Uta no Prince-sama ♪ – Jinguuji Ren

My first route in S class is Ren’s. That’s just to get him out of the way first since I like him the least, but he’s growing on me. He’s kind of a jerk though, especially in the earlier chapters..

The cheerful and carefree third son of the Jinguuji family. Has a nice style and the body of a model. His way of thinking is unique and likes new things. A feminist who treats girls kindly, though he’s also friendly towards everyone. Nicknames include “Ren” and “Ren-chan”.

Haruka was almost hit by a car on her way to the station. The butler who came out of the car scared her, but she was taken aback by Ren’s good looks. He introduced himself as Jinguuji Ren and wanted to drive her to school, but she panicked and ran off after he alarm rang. They met again right before the opening ceremony started. He returned her handkerchief and escorted her to the hall. Haruka thought that Ren is very shiny, clearly a person from a different world.

Right after the ceremony ended, Ren was immediately surrounded by his fangirls. Haruka heard from Tomochika about his identity and reputation. Ren later came to see them, and Haruka praised his voice — something that surprised both Ren and Tomochika, since usually people would praise his appearance instead. Seeing that Haruka admires him in the musical sense, Ren asked if she wants him to teach her about love. Haruka didn’t understand and said yes, but was dragged away by Tomochika before anything happens.

Haruka was really impressed by Ren’s sax skills during his introduction. She was so nervous during her own though, which resulted in her whacking her head to the desk behind her and fainted. Ren carried her to her room at the dorms. Haruka was worried since they had to choose their partners after that, but Ren said he already chose her as his partner. It was to avoid bloodshed among the girls as well. Before leaving, Ren said that he actually doesn’t care about music or idols. He only came to Saotome Gakuen because of his family condition.

As much as she wants to practice, Ren was too busy with his fangirls and never came to practice with her even once. Haruka completed her song, but Ren was fully booked until August. Even when Haruka booked the recording room for a week and asked Ren to come, he refused to take orders from anyone. This troubled her since she wants to write a song suitable for Ren. He eventually came after three days, but still said that he can’t give special treatment to her.

The next day, Haruka came to the recording room earlier and saw Masato playing the piano there. She was impressed by his skills, and he asked her to play too. As she was playing, Masato sat beside her and started playing too until Ren suddenly came and asked if he disturbed them. Before leaving, Masato told Ren not to waste her talent and sing seriously. Ren was curious what made him interested in Haruka, so he asked her to play her song.

After she was done, Ren said that it’s a nice song. However, it doesn’t heat up his heart. He said her song is only a child’s play and a waste of time. Since Haruka wanted to hear him sing no matter what, he sang one song for her. It was perfect, and he said he doesn’t need any practice. Ren then made a bet with her: if she can convince him through her song, he’ll sing it and join the graduation audition; but if not.. well, let’s just say he’ll do something to her.

Ohayahoo News is coming to do a report on their school. Shining Saotome wanted Ren to be the student reporter, which he accepted. But the next day, they found out that he asked Masato to be their reporter too. They were confused, but suddenly Shining Saotome burst out of the ground and said this would be a battle of idol power between them. Both Ren and Masato will introduce their school, and people would vote for their favorite reported by phone.

Ren was obsessed of winning and Haruka was busy that day, from helping him change clothes until carrying all of his stuff. She saw Jii and George setting traps all over the school, trying to sabotage their bocchama‘s rival. Haruka doesn’t want any of them to get hurt, so she watched over them and made sure they don’t walk into the traps. She eventually fell into a trap hole on the school ground though. The ground was too soft so she couldn’t climb back up, and she started imagining her death lol.

She started crying when she thought about Ren having a new partner after she’s gone. Thinking that she wants to talk to him for the last time, she called out Ren’s name. Surprisingly, she heard Ren answering her from up above. Apparently he saw her fall from the security monitor, so he came to rescue her. Haruka was worried that she’s making his clothes dirty, but he didn’t care and brought her out of the hole. He said he believes Haruka can write their song even if she’s alone, because he’s busy and has to give equal time for all of his fangirls.

Shining Saotome came to interrupt this moment. He joined the battle as the third reporter, eventually winning after introducing his private properties to the viewers lol. Here, Ren clearly showed his bitterness towards Masato and said he’ll settle things with him next time. He told Haruka that he has to beat Masato so people would acknowledge him. He wants to prove that inheritance shouldn’t be decided by who was born first.

