Snow Bride – Lucia

The last route in Snow Bride. I took my time playing this, but then weekend hits and suddenly I’ve completed the game lol. A part of me doesn’t want it to end, but I can’t stop playing either.

A month after the dragon incident, Lucia is still staying in Cattleya. He’s busy helping Klaus with work and chasing Kurt around. Tiana received a letter from Frantz informing about Belinda’s recovery, as well as how he’s not satisfied with Lucia. But the good news is that Lucia’s mother approved their relationship when he told her. He was so happy when Tiana brought him some cookies, so she decided to cook for him everyday.

Apparently Lucia had a fight with Frantz before Tiana regained consciousness after fighting the dragon. He banned everyone from entering her room, and Frantz was no exception since Lucia didn’t remember his face. This explains the reason Frantz doesn’t like him, but Belinda approves and is cheering for them. Lucia wants to do his best to make Frantz accept him.

Lucia is still sad about his grandfather’s death. The late Pope knew about Tiana since Lucia kept rejecting arranged marriages. He encouraged Lucia to go for it if it makes him happy. Since he used to enjoy the annual contest too, Lucia wanted to introduce Tiana to him. It’s too late now since he was assassinated, but Lucia is happy and asked his grandfather to watch over him.

A few months later, Kurt finally calmed down and started doing his work seriously. This means Lucia has to leave Cattleya soon, returning to the academy in Sardine since he’s been absent for so long. Before he leaves, he wants to be all いちゃいちゃ with her — holding hands, kissing and more. (〃ノ∇ノ) Since it’s holiday season, Lucia’s going to Fasan instead of the academy. He asked Tiana to come along since he wants to introduce her to his mother.

The following week, Tiana went to Fasan with Lucia. She slipped on the icy road and Lucia caught her, hugging her until a soldier came to inform that Matheus was calling them: “いちゃいちゃしないですぐ来い!” ROFL. Matheus and Alfred wanted to give her a big welcoming party since unlike Lucia (lol), she’s a heroine who sealed the dragon. Erik was also home for the holiday, completely forgetting about their relationship and invited Tiana to look around the town with him.

After some more bickering, Erik relayed a message that Charlotte, Lucia’s mother, was inviting them for tea. Tiana followed Lucia to meet her. Unlike the other moms in the game, Charlotte is a very kind person who welcomed Tiana warmly, so she really enjoyed their time together. She’s also plump, which makes Lucia worried since he resembles his mother more than his father. Tiana said it’s okay if he gets fat a little, since Lucia is Lucia. She loves him because he’s a hardworker even if he doesn’t realize it himself. Lucia was touched and kissed her in the castle yard.

It was Christmas and Lucia thinks it’s boring, but he took Tiana around to make her happy. A man bumped into her in front of the ornament shop, asking her for money to fix his “hurt shoulder”. Naturally, Lucia refused. The man then called his friends to surround them, but Lucia took out a bag of gold powder and threatened to curse them. Apparently they heard rumors about the curse being so awful it makes that Alfred went through a painful experience. They all ran away, scared of being cursed.

Lucia said it’s lucky he always carry around the gold powder with him, just in case. He’s not good at fighting and can only win in arguments, but its okay since he only needs violin. He knows he still has to work hard before Frantz will accept him though.

When they walked by the sausage shop, Lucia said it’s a dangerous place. It’s so delicious you can’t stop eating. Tiana wanted to try despite his protests, so he bought two sausages and bread for them. It was indeed delicious and Tiana wants to eat again before returning to Cattleya, but Lucia asked her not to bully him like that. He won’t be able to stop eating and get fat lol, but he agreed to take her here again since she likes it so much. They left before Lucia wants to buy more.

In the general store, Lucia asked Tiana if she isn’t cold with the clothes she’s wearing. Since it gets really cold at night, Lucia told her to pick something to keep her warm. She took a muffler and he gladly bought it for her, saying it’s what lovers do — buying presents for each other. They walked around the festival until it was dark, and Tiana asked if she’s staying at the castle tonight. Lucia’s mother asked him to bring her to the Rozenburg castle, but he thought she’d feel uneasy there and booked an inn for her.

Knowing that Tiana would feel lonely, Lucia’s staying with her at the inn. He only got one room for them though, since the other rooms were fully booked. Tiana was shy but she doesn’t mind sharing the room with him, they’re lovers after all. That night after she took a dip in the hot springs, Tiana returned to her room and found Lucia sleeping. She was looking at his sleeping face when suddenly he opened his eyes, telling her not to stare so much, and pulled her on top of him.

Lucia said she smells good and laughed when she blushed. He asked her to kiss him since she was the one who attacked him first, revealing that he was actually awake when she was staring at his sleeping face lol. Tiana gave him a light kiss, which wasn’t enough. He pulled her closer and gave her a passionate kiss, saying that he loves her. Tiana’s mind went blank after that, only feeling the heartbeat sent through their skin. God, the sound effect here kills me. (*´Д`)ハァハァ

The next day, Tiana found Lucia playing violin on the street. It wasn’t good enough to stop anyone though. It turns out that Lucia sent a letter to Frantz, but he was told that the current him isn’t a suitable man for Tiana. But from Frantz’s letter, he knew Tiana wrote about him to her father, and it made him happy. The current Lucia might not be good enough for her, but he wants to work hard so Frantz will accept him.

