Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku

For those of you who have a PSP and haven’t played this, you should totally play it! I’ve been playing this for a week and it’s awesome. Summaries will be up after I fix my Photoshop.. ;_;

When her father fell sick, Asagi Haru had to help support her family. She quits her job at the factory and starts looking for a new job. That’s when she bumped into Egawa Chitomi and Arita Kisuke, who are looking for a new maid for the Miyanomori family. Haru applied for the job on the spot, leaving her hometown to work in their mansion in Tokyo. She thought working as a maid would be fun.. until she meets the six Miyanomori brothers.

The brothers have different mothers, all have divorced from their father — the head of the family, Miyanomori Genichirou. Being born in a big family, most of the brothers treat Haru like crap. They call her trash and view her as a lowly servant who doesn’t have any right to talk back to them. Not to mention Tae, her new tsundere friend there, keeps lying and puts her in trouble. Haru quickly realized that her new job isn’t by any means easy, but she needs to work hard for her family.

Not too long after Haru starts working there, Genichirou announced to his sons that he’s retiring soon and he’s making a game to determine who will be the next head. The brothers have to entertain him and collect points. The first one who reached ten points will be the new head, and they have until March to please their father. This is the reason why the brothers all have different mothers: Genichirou wants to put them into a battle for the position.

From here I’ll be referring to Genichirou by Gen to save space. Since I’ve finished the game, I’ll be posting the summaries in this order: Tadashi → Isami → Shigeru → Susumu → Hiroshi → Masashi → the secret character. Yes it’s from the eldest to the youngest, because you slowly get more hints about the secret character as you go down the list.


24 thoughts on “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku

  1. lol I’ll add this on my “to play” list if the emulators ever get updated enough….I’ve been downloading the updates for them every month so maybe by the time I clear my PS2 backlog it’ll work? XD thank you for the recommendation!

    • Yesss you should play it if there’s any working emulator out there. I hope it’ll work too so you can play it and fangirl over the brothers lol xD

  2. I’ve always been hesitant to play this game since it’s not quite set in a modern era… what’s the Japanese difficulty level like? I had assumed that since it’s not set in the modern era, the language/vocabulary would be harder for me to follow… I still can only read the easier kanji OTZ

    • I was worried about that too, but the language was surprisingly easy for me. Sure they use kanji for simple words like “doko” or “naze”, but it won’t be a problem if you listen to the voices. They also use old-fashioned terms (like “aibiki” instead of “date”) and some of the moms speak in heavy Kansai-ben.. but that’s about it. The language level is nothing like Hakuouki, so don’t worry. :3

      • *LOL* …damn it. I thought I’d be able to buy less game this year OTZ
        I wonder if they’ll come out with a twin pack so I can just buy the original and the fandisc at the same time…

      • Another question, is the gameplay easy to figure out? I went to the official website, but wasn’t sure if it’s one of those games where you need a guide just to get the good end (ie., have to remember to find item A here, but item B and make item C to get a good ending etc etc)…
        Or is it a case of, once you figure out the gameplay, you can get your good end without a guide?

      • It’d be nice if there’s a twin pack, so I can sell my copy to my friend and get the pack instead. Come on Otomate, we’re waiting lol.

        If you follow Peche’s guide it’s actually quite easy. You don’t need any items / lil stuff like that to get the good ending, just pick the right answers like standard visual novels. You do need to build parameters to pass the exams, but the parameters required are always the same for every route. So you only need to check the parameter-building chart + the answers. It might look confusing, but it’s actually very easy to follow. :3

  3. Yeah, Hanayaka~! This game was hilarious XD
    I tried playing this on an emulator, but stupid piracy thingy wouldn’t let me, so I had to buy it like a good fangirl. It was worth it though in the end.
    My favorite brother would have to be Masashi…he’s so cute, especially when he goes to the beach with Haru and they start writing insults+random stuff on the sand. (Don’t know why but he reminds me of Lucia for some reason…maybe just 1000X meaner, at least in the beginning)
    Good luck with Photoshop. I hear it’s really complicated to use…maybe switch to Gimp if it becomes too troublesome…? :S

    • Yeah my friend kinda forced me to buy this, but it’s worth it.
      Now I’m thinking of buying the fanbook when I have enough money. :3

      I actually think Masashi = Lucia and Erik combined into one ROFL. Just a lot meaner in the beginning. I like him a lot too since he’s so cute when he’s being a tsundere. That and because of the voodoo doll exchange LOL. My favorite is Isami, then Masashi. But I like all of the brothers since they’re so stupid. xDDD

      My Photoshop was gone from my PC yesterday, dunno why ಠ_ಠ
      I’ve been using Photoshop for 10 years now so I’m already used to it. The problem is without it I can’t convert the CGs to JPG. Haven’t installed any other image editing program since my PC was formatted last month, and paint won’t do lol.

    • Thanks, I’ve followed you back. :3
      Yeah I really wanted an Erik header so I picked up a CG that compliments this blog’s color scheme the most. xD

  4. Ooh, I plan to get this game too. Goodness know when though. I have so many to-buy PSP otome games on my list that I can’t even bear to look at it now for fear of heart attack and wallet rebellion. XD

    • IKR PSP has tons of otome games. As much as I want to collect them, I’m afraid my wallet already ran away in fear lol. I’d recommend you to get this game if you have some monies to spare, it’s worth your every pennies. :D

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  6. I’m really sorry if this isn’t the appropriate post to ask this question on, but since it’s a general Hanayaka question, I hope you don’t mind me putting it up here!

    Since you’ve played all of Hanayaka and its FD, who do you think is the “main” guy of the game? With the OVA coming out, me and my friend are betting on who she’ll end up with and the “main” guy is probably the best choice, unless they do a harem ending.

    Thanks and sorry for the long post!

    • There’s no “main guy” in HanaIchi, honestly. Everyone’s roles in the main storyline are equally important, and they all have good chemistry with Haru. But if you’re asking who’s the most suitable person to be Genichirou’s successor, then I have to say it’s Masashi. He has his father’s brain. Though I don’t think that’s the answer you’re looking for. xD

  7. Thanks for your wonderful review and individual routes details! I started this game last week and really enjoy it. Wow, it’s a long game though. :) I was planning to start with Tadashi and finish each route in order (skipping Shigeru and Masashi), but somehow I’m on the Susumu route. I’m already thinking about buying Kinema Mosaic, lol. I didn’t know about the twin pack until after I got this game. Oh well.

    • Hello, thanks for reading my posts! xD
      Yeah HanaIchi is a long game, but Kinema Mosaic is even longer. It’s more like a sequel than a fandisk, and I heard the script is 30 cm thick LOL. It would be best if you start with Tadashi since the secret character’s identity will be revealed slowly, but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you leave Hiroshi and Masashi for last. I hope you enjoy HanaIchi as much as I did, and do play Kinema after you’re done. Both games are really good. :D

  8. Okay, thanks! I will start with Tadashi and work my way down after I finish the Susumu route. Will I miss much if I skip Shigeru though? I’m not too interested in his character. Sorry, Shigeru. :( Masashi is growing on me a little… so I guess I will do his route at the end. 30 cm thick, wow! That’s a lot of dialogue. Yes, I’m definitely going to buy Kinema Mosaic but will need to take a break first after playing HanaIchi, lol.

    • Not really. He does have some interactions with the secret character, but everything will ultimately be revealed in Hiroshi and Masashi’s routes anyway. That, and Shigeru’s route in HanaIchi was quite annoying since he’s being mean to Haru for no apparent reason.. so that might irritate you even further if you do his route. xD;

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