Snow Bride – Erik

If you can’t tell already, I’ve been waiting for Erik’s turn ever since the beginning. He’s my third favorite after Lucia and Silvio since I absolutely love how evil he really is. Hot bunny is hot. ♥

A few days after Erik returned to Sardine, Tiana received his first letter delivered by Klaus. The letter says that them sealing the dragon together is currently a hot topic in the academy. He was acting as the gentle Erik so his friends won’t be surprised, but snapped a while ago since they keep pestering him about Tiana. Now he’s slowly changing himself so they can accept the real him, and asked Tiana to wait until he graduates.

Tiana sent the reply right away, and they keep writing letters to each other. She treasured all of his letters and puts them all in a cute box. However, she suddenly stopped getting letters from him a few months later. Two weeks passed and it was enough to make her worry, thinking that maybe Erik forgot her already. She also went to check with Klaus if there’s any letters from him, but Klaus didn’t get anything from Erik since the last letter he gave to her.

A month went by and there’s still no letters from Erik. Klaus said he’s going to Sardine next week and offered to take Tiana along. She made a jam with Lotte’s help before the departure, thinking that Erik would be happy to receive it.

Klaus went to take care of work when they arrived and Tiana waited alone at the inn. She was in the balcony when she heard Lucia calling her from the streets below. Lucia explained that last month, Erik’s mother fell sick and he had to return to Fasan. He gave her a letter written by Erik before going back to the academy. The letter only contains a short message: “I love you. Please believe in me and wait for me.”

It wasn’t long until she realized both Lucia and Klaus were hiding something from her. She refused to go back to Cattleya feeling like this and ran to the academy, wanting to ask Lucia for more information. But since it’s a school for royalties, the guards told her to go away since she’s just a commoner. Tiana gets the feeling that Erik’s mother is against their relationship. She was crying alone when suddenly someone tapped her shoulder. When she turned around, she found the person she’s been looking for.

Erik hugged her and apologized for making her lonely, but he missed her too during their time apart. He wiped her tears and said his mother was feeling better, so now he came to pick her up to go to Fasan with him. There’s something they have to take care of, and he wanted to introduce her to his mother. He warned her that they’ll face difficult times ahead, but Tiana decided to believe in him.

They took the boat to Fasan that night. Tiana finally gave Erik the jam she made. Erik was happy and said he can feel her taste upon eating the jam. He kissed her furiously to let her taste it as well. Actually he wanted to do it in front of Klaus, but he decided to hold back until now. LOL so evil! xD He said he’ll save the jam for later since there’s something more charming in front of him. ♡(。→ˇ艸←)

In Fasan, Tiana was greeted by Matheus and Alfred. They let her stay in the Heydrich castle and assigned a maid to help her. Erik guided her around the castle, but then said his mother’s still not feeling well so she can’t meet Tiana yet. But it’s Christmas, so they used this chance to look around the town together.

After seeing beautiful decorations in the ornaments shop, Erik said he wants to send a fir tree so Tiana can decorate it with his handmade ornaments on Cattleya’s anniversary. He asked Tiana if she thinks he can live alone without relying on other people, thinking about how it’d be if they’re not royalties. Tiana said he’ll be just fine. Erik was glad to hear that, but he admits that he’s jealous of Lucia who can survive anywhere he lives.

When they visited the sausage shop, Erik refused to get closer since he absolutely can’t stand the smell of meat. During his last visit to Fasan, Matheus teased him by eating meat in front of him saying he won’t grow taller if he doesn’t eat meat. Erik wondered why Matheus treated him like this when he used to spoil the harmless Erik lol. Tiana said it’s maybe because he doesn’t know how to behave around the current Erik. He’s far from “harmless” now, but he wants Matheus to look at him as a man and not a kid.

Tiana asked him why he hates meat that much. Even though he hates how it looks and smells, apparently Erik never actually eats meat. He doesn’t know how it tastes, but he refused to try since he hates everything else about it lol.

In the general store, both of them thought of the same thing: buying writing paper. They chose cute papers for each other to use when they’re writing letters. Unlike his brothers, Erik actually loves shopping. Tiana admits that she thinks it’s a bit feminine, but she loves Erik just the same. Erik doesn’t mind though. He might be hurt in the past if someone said that to him, but now he already accepts his real self thanks to her. If other people called him girly they’ll probably end up dead though..