Tiana was happy to hear that and hugged Lucia. He told her after the holiday ends, he’s returning to Sardine since there’s a good violin teacher in the academy. He wants to train hard all the way from the beginning. They’re going to enter the contest and win next year.

Six months later, Tiana received a letter from Lucia saying he’s coming to Cattleya a week before the contest. He’s been training hard, at times thinking of throwing away everything to come and see her, but he knew by doing that he’ll be back to how he was before. Tiana’s letters supported him during the hard times, and he always thinks of her when they’re apart. Tiana also practiced at the fountain plaza everyday so she won’t lose to Lucia. Her parents are coming to watch the contest, so they have to do their best.

A week before the contest, Tiana cooked a lot of food and waited for Lucia until it was dark outside.. but Lucia didn’t come. The next morning, she went to the castle to ask about Lucia and met Kurt, who said that Lucia didn’t come to the castle either. A soldier then came to report that Lucia’s carriage was attacked by some bandits. They already captured the bandits, but Lucia was nowhere to be found.

Tiana went with Kurt to the location, and she saw Lucia’s bag near the carriage. She found a small amount of gold powder inside, leading her to think that Lucia might have transformed. Tiana gave Kurt a brief explanation and asked him to search for a duck instead of the usual Lucia. She also went around the town looking for him, but found nothing. When she returned home at night, she saw something round slumped on the floor: a dirty duck that is Lucia. Tiana hugged him and cried, and he regained consciousness.

Lucia explained that he wanted to threaten the bandits with the gold powder, just like last time. But the carriage suddenly fell and the gold powder was sprinkled all over his body. The bandits saw him inside, planning to sell him for a high price. Lucia quickly escaped, but on the way he was attacked by some wild dogs and fell into the river. He was glad he made it to Cattleya and that he can see Tiana again.

After Lucia fell asleep, Tiana reported to Kurt and Klaus. Kurt reminded her that the deadline for the contest registration is tomorrow. On her way out of the castle, Tiana realized that they have nothing to turn Lucia back to human. She called Gerda asking for some gold powder, but it’s gonna take 10 days to deliver since she’s not around Cattleya at the moment. It was only a week before the contest.

It was hard for Tiana to say, but she eventually told Lucia that they might not make it for the contest. Lucia apologized and said they can participate next year, then he went back to his room. Tiana later heard him crying alone for causing trouble for Tiana, even though they’re only one step away from making her dreams come true. He shut himself up in his room ever since.

Tiana went to Gloss hill the next day, where she met Kurt again. He asked about what happened to Lucia and Tiana explained everything. Kurt was sad since Lucia wants to do his best for their grandpa in heaven too. They were crying together when Klaus finally caught up to him, and Tiana told him what happened. Apparently Klaus already took care of the registration for her, thinking that Tiana forgot about it. He suggested they make the gold powder by themselves, following Gerda’s instructions.

They went to Tiana’s house and told Lucia about this. Relieved that there’s still a way for them to enter the contest, Lucia went to gather the ingredients with Kurt while Tiana and Klaus contacted Gerda. On the day before the contest, Klaus finally finished making the gold powder. Tiana tried sprinkling it on Lucia, successfully turning him back to human. Klaus said he made enough gold powder for the contest, and Kurt asked him to go home so Lucia and Tiana can practice. She thought Lucia’s violin skills have improved so much. At first it was similar to her father’s, but it’s so rich and different now.

On the day of the contest, Tiana saw her parents among the audience. They were both nervous, but they’ll be okay since their hearts are connected. Just like Tiana’s parents. It was the bond that Lucia admires since he was small. Before they stepped into the stage, Lucia kissed her. He might not be a talented musician, he came this far just to make her dreams come true, but it doesn’t matter anymore. He used to admire her parents, and now it’s their turn to entertain people.

They won the contest that day, and everyone celebrated in Tiana’s house. Kurt brought a boar for them to eat, while Klaus got drunk and asked if Lucia wants to replace Kurt as the Pope after he graduates lol.

When Tiana came to the kitchen, Belinda left a note saying she’s taking a walk with Frantz since it’s such a nice night. She congratulated her again and said Frantz finally accepted Lucia as Tiana’s partner. He cried when they were declared the winner, probably thinking about how much Lucia resembled himself in the past since he couldn’t play any musical instruments too at first. Belinda told Tiana to keep passing the whistle for generations to protect the lands.

Lucia soon came and they also went out for a walk. At Gloss hill, Tiana thanked him for making her dreams come true. Lucia still can’t believe they won, but he knows that the most important thing is how they work from now on. They held hands as they lie down on the grass, and Lucia said he already decided to go with her — traveling around the world, protecting people from any danger like the dragon. He’ll protect her from now on. They said their love for each other as they watched the starry sky that night.

