HanaIchi – Miyanomori Tadashi

I raised everyone’s affection during my first playthrough and ended up getting into Tadashi’s route. He might look like a serious workaholic megane, but he’s so stupid it’s adorable. xD

The eldest of the Miyanomori brothers, 34 years old. The head of Miyanomori Bank. He was raised to be the heir of the family and has a high pride. Thinks of servants as nothing more than trash or bugs. Tadashi is the son of Sumida Sanae, and talking to his mother ruins his mood so much he won’t be able to work. Born on March 1 and his hobby is.. work.

Tadashi’s mother, Sanae, comes from a big traditional family with a long history in Japan. She’s known as a very strict and grumpy lady with a high pride, similar to her son. Most people dislike her and find her hard to approach. The Sumida family is getting weaker as Japan receives more Western influence.

Tadashi treats Haru like crap at first, calling her trash or useless maid and gets mad at her for asking him any questions. He told her to carry his bag and drove off with her to his office, then she had to go back on her own. After Masashi broke the broom she got from Hiroshi, she messed up and Isami said a useless maid like her should just die. Depressed by her new job, Haru was on the brink of tears when Tadashi passed by.

Seeing her like that, Tadashi asked if she’s gonna quit this job. His harsh words made Haru cry, but then he felt bad and let her cry just for now. Before he left, Haru suddenly hugged him and cried in his chest while he desperately tried to get her off him lol. Haru still wants to keep working even though she’s a klutz and therefore isn’t suitable to be a maid. Tadashi told her to continue working, putting more effort into her job so she can work properly. She was surprised upon realizing what she just did and ran off after apologizing, but Tadashi’s words motivated her to keep working.

On the Sumida Ball, Tadashi wasn’t interested in the engagement his mother offered to him and his brothers. He had to treat his partner nicely though since it was Sanae’s order. After dancing with her for a while, Tadashi saw Haru moving the poisoned food — someone puts a drug that will make anyone pass out upon eating them. Tadashi went back to his partner and treated her nicely, dancing with her to buy time for the maids to replace the food. He dumped his partner right after they’re done, making her cry. But Tadashi didn’t care.

In July, Gen took his sons and Tsukumoin Norio to drink in Shizuko’s shop. Norio fell in love at the first sight with Kurenai, one of the geisha serving them. Some days later Haru met Tadashi in Ginza, where he told Kurenai that a geisha can’t be with a group heir like Norio. Of course this resulted in a fight with Norio and Tadashi told Haru to go, but she couldn’t leave him alone. She followed him as he walked out and got on a train, even when he said she’s fired for not listening to him. After he calmed down they got off in a completely random area. (* ̄m ̄)プッ

Despite saying he’s firing her, Tadashi started taking Haru to accompany him after that. He also asked for Shizuko’s help to arrange so that Norio can talk to Kurenai, since she’s been avoiding him ever since. Tadashi brought Haru to the beach opening ceremony and gave her a parasol as they walked on the seashore. He asked her what he should do about Norio and Kurenai, and Haru said he should support them as a friend. But for now, he should leave them alone and let them take care of their own issue.

At the end of July, Haru got a letter from her mom saying they arranged a marriage for her. She wants to keep working, but refusing means giving more trouble for her family. When she returned to her hometown with Tae in August, Haru told her parents she’s in love with Tadashi to refuse the engagement. She was shocked when he suddenly appeared on her front door LOL. Apparently the brothers (especially Hiroshi) all came to her hometown to stop her engagement, so they’re staying at a hot spring nearby. They split up to search for her house and Tadashi was the lucky one. xD

Tadashi was confused when he heard their explanation, and Haru ran off panicking as Tadashi chased after her asking for an explanation lol. After telling him what happened, Haru said even if she refused the engagement she won’t be able to return to the mansion. She thought she’s definitely fired after using Tadashi’s name. Tadashi grabbed her and pushed her onto a tree so she won’t run again. He asked her if she still wants to work as their mad. When she said yes, Tadashi said she can keep her job and eventually helped talking to her parents.

