Uta no Prince-sama ♪ – Hijirikawa Masato

Continuing with Utapri, next up is Masayan. ヽ(´∀` *)ノ Also, my Haruka 5 arrived today! Snow Bride’s probably still on the way though.. too bad since I’m still in a Lucia fangirl mood. (´・ω・`)

The oldest son and heir to the Hijirikawa Group. He was raised in a strict environment, making him very serious. His way of thinking is a little old-fashioned, and he’s unable to show his real self due to his serious nature. Has skilled, delicate hands. Nicknames are Masa or Masayan.

Running all the way to school on her first day, Haruka bumped into Masato near the entrance. His butler Jii made a fuss about how rude she was to “Hijirikawa-sama”, so she started calling him that. Masato noticed that Haruka was scratched and treated her wound. They later meet again in class. Ringo-sensei asked Masato to show the class his piano skills, and suddenly Jii came with Hijirikawa family’s private troops to bring Masato’s grand piano to school. Jii also enrolled to Saotome Gakuen to stay with Masato, but he was accepted into S class lol.

Haruka was impressed by Masato’s piano skills, thinking that his hands are “magic hands”. Ringo-sensei then asked them to form a group of two, a songwriter and an idol-to-be. The groups were decided using the red strings (or rather.. ribbon) of fate. Like literally, because he tied their fingers randomly lol. He also warned them about the no-love rule, but Masato didn’t seem to be interested in dating at all.

Shining Saotome decided to hold a hime-dakko race to search for the idol license. Naturally everyone asked why they had to carry their partners since there are many groups consisting of two guys. Shining Saotome said it’s because an idol needs to be a knight for the girls lol. Before the race started, Jii came running to protest because Masato might pollute his hands by carrying Haruka. Masato scolded him for being rude to her.

With Haruka in his arms, Masato got past many traps laid in the school — ranging from pitfalls to sudden waterfalls. On the way Shining Saotome burst through the window with Otoya (his partner LOL) in his arms. Masato tried to protect her, but a piece of glass stabbed her hand. He was really worried and asked her to treasure herself more, taking her to the infirmary to treat her wound again.

They faced the final test after that, the OX quiz. The question was “Shining Saotome isn’t a human”, which made Masato think hard for a while lol. He thought that Shining Saotome might be a species created in outer space, or maybe a resurrected demon king. They eventually managed to find the idol license, which was Shining Saotome’s favorite mic. But the real treasure was how their bond deepened after going through all of this. xD

The students had their recording test this month. Hyuuga-sensei praised them when they’re done recording, but soon they met Jinguuji Ren — Masato’s roommate who always tried to rival him in everything. He envied Masato’s life since he’s the youngest son who won’t get to inherit his family’s business, while Masato thought it’s better to live freely like him. Their families are big financial groups, so people will compare them in whatever they do.

Ren tried to hit on Haruka, but was stopped by Masato. He then challenged Masato to a match to see who’s more suited to be with her. After Ren finished singing, Shining Saotome appeared and declared Ren the winner since he has more “love” in his song. Masato didn’t understand such emotions, but he asked to retake the test. Ren took this as a challenge, so both of them were going to retake the test in two weeks.

When practicing with Haruka, Masato said he never felt love from his father. He’s only a tool to inherit their family business, so his life was already planned even before he was born. His mother is weak and spends most of her time in the hospital. Masato felt his existence is only a signboard for his family, and so he could never be loved. Haruka asked him not to think that way since her own existence is far smaller than Masato’s. She used to bring her electric piano and sang on the street, though nobody turned around to listen.

Haruka said Masato’s dreams will come true as long as he keeps trying, just like sleet that turns into snow in winter. Masato said that it was the second time he’s ever been told that. He said he met a person who became the reason he came to this school. Haruka then asked him to put his love for his little sister and music into his song. This resulted in him winning the test, since he improved so much while Ren didn’t really show any improvements.

