried to explain vaguely, and Klaus asked if he’s really that useless since she’s been hiding things from him lately. Though, he later said that it was only an act to get back at her acting for Matheus’ plan earlier.

The carnival soon came. Erik and Lucia joked around and threw the gold powder bag at each other, unaware that Klaus was visiting Tiana that day. They spilled the powder out of the bag just as Klaus entered the living room. When the blinding light disappeared, they couldn’t find Klaus anywhere until Tiana heard his voice somewhere below.

Yes, Klaus has turned into an animal as well thanks to the gold powder. A mouse, to be precise. He was so small and shocked upon seeing his own reflection in the mirror. Now that he’s one of them, Tiana and the princes finally told Klaus everything. Klaus obviously couldn’t go to work with that body, so everyone suggested he stays with them in Tiana’s house.

Tiana only has two guest rooms in her house, each occupied by the princes. Klaus said he’ll just sleep with her in her room, but quickly said it’s just a joke and that he’ll sleep in the sofa. He also said that he’s relieved after knowing Tiana’s reason for acting weird lately.

The next day, she helped him carrying all of his work from the library to her house. He turned into a mouse while working in the living room, annoying him since Matheus and the others (who went out to enjoy the carnival) didn’t left any gold powder at home lol. Since he couldn’t work as a mouse, Tiana decided to cook some of his favorite food. Klaus insisted to eat Tiana’s cooking by himself, trying to hold the heavy spoon and almost falling to the soup in the process. Eventually he agreed to let Tiana feed him. Both of them were happy that they can have a talk, it’s been quite a long time since they were able to do so.

Tiana woke up early the next morning. She met Klaus who just took a bath to refresh his head after staying up all night finishing his work. He didn’t wear his glasses then, which made Tiana goes all ドキドキ lol.

She came with him to visit the bakery that day. While Klaus went to see his parents, Lotte asked if they’re going out. She knows that Klaus is always looking at her. Tiana said that Klaus is like her brother, but deep down she started to feel something.

Klaus and Tiana went to the famous rose garden after leaving the bakery. He asked if she ever received any rosebuds, and Tiana asked if he ever tried giving a rosebud to someone. While Tiana never received any, apparently Klaus wanted to give a rosebud to someone but he was rejected. Tiana was shocked and Klaus muttered something about how she doesn’t remember. He didn’t explain further though.

They also visited the market next and met Hannes, who gave them a toy for pets. The box said it’s a mini bathtub. After leaving the market, they went to Gloss hill. As they gazed at the beautiful scenery, Klaus said that he’s working hard for their beloved country. Cattleya is located between Fasan and Renard, and he wants to protect it from being a victim should a war breaks out between the two countries.

Hearing this, Tiana said she wants to do something for the country too. Klaus replied that she can do it through her performance. Their paths are different, but their goals are the same. After they got home in the evening, Tiana opened the bathtub box to find something entirely different — a hamster wheel. She showed it to Klaus, which resulted in him getting forced to run inside it lol. Klaus isn’t exactly athletic, so yeah he hates it. xD

That night the fangirls swarmed Tiana’s house, which eventually leads to Gerda stabbing Tiana with the cursed dagger. Unlike in the princes’ routes, they actually managed to catch both Gerda and Silvio with Klaus’ help before they could escape. Tiana soon woke up and Gerda explained everything to them. Klaus obviously got angry at Gerda, but then calmed down and promised to save Tiana from her curse.

As usual, Lotte came to inform them about Renard’s army crossing the west border. They split up into the usual groups, this time Tiana was staying in Cattleya with Klaus protecting her. They soon went to the castle, where Klaus asked the Pope to leave the castle for now.

Klaus and Tiana then went to town, helping people to evacuate to Sardine. Tiana met Lotte again here, who came to get her before they all went to Sardine. Having fully realized her own feelings, Tiana told her that she loves Klaus. It was late of her to realize this because she always thought of him as a brother. She wants to stay and help him, so she’s not evacuating to Sardine. Lotte was happy to hear this and left his brother in Tiana’s care, and they made a promise to meet again here in Cattleya.

The next day, a guard reported that Alfred was doing well in the frontline and that Bernd was coming with their reinforcement. Klaus was suspicious that Renard continued to fight a battle they know they’re gonna lose. He told Matheus about this before he went to see Bernd, telling him that something might be going on behind the curtains. They received a call from Lucia then, which informed that Renard’s emperor was killed and they were blamed for the murder.

