Snow Bride – Klaus

God, the tsunami in Japan was bad. There’s still quite a lot of seiyuu missing too from what I’ve heard. I hope they’re all okay.. seeing Toriumi Kousuke’s name in the list made me feel sad.

Cattleya is slowly recovering after the dragon’s attack. Klaus started going to work even before his wounds are fully healed, while Tiana performs in town to entertain people with her skills. Seems like Klaus is busy taking care of Kurt recently, as the new Pope loves to run around, jumps down from the roof and sneaks out of the castle. He didn’t have much time to see Tiana because of his job, though he really wants to visit her.

One day, Lotte came to check up on Tiana for Klaus. She said he looked irritated because he can’t see her thanks to his never-ending work. Lotte knew Klaus needs Tiana in his life, and told her to be patient since his work will calm down eventually. That night Klaus came to visit her, asking her to go on a trip with him tomorrow. He’s taking a vacation for a month so they can spend time together. It’s a bit sudden, but he wants to leave as soon as possible before they can push more work onto his hands.

Tiana was happy to go with him, and they’re going to spend a month in Sardine — just the two of them. Sardine gets a lot of tourists during this season, so Klaus said he only got one room at the inn. Tiana was shy, but then said it’s okay since they’re lovers. Too bad that it’s only a joke Klaus said to tease her, though he’s not sure how far he can hold back lol. After putting all their stuff in the inn, they took a walk around the town.

First they visited the Royal Academy. Klaus gave a brief introduction about the school, but they can’t go inside since they’re strict with permissions. Tiana said she wants to know about Klaus’ school days here, and he said he didn’t have good memories about it. He’s from a common family and entered the academy because he wanted to learn, so all the royalties were looking down on him. The reason why he managed to endure such treatments was because he didn’t wanna lose to Matheus.

Abel was also there when they entered the academy, but Matheus is way more superior in all areas. Klaus thought that maybe that’s why Abel got a warped personality, as he gathered people and urged them to shun Matheus. Tiana accidentally mentioned Matheus’ allergy here and had to explain everything to Klaus. A teacher soon came out of the academy, recognizing Klaus and was happy to see him. He wanted to tell Tiana about Klaus’ school days with Matheus, but he took her away and escaped lol.

Next, they found a souvenir shop. Klaus wasn’t interested, but Tiana wants to shop with him since he’ll stop her from buying useless stuff. He rejected almost all of her shopping ideas, but eventually bought a pair of pretty glass earrings for her. This is the first time he chose a present for her, since she used to prefer food rather than accessories.

As they walked back to the inn holding hands, Tiana remembers their childhood days. Tiana used to run away from home looking for her parents, and Klaus was the one who searched for her. At first she did it because she was lonely, but then she started to feel happy when Klaus came to get her. So she did it again, thinking of it as playing hide and seek with him. Klaus said he noticed that a long time ago, since Tiana only ran away whenever he’s in Cattleya and she looked relieved when he found her.

Klaus admits that at first, he thought of her as a selfish little kid because she can meet her parents whenever they come home, while Klaus couldn’t see his parents anymore. He got angry at her and made her cry a lot, but they slowly came to understand each other’s feelings. Klaus got over his parents’ death because she’s always there by his side. Tiana cried for days when he first went to Sardine, but she admires his determination to protect Cattleya.

Klaus said he might not be able to help her much since he can’t play musical instruments like her father, but he doesn’t wanna let anyone else to take his place beside her. He asked if he’s allowed to protect her forever and kissed her. Tiana also took the initiative to kiss him after saying she loves him, which made Klaus go “Do you want me to lose control? Or are you inviting me?” ♡(。→ˇ艸←) Just touching her lightly isn’t enough. He wants more.

Sadly, they were interrupted by a soldier before they can kiss again. Apparently a messenger from Cattleya was waiting for Klaus at the castle, so Tiana went back to the inn and waited for him to return. It turns out that Kurt wants him to ask for Alfred’s help in training their soldiers. He asked Klaus to deliver his letter to Fasan and convince Matheus. They had no choice and took a ship to Fasan the next day.

When they arrived in Fasan, Klaus was surprised since Matheus agreed to the idea right away. It was only a trick to get Klaus to come to Fasan, bringing Tiana with him. Matheus then tried to hit on Tiana, which resulted in Klaus trying to hug him as they’re “best friends” — totally making use of his allergy lol. Later, Alfred also invited Tiana for dinner since he didn’t know she’s dating Klaus. Alfred apologized after Klaus explained, but Klaus regretted taking her to Fasan since the princes all clearly likes her.

Since it’s Christmas, they decided to take a look around. At the ornament shop, Klaus said it’s the first time he visited Fasan during this season. He’s starting to enjoy his stay too thanks to her. Tiana said she wants to link arms with him and he gladly lets her hug his arm. Klaus then bought some sausages and have them sliced so it’d be easier for her to eat. He wants to feed her but she was embarrassed, so he started eating in front of her until she gave in to the temptation lol.

In the bar, some drunk soldiers tried to hit on Tiana. They soon recognized Klaus and apologized though, begging him not to tell Matheus about this. Apparently there’s a rumor that you won’t survive in Cattleya if you get on Klaus’ bad side, and they also know that he’s close friends with their scary king. Klaus told the soldiers not to trust the rumors and see what kind of person Matheus really is using their own eyes. Tiana smiled and said Klaus really cares for Matheus, but he denied it lol.