After Haru becomes Gen’s maid in October, Tadashi became colder to her. He went out with Norio to talk to Kurenai on Kannamesai, completely unaware of the plan Gen was preparing for him but was curious about his Ginza trip with Haru. He later saw them done shopping and Norio said they look like a father and daughter. Tadashi left after telling Kurenai to marry Norio, but he still couldn’t get Gen’s fatherly image towards Haru out of his head.

Tadashi wanted to gain points on the Miyanomori Ball by the end of the month, so he was busy preparing an orchestra for Gen. Haru was worried and waited for him until he came home late at night, yet he brushed her off coldly and told her to just take care of Gen. She’s Gen’s personal maid after all, and what he saw in Ginza that day didn’t help either. Haru didn’t understand why he’s being that cold to her.

Tadashi: “You should take care of the head instead of me!”
Haru: “He’s currently out. Why am I not allowed to worry about you?”
Tadashi: “I didn’t say you shouldn’t worry about me!”
Haru: “So it’s okay for me to worry about you right?”
Tadashi: “That’s right! ..ah.”


Gen gave 5 points for Tadashi’s orchestra at the ball, though Sanae wasn’t satisfied unless he secured the position. However, Gen had a greater surprise for Tadashi. He gave Haru a makeover that night and told Tadashi to dance with her, as the reward for holding the highest points. Gen must’ve been waiting to see that priceless look on his sons’ faces upon seeing Haru in a dress lol. Haru has never danced before and kept stepping on his foot, but Tadashi seemed to enjoy dancing with her that night. ・:*:・(*´∀`*)ウットリ・:*:・

In November, Norio said he’s starting over with Kurenai. He realized it’s too soon for them to talk about marriage when they only met twice before. Norio also asked about Tadashi and Haru, noticing his growing feelings for the maid though he didn’t admit it. That night Tadashi gave Haru his room’s key. She was happy to receive it and he actually wanted to tell her that he enjoyed dancing with her, but in the end he couldn’t do so.

A few days later, Gen sent Haru to inspect the Taisho Exhibition in his place. Haru didn’t know what to do and bumped into Tadashi there, who was there for work as the event was sponsored by Miyanomori Bank. He was there to inspect too so he took Haru with him, probably worried about her. Haru never saw such a big event before and was amazed by everything. Tadashi was grumpy all the time, but he took Haru around anyway since it’s “work”.

They rested on a bench that evening and Haru fell asleep on his shoulder, when he was busy mumbling about them walking around in public. He gave her 5 minutes to sleep before he wakes her up, but later changed it to 10 minutes after seeing her fast asleep. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Haru was soon shunned by some jealous maids because she surpassed their years of hard work in such a short time. They tried to get Tae to join them, but she sided with Haru instead. Tae later returned to her room and found it flooded with trash, so much that she couldn’t get in. She knew it was because she sided with Haru, though she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Haru helped cleaning up her room, but she was looking down that day. Tadashi noticed something’s wrong with her and asked her to tell him everything.

As the maids were bullying Tae again, Tadashi suddenly came to their dining room. He got angry at them for playing pranks, telling them to work harder if they don’t wanna lose. The maids were really surprised since Tadashi went that far, but Tae was happy tsundere-style for what Haru did. She said Tadashi is actually a kind person, and he must’ve moved because it was Haru who told him about this.

Prime Minister Saeki, Hiroshi’s grandfather, was assassinated right before the Saeki Ball. For some reason, Kisuke told Haru to be careful of Tadashi. She met Tadashi in Ginza the next day when they bought some newspapers (Haru’s was for Gen so he can examine the pictures), where she told him about what Kisuke said. Tadashi said he will look for more information, and told her to pretend nothing happened.

