Snow Bride – Matheus

Somehow it feels wrong if I don’t start with Matheus, maybe because he’s the first guy I went for in the previous game. I crammed quite a lot of detail in this post, so.. sorry if it’s long lol.

The story starts with Tiana saying goodbye to Cattleya. Now that they’re engaged, she had to go with Matheus to Fasan as the future queen. The people of Fasan welcomed her warmly since she’s the one who saved them all from the dragon, but Tiana had to do her best from now on if she wants them to truly accept her. Bernd was also taken to Fasan, currently occupying a cell in the castle jail and waiting to receive his punishment.

Matheus gave Tiana a room along with some maids from his family, the Bartels, but she’s still free to do anything she likes — cleaning, laundry and cooking. Matheus took her on a tour around the castle and Tiana saw a beautiful lake. He told her not to get close to it since recently someone drowned in there, who turns out to be the late king Balthazar. The soldiers are still looking for his corpse upon Matheus’ order, since he really needs the king’s key that Balthazar had.

In the garden, they met a lost little boy who asked Matheus to hold him. He couldn’t do it because of his allergy, so Tiana held him until his father came. The father was really scared and begged for Matheus’ forgiveness, but soon he found out that Matheus isn’t like what the rumors said. He was grateful to his kindness and left with his son. Matheus was a a little sad because he won’t be able to hold their future son.

Matheus was busy as the new king, and this made Tiana feels lonely. One day she went to the soldiers hall first to wait for Alfred and heard some soldiers talking about Matheus. They were afraid of his rumored “cold and cruel” personality, which made Tiana cried and told them that he’s not like that. Matheus is always thinking of what’s best for his people. She ran away before Alfred had the chance to properly introduce her to the soldiers.

A few days later, a maid came to tell that that Matheus is calling her. Tiana went to see him in a room full of white smoke which turned out to be.. a bath lol. He was bathing inside, which resulted in Tiana panicking over his half-naked appearance. (*ノωノ) Matheus wanted to introduce Fasan’s hot spring to her, and said that he’s her future husband so she should get used to seeing him naked lol. He said his work has finally started to calm down, so he can spend every night in her room from now on.

Tiana was still shy when he came to visit her that night, and Matheus said she’s a hentai who always touches him only when he’s a lion LOL. Matheus brought some dried Traum flowers and asked for her help to make the medicine for his allergy. They worked all night to make it, until Tiana fell asleep on the desk.

The next day, a maid informed them that a messenger from Cattleya was waiting for them in the audience chamber. It was actually Klaus, and Matheus got jealous since Tiana looks so happy to meet him. He came to ask for Alfred’s help to train Cattleya’s soldiers. Matheus used this chance to test the effect of the medicine, by pinching Klaus’ cheeks lol. The medicine worked and Matheus was happy that he can finally punch Klaus without getting itches. Tiana’s attempt to stop them failed since Klaus accepted the challenge, but luckily Alfred came before they could fight.

After Klaus went back to Cattleya, Alfred asked Matheus if he can try touching him as well. He had trouble deciding on which part of Matheus he wants to touch first, but finally decided on a handshake lol. Sadly, Matheus got hives as soon as Alfred touched his hand, and so they found out that the medicine’s effect is temporary. Just like the gold powder lol.

That night, Matheus told Tiana that he’s worried about their future child. His father had never held him even once, so he envies the view of a father hugging his son. Tiana said she wants to see the same dream as him, making it come true someday with their kids and live happily together. Matheus was touched and kissed Tiana, saying that he wants to sleep with her tonight. Tiana nodded and he carried her to the bed. That night she drowned in him as he taught her “things greater than a kiss”.

Tiana visited the soldiers hall again the next day, and Alfred said Matheus is coming too. The soldiers were afraid of Matheus and practiced nervously, eventually resulting in someone getting injured. They were scared that Matheus will punish them, but he treated the injured soldier’s wound instead, which surprised everyone. He also apologized for making them nervous, but he promised that he won’t waste their lives if they follow him. He gained the soldiers’ trust and they finally realized what kind of person Matheus really is.

They soon received a report that Bernd has stopped eating, now only waiting for his punishment to be given. Matheus told Tiana that he’s been searching for Bernd’s wife all over the castle, but she was nowhere to be found. He can’t hate Bernd no matter what since without him, he wouldn’t be able to love Tiana nor trust his brothers like now. Tiana wondered how Bernd truly feels and asked if she can talk to him. Matheus gave her permission, thinking that she might be able to open his heart.

Unfortunately, Bernd refused to tell her anything. He told Tiana to get out of the castle since she’s not suitable to be the queen of Fasan, but Tiana didn’t give up so easily because she’s ready to support Matheus no matter what. She kept coming back to bring him food, thinking that maybe Bernd did it on purpose so Matheus wouldn’t have to make a decision regarding his punishment. She can’t hate him either since he’s just like a father to Matheus. Bernd said she’s a strange girl, telling her to just accept the fact that he’s only using Matheus and betrayed Fasan. Knowing his reasons will only deepen her confusion.