Ryuuya-sensei and Ringo-sensei double-booked the pool. They agreed to share the pool, but suddenly Shining Saotome appeared and said it’s not interesting. He put them on a 3-on-3 water polo game instead. Ren wanted to stand out, so he asked for Tokiya and Sho’s help. He then challenged Masato to fight against him in the match. Masato couldn’t back down, so he participated along with Otoya and Natsuki.

Somehow, Natsuki was wearing a goggles during the game. Even though not completely going berserk, he was dangerous and started chasing Sho around. Ren was worried about Sho’s life, so Tokiya and him agreed to give up the match. When he told Sho it’s better to dress up as girls for a day rather than have him in a hospital bed for a week, Haruka noticed Ren’s real kindness. She could see it in his eyes that it’s genuine, not an act he usually shows to his fangirls.

Haruka helped Ren in dressing up after that. To show his gratitude for her help, Ren said he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go. Haruka used this chance to ask him to come to the recording room. She showed him her musical score there, but he said it’s still lacking. Ren still said he doesn’t need practice, so Haruka said that while his song is good, it doesn’t ring in her heart. Ren replied that he’s never serious about anything. He’s not needed by his family since he’s the youngest son, so he lives his life the way he wants.

Ren asked if she wants to change partners, but Haruka refused. She wants to develop Ren’s talent to the maximum, and thus she needs to make him take singing more seriously. Haruka said she’s going to rewrite the song, and Ren replied he’ll expect good things from her. From then, Haruka worked hard to write a song so good it’ll make Ren serious about singing.

Haruka was thinking alone in her room when Ren suddenly came to take her out on a date. She was surprised since she didn’t make any reservations with him, but apparently something came up and the girl Ren was supposed to date today couldn’t come. He took Haruka to a luxury dance hall so they can be alone, revealing that he’s usually cold towards her so she won’t be attacked by his fangirls. Haruka asked if Ren doesn’t go home during summer vacation, and he said he won’t return there even if he’s asked to.

Ren said his existence is only as important as his family’s puppet. They put him in Saotome Gakuen and asked him to sing even if he doesn’t want to. After he graduates, he’s going to be an idol for Jinguuji Group’s commercials. He doesn’t hate singing, but he hates himself from being forced to sing by his family. Haruka then asked him to sing for himself, not for his family, if he doesn’t hate it. Ren was surprised and said Masato said that to him a long time ago.

Since they’re close in age, people keep comparing Ren to Masato even before they met. Ren’s father said the only thing Ren can do is to beat Masato, as a third son is just an extra that doesn’t need to be born in the first place. He eventually met Masato at a party and told him all of the complaints he had inside, and Masato told him the things Haruka said before. Ren always tried hard but his father only cares about his older brother. Masato has everything he wants yet he threw them away by coming to this school, and that’s what makes Ren angry.

Haruka then asked Ren to win the audition together by singing the song she wrote just for him. A few days later, she finished the song and Ren finally approved its quality. Now that he agreed to sing her song, they’re moving towards the graduation audition.

This month Shining Saotome randomly made the “Beat the Principal and Debut Instantly!” event. Ren was chosen to participate and he agreed, even though he thought that it was arranged. Haruka came with him and they met Masato in the garden. Shining Saotome suddenly put 1 metre-long handcuffs on their hands, then he tied Haruka to a rocket that will launch to the moon in three hours. The only way to stop the rocket was to beat Shining Saotome, or push two switches at the same time — each located 2 metres from the rocket.

George and Jii tried to cut the chain with various weapons, but the chain couldn’t be cut. Pushing the switches is impossible, so Ren and Masato decided to fight Shining Saotome instead. Haruka was worried that they’re going to fight each other at first, but they worked together to rescue her. Shining Saotome is way too strong though. Soon they realized that beating him would be impossible as well.

Ren then asked Masato to cut his arm so they can press the switches at the same time. Of course Masato refused the crazy idea and suggested he cut his own hand instead of Ren’s. Ren refused since hands are important to a pianist, so he took a hatchet from the ground and was about to cut his own arm when Shining Saotome stopped him. Stopping the hatchet with ONE finger. xD

Shining Saotome sensed “love” coming from Ren and Masato, so he admitted his own defeat since he already saw “world peace” lol. He stopped the timer and released Haruka from the rocket. Ren and Masato seems to be able to tolerate each other more, though still maintaining their rivalry. Ren asked Haruka to write the best song so they won’t lose to Masato.