To show his gratitude, Masato said he will take Haruka anywhere she wants to go. She took him to the school store instead to buy some bread. They went to eat at the rooftop, where Haruka hummed her old song she used to sing on the street. But she didn’t notice that Masato recognized the song.

After school, Masato wanted to ask Haruka if she sang on the street on a snowy day last year. However, Ringo-sensei came before he could finish. He wanted them to help clean the pool, so they borrowed some swimsuits. The sight of Haruka in a swimsuit made Masato blush heavily, but he later gave her a parker to wear so she won’t show so much skin lol.

Suddenly Shining Saotome appeared in a shark suit from the pool. He’s holding a water polo game, where the loser team have to dress up as girls as the punishment. In the end A class lost since Masato was protecting his fingers, but he also did it so Haruka won’t be sad if he hurt them and couldn’t play piano. Haruka thought Masato looks beautiful as a girl, like a Japanese doll.

Waiting for Masato to come for practice, Haruka sang a medley she used to sing on the street. He soon came and suddenly hugged her, saying that it must be fate that they meet again, and that her song always supported him. Haruka didn’t understand, so she was like ??? the entire time. Masato soon said he only felt dizzy, intoxicated by her song.

Ringo soon came with a little girl who turned out to be Masato’s little sister, Mai. She wanted to see her onii-chama so badly she sneaked out of the house. Masato then took Mai to Saotome Land to play, asking Haruka to come with them. Since both of them are “Hijirikawa”, Masato told Haruka to call his name so it won’t confuse Mai. They had fun playing in the coffee cups and ate soft creams together until Jii finally came to pick Mai up. On their way home, Masato said he wants Mai to live freely, unlike him.

Now that Mai went home already, Haruka went back to calling him “Hijirikawa-sama”. Masato asked her to keep calling his name instead, and he will also call her “Haru” from now on. They held hands and heard someone singing while playing guitar. Masato said Haruka used to do the same on the street, something she confirmed was true. Last winter, something happened and Masato ran away from home. He met a street musician then. He was drawn by her music and started singing, and she encouraged him to be a pro. Those words drove him to try singing, eventually resulting in him enrolling to Saotome Gakuen.

Masato asked Haruka to always stay with him, supporting him. Here, Haruka noticed that Masato knew about her street performance while she never told him about that. Her memories about those days were foggy, so she didn’t know the reason.. yet.

This month they had physical examination, during which Ren tried to hit on Haruka. He wanted to have a match with Masato regarding their idol power, but Haruka refused. She wants to determine her own future, which is to debut with Masato. Ren and Masato ended up having the same amount of idol power, so Haruka said they’d make a strong unit. Both of them refused the idea though, saying they’d rather group with a dog / cat.

Shining Saotome examined Masato and Haruka personally. Haruka is fine, but Masato needs to drink milk three times a day since his bone was rather weak. The problem is, Masato didn’t really like milk, so Haruka suggested that he drink it with the SaotoMelon bread from their school store. Masato said they taste good together and started drinking milk three times a day, which eventually resulted in him growing in height. Somehow this created a rumor around the school and Jii started buying the melon breads as well along with his rival, Ren’s butler. They would fight over the melon breads everyday, causing Masato to get carried away by the crowd and almost died because of it LOL.

When Ren joined in the fight, Masato felt he had to face him since he can’t run away from his family’s name. He asked Haruka not to stay near him since it’d be dangerous from now on. Of course Haruka was worried. She grabbed the last pan in the store and told them that they’re being childish for fighting over a melon bread. After the butlers went away with the troops, Ren tried to hit on Haruka again. Masato stopped him, but before they could fight again.. Shining appeared and handed them the bills for school property that got damaged in their fight lol.

Saotome Gakuen had their culture festival this month. Masato and Haruka decided to do a play for their class. One day during practice Masato told Haruka about his grandfather, who used to take him out to watch theatre plays. Masato developed interest in acting as well thanks to his grandfather. Haruka asked if his other family members enjoy watching plays too, but Masato’s father never really thought of anything outside of work. Masato’s father is actually the second son. His brother, Masato’s uncle, is a kind person who often got deceived in business. Masato’s father took over their family business and started over from scratch. He’s very strict both with the employees and his son, so that Masato won’t fail like his uncle.

