Uta no Prince-sama ♪

Why did I end up with this game? Well, I finished Renai Banchou but find it hard to summarize since nothing really happens. I also tried Wand of Fortune but the chain of events made me sleepy.. so I’ll put it on hold for now. Then I picked this game cause the music is awesome. ♥

Saotome Gakuen is a school for those who wanna be idols or musicians. Our heroine Nanami Haruka got accepted into the school this year. Aspiring to be a songwriter, she has to work together with one of the boys as partners. Each year the school holds an audition and the winner will be accepted into the infamous Shining Agency. Their goal is to win that audition, and they have a year of school life to achieve it.

The principal, Shining Saotome, made a no-love rule for the school. Love is forbidden, which means that you can’t go out with anybody in the school. Anyone breaking this rule will be expelled immediately, closing his / her path to step into the entertainment world. Keeping this in mind, Haruka started her new exciting school life.

Haruka never had any friends before. Her only joy was music and her favorite idol, HAYATO. This made her a bit shy around people, but I think that makes her cuter than the typical dumb otome game heroines. There are music-related fun mini games too at the end of each month.

14 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama ♪

  1. I have a question…why didn’t you make a route on the teachers (Ryuuga-sensei and Tsukimiya-sensei)? If you stated it in one of your UtaPri posts, sorry; I have a bad habit of asking questions before reading it… ^-^”

    • You do know they don’t have any routes in this game, right? :|
      They’re only available in the fandisks, and I haven’t touched those fandisks yet.

  2. etto, do you happen to know what’s the difference between UtaPri and UtaPri repeat? or is there any difference? since I already finished the first game and now thinking to buy UtaPri repeat^^;;

    • It’s just a remake. The only difference are the improved art and some extra scenes, so the storyline and everything else are the same as the original.

  3. Can I ask you something? Since you have reviewed sooo many games. How long does it take to even complete one fully? T_T Getting all endings, reading the memorials etc. Do you play it at one go or play a bit everyday? Mostly when I get the latest games e.g. Brothers Conflict (at the time) I just play along a bit to grasp how the system works first but I either never touch the game again (real life=no time) or just play it hastily to see the end and yeah put it down forever, claiming “I’ll get to playing it for real when I have time/finish other games”.

    For utapri repeat I finished Otoya’s and Tokiya main route, only having not read the memorials yet. Halfway through Masato’s. I use up about 1 hour per month -___- I play it before bed, at other times I just don’t get into the mood ’cause it’s bright out ;D So 7 guys, 12 months per route+ 3 endings+ rhythm games+ memorials=hundreds of hours -__________- I play a month per night so I need months/nearly a year to finish ONE game wtf. Then there’s AA, SS, Debut, Music, All Star, other otome games, the associated drama cds… Oh crap how does one do this?! By the way I’m entering uni next year if you’re wondering what I do everyday :P Of course I would love to spend my day doing these shit but no I have things to do T_T I always wonder how otome game reviewers do this! D:

    • Hello! :D

      It depends on whether I have work / something to do or not. If I’m working or going out, I only play for a bit. If I’m free for the whole day, I play at one go. If you’re wondering, I usually play about 3-4 hours er per day. Unless the game is really, really long, one route usually takes a day or two. Also, without a blog I’d probably do the same thing. As in pick a game, do a route or two, dump it and switch to another. This blog makes me feel responsible to finish what I’ve started, so I can finish games properly. (´・∀・`;)ゞ

      Most of my otome blogger friends also write entries only when they have time, which is why most of us have random updating pace. It all depends in things we have to do in real life, so we’re not that much different from you actually. 8D

  4. can i ask you a question??
    where can we get the utapuri games in Eng batch? QwQ”
    I can’t read jap + i can’t find the website to download at all TAT”

  5. I have a question. It’s actually the same as Maichannw but does this have an English version?
    I’m not entirely great in reading Japanese and i’m hoping to find out if there is.
    If there’s none then i understand but if there is one then i’d be happy if you could tell me.

  6. Hi! I’ve read a lot of your reviews on the character routes, and I found them all really useful!!! ^.^ Then, recently, on wikipedia, I read that there was actually a harem ending route for uta no prince-sama?!! As in, the one where you get not one, but all the guys?! I was wondering if you could possibly do a review for that as well? I’m really sorry to bother you, but it would be great if you could/if such a thing really existed. Thank you so much! ^.^

    • Hi. As you can see, I’ve only played the first Utapri game. I was told that the “harem route” is the rainbow route in Utapri AllStar. It’s the latest installment in the series if you don’t count Music and Music 2, so I don’t think I’ll be getting to it anytime soon—considering I haven’t even played the fandisks and Debut.

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