Saotome Gakuen is having a school festival soon. Haruka was afraid that Ren would be busy, but he agreed to participate with her. Singing and dancing wouldn’t stand out since everyone’s doing them, and a drama would be difficult with only two people.. so Ren decided to do a fashion show with her music as the BGM.

They worked hard everyday until night comes. Ren was impressed with her determination, since his fangirls are mainly spoiled girls seeking for attention. Haruka fell in love with Ren as they spend more time together, though her reasons are more musical than physical attraction. Ren tried to kiss her during the day of the school festival, but he stopped and she ran away. When she came back, Ren asked to be careful not to get nanpa‘d since a lot of people are coming.

Their fashion show was really popular, especially among Ren’s fangirls. Before he came out for the last stage, he asked Haruka to change the song according to his sign so it’d left more impact for the audience. He then kissed her cheek so she won’t be nervous, probably not aware that it made her heart beat faster. Haruka played a jazz BGM during the climax and their fashion show successfully came to an end, with Ren crediting Haruka in front of the audience.

After the show ended, Ren returned to “everyone’s Ren”, leaving Haruka alone in the corner feeling sad. Ryuuya-sensei soon came with Shining Saotome, asking if that’s okay. Shining Saotome said what Ren does is only fanservice so he allows it, knowing that Ren can’t love seriously.

Ren came to see Haruka, and they met Ren’s older brother soon — Jinguuji Souichirou. Haruka noted that his overall atmosphere is more similar to Masato rather than Ren, who acted hostile towards him. Before leaving, Souichirou asked if Haruka was the one who created the song and told her to take care of Ren. Ren noticed that Haruka was trying to say they don’t look similar, so he said they’re not related by blood. He doesn’t know if it’s true but his father was quite old when he was born. His mother died after giving birth to him, so he doesn’t know who his real father is.

During the night festival, Ren was busy with his fangirls. Haruka was left alone once again, with Sho and Tokiya trying to cheer her up. When she was walking in the hallway, she saw Ren with a girl who danced with him earlier. She asked him to kiss her before leaving, and so he did. Haruka was shocked and turned back, dropping her phone before she could run, which made Ren noticed her presence. He was surprised and let go of the girl quickly, but Haruka ran away crying. She entered an empty classroom and started playing the piano, pouring all of her sadness into her song all night.

Ren continued to practice with Haruka. He wants to let her debut since she definitely has talent, though he might not debut as an idol. Haruka wondered why and came to the conclusion that Ren is choosing love after music. She asked him if he’s going out with the girl he kissed that night. Ren answered coldly that just because she’s his partner it doesn’t mean she could poke her nose into his love affairs.

Haruka then said even if she knew Ren doesn’t want to, she wants him to debut with her song. It’d be lonely if Ren gets kicked out of school because he violated the no-love rule. Ren replied that the girl isn’t his girlfriend, and that kiss was just a service though probably a kid like Haruka wouldn’t understand.

Now that the school festival is over, Ren stopped coming to practice again. He said practicing in March would be enough, so Haruka wrote the song all by herself. One day she met George in the recording room, from whom she heard that Ren’s mother is his cousin. He thought of her as his own younger sister, and he promised to protect Ren until he debuts. Haruka asked if the rumor Ren told her last month was true, but George said the only ones who believed that were only Ren and his father, who died two years ago.

Ren lost his way and quit high school, so Souichirou put him into Saotome Gakuen because he can establish himself despite of his older age. George said Ren is a stupid guy because he can’t feel the kindness from people close to him. He always envies other people’s lives rather than making use of his own potentials. George thinks that Ren might be saved if a person who truly loves and needs him appears.

Haruka ran out to see Ren, who was on his way to a date with his fangirls. Ren told them he was called by Ryuuya-sensei, so they gave up and went home. Haruka only wanted to tell him that she knew Ren was always lonely, but she will always stay with him even if she couldn’t do anything. She wished that Ren won’t be lonely anymore, even if it’s only when he’s with her. However, Ren said that he doesn’t need nor want her by his side. His heart is his own, and he doesn’t need Haruka to support him.

