Snow Bride – Silvio

Silvio’s route in the previous game made me cry, so I saved his route up until now because I know it’s gonna be good. I can’t believe I’ve only got Lucia left after this.. it feels so quick.

One day, Tiana woke up to find Silvio in her room. He sneaks into her house from the second floor window. Despite her protests, Silvio said he doesn’t mind seeing her sleep or change since he loves her so much. When Tiana said he can’t do that, he revealed that it’s just a plan to get the permission to enter her room. Now that everything’s back to normal, Silvio wants to reopen the medicine shop with Tiana.

Tiana started working with Silvio to run the medicine shop. She tends the store when he’s away doing deliveries or taking care of the herbs. After they closed the shop one day, Silvio asked Tiana to keep him at her house. He wants to eat her food and have her pet him everyday, jealous of the princes’ when they were living there. Tiana agreed and they started living together after she wrote a letter to let her parents know.

At first Silvio wanted to sleep in her room, but in the end he used an empty room since Tiana refused lol. Silvio wants to do something to pay back her kindness, so he suggested him doing performances with her. They went to the fountain plaza after work the next day, but nobody’s outside. Most of the townsfolk were still scared of the dragon incident. Tiana was sad, but Silvio told her not to give up. They started performing there even though nobody’s watching, and slowly people were coming to watch their show.

The crowd cheered and said they enjoyed the show, but Tiana felt bad because she’s not using a real animal. Silvio told her not to think that way since he is the first animal she tamed, and he’ll do anything to make her happy. He doesn’t like it if she performs with other animals though, so he asked her to only keep him as her partner. Tiana promised that she will only perform with Silvio alone. He also wants them to keep performing, saving enough money to go to Fasan — slowly making her dream comes true by traveling around the land.

A few months later, Tiana already got used to her job at the medicine shop. One day Gerda came and said she’ll run the shop when they’re away traveling. She also gave them some travel money as the payment for running the shop, though she later found out that Silvio’s been taking pocket money from their sales lol. He also reduced the price of herbs he bought from Kurt, but he never noticed since gathering herbs is his hobby. Silvio and Tiana departed for Fasan a few days later.

Since Fasan is a snow country, Silvio was complaining that it’s cold and he just wanted to curl up at the inn lol. It was his first time seeing snow too. He regretted not going to Sardine instead, but he agreed to walk around with her since it’s Christmas. Tiana held his hands to keep him warm and he hugged her instead, since just holding hands isn’t enough. (*´∀`*)エヘヘ

They visited Ostovice Castle, where Silvio said it’s cursed since he can sense the lingering spirits around the castle. They suddenly heard someone crying and thought it’s a ghost, but it turns out to be Erik lol. Lucia and him were home for the holiday, and Lucia forced him to make snow bunnies so they can sell it to tourists. Silvio asked why is that necessary since they’re princes after all. Even though Erik got some pocket money, Lucia had none. He used to blow all of his money on sweets and got fat when he was small, so he received nothing ever since lol. They also offered to give Tiana a beast, but she refused since she only needs Silvio.

When they visited the sausage shop, Silvio loves the delicious smell and bought two for them. He ate it right away, but it was so hot it burned his mouth. LOL nekojita, he’s a cat after all. xD Tiana put some snow on Silvio’s tongue to make him feel better, which gave him the idea of cooling the sausage on the snow for a while. He enjoyed eating it after it got cold, and he wants to bring some snow to Cattleya since it’s so handy lol.

They saw some scarves in the general store, and Tiana asked about the one Silvio always wears. Apparently he picked it up from the streets on a windy day. It was blown away from the shop and people kept stepping on it, so he took it back and washed it. Silvio went to do his own shopping after that, and Tiana bought a new scarf for him. He also bought something, but both of them keep it a secret until they return to Cattleya.

After they’re done sightseeing, Silvio turned into a cat and Tiana started performing with him on the streets. Suddenly a man came to stop them since they can’t do business without his permission, asking for protection money from them. Tiana soon noticed that Silvio was gone, but he soon appeared as a human. The man tried to attack and he stopped him with just one blow, receiving a big applause from the crowd. The man went away and they resumed their performance after that.

That night, Tiana thanked Silvio for helping her to make her dream come true. Silvio suddenly asked “Can I go there?” and climbed into Tiana’s bed, enjoying her warmth. He said he can’t sleep because it’s so cold. Tiana was embarassed to sleep with him, but she eventually gave up and moved closer to him. Silvio asked her to always stay with him. He’ll take her anywhere she wanna go.