Matheus eventually managed to find the king’s key, though they still couldn’t find Balthazar’s body. Thinking that the key might lead them to Bernd’s wife, Tiana came with Matheus to a locked room. But they found a torture chamber instead, where Tiana got a vision of girls screaming for help before they were killed. From the tools scattered all over the room, they figured out that the room was used to keep witches in the past. Fasan took advantage of their power to build the country.

They found a book and a letter from a locked drawer on the desk. The letter was written by Balthazar, but since Tiana doesn’t feel good being in there, they returned to their own room. The letter explained that Balthazar tried to release the witches, but in the end they were all killed so other countries won’t use their power. Some of Fasan royalties are cursed by the witches, including Balthazar himself and his son — Matheus. The curse is no doubt, the man allergy. It’s the consequence of the country’s sin.

Matheus finally realized what his father did. Balthazar killed all of his brothers before he became the king, purging all the royalties who used to capture witches. He didn’t clear the misunderstanding to cover up his own weakness, just like what Matheus did.

The book is the diary of Cornelia, Bernd’s wife. She knew that Bernd was working with Angelica (Alfred’s mother) to create a rebellion, and she’s afraid that Balthazar will kill him should he found out. All she wanted was for Bernd to keep protecting the country with Balthazar. Cornelia planned her own “kidnapping” to stop Bernd from betraying the king, trying to protect his life. It’s the proof of her love for him. She also wrote about how Bernd looks so happy when he’s with Matheus. Her body is weak and she couldn’t give him a child.

Realizing how much he misunderstood his father all this time, Matheus went down to the jail with Tiana. However, the guards were confused since he just left a little while ago. They clearly saw him here in the prison and claimed that he had come to visit a few times before. The Matheus they saw also took the unconscious Bern from his cell, telling them that he’s going to take care of him. Matheus asked how does the man looks like, and one of the guards said he looks exactly like Matheus when his hair was still long.

They quickly realized who he is and searched for him around the castle. Since he’s carrying an unconscious man, he couldn’t have gone far. Matheus and Tiana finally found the man near the lake. It was indeed Balthazar, and the previous king was carrying Bernd along with him. Apparently he was saved by a couple when he was drowning, most likely Tiana’s parents.

Balthazar was the one who stole their Traum flower medicine from Tiana’s room, as well as telling Bernd to stop eating. He told them that both Bernd and him are already “dead”. Both Matheus and Balthazar couldn’t kill Bernd since he’s a precious person to them, despite his betrayal. Cornelia wanted Bernd to keep on living, and Balthazar didn’t want to let her sacrifice go to waste. He told Matheus to kill them if he wants to, then he asked Tiana to love his son and the country in his place.

As Balthazar walked away with Bernd, Matheus fell to his knees and asked Tiana what’s the right thing to do. He couldn’t kill his own father and the man who raised him, but that means he’s letting a criminal escape. Tiana said she will carry the sin with Matheus since she also didn’t do anything to stop them. Matheus cried in her arms, recalling his childhood memories with Bernd. This is a sin he’s going to carry for the rest of his life, but Tiana will always be there by his side.

After that, it was announced to the public that Bernd has died in prison before he was punished. There were also rumors saying that Matheus let him go, but it also made people accept Matheus’ true self. Alfred said that the soldiers believe in him. Everyone makes mistakes, so Matheus shouldn’t be worried about that since Alfred and the soldies will always protect him as their king. Alfred also said that Tiana seems to be used to the castle now. She already learned to make Fasan food and wants to compile the recipes into a book. Matheus feels better and thankful to everyone who supports him.

It was Christmas by the end of the month. Tiana went with Matheus to observe the town that day. She was really surprised when the townsfolk greeted her warmly and congratulated them for the engangement. The girls are especially happy with the cookbook she made.

They visited the sausage shop first, which reminds Matheus of when they ate cheese together in Cattleya. Again, Matheus licked the food off Tiana’s face here so they had to leave before he did anything more embarassing. At the ornament shop, Matheus picked up a pair of small socks. Tiana said she wants to meet Matheus when he was small, and he replied she might be able to do so if they have a son. ♥ They met some soldiers at the bar, and Matheus challenged them to a drinking match. If they win, he’ll invite all of the soldiers to drink here. In the end, Matheus fell asleep and lost the match lol. That night Tiana said she’s very happy and wants to love Fasan even more than Cattleya.

A few months passed and spring comes. It’s finally their wedding day. Everyone including Kurt and Tiana’s parents came to congratulate them. After they all went to their seat, Matheus came to her room. He was surprised at how beautiful she looks. So much that he might not be able to wait for the ceremony to kiss her lol.

He came to tell her that today he’s going to swear that he won’t have any wives other than her, because he can’t love anyone but her. As they walked out together, Tiana suddenly remembered his lion form and thought that it might be fate that brought them together.

Two years later, Tiana and Matheus are celebrating their son’s first birthday. Matheus was worried when he heard that they’re having a son, but their son doesn’t have the allergy. He’s starting to talk and remember words, calling out “Ma..” when Matheus was holding him. Matheus was excited about him calling his name, but their son said “Mama” instead lol.