They visited Wildgans lake next, where Tiana asked about what Erik learned at school. He explained that they’re studying a lot of things ranging from history until swordskills, but he’s not taking them seriously since they only need to graduate and people won’t ask about their grades. Recently he’s thinking of attending classes seriously though, since he wants to graduate properly.

Erik told Tiana to be careful since recently someone drowned in the lake — his father, the previous king Balthazar. His body is still missing. Erik doesn’t have any memories with him, so he’s not sad. But actually he doesn’t wanna believe that his father’s dead until he saw it with his own eyes.

They went back to the castle holding hands and ate dinner together that night. Erik missed her cooking and Tiana told him to wait until he graduates, then he can eat her cooking everyday. Erik wants to stay at her place during summer vacation next year. Their dinner was soon interrupted when a maid came to tell Erik that he had a guest, so Tiana went back to her room and waited for him. She soon fell asleep and woke up to find Erik on top of her.

Erik’s worried that she’d get taken away by other guys during their time apart, and he regretted not doing this sooner in Cattleya. Tiana admits that she felt the same when he stopped sending her letters, but Erik told her not to worry since there’s nobody but her in his eyes. After she said she loves him, Erik kissed her and let her go. For now. He’ll continue after he grows up.

The next day, Tiana saw Erik waving to her from the castle grounds. He teased her about last night and they end up having a snowball fight. Erik soon had to see his mother again, so Tiana waited alone in her room. A maid soon came with some baked sweets, but just before Tiana eats it, suddenly the maid pulled out a dagger and stabbed her arm. Luckily Alfred heard the commotion and came with some guards, seizing the maid right away and ordered her to spill the truth.

It turns out that the maid was sent by Edith, Erik’s mother. She wasn’t trying to kill her, but just to scare her enough so she’ll leave Fasan. Tiana was shocked. She knew Erik’s mother was against their relationship, but she never thought she’d go this far. Though Alfred wanted to call Erik, Tiana asked him not to tell Erik for now. Knowing how much he loves his mother, this would only hurt him.

Matheus was the one who finally told her everything. The reason isn’t because Tiana is a commoner. Edith wants to avoid Barbara (Matheus’ mother) and Angelica, so Erik marrying a commoner would be better for her. It’s because Tiana is the beastmaster who saved them all from the dragon. If Erik marries such a strong person, the Maltritz family will surely aim for the throne by using her power. They knew that even Matheus won’t be a match for her, even if Tiana doesn’t want to use her power to hurt people.

Edith’s biggest fear is for Erik to get involved in the dispute over the throne, so naturally she was against their relationship. This was the reason why she got sick in the first place. Matheus and Alfred were hiding Tiana in the castle all this time, but the attack earlier means that the whole Maltritz family must have found out about her presence. Tiana felt really bad since she was the reason Erik’s mother fell sick. She was crying when Erik finally came, shocked to see her in such a state.

Tiana told him she’s going back to Cattleya, surprising him even more. Erik asked for her reason, but instead of answering, Tiana asked him if he still wants to be king — even if just a little bit. Erik couldn’t answer and Tiana took out her flute. She trusts him, but she won’t let anyone use her power to hurt others. Then she left the castle.

As she ran out of the castle, Tiana fell and scattered the paper Erik chose for her that day. It got wet in the snow, she had to leave it. Tiana cried and said goodbye to Erik, leaving Fasan.

After she returned to Cattleya, Tiana tried to forget Erik. She told Lotte everything when the latter came to visit, and Lotte told her not to lie to her heart. She knows how much Tiana loves Erik, so she shouldn’t force herself to forget him. As time passed by, Tiana started to regret her decision of leaving Erik back then.

One week later, Tiana brought some kittens to perform at the fountain plaza. Sadly they don’t listen to her at all when she blew her whistle, no matter how many times she tried. The viewers started leaving one by one until finally she was left alone, realizing she can’t perform feeling like this. Her life feels so empty after parting with Erik, and she realized she can never forget him after all. Tiana started crying, but soon she heard a familiar violin sound. She looked around and found Erik playing violin, not too far from where she was.

Erik came closer and told Tiana to stand, blow her whistle again. She tried again, this time successfully making the kittens dance. Erik played his violin again as she resumed her performance. It was a success, now that he came back into her life.