A few years later, Lucia and Tiana are performing in Fasan. A lot of people came to watch their show; including Erik, Matheus and Alfred. They were making some kittens dance, entertaining the crowd when suddenly they saw Frantz glaring at Lucia. Belinda was surprised at how much they have improved over the past years, saying that maybe they’ll catch up to them in no time. Frantz doesn’t wanna lose and started playing his violin beside Lucia.

Frantz got angry at Lucia for calling him “father” even though he’s not engaged to Tiana yet, but Lucia said it’s because Frantz doesn’t allow him. Belinda also joined in the fun, performing together with their daughter. Nobody knows, but Frantz secretly told Tiana that he wants to have a grandchild as soon as possible. (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・

Below are Lucia’s side stories.

Lucia’s Diary 1
Tiana was surprised upon seeing Lucia’s messy room. He lazing off on the bed, telling her don’t bother with cleaning since it’ll get messy again soon. He didn’t wanna get out too since Tiana might throw out his stuff, insisting that it’s an organized mess. When Tiana ignored him and started cleaning, Lucia pulled Tiana’s skirt with his beak, eventually ripping it. This made her really angry and started throwing out all of his stuff. Lucia quickly apologized and said he’ll clean it up himself, crying over his “treasures” after he’s done. He let her pet him to apologize.

Lucia’s Diary 2
Early in the morning, Lucia’s scream was heard from the kitchen. He wants to cook for her since she wakes up early everyday to make their breakfast, but he burned everything instead. He also made the kitchen messy since he doesn’t even know how to wash pots. Tiana said she’ll teach him and they made fried eggs together. He tried making it again by himself and cooked his first-ever fried eggs, just for her. Lucia wants to learn more, so they cooked breakfast together for everyone.

Lucia’s Diary 3
Lucia turned into a duck in the market and went missing, so Alfred asked for Tiana’s help to look for him. She looked around for him and eventually found in the the butcher’s shop, with a whole bunch of other ducks. Tiana took him out of the cage and brought him home. She was so worried about him and started to cry, so Lucia let her pet him to calm her down. He wishes she’s this aggressive too when he’s in his human form.

Lucia’s Diary 4
Tiana wants to pet Lucia’s cute white round fluffy duck butt. He called her a hentai but let her do it anyway. Silvio soon came and said ducks don’t need grooming, so she should pet him instead. Lucia kicked him with his short, duck legs. Tiana was afraid that they’re gonna fight, but they got into a heated cat vs. duck debate. They asked Tiana to choose which one is cuter, and Tiana escaped to make dinner lol.

This tsundere duck is still my favorite. He’s so cute and his ending perfectly fits the game’s title. He only gets one kiss CG when he actually kissed her a lot more than that, but I won’t complain since I like this route a lot. ♡♡(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)♡♡ It feels so short because I enjoyed it so much, and now I’m sad that I’ve finished his route.. and the whole game actually. Overall I’m satisfied with Snow Bride, but I still wanna see more Lucia. Oh, and this alone was enough for me to want a Kurt route lol.


17 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Lucia

    • LOL it’d be nice if he has a route. He’d make a very nice raccoon.
      I’m not going to do the diary since to be honest, it made me sleepy. No voice, no CG. I only took a quick read and the only one I really read is the last one lol.

      • actually there is a cg for after u finish reading all of them, its one of Belinda, Frantz, Balthazar and Bernad from 19 yrs ago

        cant wait to see the cgs \(^o^)/

      • I know, but it’s not in the diary. Gotta say that I love the CG though. Finally we can see Frantz’s face since his hair covered half of his face in the other CGs.

      • ahh so u did skpped though all the diaries, so u saved all the cgs already? Hope i get to see them soon (when u send me a copy, been waiting for u to finished >.< i missed some cgs from Hinano's broadcast) but take ur time with that
        and ya the last cg grew on me too, Balthazar and Matheus looks the same for real, and Hinano was getting angry tyring to see which diary she missed lol

  1. Great review! I didn’t think Lucia was cute before, but you managed to change my mind and the CGs helped too. I wished boys were as cute as him in real life. xD

    • Glad to hear that since I really love Lucia. xD
      Yeah I wish boys as cute as him exist in real life lol. Too bad guys like this only exist in otome games or manga.

  2. I haven’t gotten the fandisk yet! T___T Man, I really really wanted it after I finished the main game, but my wallet’s completely broke.

    Still, these are awesome reviews. It definitely makes me want to play the game more though XD;

    Out of curiosity though, what’s this broadcast that gets mentioned in all the comment? *outside who just happened to follow links to your blog >_<*

    • You should totally get it when your wallet recovers, 100% recommended. This series holds a special place in my heart too since it’s the first Otomate game that doesn’t put me to sleep. xD

      As for the broadcast, I think we’re talking about Hinano‘s broadcast. Pay her a visit if you haven’t, you can watch her play otome games live. :3

  3. I really loved this game ! But I’ve got a little problem, maybe you can help me. I’m still missing the last CG in the “Others” section. The last in the list. And I don’t know what I missed… I would be veryy grateful if you could tell me how to have it ! :D

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