Snow Bride – Alfred

Next is Alfred’s route, but after this I’ll go out of the official order by going for Klaus. I wanna save Erik, Silvio and Lucia for later. Alfred’s still as cute as ever though. I really like this route.

Two weeks has passed after Dirk was sealed. He went into a deep slumber along with the dragon in Rozerett Castle’s underground. Tiana is going with Alfred to Fasan to prepare for their wedding. She feels sad to leave Cattleya, but Alfred won’t make her feel lonely. Fasan soldiers who welcomed them were all staring curiously at her since that Alfred came back with a fiancee, but she was warmly welcomed after introducing herself.

Tiana had her own room along with some maids in the Heydrich castle. After what Dirk did, the Heydrich family is exiled as the punishment for his betrayal. They are now living in the Fasan outback, so their castle is mostly empty. Alfred doesn’t have to join the exile thanks to Matheus. The room was too big for Tiana alone, but Alfred is going to start living there with her after their wedding.

Alfred wanted to introduce Tiana to his soldiers and took her to the soldiers hall. They presented a small bouquet for her as a welcome present, which made her really happy. The soldiers are all on friendly terms with Alfred, and they wanted to know how he managed to get such a fine girl. Alfred said she’s a place for him to return to, who will accept him at all times. Somehow the soldiers thought Tiana defeated the dragon barehandedly. Impressed, they asked her to help them in training. Alfred enjoyed the sight and laughed until Tiana ran away from the hall lol. She said she wants to entertain them with her beastmaster skills someday, and Alfred offered his help to look for some animals so she can train them.

Alfred had to go out soon and said he’ll be home for dinner. Tiana waited alone until it was late, bored after eating her dinner. She can’t do anything since the maids do all the cleaning and cooking for her. She fell asleep and woke up with Alfred lying next to her, apologizing for making her wait. They were about to “drown in each other” all night when suddenly a maid came to inform that Matheus is calling him lol.

The next day after Alfred went to work, Tiana overheard some maids talking about he doesn’t seem happy even though he’s engaged to a nice person. Tiana thought that Alfred didn’t want to make her worry, so he keeps smiling around her while he’s actually sad about what happened to Dirk and Angelica, his mother. She soon met Matheus and told him about what she just heard, and he said Alfred can smile because he’s with her, not because he was forcing himself to do so.

Tiana wanted to do something for Alfred, and Matheus said he’ll help her if she kiss his cheek. It was then when Alfred interrupted them, clearly jealous and told Matheus not to make a move on his fiancee. Matheus promised he won’t do it again and escaped lol. Alfred came to Tiana’s room again that night. He’s busy supporting Matheus everyday, taking Bernd’s role who’s now in jail. Alfred soon fell asleep and Tiana heard him calling Dirk’s name in his sleep. She held his hands that night, thinking about what she can do to help him.

The next morning, Matheus called both Alfred and Tiana. He received a letter from Kurt requesting Alfred’s help for training their soldiers, and so he’s sending them back to Cattleya. The other reason was actually to help Alfred feel better, since staying in Fasan constantly reminds him of what happened to his family. Alfred was worried about leaving Matheus alone, but he told him not to worry. They departed for Cattleya right after that, though Tiana could see that Alfred clearly didn’t wanna leave Fasan.

In Cattleya, Kurt apologized for calling him back since Klaus said they need him no matter what. Alfred agreed to train the soldiers. On their way out of the castle, he asked Tiana if this is her plan with Matheus. He thought that it’s because Tiana felt lonely in Fasan and wanted to go back to Cattleya. Before she could chase Alfred and explain, Klaus called her and said that Kurt gave them permission to enter the underground chamber where Dirk was sealed. The seal couldn’t be removed, but Tiana decided to take a look.

Tiana tried talking to Dirk, but it was no use. Alfred soon came to the room as well, surprised to find her there. She explained that she wanted to do something for him and asked for Matheus’ help, because she knew Alfred is suffering after what happened to his family. She apologized for being unable to do anything and hiding this from him, since he’ll refuse if he knows they’re returning to Cattleya for him.

Alfred also apologized for the misunderstanding. He said he regrets not being able to save Dirk, and he feels that he killed both of his brothers. Tiana suddenly remembered that she still had Gerda’s mirror in her room. She went home and called Gerda, asking if there’s a way to talk to Dirk. Seeing Tiana back in her room, Gerda thought that she was bullied in Fasan and got chased out of the castle lol. Sadly, Gerda said there’s no way to talk directly to Dirk unless they remove the seal — something that the three countries won’t allow considering the danger he caused them. There’s nothing they could do.