Lucia also told them that Hannes and Bernd were behind all of this. They want to destroy the three countries, so now Bernd must be aiming for Matheus’ life. Klaus also predicted that after killing the king of Fasan and Renard’s emperor, the next targets would be Matheus, Alfred and the Pope. Matheus took some guards and immediately went to the Pope’s place before anything happens; while Tiana and Klaus sent a letter to Alfred by using birds. It was then when Tiana felt a sharp pain due to the curse and collapsed.

Tiana woke up in Gerda’s hideout. Matheus and Alfred soon came with a good news: the Pope has successfully escaped to Sardine. Yeah, he’s alive here, unlike in the other routes where he always got killed. They also got a bad news though. Apparently Bernd already took the witch away from Renard and transferred her power to Dirk. He wants to make a new empire after destroying the countries, making Dirk the first emperor and planning to rule the world with that power. They were planning to burn Sardine into ashes for demonstration.

When Matheus said he wants to go to Sardine and stop Dirk, Klaus got angry since that means he’s throwing Tiana away. He asked him to take responsibility since it was their fault that she got cursed. However, Matheus was doing it for their countries. Tiana said that Matheus made the right decision. She knows because she also wants to protect their country with Klaus.

Klaus and Tiana chased after Matheus and Alfred, who went to the castle to stop Dirk. When they arrived, the castle was in chaos. People were running away, and a guard told them that a dragon suddenly appeared in the colosseum — summoned by Dirk, obviously. Klaus told Tiana to escape to Sardine before things got worse, but she refused and said there must be a way.

Erik soon came with a letter from Tiana’s father. Apparently they met her parents in Renard, who asked them to give a letter to Tiana. The letter said that her parents tried to help the Last Witch, but they failed. They already promised the Last Witch to stop her dragon with their flute like 20 years ago should it happened again. And now her mother’s passing that promise to Tiana.

Now that they figured out how to stop the dragon, they went to the colloseum to stop Dirk’s madness. Tiana blew the whistle once, which gave Dirk a splitting headache. Unfortunately it attracted his attention towards her as well. Just before she was whipped with Dirk’s dragon tail, Klaus jumped in to protect her. He was heavily injured after receiving the blow, and begged Tiana to save the country before he passed out.

Tiana successfully used her whistle to turn the dragon back into Dirk. She ran to Klaus worried about his condition, but fortunately he’s still alive. He just broke a few bones or something. Lucia and the others then came to save them, since they have finally found the Last Witch and rescued her.

Bernd and Hannes were captured, while Dirk was sealed by Gerda and the Last Witch. The new empire was now destroyed, and Gerda went on a journey with the Last Witch and Silvio after everything’s over. A few weeks after that, Matheus and Alfred went back to Fasan while Lucia and Erik went back to their school in Sardine.

After the princes went away on their carriage, Klaus came to see Tiana. He gave her his cure because he wasn’t sure if he should use it, knowing how much she loves his mouse form. He told Tiana to use it after she’s satisfied. Klaus then put a rosebud on her hair, which really surprised her.

The rose bloomed upon touching Tiana’s hair, but she couldn’t see it since it’s on her head. Klaus said that she should know the answer even if she couldn’t see the rose. He also told her that he wanted to give her a rosebud when they were small, but he didn’t have any confidence. When he told her he was rejected, it was actually because Tiana said she wanted a cake instead of flowers for her birthday present lol. Klaus asked her feelings and Tiana said she loves him. He said he feels the same and finally kissed her.

This route is too short. Too short! ヽ(`Д´#)ノムキーッ
Well, not exactly since the storyline is just the same as the princes’ routes.. just a bit shorter. But I feel it’s too short since nothing really happened here. It was just simply the main story + childhood friends realizing they love each other stuff. I like Klaus, but his position as Tiana’s childhood friend is kinda overshadowed by Lucia’s childhood promise. I hope Otomate gives him more spotlight in the fandisk. 。゚(゚ノω`゚)゚


6 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Klaus

  1. Thank you very much for your summary!!!! ^^
    It does really help. Now I can understand all about the story because I don’t understand Japanese at all. T-T
    Please continue doing these summaries.

    anyway THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! You really make me happy!!!!!!
    I’m looking forward to your next game’s summaries!

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad my crappy writings are useful to people lol. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to write otome game summaries from now on. :)

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