Matheus made a reservation for them at the local inn, telling the innkeeper to give only one room for both of them. (・-・*)ヌフフ The other rooms were fully booked so they had no choice. Matheus also told the innkeeper to let them use the hot spring, and they eventually went in together. Sadly, Klaus’ glasses fogged upon entering the hot spring.. and he can’t see anything without them. Somehow he knew that Tiana was staring at his body, so he forced her to wear his fogged glasses to make it fair lol.

That night, Klaus asked Tiana to marry him before anyone could disturb them again. He’s worried since she’s so oblivious to the fact that guys are falling for her. He loves the kind her, yet he can’t help but get jealous when he saw the princes making advances on her. Tiana felt bad for hiding things from Klaus, not thinking about his feelings during the princes’ stay in her house. She started crying, which made Klaus thinks she’s sad. He asked her to forget about his proposal and didn’t give her any chance to explain.

Klaus was called to the castle again the next day, and Tiana sent a letter to Belinda informing about their marriage plan. Klaus came back at night and told her they had to go back to Cattleya tomorrow. He doesn’t wanna talk about marriage until then.

He got busy again after they returned to Cattleya, again not having enough time to see Tiana. One day Tiana saw Gerda in town and, needing a girlfriend she can confide in, told her about what happened with Klaus. Gerda drew the conclusion that they’re missing passion in their relationship. She gave Tiana a medicine to make her act bolder around Klaus before leaving, but Tiana decided to do it herself and not relying on the medicine.

Tiana went to the castle and invited him to dinner. When he came to her place that night, he suddenly hugged her and started touching her. Tiana noticed that his body was hot and Klaus said he had a cold this morning. But it’s okay since he drank a medicine Gerda gave him ROFL. Tiana explained what the medicine does to his body, but it still drove Klaus to reach his limit of holding back. He said he loves her and pushed her down to a sofa, where he.. fell asleep, but Tiana was glad now that she told him about how she feels.

Klaus woke up a few hours later and handed her a letter from Belinda. It wasn’t written in ancient language so Klaus can read it too. Belinda congratulated them for their decision to get married, telling them to take care of each other. She’s currently making a dress for Tiana and will give it to her when she returns to Cattleya. All of this finally cleared the misunderstanding between them.

A few months later, Tiana received a letter saying that her parents are returning to Cattleya. Belinda and Frantz finally came home not too long after that, and she gave Tiana the dress she promised. She made it excitedly when she was still recovering, full of love for her daughter.

Klaus thanked them for giving him a family when he was alone, and now he’s really happy to be with their daughter. Belinda and Frantz apologized for not being around for him because of their travels, but from now on they’re a family. Klaus really becomes their son by marrying Tiana, which made Frantz cried a river of happy tears lol.

Six months later, Klaus and Tiana had their wedding in a church. Lotte warned her brother not to make her “sister” cry by working too hard, and he promised that he won’t. Belinda also cried a river of tears, giving Frantz a death glare when he said she’s ruining her make-up. Kurt also came with a present: a bear he caught in the forest. He told Klaus that tonight will be great, with Klaus saying Kurt doesn’t know what it means. Apparently bears are good to make you stronger in bed? LOL.

Matheus and his brothers also came to congratulate them, though Lucia was crying his eyes out at the back of the church. (´;ω;`) Klaus told Tiana he’s going to take a vacation and travel around the world with her, making her dreams come true. At the same time going so far away nobody could disturb them anymore.

Below are Klaus’ side stories.

Klaus’ Diary 1
Tiana came home to find Klaus in his mouse form. He asked Tiana to help him flip the pages of a book, so she put him on her lap as he reads the contents. She was surprised when he keeps telling her to flip the page a few seconds after opening it, but apparently Klaus’ reading speed is so fast he finished reading the whole book in 30 minutes. He let her pet him to thank her for the help.

Klaus’ Diary 2
Tiana found Klaus sleeping like a child in the sofa. She heard him call her name in his sleep, as well as sprouting words like “I love you” and “I don’t want to give you to anyone else”. Surprised, she dropped the basket she was holding and Klaus woke up. Tiana told him what happened and Klaus said it’s because he’s been writing love letters for Kurt to send to his potential future bride, since Kurt isn’t interested at all. Tiana reads the letter after Klaus left and feels that it’s written for her, but she decided that she’s thinking too much.

Klaus’ Diary 3
Tiana asked Klaus the mouse if he wants some cheese for snack before napping. He decided to take a bite and she brought some wine for him. 30 minutes later, Klaus is totally drunk and soon fell asleep even though he only drinks a little wine. Seems like being a mouse reduced his alcohol tolerance to none lol.

Klaus’ Diary 4
When she was cooking for dinner, suddenly Tiana heard something broke. She saw Silvio chasing Klaus around, but she decided to let them be since they were just playing (really?) together. She cooked dinner and soon realized that it’s gotten quiet in the next room, so she went to take a look and found Klaus and Silvio sleeping side by side. Klaus soon woke up and realized he was sleeping on Silvio’s paw since his fur is fluffy and feels nice lol. Klaus said Silvio is so cute when he’s sleeping.

Klaus is cute. I like him. But where’s the story!? (#ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻
I’m willing to let it slide if they give him a baby ending, but no. While Matheus and Alfred live happily with their kids, Klaus only gets to marry Tiana after that whole misunderstanding and stuff. Poor Klaus. It’s not that this route is bad since it’s full of fanservice, but.. Why you do this, Otomate? (´;ω;`) His side stories are cute though, especially the last one.


3 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Klaus

  1. ya there was no story to Klaus at all, when Hinano was playing hers i wasnt there for half of the broadcast and it never made any sense either way

    • Yeah it’s just a chain of events that feels more like an extension of his route in the previous game. But still it’s not enough lol. No baby ending for Klaus makes me sad. ;_;

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