Days passed by and Alfred’s smile slowly returned as they spent time together. During breakfast one morning, Alfred said he wants to build a small house on the outskirts of Fasan when they have kids. He noticed that Tiana likes it that way rather than having maids doing everything for her. He doesn’t want her to behave like royalties since he loves her the way she is. Tiana hoped that they can live happily like that after the wound in Alfred’s heart is healed.

Alfred kissed her before going to work, which made her think that they’re like a married couple already. (*´∀`*)ホケェ Tiana went to ask Klaus for some advice, but he told her to give up since there’s no way for Dirk’s seal to be removed. However, Tiana met Silvio on her way to the market. He was there to deliver an orb made by Laura (the Last Witch). The orb lets her talk to Dirk by directly going to his mind, so it’s like meeting him in a dream. Alfred was away at the moment, so Tiana tried using it by herself.

She was taken to Dirk’s dream and found herself near a lake she has never seen before. At first Dirk told her to disappear, but unlike Bernd, he’s actually just a lonely little boy so he warmed up to her pretty quickly. Dirk asked about Alfred and his family, so Tiana told him everything. He didn’t seem sad to hear that his family was exiled, but he said he doesn’t know what he should say to Alfred. He betrayed him and made him sad, and so he’s not ready to meet Alfred right now.

Dirk tried to hide it, but he clearly doesn’t want Tiana to leave. He wants to hear more about what’s happening in the world, and Tiana promised that she’ll come again. Before leaving, she noticed that Dirk looks really lonely. Back at home, Tiana told Alfred everything. Alfred wasn’t ready to meet Dirk either so he won’t come to see him for now, but he’s relieved that Dirk opens his heart to Tiana. He also asked her to keep visiting Dirk for now. The boy must have taken a liking on her since he asked her to come again, and Alfred knew that it means Dirk trusts her.

A few days later, Tiana came to see Dirk again. He was eager to see her, even though he hides it underneath his tsundere behavior. Dirk wants to know more about Alfred, so Tiana told him everything including how they first met and how he’s doing now. Here, Tiana found out that Dirk knows absolutely nothing about the curse and the assassination attempt, as he was surprised to hear it. Now he understands why Alfred stayed in Tiana’s house back then.

During another visit, Dirk said he regrets being childish and rejected his other brothers. Things might be better if he accepted them. He was angry at everyone when he was sealed, but now he has realized his mistakes. Dirk finally asked Tiana to bring Alfred to meet him. He has made up his mind, and he has something he wants to say to Alfred. When Tiana told Alfred about this, he agreed to see Dirk the next day.

Upon entering Dirk’s dream, Alfred realized the scenery as the lake behind their castle in Fasan. They met Dirk there and he apologized to Alfred for what he did. Dirk actually knew that Matheus isn’t like what the rumors said, but Angelica couldn’t think of anything other than making one of her sons the king of Fasan. She was given to Balthazar by her family so that a Heydrich family member could take the throne. The burden on her shoulders was really heavy.

All that Dirk wanted was to make their mother happy, but he knew he wasn’t enough for her. He was angry at Alfred for betraying her, even though he’s the one who can make her happy. He knew that Alfred’s decision to trust Matheus was right, but he couldn’t do the same thing since it’ll make Angelica sad. Dirk said he doesn’t need the throne nor the power, he only wants to make her smile. After hearing his confession, Alfred cried and Dirk hugged him.

Even though Alfred couldn’t put his feelings into words, Dirk knew what he was trying to say. He wants to see the future that Alfred chose, with him supporting Matheus as the king. As the three countries live in peace, Dirk will atone for his sin by sleeping with the dragon here. He asked Alfred to come again someday, and Alfred said he will definitely visit him again. Next time he’ll tell him about the world outside.

Dirk wants Tiana to come too and tell him about Alfred, since all Alfred talks about is his physical training or his “man’s path” lol. Finally he congratulated them for the engagement and told them to be happy, which brought tears to Tiana’s eyes since she never expected to hear those words from him.

A week later, Alfred’s job in Cattleya was finished so they’re going back to Fasan. They spent an evening in the castle’s balcony, where Alfred said he can’t imagine his life without her now. He has realized how much he loves her, and they kissed after re-confessing their feelings to each other.

They returned to Fasan to start preparing for their wedding. It was Christmas and Alfred took Tiana around the town. The visited the ornament shop, where Alfred reminisced about his childhood with Abel and Dirk. Tiana said she wants to hear more about his brothers, since they’re gonna be a family from now on. Back then Abel told Alfred about a guy he doesn’t like at school. He came from a common family, but he beats Abel in every subject. Alfred realized that Abel must be talking about Klaus. He also said that Abel actually wanted to defeat Matheus by himself, but he was chased by Angelica’s demands — because he loved her even more that Dirk does. Alfred suddenly said he wants a lot of kids from her. Having a lot of siblings is good since they’d be able to understand each other.