After the servant exam by the end of November, Gen assigned Haru to be Tadashi’s personal maid while Tae was sent to the Sumida house. Almost everyone noticed Tadashi’s happy mood, though he doesn’t realize it himself. Norio asked him to take Haru to Ginza Matsuri on the 18th so Kurenai can meet her again. Haru was very happy to be invited, though he said it’s her job as his maid. (。-∀-)ニヒッ

Both Haru and Tae weren’t aware that Gen was actually sending them to spy on Tadashi and his mother, so they had to regularly report to Heisuke about Tadashi and Sanae’s activities. With Haru by his side, Tadashi feels like he just picked up a dog-like maid who waits for her master while wagging her tail LOL. He also asked her to go with the Miyanomori family to their villa from December 26 until January 3. By doing so Haru wouldn’t be able to go home for the New Year, so Tadashi told her to consult with Chitomi first.

On the day of the Ginza Matsuri, Haru was worried since Tadashi looks tired. He’s been working until late hours lately, but he insisted to go. Right after they part ways with Norio and Kurenai, Tadashi collapsed in Haru’s arms. She helped him walk to the nearest bench, and he finally admitted that he’s not feeling well. Haru got angry on their way home, telling him to get some rest and Tadashi actually listened to her words. After they left, Kurenai said their relationship is similar to Norio and hers.

Meanwhile, Heisuke received a report from Tae that Sanae sometimes throws a fit — breaking stuff in her room at night. Haru was told to go with Tadashi when he visits the Sumida house. She has decided to go to the villa so Tadashi won’t do reckless things again, and she’s going with him to invite Tae as well. That day Tadashi was angry when he left the Sumida house, telling Haru that Sanae wants him to take over the Sumida family. He was told to be the next Miyanomori head to help fund Sumida, then he should destroy Miyanomori because Sanae hates Gen. Tadashi said he’s jealous of Haru’s free life. He’s been caged for too long, he doesn’t know how to be free.

The brothers went to the villa along with Haru and Tae. Haru asked Tadashi if he receives presents from maids, and he said no. But after finding out that Haru had a present for him, Tadashi ordered her to give it to him — eventually snatched it from her hands since she keeps refusing lol. He opened the presents and found her handmade gloves with.. strawberry motive ROFL. He said he’s receiving it, but there’s no way in hell he’d wear it. xD

Before they left for the villa, Gen told Tadashi that Sanae is involved in Saeki’s murder, though they had no proof. Gen isn’t going to the villa and will keep investigating with Kisuke. They knew that Sanae’s deal with the assassin who shot Saeki isn’t going well. Tadashi was stressed because of this even after they arrived at the villa, but he started to enjoy his stay thanks to Haru.

The brothers are interested in Tadashi and Haru’s relationship. One day when Tadashi was teaching her to play shogi, they made them play against each other with a bet: the lost must listen to anything the winner say. Tadashi was confident since he was the one who taught her, but Masashi gave Haru a hint. Haru wanted to win too since it’s a rare chance. She kept chasing him and slapping down a winning hand one after another, eventually winning the match while Tadashi was screaming “違う!嘘だー!” in a pathetic voice LOL.

But Haru is just a simple girl with no unnecessary greed in mind, so she only asked Tadashi to have a snowball fight with her. She noticed him wearing her strawberry gloves and it made her happy. xD

On the New Year’s Day, they all went to the shrine together. Haru prayed for Tadashi to be the next Miyanomori head this year. On their way home, Tadashi said he had to do something in the Sumida house after they got back. He’s going to make some time just for her after that. However, Tadashi became cold like how he was before after returning. This was enough for Heisuke to decide that Tadashi isn’t involved and reported this to Gen.

Haru was worried and waited in front of his room that night, wanting to talk to him. Tadashi came out late at night and found her asleep on the hallway. He took her to his room, where he told her that he’s been focusing on his work only since he’s depressed. After they got back from the villa, Gen told him about Sanae’s involvement after he promised not to ask anything about the assassin. Tadashi went to ask Sanae about this and she got mad because of the accusation. Sanae decided she can’t rely on Tadashi anymore and disowned him, as she was aiming to revive the Sumida family with another person.