They went back to Tiana’s house, where Erik admits it’s his fault that his mother went that far. That day he couldn’t answer Tiana’s question because honestly, he still had some lingering feelings for the throne. But by doing that he lost her instead. Now he has made a decision. Erik showed her a document stating that he has officially renounced his right of succession. After Tiana left, Erik realized there’s only one thing he wants in the world. Not the throne, not his family. It’s her.

From now on Erik will live for her sake, to make her dream come true. By being apart, Tiana also realized that her life lost its meaning without him. Erik thanked her for accepting him and won’t let her go ever again.

After Erik went back to Sardine a few days later, he sent her a letter informing that his mother has fully recovered and is now living a quiet life in the Fasan outback. Edith is satisfied since it’s the the kind of life she’s been wishing for. She wants to apologize to Tiana, so it’d be nice if they can meet someday. Erik also said he passed the exam and became a special student in the academy. He asked Tiana to keep writing to him until he graduates.

Three years later, Tiana came to Sardine to see Erik. It’s the Royal Academy’s anniversary, so everyone’s allowed to enter. She soon met Erik, who didn’t waste anytime and kissed her right away because he really missed her. He’s going to graduate soon, staying with her after that so they’re gonna be together everyday. Erik was glad he continues attending school since he’ll have no problem earning money after he graduates, living without relying on other people.

Erik wants to leave the academy for today since she already promised he can do anything he likes to her when he grows up. He’s going to stay with her for tonight since he’s been holding back. He won’t let her sleep tonight, so be prepared! (〃ノωノ) キャー♡

Below are Erik’s side stories.

Erik’s Diary 1
Erik asked for Tiana since his fur was tangled on the back of his head. After she’s done petting him, Erik climbed up to her head because he wants to do the same. He thinks she’ll get angry if he did it in his human form, so he’s doing it now when he’s a bunny. In the end Erik’s still not satisfied and hopes she can turn into an animal so he can pet her as much as he likes.

Erik’s Diary 2
Erik bought fruit cakes for Tiana and him, to thank her for always taking care of them. He asked her if he can always stay here since he really likes his life with her, but she told him to graduate from the academy first. Erik then started feeding her the cake, and Tiana just couldn’t resist him. He enjoyed it so much that he feeds her his cake too. (*´∀`*)ホケェ

Erik’s Diary 3
Tiana found Erik telling Lucia, who was snacking on the bed, to clean up his super messy room. Lucia was lazy but eventually moved after Erik threatened to throw him outta the window. Erik did it because he thinks it must be hard for Tiana to clean up Lucia’s mess everyday, making her happy upon hearing this. He asked Tiana if they should “take care” of Lucia instead so it’d be clean for eternity ROFL.

Erik’s Diary 4
Tiana heard Alfred doing sit-ups in the garden and went to tell him to do it inside. She found Erik sitting on Alfred’s hind legs, telling Alfred to do it again from count 95 since he didn’t really touch the ground. Then after Alfred finally reached 100, Erik told him to do it all over again from 1 without taking a break lol. Alfred said his legs hurts since Erik puts too much power, but Erik said he’d get thrown away if he didn’t do so. Since Alfred took a break by talking, he’s increasing the amount to 150 now. He really finished training that night, not realizing that Erik was trying to toy with him.

I’ve said this again and again, but damn Erik is HOT. ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ He’s a sexy bad boy. I like him more than Matheus in that sense. This route is nice story-wise, but something feels missing since the main issue was suddenly resolved when Erik came to Cattleya. My opinion about Erik still doesn’t change. He’s still the coolest guy out of the whole bunch.. and DAT VOICE OMG. In the side stories he speaks with that low, sexy voice even when he’s a bunny. You should hear the things he says with that voice during the mofumofu times. ドキ(〃ω〃)ドキ


5 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Erik

  1. I told you man, SEX BUNNY アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ!
    but yea his story ending was balls. it’s like the writer caught the swine flu and was out of commission for the rest of the project.

    • ROFL yea sexbunny totally fits (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ
      Too bad about his story though, would be much better if we get to see what happened instead of just being told like that. ಠ_ಠ

  2. Eric is just bad for the heart, seriously
    i cant remember how many times i have said this *sigh*
    and story seems to to have just cut off after some point there

    • But that’s why I like him ♡(。→ˇ艸←)
      Not a fan of shota-types, but Erik is awesome. I can’t help it.
      Yea too bad about the story. I like the epilogue though, and I guess Erik’s sexiness made up for the cut-off story.

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