Matheus’ dream has come true. Next he wants a daughter who looks like Tiana. After they have a lot of kids, he wants to travel around the world with Tiana — this time to make her dream to be a beastmaster come true. Tiana was happy that he remembered.

Below are Matheus’ side stories.

Matheus’ Diary 1
Matheus the lion was spending his time lazing around in Tiana’s house. After petting him until she’s satisfied, Tiana asked him if she could ride his back. Matheus agreed and slipped his body beneath her, lifting her on his back as he started to walk. She protested and asked him to let her down, but he wanted to go on a walk outside to make the kids jealous lol.

Matheus’ Diary 2
Matheus hit an old house pillar when he was sparring with Alfred in Tiana’s garden. It broke and started to crumble, and Tiana asked him to fix it since he was the one who broke it. As the future king of Fasan repaired the pillar, Tiana said it reminds her of her father — and that Matheus might be a good father someday. He then offered his help to fix other things that need repair in her house.

Matheus’ Diary 3
Tiana woke up at midnight to get a drink. She heard sounds in the kitchen and thought it might be a thief. It turns out to be Matheus and Alfred stealing food lol. Alfred apologized right away, but Matheus escaped with the meat. Tiana couldn’t catch up with him, so she used her flute instead and snatched the meat from Matheus’ mouth. She tried to cheer him up by petting him, but he became even hungrier after he calmed down lol. He had no choice but to ate some bread that night.

Matheus’ Diary 4
It’s a nice day with a nice weather, and Tiana wants to pet Matheus out in the garden. He won’t let her do that unless she admits that she just wants to touch his body, so Tiana said that she wants to touch him since his fur feels good lol. Suddenly a dark shadow appeared and came to Tiana, who turned up to be the tiger from the colosseum. Matheus was jealous since the tiger clearly escaped just to meet her. He sulked and told her to have fun before leaving.

This route is a very nice closure to Matheus’ story. Nice, because I love happy endings where nobody dies and bad guys don’t exist lol. Balthazar’s background story and Cornelia’s diary make the story feels complete, and Matheus is still as sexy as ever. But Balthazar looks so young! I thought he’s a bearded old man, so that surprised me lol. The only thing that disturbed me is when we get to see Matheus’ childhood with Bernd. He sounds so much like Yoh here, and I never really liked Midorikawa Hikaru’s Yoh-like voice. But it’s okay, the side stories made up for it lol. Love the baby ending too. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

The new mofumofu system is more complex, but is actually quite easy after a while. What I did was just pet him as usual, scratch the nearest spot about once or twice, then continue petting him until it’s over. I hope it’d be this easy too with the other guys..


15 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Matheus

  1. Question time! \o/
    1. Why did Balthazar steal the Traum flower?
    2. Similarly, why did he tell Bernd to stop eating if he’s just going to bust Bernd out of jail anyway?
    3. Cornelia arranged her own kidnapping; did this lead to her own death?
    4. I’m guessing Balthazar returned the Traum flower and Matheus’ allergy is cured in the end?
    5. Was it ever mentioned what Balthazar intended to do with Bernd?

    • i can answer these questions

      1. cause Balthazar is the same as Matheus, as in he cant touch men or he will throw up

      2. to make it easier to bust him out, by saying “o hes dead so i will go and get rid of his body somewhere” or something to that affect

      3. most likely, but that is unsure

      4.that is also unsure as well cause they never said anything and just gave the baby end >.>

      5. Balthazar said that even though Bernd betrayed him and his son, like Matheus who thinks of Bernad as a father, Balthazar thought of him as a true friend, so i am guessing he would keep him alive

    • Just adding:
      1. Not exactly “throw up”, but yeah he’ll get itches when he touches men just like Matheus. He needs the Traum flower medicine because he’s gonna take Bernd out of jail, which is impossible without touching him since Bernd’s already weak from not eating.
      2. Yeah, so that he can take him out of jail easily. Plus it’d be easier to make the guards believe that Bernd died afterwards, seeing how weak he was.
      3. It’s not explained, but I think so. She wasn’t around anymore. She also mentioned that she has a weak body, so that’s highly likely.
      4. Balthazar only stole the medicine, not the dried Traum flowers itself. Matheus’ allergy can’t be fully cured, but at least he can get rid of it temporarily whenever he wants to hug their son.
      5. Nope. But judging from what he says, probably they’re gonna lead a quiet life somewhere.

      • Thanks for answering :D
        This game seems to be one where the stories are resolved satisfactorily :3

        I wonder if they’ll come out with a sequel… Wand of Fortune was good enough to get a sequel after a fandisc, I’m hoping this one will get a sequel :)

      • I hope so too. This game is too nice, I don’t want it to end. x3
        But since Tiana already had her children in Snow Bride.. it’d be nice to see a sequel with new characters, just set in the same world.

  2. i can wait to read the others’ review as well >.< cant wait
    and i hope i was able to answered ur questions sharakael properly :)

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