Snow Bride – Another Story

You have to play another story first to unlock the rest of the contents. This short story takes place somewhere between the battle with the dragon and the ending. Kurt already becomes the Pope after his grandpa retires. It’s very short though, one post is enough for all the routes.

One day before the princes returned to Fasan, Klaus delivered a ball invitation for Tiana. It appears that Matheus requested her presence in Rozerett Castle during the event, so she was invited thanks to him. The problem is, she has never danced before and she doesn’t have a dress. The princes all wanted to teach her to dance, with Klaus and Silvio joining in the fight.

Luckily for Tiana, Lotte’s mother said Belinda (Tiana’s mother) was often invited to the castle and should have a dress at home. Lotte helped Tiana to look for the dress, as well as helping her wearing it and doing her hair on the day of the ball. Tiana looks so stunning that evening, making all the guys went gaga over her. They went to the castle together and Tiana had to decide whom to spend the evening with.


Matheus was surrounded by a lot of people that night, all offering their daughter’s hand in marriage for him. Tiana wanted to invite him but she obviously couldn’t talk to him in such situation. Luckily Matheus noticed her leaving and grabbed her hand, taking her to the balcony where they can be alone. It turns out that he already noticed her before, he just did it to make her jealous lol. He’s not interested in those arranged marriages because he only loves her.

Tiana might not have noticed, but Matheus saw a lot of guys staring at Tiana in the ball, wondering about her family origins since she’s such a fine lady. He doesn’t like it since they’re staring at his woman. Tiana said there’s only him in her eyes, and he replied “Are you inviting me?” LOL. Soon the music started and Matheus asked her to dance, showing their relationship to the public that way. Matheus told her to be more selfish and tell him what she wants, so Tiana made him promise that he won’t dance with other girls whenever he attends a ball.


Tiana was looking for Alfred in the hall when some guys came asking her to dance. She couldn’t find him and eventually got tired after refusing all the invitations, so she went out to the balcony — where she finally found Alfred. It turns out that they were looking for each other and didn’t meet because they kept moving around. Alfred didn’t seem to enjoy the ball.. which made Tiana sad because she really wanted to have a good time with him.

She was about to go home when Alfred stopped her. He doesn’t wanna let her return to the hall since he doesn’t like seeing guys flocking to her. He knew Tiana was really looking forward to the ball, but he didn’t know what to do. Tiana told him to let out all of his feelings, and Alfred told her he wants to keep her for himself. They started dancing on the balcony and Tiana sprained her ankle since she’s not used to wearing heels. Alfred treated her foot and carried her home, happy since he can touch her longer that way.


Tiana found Lucia in the hall, and soon Kurt came to see them. He managed to find her since she smells good. Lucia was curious and asked what she smells like, and Kurt said “sweet and warm” while Lucia smells a bit “pathetic” ROFL. Kurt also revealed that Lucia asked him about how to be alone with Tiana that night. They left Kurt after that and went to the balcony, where he said she looks so beautiful tonight he can’t look straight at her. Tiana was really happy and Lucia told her not to say such cute things or he’ll lose control lol.

She said Lucia looks really good tonight, the best compared to all other guys. Lucia, who isn’t used to praises, didn’t know how to react and hugged her from behind. He’s been loving her for so long, he’s afraid to be hated and lose her now. Tiana said she won’t hate him and he kissed her. He said he doesn’t need anyone but her, and Tiana replied she only loves him too.


Erik found Tiana in the hall and took her out to the balcony. He’s not thinking of “making a move on her in the dark” though, nope. (。-∀-)ニヒッ He showed her the starry sky, but Tiana noticed that he looks sad tonight and asked him what’s wrong. Erik asked her if she likes taller guys, since he’s jealous of Matheus’ height when he saw him dancing in the hall. Erik also has a complex about him being younger than Tiana, making him afraid of losing her to other guys. Erik soon left saying he has to greet some people.

Tiana returned to the hall alone, and she kept getting invited to dance. Before she could go home, suddenly a really HOT man came and asked her to dance. She didn’t notice him at first, but after hearing his voice she realized that it’s Erik. Σ└(@д@;)┘ He asked Gerda to make him a medicine that will make him grow up temporarily, though it took some time to take effect. He drank it in the morning and was ready to half-kill Gerda, but luckily he changed before the ball ends. Erik was glad to see Tiana likes his grown-up self and looks forward to a few years from now.


