Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Silvio

Okay, this is the last route in the game. Silvio’s route is short, just like Klaus’, but it’s one of the best in my opinion. Now that I’ve got borrowed a PSP, I wonder what should I play next..

A cheerful guy who works at the medicine shop in Cattleya. Silvio is friendly and good at persuasion, so there are quite a lot of girls who come just to see him. He has high physical ability, making him very nimble and strong in battle. Also works diligently to assist the unreliable shop owner. Both his appearance and personality bear a close resemblance to a cat.

At the very beginning of the game, Tiana saw a cat when she was out shopping. She played with the cat for a while, but soon left to buy food for the princes at home. Why is this important, you ask? We’ll see.

After receiving a map from Kurt, Tiana went to the medicine shop and met Silvio for the first time. Unlike in the other routes, Silvio immediately glomped Tiana and said she smells nostalgic. Somehow Silvio thought Tiana was hitting on him and he wanted to go play with her. When Tiana came back to the medicine shop later, he was so happy and asked her to go out with him. Tiana asked him why, to which he replied it’s because he likes her even though they just met a few days ago lol.

Tiana then ordered the expensive gold powder, but since she didn’t have the money.. she asked Silvio if she could trade the gold powder for rare herbs. Sort of like what Kurt does. By this time Silvio already thought of booking the church for their wedding (lol), but then said he’d trade the gold powder with gold flowers from Kinbart forest. They only bloom at night and he needs a hundred of them. Certainly not an easy task, but Tiana accepted the conditions.

She went to Kinbart forest that night with the princes. They split up and started gathering the flowers, but soon realized that it’s getting harder to find them as they proceed further into the forest. Something in the bushes scared Tiana, but it turns out to be Silvio. He came to help her pick the flowers since he’s worried about her going into the forest at night.

Silvio and Tiana were going deeper into the forest when suddenly she tripped. Silvio tried to help her and they both fell into a hole. It was dark and Tiana couldn’t see anything, but soon they found a lot of golden flowers growing inside the hole. There were so many of them, Tiana easily gathered the necessary amount for the trade.

After they climbed out of the hole, Silvio suddenly remembered something and ran off before Matheus and the others came. Now that they had enough gold flowers, all that’s left was for Tiana to come and pick up their gold powder.

When she came to the medicine shop the next day. There was nobody at the counter, but Tiana saw the cat from before there. She played with it again for a while before Gerda eventually came out. Then as usual, Tiana and the princes soon found out that Gerda and Silvio were the ones responsible for their assassination attempt. The plan was for Silvio to give sleeping medicines to the princes, so that they’d die when the ship sunk. But somehow Silvio made a mistake and sprayed them with the gold powder instead, turning them into animals.

Then as usual, Matheus took his brothers and Tiana on a parade to lure them out. After returning the carriage and running away from Klaus, Tiana met Lucia in the castle garden. She reminisced about her first success in using her flute, which was putting a kitten to sleep there in the garden. Suddenly they saw a cat in front of them, which Lucia noticed was the cat from their ship. The cat ran away upon seeing them.

During the first day of the carnival, Tiana helped Lotte by working in their bakery. Just before she goes home, she saw someone inside the medicine shop. It was supposed to be empty since both Gerda and Silvio escaped, so she though it might be a thief. It turns out that it was indeed a thief. He noticed Tiana’s presence and tried to attack her, but then suddenly Silvio appeared just before he slits her throat.

Silvio told the thief that he’s been watching, planning to just let him go after stealing their stuff. But he couldn’t let him lay a finger on Tiana. Silvio threatened the thief to return all of the stolen goods and go away, or else he’s going to curse him.

After the thief ran away in fear, Silvio asked Tiana what she was doing. Tiana explained, and he asked her not to stay anywhere near the princes. He was worried about her safety. Why? Because he really fell in love with her. However, Tiana couldn’t just leave the princes. This made Silvio sad. Before disappearing into the night, he said it would be better if he was picked up by Tiana instead of Gerda.

In order to protect Tiana from being stabbed by the cursed dagger, Silvio took Gerda to talk with the princes instead. He knew that they were just being used anyway, so he’d just betray their client for Tiana’s sake. Silvio and Gerda explained everything to the princes, using the gold powder on himself and turned into a cat. He was cursed too, so he needs the Last Witch’s blood as well. This was to prove that they didn’t have any intentions to deceive the princes.

Soon Lotte came to inform them that Renard’s army already crossed the west border. They split up into the usual groups, and Tiana went with Silvio to Renard. On the way they had a chat and Tiana asked about his favorite food, based on his own suggestion. Silvio said that he’s not picky about food, but he absolutely can’t stand onions and hot food. LOL nekojita. xD Tiana said felt nostalgic as well, and Silvio said it must be love lol.