Tadashi was brought up to be the next head, so this made him lost his reason to continue working to get the position. After hearing all of this, Haru swore her loyalty to him. She will always serve him no matter what happens. Tadashi was touched and hugged her, saying he feels peaceful whenever he’s with her.

He asked what he should do from now on. Haru told him to seek the truth, then find a new goal. Search for what he’s missing in his life together with her. He should be the head for himself, not for other people.

In February, Haru was sent to spy on the Sumida house after the exam. She had to keep this a secret too and couldn’t tell anyone. The next night, she told Tadashi that she’s quitting her position as his personal maid. She couldn’t tell him why, or else she’ll get fired and can’t serve Tadashi anymore. Tadashi got angry thinking Haru’s leaving him, so he told her not to show her face in front of him again.

The next day, Haru was missing. Tae panicked and told him that according to Chitomi, Haru went to the Sumida house by Gen’s order. Tadashi later heard from Heisuke that she did it for his sake. Kisuke is missing so they had to send her to gather information.

Unfortunately, Sanae knows what she’s up to and didn’t let her go out nor use the phone. She was trapped inside the Sumida house with no way out. Tadashi tried coming but the guards didn’t let him in. He worked with Norio and figured out the assassin’s identity from Gen’s old records, finding out that both Sanae and him hates Gen and wants to kill him. The assassin is also Sanae’s backup for the head position just in case Tadashi fails.

Since the Tokkou and police were bribed by Sanae, Tadashi asked Isami to take his army and rescue Haru. He also told Isami that Gen actually knows the assassin who shot his back months ago. This is a personal fight betwen Tadashi and Gen, plus he needs to apologize to Haru. Isami agreed and ransacked the Sumida house that night, rescuing Haru along with a tied-up Kisuke from the basement. Sanae was arrested. Haru and Kisuke went back to the Miyanomori mansion, where she was reunited with Tadashi.

Tadashi apologized for doubting her and not believing in her. He also took her to Ginza and ate lunch together, giving his time for her just like what he promised before. Sanae was soon released since there wasn’t enough proof to convict her, but the Sumida family is now collapsing and she continues to throw fits at night out of irritation.

Tadashi buys Haru from Gen so she won’t be used for such things anymore. Now that he owns her, Tadashi gave her a choice if she wants to go back home. Haru chose to continue serving Tadashi over going back home and getting married. Tadashi also came to see Sanae for one last time, and she blamed him for not taking the head position quickly. He said it’s her own fault that the Sumida family is destroyed and left her. Sanae was frustrated, but Tadashi actually did it to release her from a chain that is the Sumida family name. He wants her to be a normal mother.

At the Tsukumoin Ball, Norio proposed to Kurenai in public so his family had to accept their relationship. When he got home, Tadashi asked Haru if she’ll continue serving him after he gets married. She fell into a short silence, but answered she will. From then she found it hard and painful to think about what will happen from now on, eventually getting sick on Tadashi’s birthday.

Some days later, Shizuko came to inform Tadashi that Kurenai’s quitting her job. She told Tadashi to think carefully about Haru’s and his own feelings. Norio and Kurenai also reported that they’re getting married, and Norio told him not to regret whatever decision he’s going to make about Haru.

One night, Tadashi told Haru that he knows they like each other. But still she’s a maid and he’s her master. That can’t be changed, so he told Haru to get out without telling her the reason. She was removed from his personal maid, which really made her down, but she accepted his decision. After they distanced themselves from each other, Haru realized that she’s in love with him. She decided to quit her job next month since it’s hard for her to continue working near Tadashi.

Meanwhile, Gen arranged another marriage for Tadashi. He’ll gain 5 points if he accepts, securing the head position. Tadashi wasn’t sure about this, but he accepted the idea after thinking for a few days.