A week passed after that with Ren avoiding Haruka and all of his fangirls. He spent most of his time alone looking sad and angry. Then one day, Haruka was called to the principal’s office. Apparently Souichirou was impressed by Haruka’s talent and wants to put her in Jinguuji Group’s newly built music department. To develop her talent, he offered her a chance to go and study in America until March. He also told her that their mother was a former idol, and he hoped Ren could be serious if he walks the same path as her.

By accepting the work offer, Haruka will also gain a place in Shining Agency. Souichirou also offered to take care of her passport and everything necessary for her stay in America. Haruka asked for some time to think about it, since she wants to stay with Ren after all. He gave her time until the end of the year, because he doesn’t want Ren to continue destroying her chances. Before he left, Haruka told him what happened with Ren. Souichirou said that Ren always refused to believe in affection, so while he’s happy about her concern, it’s probably useless.

Haruka eventually called Ren to a storage room to talk about the offer to study abroad. He apologized for calling her a nuisance before and said he’s happy with her feelings. She asked if he’d be lonely if she’s gone, and Ren said he wouldn’t since their relationship isn’t like that. When she finally told him about the offer, Ren was glad for her. He told her to go if she wants to, he won’t stop her since it’s her life. Haruka wants to debut with him, but he encouraged her to go and pursue her dreams. She took this as Ren not needing her by his side, so she decided to give the offer another thought.

Haruka will be leaving after the Christmas party, so she worked hard to finish her song before then. She called Ren to the recording room and played the song for him, and he was satisfied with the result. He’s going to sing that song in the graduation audition. Knowing that Haruka was confused about the offer before, Ren was about to ask for her reason.. but he stopped and asked her to go to the party with him instead. Because they won’t be able see each other again after that.

The next day, Ren took her to the auditorium instead of the dance hall. That way they can dance all right without being disturbed by anyone. He already prepared a self-made cake there, along with some food and drinks just for her — to celebrate her studying abroad. He also gave her two presents: a handmade necklace and his sax performance. All the things he did for her made her sad because she had to leave him, so she tried to run away. But Ren grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms, telling her not to go since today isn’t over yet.

Finally Ren said that he doesn’t want to let her go, and that he needs her song after all. Haruka told him that it was his brother who gave her the offer. Ren said he won’t let her go no matter what, worried that Souichirou might take advantage of her. He realized that he made a mistake since Haruka looks sad ever since she accepted the offer. He asked about Haruka’s dream, which was to make songs with him. Then he promised to make that dream come true.

The next day, Haruka apologized and rejected the offer. Ren waited for her until she’s done, and they went to the recording room after that.

Ren came for practice everyday, showing more seriousness towards singing. Haruka was really happy since this is what she has been hoping for ever since she partnered up with Ren. He was worried since Haruka was feeling anemic, so he told her to rest the next day and resume their practice on Sunday. She was surprised since Sunday usually means dates for him, but Ren said he’s not dating his fangirls again from now on. He already decided to stop playing around with them, because he has come to enjoy his time with her more.

Haruka asked if it’s because he starts to love music, and Ren said that’s not all. He loves her.. music, so he wants to continue singing her song. If being an idol means he can continue doing that, then it might not be so bad after all. Haruka said she really loves his voice as well, and that leads to her accidentally confessing that she loves him. However, Ren said that he can’t accept her feelings right now. He asked her if he could forget what she just said, and Haruka replied just writing songs with him is enough for her. She kept her one-sided love inside, continuing to work with him towards the audition.

Haruka was called to the principal’s office, where she met Souichirou again. She apologized for rejecting his offer, but this time he’s offering her another job. He wants her to make a song for their new commercial. This is a big chance, so she accepted the job immediately. Ren didn’t seem too pleased when she told him about this. She thought he must be worried that their practice time would decrease, but Ren was actually worried that his brother’s planning something. Haruka thought it must be because he wants to know about how Ren is doing, but Ren didn’t believe he has good intentions. He wants to encourage her though, so he let her finish the job first while he practiced alone.

Haruka did her best, but her first song was rejected since it doesn’t fit the product image. She felt down but started to remake the song from scratch again, eventually fainting from working too hard. Even after recovering, Haruka had a slump. The teachers suggested she go somewhere with Ren to clear her mind. Ren gave her an advice, which is to take a look from her client’s perspective. But even so, Haruka still couldn’t make a song of such quality. She passed the deadline with blank paper, which isn’t good for her future reputation.