They ate freshly-cooked sausages in the sausage shop, and Alfred is happy that Tiana likes his hometown’s food. At the Wildgans lake, Tiana realized that this is the place in Dirk’s dream. Alfred and Dirk used to ice skate together and played around when the lake’s frozen, so it’s a place full of memories for both of them. He suddenly sneezed and Tiana hugged him so they’ll get warm. They met some of Alfred’s soldier in the bar. Apparently Alfred is strong towards alcohol and often drinks with them there. He ran away before they could drag him to a drinking match lol. When they returned to the castle, Tiana said she likes Fasan and wants to protect it with Alfred.

One night, Alfred came to Tiana’s room. He asked if he can kiss her and pushed her down to a sofa, saying that he can’t wait any longer. He asked her to accept him, and Tiana asked for more as he started touching her. We all know what happens next. (*ノωノ)イヤン

Months passed by and it’s finally Alfred and Tiana’s wedding day. Tiana was really nervous during the ceremony. So much that when the priest said “you may kiss the bride”, she grabbed Alfred and kissed him. The crowd roared with laughter while Belinda wished the earth would swallow her out of embarassment. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Alfred was happy though, since it means she wants him that much. He said he wants to finish the ceremony quickly and be alone with her as soon as possible, and the crowd gave them a big applause. They’ll spend the rest of their lives together from now on, though Tiana thought they’ll probably get a new family member soon.

Three years later, Alfred and Tiana had a daughter who loves training like her father lol. They took her to Cattleya, and Alfred said a precious person is sleeping here. They’ll bring her to see him someday. Their daughter likes the flowery Cattleya, which makes Tiana happy since it’s her beloved hometown. She also asked her father if he loves her more than mom, and Alfred said he loves her as much as he loves Tiana. ♥

Tiana told their daughter that she might have a younger sibling next year, because Alfred wants a lot of kids. Alfred was delighted to hear that, and Tiana said she’s very glad to have met him.

Below are Alfred’s side stories.

Alfred’s Diary 1
Alfred woke up from his nap as Tiana walked nearby. He let Tiana pet him until she’s satisfied, but he get sleepy again soon after that. He asked Tiana to sit and slept on her lap since her fluffy skirt feels nice lol. Tiana was a bit shy, but lets him resume his nap.

Alfred’s Diary 2
One morning, Tiana saw a giant centipede in the kitchen. She screamed and broke the plate she was holding. Soon she heard Alfred running to see what happened, but when she turned around.. she screamed again as he was half-naked and covered in soap lol. Alfred wants Tiana to explain first before putting on his clothes, and the centipede crawled closer to her feet. Tiana ran away, telling Alfred not to chase her looking like that. (。つ∀≦。)・゚・。ギャハハ!

Alfred’s Diary 3
When Alfred was playing with Tiana in the garden, his brothers came with a frisbee they found in the house. Tiana noticed it was made by her father for training animals. Alfred wanted to try and hit the frisbee back to Tiana, hitting Lucia’s face in the process lol. They decided that returning it is dangerous, so Alfred started catching it with his mouth instead. He became addicted and Tiana had to play with him until it was dark. She decided to hide the frisbee from Alfred’s sight from now on.

Alfred’s Diary 4
Alfred wants to take a walk around the town, so Tiana went along with him. They feel that they’re being watched, and soon they were surrounded by a lot of dogs bringing food and toys for Alfred. Tiana remembered a similar thing has happened before, and thought that probably the dogs are all male.. just like Alfred’s brawny fans from the colosseum lol.

Alfred’s route is really cute and sweet. I’m happy to see this side of Dirk. He was annoying in the previous game, but I like him a lot here. It’s nice to see how they settle things nicely for Alfred and Dirk. Yeah, I love happy endings where bad guys don’t exist. v(@∀@)vィェ~ィ That bath CG in the side stories is nosebleed-worthy, I just had to put it here so you all can drool over Alfred’s sexiness with me lol. Also, his sweet-talking level increased drastically in this game so I’m pretty much satisfied with that. ♥ The transition isn’t really smooth at some points, so some scenes feel kinda random.. but overall it made me go ☆.。.:*(萌´Д`萌).。.:*☆ so I won’t complain.

5 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Alfred

  1. wonderful review as always, and i cant agree more about Dirk
    he is so cute when he isnt a kid crying over his brother :)

    • Thanks. Otomate did a great job in developing Dirk’s character, making him likeable here when he was such a whiny brat in the previous game. xD

  2. Oh wow, it’s so cute! That side story CG of Alfred…wooo—-!lol. It’s a nice ending with Alfred and Tiana having a family. I agree with you, that they settled things nicely with Dirk and Alfred.Thanks a lot!

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