Klaus managed to find Tiana despite the crowd, but before they can enjoy their evening together.. they were interrupted by the maids and guards asking Klaus about what to do. He was busy with various issues ranging from restocking wine to handling complaints from “certain people” that the meat and vegetables served aren’t enough. Klaus became the Pope’s attendant as requested by Kurt, so now he’s even busier than he used to be.

Kurt soon came to let Klaus have a break tonight, since he can totally read that he wants to いちゃいちゃ with Tiana since that morning lol. Klaus took Tiana to the balcony where she asked him to take a break from work every once in a while, and that he should take it easy tonight. Klaus replied that’s why he’s with her, since staying with her takes away all of his fatigue. He then pushed her to the wall and started kissing her, ready to spend the whole night with her. But he was interrupted.. again. Kurt has heard about his marriage arrangement tonight and escaped from the castle, so poor Klaus had to bring him back lol.


Tiana found Silvio in a corner, avoiding the girls who asked him to dance. She noticed he looks kinda sad and they went to the balcony. Silvio said he enjoyed dressing up for tonight, but then he realized that he’s different from all the royalties in the ball. It makes him feel fake, since he doesn’t have anything but his love for her. Being here makes him unsure if he’s a suitable man for her. Tiana suddenly hugged Silvio and pushed his head against her chest, telling him that her heart is beating this fast because he’s here. He shouldn’t compare himself to others because he’s the man she loves.

This made Silvio feel better. He refused to let go of her soft boobs, since she’s the one who shoved his face into them lol. Tiana had no choice but to turn him back into a cat, with Silvio protesting that she touches him a lot when he’s in this form. ♡(。→ˇ艸←)

Lucia is my favorite and nothing’s gonna change that, but GOD ERIK IS HOT. (*´Д`)ハァハァ And I haven’t even played the after stories yet lol. I like all of their events here, so romantic and adorable — especially Lucia’s. But that might be because I’m biased. I kinda feel bad for Klaus though, everyone gets to spend a romantic night with Tiana while he had to chase Kurt around the castle lol. Another thing I noticed is that Tiana’s boobs got bigger in this game. It’s nice to see a pretty heroine with a nice body every once in a while, since most otome games heroines are flat-chested washboards lol.


15 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Another Story

    • I know right, Tiana is so pretty and has a nice style. <3
      It's really nice to have this kind of heroines sometimes. She's nice to look at.

    • Nah, I typed it during lunch break since it’s short and I’m not flooded with work today lol. I tend to finish what I have to do ASAP though, just so I’m free to do whatever I want after that. Ψ(*`▽´*)Ψケケケッ

  1. Tiana looks really wonderful and the princes as well. This is the nth time I’ve read this and I couldn’t help staring to the images. What happened to Erik? He’s so HOT. >///////////< Makes me want to play this game now. XDD

    • LOL IKR ERIK IS SO HOT (*´Д`)ハァハァ
      He looks cool in the previous game and he’s even sexier here in Snow Bride. I want to play his route ASAP, but I’ll save him for later along with Silvio and Lucia. Save the best for the last lol.

  2. Holy Moly, Tiana’s boobs. I couldn’t see anything but that in the CGs LOLOLOLOLOL.
    Man Erik is hot. I usually don’t go for er, shotas, but he’s gonna look real fine in a couple of years ;D

    • LOL they’re so huge here, can’t blame you for that. The dress isn’t really helping either. xD I’m not a fan of shota-types too, but damn grown-up Erik is HOT lol. I’ve been saying that for who knows how many times ever since I touched this game.

  3. i cant help but feel that everyone is fangirling over Eric (though i did too while i was watching Hinano’s broadcast >.>)
    he is really bad for the heart just so u know, as i was watching the broadcast Eric made it into the list of guys that i love, which included Matheus and Alfred before, even though i am usually not into shotas >.<

    • Erik is a bad boy, I know. <3
      It's not just you, everyone is fangirling over him indeed lol. I guess we just can't resist a sexy eroshota who's gonna look super hot in a few years. Also, Wakatsuki-sensei from Love Revo made me realize that I have a thing for slightly (or not..) ero characters as long as he's not a rapist rofl.

  4. Although I like tsunderes like lucia… my eyes can’t get rid of.. Erik.. <3

    *inserts fangirl scream*

    gonna read the other reviews!

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