Shining Saotome gave her one more week to complete this job, or else he’ll kick her out of the school. This made her even more depressed, and she came to talk to Ren about this. He said he couldn’t help her since it’s her job, but he believes in her. Haruka realized that she had to go through this alone.

After hearing Ren’s sample songs, Haruka was pumped up to rewrite the commercial song. But her song was rejected.. again. Her client was thinking of giving the job to someone else too. She had a fever the next day due to her stress and shock. Ren came to see her with his handmade porridge, taking care of her for the day.

Becoming a pro means Haruka will have to face this kind of situations often. Ren asked if she’s ready for it, because she can still turn back right now. Haruka said that she wants to debut with Ren, let him sing her song to the world. He noticed that her eyes haven’t died yet, so he encouraged her to continue writing the song after she recovers.

The next day, Haruka was spending her time in the recording room when suddenly Souichirou came in. He apologized for rejecting her submitted songs, even though personally he likes them all. They had a talk about Ren and he said their father was really sad upon losing his wife. All his sadness and shock were thrown towards Ren, and his brothers couldn’t help since nobody could go against their father. After he passed away, Souichirou put Ren in this school because he knew Ren used to admire idols when he was small.

Souichirou knew he made the right decision upon seeing how much Ren changed after meeting Haruka. Yesterday he came to his office, presenting the song he made with Haruka to be used as their commercial song. Souichirou said the song doesn’t fit the image, but Ren said the song is so wonderful it wouldn’t make you worry about small stuff like that. He then agreed to use their song if they win the audition, so he came to ask Haruka if she’s ready to take the challenge with Ren. She accepted and Souichirou went to talk with Shining Saotome so Haruka won’t be expelled.

On the day of the graduation audition, Haruka asked Ren why he went as far as making a proposal for Souichirou. Ren sealed Haruka’s lips with his finger, saying that the answer is inside his song. She’ll find out if she listens to it.

True Love Ending
The audience were very impressed by Ren’s performance. Souichirou said that he’s even better than their mother. When Ren was holding his trophy on the stage, Haruka couldn’t hold back her feelings for him and ran off to a classroom. Ren chased after her and she explained that she’s scared because she couldn’t hold back. Ren fell into silence, and she apologized for making such an irresponsible confession. He sighed and said he doesn’t want to make her cry because he loves her.

He whispered lots and lots of sweet words before, yet right now he couldn’t think of anything except “I love you, Haruka.” The more he loves her, the more he becomes scared of losing her — making him unable to touch her. There are times when he was irritated because he couldn’t control his feelings, lashing out his anger on her. But even so, she always stays with him. He didn’t want to spoil her whenever she faced difficulties in her job, knowing how much reliance can ruin her.

Haruka said she realized his feelings after hearing his song, but she didn’t have the courage to ask him. Ren asked if she’s really okay with him. When she said yes, he hugged her and said he will make her happy. They kissed after that.

Right after Ren said he won’t ever let go of her, Shining Saotome came bursting through the ceiling LOL. He let them be together since he couldn’t take back their winning trophy after all of this. Souichirou also came to congratulate Ren later, relieved that Ren found someone he loves. He asked Ren to live his life freely since their father is no longer around, and the brothers finally made up after all this time.

Ren took Haruka to his room after that. He wants to make “memories” before saying goodbye to this room, especially since Masato was out at the moment. Saying he couldn’t hold back anymore, Ren pushed Haruka onto his bed.

Ren became a top idol after their debut. They don’t have much time together, but he took Haruka to a dance hall on her birthday. He said he wants her on his birthday, because he couldn’t live without her anymore — his future wife.

Love Ending
After winning the match, Ren and Haruka met Souichirou in the hallway. He said Ren resembled their mother so much, maybe the reason their father couldn’t look at him was because of that. Even though Ren thought he was born from an affair, Souichirou already did a medical test that proved Ren is indeed their father’s son. No matter what people said, Ren is a member of Jinguuji family. So whenever things are hard for him, he’s always welcomed to come back home.