On the day of the culture festival, Haruka saw Masato talking with his father in the hallway. Masato’s father didn’t seem to be pleased with the school, saying he only gave Masato a year to continue. When Haruka came to see Masato, he told her about what happened last winter. Masato found out that his father bribed the school he was supposed to get into with his own effort. Right after that, he also found a paper in his father’s study containing extremely detailed plans for Masato’s life. He felt his existence was so thin, seeing that his life could be lined out on a piece of A4 paper.

Masato thanked Haruka since he can live as himself because of her. Haruka then remembered about someone who praised her performance on a snowy day last year. She had a fever right after that, so her memories are foggy. However, she did remember that person has a beautiful voice. She didn’t know what he looks like, but she always wanted to thank him.

During their play, Masato really got into his role as Romeo, though somehow his role was mixed with his inner feelings towards Haruka. He almost kissed her in one of the scenes, but Shining Saotome (who played the role of the priest LOL) warned him that he’d be expelled if he really kissed her. Panicked, Haruka pushed him away and the play ended just like that. Things became awkward between them, and that night Haruka thought about love alone at the rooftop.

Masato continued to avoid Haruka even more and started to treat her coldly. He also stopped coming to practice, even though Haruka said she’s going to wait for him. Haruka asked Jii to let her see Masato, but Jii refused. After hearing their conversation, Ringo suggested Haruka and Jii compete in a songwriting match. If Jii wins, Haruka will listen to Masato’s order. But if Haruka wins, Jii will let her see Masato. In the end Haruka won because even though Jii’s skills are better, her song was written for Masato’s future, drawing all of his potentials to grow. With this Jii admitted his defeat and let her see Masato.

Haruka then came to Masato’s room, but only Ren was there. Ren tried to hit on her again, but she didn’t understand such things. He eventually started kissing her and pushed her onto his bed. It was then when Masato came into the room. He was shocked to see her with Ren and stormed out of the room. Haruka was stopped by Ren before she chased after him, but Ren gave up on her after she said she loves Masato. She eventually found him in a classroom. He tried to walk away upon seeing her, so she hugged him.

Clearly jealous, Masato asked what she did with Ren. He thought Haruka likes someone like Ren better, someone who isn’t tied to his family name and rules. When Haruka said she was only there to see Masato, he pinned Haruka onto the wall and started untying her tie. Since she was looking for him, he said she’d be okay if he do things like this to her.

Scared, Haruka started crying and said this isn’t like him at all. This resulted in him letting her go, saying that it was all just an act. Haruka said he shouldn’t do such things because he has a fiancée, something she found out from Masato’s conversation with Shining Saotome. Masato answered it’s true that he’s engaged, but he never even met the girl. Masato said he’s not allowed to love, which means that he can’t love her as well. He couldn’t make her happy, so he asked her not to follow him anymore.

After that, Masato asked for some time apart. They’re going to practice by alone until they can cool their heads off. Haruka continued to write their song, but her melody feels sad. However, she got back on her feet after hearing about Masato’s kindness from Jii. She didn’t want to make Masato worry.

Haruka bumped into Masato in the hallway. When he asked her if she’s not hurt, Haruka said that her heart hurts. It was lonely to write songs all by herself. She also asked him to go to the dance party with her, but he refused. Suddenly Ren appeared again and asked Haruka to go with him instead. She refused though, saying that her partner is only Masato. After apologizing and asked her to do her best alone for now, Masato left.

For the party, Otoya, Natsuki and Tomochika dressed her up in a pretty dress. They hoped for Masato and Haruka to make up that night. Masato turned red upon seeing her in a dress and said she’s pretty, but went outside after rejecting her invitation to dance. Haruka chased after him and found him in the garden alone.

