Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Snow Bride~

Just a quick post before bed to let you guys know that I already started Snow Bride. I wanted to capture Lucia for the title screen, but I changed my mind because Erik the bunny is HOT. ♥

Snow Bride is divided into three sections: another story, after story and side story. Each section contains separate routes for each guy, full of quality fanservice to make your inner fangirl jump in glee. There’s also Tiana’s father Frantz’s diary containing detailed records about what happened in the past — the beginning of the whole story.

Quick Rundown:

Another Story
Tiana received an invitation to attend a ball at Rozerette Castle in Cattleya. But she’s worried since didn’t have a dress and has never danced before. The four princes of Fasan all offered their helping hands, eventually fighting over who should teach Tiana to dance. Not to mention that Klaus and Silvio joined in as well. Who will get to spend the romantic evening with her?

After Story
The after story picks up directly after the endings in the previous game. Bernd and Dirk were both captured, and Tiana is finally with the person she loves. As they walk forward together, they thought that happy days are waiting for them.. but one could never know what’s gonna happen.

Side Story
Short stories that took place in the previous game. The side stories show Tiana’s struggle when she was living with the four princes (plus two more creatures that is Klaus and Silvio) in Cattleya. Full of happenings that we didn’t get to see in the previous game.

Frantz’s Diary
Tiana’s father tells the story about how Belinda and him saved Laura, the Last Witch. He also writes about the late lonely king of Fasan, Balthazar, as well as Bernd’s past. A story about the beginning.

Okay, I’ll stop here for now. I’m done playing the another stories and will put them in one post tomorrow because I’m getting sleepy lol. Also, sorry if I made any wrong romanizations since they’re not in the official site. xD


3 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Snow Bride~

  1. I really love all the guys’ routes, though of course, I have my favourite scenes and such!I enjoyed the ‘another story’ and the ‘after story’!Thanks so much for everything!

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