A week later, Silvio and Tiana returned to Cattleya. Klaus delivered a letter from Belinda, which basically said she approved of them living together. Belinda was still recovering and asked Tiana to introduce Silvio when they returned to Cattleya. Tiana was glad her mother allowed them to live together, but she was afraid of telling her the whole truth about Silvio.

One day, Gerda came to visit the medicine shop. Tiana asked how she first met Silvio, and Gerda explained it was a year ago. She was forced to hide in Cattleya after Laura was kidnapped, so she can’t run the medicine shop directly. She started turning animals into human to tend the shop while she makes the medicine underground, but she kept failing until one day Silvio came to her. He asked her to make him her familiar, and Gerda turned him to human that day.

Silvio is smart and has always watched humans, something Gerda didn’t understand until she met Tiana. The reason Silvio wanted to be a human must be because he wants to love her. However, Tiana needs to understand he’s still a cat inside. With Gerda’s unstable magic, they won’t know what will happen to him from now on. It was the reason why he left Tiana that day. He eventually came back, but nothing’s resolved.

Gerda apologized. She cursed him again so he can be with Tiana, but was it the right thing to do? This made Tiana sad. She couldn’t get it out of her head, and Silvio soon noticed that he was the reason why she looks so upset lately. He knows that he will only hurt her since he’s not a human. All he wanted is to stay with her and see her smile, but he can’t make her happy. Both of them knew that this is wrong, yet they can’t let go of each other.

That evening in Gloss hill, Silvio asked Tiana to marry him. Right now, right here, just the two of them. Tiana nodded, and he put a ring on her finger. It was the thing he bought in Fasan that day. Silvio swore to only love Tiana forever and she did the same, sealing the vow with a kiss.

Some days later, Tiana found Silvio in his room. He was in his cat form and only kept meowing when she talked to him. She tried sprinkling some gold powder, but he didn’t turn into his human form. Panicked, Tiana called Gerda and found out that Silvio’s curse must have lifted. Gerda soon came with a stronger gold powder, turning Silvio to human again. She explained that Silvio’s body may have developed an immunity since he was cursed twice. He’s a human now, but he’ll turn back into a cat sooner or later. It might be the limit.

That night, Silvio apologized to Tiana. He thought he can stay with her a little bit longer, but they don’t know when he’ll turn back into a cat. Tiana said she doesn’t wanna be apart from him. Even if they didn’t make the vow that day, she couldn’t love anyone else but Silvio.

A few days later, Gerda came to give them a medicine from Laura. It was made by Silvio’s request, but Gerda and Laura herself were actually against him using it. The medicine will turn Silvio into a human completely, but he might die if it fails. Silvio knew about the risk, but still he’s willing to take the chance. Gerda gave the medicine to Tiana before leaving, letting her make the decision.

Silvio asked her to give the medicine that night. He said he won’t die so easily, since he’s a cat with a lot of magic power. It’s the only way for him to stay with Tiana as a human. Tiana had to make a decision here. Give the medicine to let Silvio be a human at the risk of losing him forever, or choose his safety at the cost of him turning back into a cat someday.

Happy Ending
Tiana gave the medicine and Silvio drank it immediately. He soon passed out, but his heart was still beating. According to Gerda, it’s the effect of the medicine: Silvio’s body will change into a real human’s as he was sleeping. The first stage was a success, but they don’t know when he’ll wake up.. or if he’ll ever wake up again. Gerda told Tiana to relax and believe a miracle will happen since Tiana has a strong power herself. Tiana decided to believe in Silvio and waited for his return.

From then, Tiana watched over Silvio everyday. A month has passed, and Gerda came to take a look. She said there are no signs of failure so far, so they can only pray for now. That night, Tiana kissed him and cried. She called his name and asked him to wake up, as she wants to hear him call her name again. Suddenly Silvio’s body glowed and he woke up from his deep slumber.