Masato tried to run, but Haruka begged for him to stay with her. Eventually he couldn’t hold back anymore and said he loves her, even though he knew they couldn’t possibly go out. Idols are not allowed to date, not to mention that he’s engaged as well. He tried erasing his feelings for her, hoping that someday the feelings will disappear. But she always chased after him even after he treated her coldly. He had to give up on her for their dreams.

However, Haruka couldn’t give up on him so easily. She tried to run after saying she won’t give up, and Masato hugged her from behind. It’s just like what she said, even if he tried to give up, his feelings for her won’t go away. He asked if she’s okay with him and she said yes, even though she knew the school forbids them from dating.

Walking back from practice one night, Masato finally told Haruka about their first meeting on a snowy day last year. The street musician who became the reason he came to this school was her, and the person who encouraged her to be a songwriter was him. Masato didn’t tell her because if he confirmed that the girl was really her, he’d fall helplessly in love with her. That day Masato’s heart died and she gave him a reason to live. He didn’t recognize her at first, but he fell in love with her again after their reunion. In a way, maybe they’re really tied with the red string of fate.

Masato and Haruka practiced everyday to catch up for the time they lost. They ended up sleeping in a classroom until morning came, and Masato forgot about a family meeting that day. As expected, Jii was running around looking for him. Masato took Haruka to run and hid in the recording room. Jii eventually found them though, and came to the conclusion that Haruka must have corrupted Masato’s mind. Masato scolded Jii for being rude to her, which resulted in him reporting this to Masato’s father.

The next day, Masato and Haruka were called to the principal’s office. Masato’s father was waiting there, ready to take him home despite their promise: if Masato couldn’t show any result in a year at this “worthless” school, he’s going back home. Masato refused to follow his orders anymore. He wants to live his own life, not as his father’s doll. His grandfather paid for his tuition in Saotome Gakuen, and he promised to return it in six months after his graduation.

Masato’s father refused to listen and forced him to go home, but here Shining Saotome interrupted and said he’s going home alone. He snapped his fingers and suddenly men in black clothes appeared, whisking Masato’s father out of the room. Apparently he hates it when Masato’s father ignored him and insulted his school lol. He warned them about the no-love rule before letting them go though.

One of the groups in the class got to watch Song Station live from the studio. Haruka drew the lucky paper, so Masato and her were chosen to go with Ringo-sensei on Valentine’s Day. However, Haruka was kidnapped by Ren when she was waiting for Masato. It was Jii’s plan to cause a misunderstanding, but Ren also did it because he hoped Haruka could change him too. Masato soon came to rescue her, followed by Jii. His plan totally failed since Masato knew Haruka won’t ever cheat on him.

Since Jii still thinks Haruka was deceiving him, Masato told him that he came to this school on his own will. He loves Haruka, not only as a woman, but also as a songwriter. He needs her as a singer. The school forbids them from dating, but they are still allowed to love. Jii was the one who taught Masato about music, so he should understand. All this time Jii had always thought that inheriting the family business is Masato’s happiness, but now he realized that he was wrong. After saying that he will always be Masato’s ally, Jii left to talk to Masato’s father. He wished them luck and left Masato in Haruka’s hands, telling her to write wonderful songs for Masato’s future.

After seeing Ringo-sensei’s wonderful performance on Song Station, Masato and Haruka walked back to the dorms together. She gave him the chocolate and muffler she had prepared, and he pulled out an old ring. He put the ring on her finger, telling her that she doesn’t have to put it on all the time. They’re going to debut as a singer and songwriter, so they have to keep their relationship hidden for a while. But someday when he have enough courage to settle things with his family, he vowed to make her his forever.

The ring is his grandmother’s memento, meant to be given to the person who’s going to be his wife. So yeah, he’s proposing to her. (*ノωノ)

Masato and Haruka continued to practice hard for the upcoming graduation ceremony. One day during practice, Masato received a call informing that his grandfather has just passed away. Naturally he had to go back home, so he apologized to Haruka since he had to leave her alone. After he went home, a letter came to Saotome Gakuen informing that he’s not coming to school for a while. Haruka also tried mailing him but got no answer.