Gerda then received a call from the client. She tried to cover it up, but somehow the client already found out about their plan. He can even tell that Lucia and Erik were with them, and asked Gerda to kill them. Silvio then took the mirror from Gerda and told the client he’s breaking their contract. After dropping the call, he also told Gerda to stop following the client’s order. If they want to rescue the Last Witch, then they need to be stronger and fight back. Gerda cried like a child after hearing this, and Lucia was impressed at how manly Silvio is lol.

Since the client already found out about their plan, they cancelled their trip to Renard. On their way back to Cattleya, suddenly Hannes appeared with some soldiers to ambush them. He revealed that he was the one controlling Gerda and Silvio behind the curtains, while Bernd takes care of Matheus and Alfred. Silvio tried to fight them alone and told the others to escape, but Tiana threw a flash bomb (made in Gerda™) so they all can run together.

After they got away from Hannes and his soldiers, Tiana called Alfred in Cattleya through the mirror. By this time Bernd already took over the castle. Matheus was slashed from behind by Bernd, but he’s alive and is now resting in Gerda’s hideout. Alfred also told them that the Last Witch was taken away by Bernd from Renard, and should be in the castle jail right now. Tiana and the others then went to Gerda’s hideout as well, where they discussed about what to do next.

Since Matheus was injured, Alfred, Klaus and Silvio were going to rescue the Last Witch from jail. Silvio apologized for not taking Tiana along. He asked her to perform as a beastmaster for him after he returns, as well as giving him a kiss. Tiana said okay, which really surprised him, so he should come back safely. Silvio said he also wants to talk about something when he returns.

While looking for food with Gerda in Lotte’s bakery next door, Tiana dropped a letter from her mother. Gerda noticed the ancient code-like language Tiana’s mother used, which eventually resulted in them figuring out that Tiana’s parents might be friends with the Last Witch. According to Gerda, the Last Witch only accepts them as her guests, even though she wants to live away from people.

This conversation eventually leads them to how Tiana’s parents sealed the Last Witch’s dragon in the past. Gerda was about to ask about Tiana’s whistle when they suddenly heard an uproar outside. A dragon has appeared in the castle, ready to burn the town into ashes just like 20 years ago. Both Gerda and Tiana knew that the Last Witch’s power must have went out of control, and they rushed to the castle.

When they reached the colosseum, they found Silvio lying on the ground. He told Tiana that the Last Witch still had some conscience, but it’s only a matter of time before the dragon takes over her mind. Tiana knew what she had to do, so she asked Gerda to take care of Silvio while she faces the dragon alone. The dragon tried to attack her, but Gerda protected her from the blow. She knew the Last Witch has been suffering from her own power all this time, so she asked Tiana to protect the Last Witch.

After successfully sealing the dragon, Tiana ran back to Silvio’s place. Wounded and lying on the ground, Silvio finally revealed that he is the kitten Tiana used for training when she was small. Before meeting her, he thought that his existence is so small and unimportant. At first he thought she’s a foolish girl, but then he fell in love with her after seeing her determination. Silvio said he was happy to be able to stay with her as a human, even though it’s just for a short time. He then lost consciousness and turned back into a cat.

Tiana finally recalled all of her memories with Silvio in his cat form. She used him for training in the castle garden when she was small. It wasn’t easy at first since Silvio kept resisting and scratching her, but he was always there to accompany her until she eventually managed to put him to sleep.

Gerda then said that Silvio’s curse was the opposite as the princes’, as his original form is actually the cat. All this time he was wishing to be able to turn back into a cat, living his life freely. Obviously, he would turn back into a cat after drinking the cure.

Tiana cried and said that Silvio’s existence isn’t small at all. If he wasn’t there with her in the past, she won’t be able to use her whistle the way she does now.

Everything was over. Dirk is missing though, and the soldiers are still looking for him. Matheus was crowned a few days later, and eventually Silvio woke up in Tiana’s house. Tiana thanked him for everything he did for her up until now, and soon Silvio noticed his cure sitting on the table. He told her that he really loves her, but he’s just a cat.. so he can’t protect her forever. Tiana handed the cure to him and he drank it, thanking her and said that he loves her before turning back into a cat.

Tiana picked Silvio up and hugged him. She said she loves him as well, then she kissed him — just like what she promised him before he left for the castle that night.