When he finally recalled what happened, Silvio said he feels that he always heard her voice in his sleep. He apologized for making her worry, but now he can proudly say that he’ll protect her forever. Tiana said she doesn’t need anything else but him in her life. Silvio then kissed her, saying he’s been holding back when he was sleeping. But tonight won’t end with just a kiss. (〃ノ∇ノ)キャー

A year later, Tiana is still working in the medicine shop with Silvio. Gerda came to visit her and Tiana asked her to keep being friends with her from now on, which makes Gerda really happy. Silvio came out from the underground hideout after she left. Recently he’s always wearing the scarf Tiana bought for him in Fasan. He asked Tiana to have a proper wedding soon, inviting her parents along with Gerda and Laura. Tiana agreed and said she wants to invite the princes too. Silvio wasn’t pleased at first, but soon he agreed since it’s a chance to show their love to them — especially to Klaus lol.

Tiana told Silvio they’re going to have a new family member next year, since she’s currently pregnant with their child. Silvio was really happy with the news. From now on they’re going to be a family, living a happy life together forever.

Good Ending
Tiana didn’t wanna risk losing Silvio, so she didn’t give him the medicine. She wants to be with him even after he turned back into a cat. It will be just like the first time they met. Silvio accepted her decision, saying that his dream of loving her as a human has come true. Tiana realized that they’re not wrong, because she won’t be able to love like this again. Silvio hugged and kissed her for the last time, then they said goodbye.

A month later, Silvio already turned back into a cat. He’s still staying with Tiana in her house; hissing, scratching and biting any guy who gets close to her — including Klaus. Tiana became a famous beastmaster in Cattleya with Silvio as their only partner, just like what she promised him back then.

That day they were performing in the theatre, with a lot of people waiting for their show. Silvio wears the scarf she bought in Fasan that day. It’s okay even if they can’t talk anymore, their hearts are always connected. Words aren’t needed between them.

Below are Silvio’s side stories.

Silvio’s Diary 1
Tiana felt sleepy after cleaning the house and took a short nap. She felt something fluffy and warm later, and opened her eyes to find Silvio the cat sleeping beside her. Silvio woke up and said he came in because she didn’t close the door before taking a nap. Tiana was still a bit sleepy, so they resumed their nap together after she told him not to touch anywhere weird. He woke up first and watched her sleep until he woke her up at night. Tiana was so embarrassed, thinking not to nap with Silvio again from now on.

Silvio’s Diary 2
After doing some fish-shopping for lunch, Tiana made some fish sandwiches for Silvio. He ate them happily and she cleaned off some crumbs from his face. Silvio was disappointed since he did it on purpose so she’ll lick it off his face, but Tiana refused to do it. He then told her to get crumbs on her face instead so he can lick it off. Tiana ran away embarrassed lol.

Silvio’s Diary 3
Silvio asked Tiana to play with him, but she was busy cleaning the house. He then took her hat and climbed a shelf, telling her to chase him and said it’s fun playing with her like this. Since Silvio won’t hear what she says, Tiana used her flute to stop him. He dropped her hat, and Tiana asked if he still thinks it’s interested. Silvio wasn’t pleased, but from then he never disturbed her cleaning time again.

Silvio’s Diary 4
Tiana heard someone running around and went to check out. She found Silvio, who happily showed her something he caught earlier. It was actually an unconscious Klaus on his mouth lol. Tiana got angry at him, which made Silvio sad because he only wants to make her happy by bringing her all the things he caught. Tiana said she’s happy just by having him by her side, and he asked her to pet him. She had such a good time playing with Silvio that she forgot to make breakfast.

Again, I cried a river in Silvio’s good ending. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
His happy ending was really satisfying for me, since I wished they can really live together when I finished the previous game. Sure it’s all Sleeping Beauty when he woke up, but I like the ending so much. Let’s not sweat the small stuff lol. Gah, Silvio is so adorable. Though it’s probably because I like cats too. (=^. .^=)ミャー This route’s definitely one of the best. But even Silvio got to make babies with Tiana.. poor Klaus.


6 thoughts on “Snow Bride – Silvio

  1. i think its because hinano did Silvio right after Klaus that i didnt really feel that emotional about this route, but the ending was pretty cute
    though the part where they are going to have a baby soon in the happy end kinda struck me a weird :P

    • Really? I think it’s natural since they obviously have been sleeping together ever since that night when he woke up. xD I cried because I’m weak towards that kind of endings, especially when it involves animals.

      • well i meant weird as in i still cant get over the fact that he was a cat, and i do get emotional with animals but for Silvio i cant seem to really >:|

  2. i wanted a cat like silvio XD

    gosh.. he’s adorable, and i was about to get sad at his good ending but it proved that actions speaks louder than words in terms of love

    anyway going to read lucia’s route ~

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