Time passed with Haruka completing their song alone. Then the graduation ceremony came, and Masato didn’t contact her even once. Ringo-sensei was worried and asked if she wants him to sing the song, just in case Masato doesn’t show up. However, the song she created was for Masato only. Ringo-sensei laughed and said he believes Masato will come.

Right after he said that, Masato suddenly came running. He apologized for making Haruka wait, but she said she believes in him. As he rehearsed in the auditorium, Haruka ran back to finish her last assignment in the classroom. All that’s left was to believe in Masato, so she decided to give it her all.

When she returned to the backstage, Masato explained to Haruka that he convinced his family to let him sing. There was a time when he wanted to give up, but he remembered about her song. It reminds him of what’s really important to him. Before Masato stepped into the spotlight, Haruka fixed his tie and told him to be on his way. Masato answered “I’m going” and kissed her forehead. Just like a married couple. How cute. ♥

His song impressed everyone, even his skeptical father. Masato and Haruka won the audition, touching everyone’s heart with their song.

True Love Ending
The performance was enough for Masato’s father to realize that Masato is fighting to protect someone he loves. He allowed Masato to walk the path he chose, finally realizing that what he did was wrong. He then asked Haruka if she was the one who created the song. When she said yes, he said it’s a nice song and asked her to take care of Masato.

As they walked back to the dorm that night, Masato vowed that he will love and protect Haruka all his life. He asked her to live with him from now on, and sealed the vow with a kiss. Here, their love is finally starting.

Shining Saotome called them to his office the next day. He congratulated them and said he sensed love from them. Haruka was afraid of the no-love rule, but Masato answered clearly that they are indeed in love with each other. Shining Saotome said he’d normally cancel their debut, but Hijirikawa Group — an important client to Shining Agency, is backing them up. So he let them date as long as they keep it a secret from everyone.

Masato was busy with their debut CD and commercials right after that. He didn’t have much free time, so his father let them take a 2-days vacation in their villa. With Haruka sitting on his lap, Masato started kissing her and said they have a long night together. He asked Haruka not to stop him and just receive his love.

Masato is an idol. It will take quite a while before Haruka can stand beside him in public as his girlfriend, but she’s going to work hard for that time to come.

Love Ending
Though his performance was impressive, Masato’s father said his skills weren’t enough to be a pro. He never thought that his son is capable of putting up such a moving performance though, so he’s willing to let Masato fulfill the promise he made. He has six months to show result. If he fails, he will return home immediately. Before leaving, he said Masato’s song was good and that he has found a good partner.

They were spending time together in the backstage when suddenly Shining Saotome appeared, probably smelling love in the air. Since they can’t hide it anymore, Masato admits that they’re in love. He can’t sing properly if he lies to own his feelings, so Shining Saotome allowed them to date. They have to keep it hidden until Masato becomes a top idol though, or else he’d fire them. It was enough for both Masato and Haruka.

On their way back to the dorms, Masato asked Haruka to trust him. One day he will get over this trial while still maintaining his career. Masato then kissed her and said he will always be by her side, so he wants her to stay with him too. They’re going to work hard from now on to become a top-class idol and songwriter, until they can announce their love to the world.

Friend Ending
Since Masato left the party hall, Haruka was alone at the party. As Otoya dragged him back to the hall, Ren was trying to get Haruka to dance with him. Shining Saotome approved fist fight, so they ended up fighting over her. He stopped them before they destroyed each other’s faces though. Since Haruka is the “prize”, he told her to give equal attention to both of them.

Somehow Masato and Ren seemed to enjoy each other’s company more after the fight too. Both vowed eternal loyalty to Haruka that night, following Shining Saotome’s order. From then she spent her days with them by her side, like two knights who are always protecting her.