Some days later, Gerda came to Tiana’s house. Now that everything’s over, she’s planning to go on a journey with the Last Witch. She then noticed Silvio the cat and asked him what he wants to do. Silvio was going with them, leaving Tiana here in Cattleya. It wasn’t long until Tiana regretted letting Silvio go. She really wished she stopped him back then, both from drinking the cure and going with Gerda. She cried in Lotte’s arms when she came to see her.

The princes eventually went back to Fasan. After seeing them off, Tiana was walking back home when saw someone in the medicine shop. She thought it might be a thief, just like last time, and decided to take a peek inside.

What greeted her there wasn’t a thief. Someone suddenly hugged her from behind, and she quickly realized that it’s Silvio. She was really surprised to see him back in his human form, but he explained that Gerda told him to work in the medicine shop to pay for the Last Witch’s living expenses. So yeah, he’s cursed again LOL. Silvio asked Tiana to help him work and she nodded happily.

I cried when Silvio revealed his identity to Tiana in the colosseum. I cried when Tiana reminisced about their past together. I cried even more during the next scenes. LOL. I cried for absolutely nothing. But at the same time I’m glad it’s a happy ending. And I agree with Lucia, Silvio is a manly cat. When he breaks the contract I couldn’t help but think “男らしくてカッコイイなぁ” lol. Silvio is love. ♥ *drools over his kiss CG in Snow Bride*


37 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama – Silvio

    • I knew you’d say that. xD
      Yeah I have it in my PSP and already played through the first week, but.. the events are so freaking long I started to fall asleep upon entering week two lol. How long did it take you to finish the first route?

      • thanks for the summary as always :3
        ughhhh…wand of fortune took me two days to finish… :'(
        it’s cute though but i’ll have to warn you about alvaro…(though people who are M seem to love him even after playing his route)
        it would be best if you play the fandisc too

      • The first playthrough took way, way too long XD Can’t remember how long… I only play on the way to and from work, and that’s about 1.5 hour each day… so it took me forever to finish the first route. Each subsequent playthrough took me about 5-6 hours (with skipping dialogues), I think. But my reading speed is pretty slow XD

      • (Dammit they don’t let me edit my comment to add this bit.)

        @Natsu: 2 DAYS?! That’s… very, very fast XD Took me close to a month to finish the original game XD

        …can’t get myself to like Alvaro either…

      • Natsu:
        Only 2 days!? That’s fast! Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ
        Maybe I should try harder to get over the first week then.. and yeah many people warned me about Alvaro’s route lol. I’ll keep that in mind. xD

        LOL it took me 2-3 days to finish the first week. xD
        I skipped all of Julius’ fangirls’ dialogues too. Dunno why but I just don’t care since they didn’t say anything important so far lol.Let’s see how long does it take for me to finish the first route then. :D

  1. Silvio is a real cutie. ♥ Your reviews are wonderful to read. And I like how you have all of the CGs for each character. Great work! :D You have a PSP now? That’s cool. I have one but I have no idea what games to play on it. I have Wand of Fortune currently on it but… it’s kind of confusing.

    • Maybe you can get Himehibi? The Japanese on it is pretty simple, and the gameplay’s straightforward VN so it’s pretty easy. And maybe Garnet Cradle, once that’s out…

      Wand of Fortune… yea, at the beginning it’s confusing to figure out, but once you get it it’s actually pretty simple :) Just the randomised guy’s appearance and randomised quests gets rather tiring…

    • Thank you. I love saving the CGs from each game I’ve played, especially when the art is beautiful like this one. Too bad all of them were formatted lol. I heard Wand of Fortune’s gameplay could get tedious.. so if you’re looking for easier gameplay, I’m seconding Sharakael’s suggestion and say try Himehibi. I also have S.Y.K on mine, a lot of people seems to like it. :)

      • I meant to ask you about that as well… how exactly do you capture CGs? At least on the PSP… most of the games I played didn’t provide a screencap functionality, and I have no idea how to do it…

      • There are those who ripped the pics directly from the DVD, but I use the simpler yet more time-consuming method: print screen. As for PSP, I use a plugin called PCTv2. It lets you take screenshots by pressing the note button.