Ren then took Haruka to a storage room, where he finally confessed to her. It took him quite a while until he can finally say it to her, but now he wants her to go out with him. She cried happy tears and he apologized for all the bad things he did to her up until now. Her existence in his heart gets bigger as time goes by, and now he can’t live without her. Ren then moved closer to kiss her.

Ren asked Haruka to accept his feelings. When she said yes, he thanked her and kissed her. He won’t give her to anyone else, so she should keep him to herself as well. Ren said he was planning to give something greater than a kiss if she lost their bet, which turned her bright red. They met Shining Saotome after that and Ren told him about their relationship. He was impressed by the amount of love in their song, so he approved as long as they keep it hidden.

They debuted and reached 1 million sales 6 months after their debut. They are now living next to each other in Shining Agency’s dorms, so they’re always together from now on.

Friend Ending
Haruka refused to offer to study in America since she didn’t want to leave Ren. She danced with in at the Christmas party, but he soon started playing his sax to entertain his fangirls since he can’t dance with all of them. When he finished playing, they heard Masato playing piano from across the room. Seems like the student who was supposed to play got sick and couldn’t come, so Ringo-sensei asked him to be the replacement. Ren wants to stand out more than him, so he started playing his sax again. Both had equal attention from the girls.

Their performance attracted Shining Saotome’s interest, who thought that the contrast between their playing style would sell. So he put them into a unit and they couldn’t refuse since his words are absolute lol. He also told Haruka to be their songwriter. Like it or not, the three of them had to work together towards the audition. Though they fight a lot, Ren and Masato started to become friends as they told each other about how it feels to be in their position — solving the misunderstanding they had all this time. They’re rivals, but not related to their family backgrounds.

They eventually won the graduation audition. At the backstage, they fought over who should take Haruka out on a date lol. She suggested the three of them go together, so this time they fought over who had the best date plan and asked Haruka to choose between Masato’s standard date course and Ren’s romantic night. From now on they will spend their time together like this.

Even after finishing Ren’s route, I still like him the least out of all the guys. I can’t hate him though, how could you hate a guy with a blush so adorable? (*ノωノ) Do I have a blush fetish or something? Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) I guess I’m pretty lenient with characters like this since I always forgive them once they turn sweet. Unless he’s a total jerk from beginning to end. But I guess his sexy voice in the true love ending totally made up for it. Suwabe Junichi FTW. ♥

Okay, three guys to go. I’m very curious about HanaIchi lately, so I have to finish this before my interest is fading. Sho-chan, here I come~ ヽ( ・ω・ )ノ


8 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama ♪ – Jinguuji Ren

  1. I’ve been lurking on your Uta Prince summaries but didn’t want to read them all to avoid spoilers! I’m hoping to one day play this on an emulator as I’ll prolly never get a modded PSP ><

    Also LMFAO Suwabe. I feel like he's everywhere these days (ಠ_ಠ)

    • I sure hope a PSP emulator will be able to play otome games properly. Last time I tried to play Renai Bancho on emu I was stuck at the loading screen with the angel turning its butt to me, like mocking me for being unable to play lol.

      Yeah Suwabe is everywhere lately. Can’t help but love his voice after TMGS3 though. xD

  2. After playing his route my opinion of him changed a little…but I still don’t like him that much like you LOL
    Ren’s song has the least notes to play…but I hate how fast it goes – it makes me feel dizzy LOL

    • I guess we just don’t like this type of guys LOL.
      Yeah I agree his song is the easiest in terms of notes, but the pace.. lol. It’s still easy compared to Sho’s and Tokiya’s level 3 though. xD

  3. i don’t see how you can hate him. he is just so sexy!!!!! sorry didn’t mean to go all dramatic i just like that kind of character… it’s just every time i see a character like him they have some kind of issue and his isn’t as bad as most so i like him 8//

  4. Ren is one of my favorite….. he also reminds me of Darren from Kago no Naka no Alicis…..? o.O just suspicious somehow….

  5. Jinguuiji makes me tongue tied :p anyhow, I find Ren very very sexy, especially in the anime. there’s something in his voice that makes you weak in the knees. lol.

  6. Thank you very much—-!
    Ren’s route is rather full of misundrestandings, huh…well, the scenes like saotome winning the reporter thing, and stopping haruka in the rocket situation due to ‘love and world peace’ is hilarious, though! I liked the friend ending for this route too, adorable! The other endings were sweet as usual!

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