Wow, so much drama! Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノヒィーッ Masato’s route feels much heavier than Otoya’s, though it still has the right amount of comedy. Like that melon bread war LOL. I like Masato too since he’s so adorable when he blushed around Haruka. Jii reminds me of my dad when I was younger, but I think he’s a nice character. What I absolutely love from this route was actually Masato’s character song “騎士のkissは雪より優しく”. I love it so much I got perfect S for each stage in the mini games. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

26 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama ♪ – Hijirikawa Masato

  1. I played Masato’s route first…so I can quickly get to Ren (because he’s not my type and Sandeian’s opinion of him in 4 Shiki made me want to hurry up and try to get Ren over with ;^^)

    I really like Masato though. He truly is her knight in his route. I also love his song (it’s my 2nd favorite…Natsuki’s is my #1 LOL)

    Btw, did you get disturbed about the sub characters…I mean Jii, George, Mai, and Masato’s dad don’t change their expression at all. I thought it was so cheap of Broccoli to do that…

    I haven’t bought the fan disks yet I will eventually since I like the music and the CG is much prettier. And yes, in the Amazing Aria fan disk you can go after Shining. LOL But apparently he reverts back to 14 years old (so he’s the youngest now LOL) and goes by the name of Mitsuo LOL

    • Jii and Masato’s dad don’t really bother me. Especially Masato’s dad since it kinda fits his image.. but as for Mai, yeah. I thought it was so cheap of them to give her only ONE expression lol.

      Ren isn’t my type either, so I’ll probably get him out of the way first when I stepped into S class later. I’m kinda curious about Sho, just beacuse he’s a chibi ore-sama. xD

      LOL Mitsuo. Man of light. Shining. That explains a lot. At first I thought he was Cecil’s brother or something.. until I read his name lol.

      • Sho-chan is my favorite S Class character! He is 男前 but childish too. LOL I like the way he confronts Shining about his relationship with Haruka. It’s awesome IMHO XD

        I agree that Mitsuo makes sense and when I saw Mitsuo I couldn’t help but think that he really is Otoya’s dad and they’re both genki and hot-blooded LOL

      • LOL in a way he can be connected to both Otoya and Cecil. xD
        I already ordered the fandisks, but it might take some time before I can get my paws on them. In the meantime I’ll just entertain myself with the S class guys lol.

        I can see what you mean after finishing Natsuki’s route. Sho is so 男らしい yet adorable at the same time. I think they’re the only pair who acknowledge each other as their best friend? The others were like fierce rivalry lol.

  2. I just got Snow Bride, and I must say, its so cuuuuute~! A little short, but nevertheless sweet enough to make you melt away~ Tiana looked so beautiful in her dress, too.

    • Everyone seems to love Snow Bride and I know I’ll love it too. xD
      Yeah Tiana looks prettier in her dress. I think the art is more refined here, though it’s already gorgeous in the previous game. :3

      ..I have to finish Utapri ASAP before giving in to the temptation lol.

      • lol it was so nice the cgs, i cant wait til u finish and send me a copy >.< they are all so cute where i went fangirling which i normally dont

      • Well I’m done with Utapri and writing the drafts now. I’ll play Snow Bride as soon as I finished writing the summaries. Judging from people’s review I think Snow Bride is quite short? But don’t worry I’ll send them to you when I’m done. :3

  3. I’m really surprised at Hijirikawa-san’s character here. Man! I wish I could play the game T_T the anime doesn’t give any background for his character, but I find him surprisingly sweet.

  4. I love Masato though he’s not my type of guy. And this is really late in asking, but does he have an accent? If he does please tell me. He sounds like he’s from the Kansai region, but I can’t really say for sure with my inexperience.

  5. Thanks a lot—!
    Eh, it’s weird that i haven’t read your posts on this game, yet…though i’ve watched all the anime seasons…! Well, better late than never, ahaha!
    hijirikawa masato is defeinitely one of the guys i prefer with haruka! His route is mostly about him breaking away from his family. Well, when he became cold to haruka, though, my heart was in pain for haruka…! His little sister’s really cute! Ren sure appears a lot in this route, lol! And Jii is a really interesting character!

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