      • (Again, couldn’t just edit my comment *sigh*)

        Wait… from the name, I’m guessing you need to connect your PSP to your TV? In which case I have to pass… don’t have a TV ^^;

      • Nah, it lets you take screenshots on your PSP. So you don’t need a TV. PCTv2 is CFW only, but I think there’s a similar plugin that works for unmodded PSPs as well. :)

  2. Ahahaha~ what I did was go to class three days per week, get an item/do a quest to complete the items list and ultimately get the bad end on the first go.
    After that, everything seemed less tedious. I was able to get one of each item in my second playthrough (and a +5 in any stat), so I didn’t have to worry about going to the shop, and the skip option definitely helped.
    though, if you want to avoid the bad end, it’s better to use the save-load tactic on this game to get the items that will up your parameter as fast as possible. Other than that, I would worry more about affection than magic points, seeing as you can miss a date event without realizing =_=”
    It’s still lots of fun though, especially the character interactions! ^^

    • That’s just like me when I first played Kanuchi lol. Thanks for the tips! Seems like you have to pay attention to the guys’ events / dates, so I’ll keep that in mind. The characters are really interesting so far, especially Noel who gave me a lot of lol moments. xD

      I’m playing Renai Banchou now (per my cousin’s request.. he wants to see the rainbow colored banchous lol) so I’ll resume WoF after finishing this one. :3

  3. i listened to the drama cd before playing, and boy did i laugh my guts out when i was listening to noel!! kaitou noel for the world XD
    oooo :O rainbow colored banchous, eh? how is it? i’ve seen the game before on the forums, but i’m not sure whether i should buy it or not. it sounds interesting though~

    • It’s quite fun actually. The system is a bit similar to the Vitamin series minus the tests lol. But if you’re looking for a thick / rich storyline, I can’t recommend this game at all. I think this falls into the type of games that should just be enjoyed without thinking deeper than what it explains to you. xD

  4. sounds like something I should play after i do black robinia and asaki yumemishi, which i’m getting just because there’s a nosebleed-worthy cg with rin and saya (that’s quinrose for you XD), since i think they have pretty heavy storylines.
    i’ll keep an eye out for it when i finally have money to splurge on otome games again (sigh…why must they do this to my wallet…;A;)

    • LOL Star Driver~ xDDD
      Did you play the original Asaki? I full comp’d it, but that CG alone is enough to make me wanna play the PSP version. ♥ And yeah QuinRose and their drool-worthy CGs lol. They always do a good job in killing my wallet everytime. A fangirl’s life is hard like that. xD

  5. ≦ω・)KIRABOSHI~!
    I think Asaki Yumemishi was my first otome game, actually; second one was Under the Moon ~Crescent~ (that’s a really big jump from um…rating…now that I think about it…cuz even though they cut out the ero-scenes…it’s still…kinda…strong…)
    Moving on! What was your first otome game? :)

    • Now everytime Sawayaka appears I keep seeing him doing kiraboshi pose with Takuto’s outfit.. *shot*

      My first otome game would be Tokimemo GS. The very first one on PS2. I played the original Tokimemo series too and saw the news that Konami released GS. I thought I’d never get the chance to play it though.. until I saw a local game store putting it up on the display case. xD

  6. LOL XD
    Lucky! Other than Japan, there are hardly any stores that sell otome games :< (but I know I'll be a lot more broke if they did…) O_O You even managed to get the PS2 version?! That was long gone by the time I even heard of otome games…

    • P.S. Do you have any advice on configuring controls for a PCSX2 emulator? (or at least stop it from running everything slow-mo =”=)

    • All I did was follow the tutorial here. Works like a charm even with 1gb RAM despite the occasional lag. :D

      LOL yeah it was back in 2002 I think. My second otome game was Kiniro no Corda 2 in 2006. Note the 4 years gap between them. I didn’t know much about otome games back then. xD

      • Ah, I get it now! Thanks :D
        Hey, four years is better than never again, because we wouldn’t be able to read your summaries! o_O what happened to Kiniro no Corda 1? LOL

      • I hope PCSX2 works for you too. :D
        As for Corda 1.. to be honest, I never touched it even once lol. I was curious about it after playing Corda 2, but people said it’s too tedious with all the fairy-searching and stuff. So I don’t bother doing it. xD

  7. wat about the fandisk thats coming out on the 27th of this month? maybe you would want to play that. its 猛獣使いと王子様 ~Snow Bride~

    it sure seems interesting

    • It’s on the 24th, which is tomorrow. :)
      I’ve pre-ordered the game, so yeah I’ll play it when it comes. Hopefully it won’t get stuck at the customs or something..

      • oops must have remembered wrong XP, ya i understand wat you mean, i get excited about a game and find myself getting no where after the opening song, or sometimes i dont even get to that part

      • That’s actually me right now. xD
        I’ve been curious and excited about Renai Banchou, but now I just wanna finish it ASAP so I can move on to the next game. Not that it’s bad though.. :/

  8. Thank you very much! Silvio’s route is pretty cute, too! And, yeah, I felt really sad during the scenes you mentioned, but… the game was trolling, huh. Yes, a happy ending! That’s wonderful!

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