That night when Haru was outside, Sanae appeared with a knife — going insane now that Sumida is destroyed. She yelled at Haru to bring Tadashi out. Haru refused to let her in and Sanae stabbed her until she fainted. Luckily Isami and Susumu saw what happened and quickly captured Sanae. Haru woke up in her room and soon Tadashi came to visit, having heard from Tae that Haru’s quitting next month.

Tadashi told her he wants to be the head for her sake, but after realizing their feelings, he can’t use her as his maid anymore. He finally found what’s missing in his life yet he’s letting go of it: “It’s you, Haru.” 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。He thought he can spend his entire life with her, but it must end here. Finally Tadashi said he loved her and Haru said she felt the same.

It’s finally Haru’s last day. She greeted him for the last time before he went to work, and both recalled all of their memories together. Tadashi thought that it all seems so far now. *credits roll* (#ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ But luckily it isn’t over yet. That night the brothers heard that Haru’s leaving, while Tadashi pretended not to care. They made a plan to get them together with Masashi as the brain:

Susumu — Told Tadashi that Haru was hit by a car outside of their mansion. Almost forgetting his line but luckily Tadashi didn’t notice as he was panicking.

Isami — Dragged Kisuke away by force to delay Haru’s departure to the station. Brutal.

Shigeru and Hiroshi — Told Haru to run since an angry Tadashi is coming, then told Tadashi that Haru escaped to the garden when they were treating her wounds. Hiroshi forgot his line, but was saved by Masashi.

Tadashi found Haru running in the garden and chased her, yelling at her to stop running since she’s heavily injured lol. After some chasing around the finally realized that they were tricked, but it made Tadashi realize that he can’t be without her after all.

Tadashi said he’s going to refuse the arranged marriage and do something about Gen, so he asked her to stay with him forever as his wife. Haru cried happy tears and accepted his proposal. Both swore not to let go of each other ever again and they finally kissed.

In the epilogue, Tadashi visited Haru’s parents to inform them about their marriage. She also started calling him “Tadashi-san”. Her sisters are scared of him, and made them cry as he explained there are scarier things out there: murders, swindlers, theft.. Her father asked what he likes from Haru and he couldn’t answer since love doesn’t need a reason. When her mother asked if Haru will be happy, Tadashi said of course since it’s him she’s marrying. xD

Haru dragged him outside and told him to propose properly so her parents won’t be worried. He asked her to keep calling her “Tadashi-san” and told her that Sanae is currently recovering in their winter villa. She seems to like it there too. Haru said she wants to meet her again, she’s not afraid if Tadashi’s with her. They went back to talk to her parents properly. They’re getting married soon and Tadashi said she’d look beautiful.

This is a serious game with quite a heavy story, but I had a good laugh. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ For some reason I found Tadashi’s laugh hilarious since it sounds so evil, and yet he can be so stupid at times LOL. Like that strawberry gloves and his 情けない scream by the end of the shogi match. God I laughed so hard tears were coming out. ,;.:゙:..:;゙:.::旦(゚∀゚ゞ)ダハッッ! I was ready to flip the table when the credits started rolling, but luckily its a happy ending. Sanae’s undoubtedly a mom from hell though. I hope she’ll be more friendly after she recovers lol.

Oh, and Tadashi’s night look is hot. (〃ノωノ)♡


3 thoughts on “HanaIchi – Miyanomori Tadashi

  1. I finished Tadashi’s route last night! Well… early this morning at 12:45 AM, lol. Had to get up at 6:30 AM for work, so I’m dragging today. I swear this game is going to turn me into a zombie from lack of sleep. Note to self… if it’s 11 PM, just save and put the game away until the next day. This was a fun route! Defintely not as angsty like Susumu’s one. It felt a little weird during the first few months choosing Tadashi over the other brothers, but once his individual route started, he softened up a lot. The months of November, December, and early January were the best… I loved the gloves, Shogi match, and snowball fight. The ending before the credits was disappointing, but I figured that something would change since it’s supposed to be a happy end! The rest of the brothers working as a team to get Tadashi and Haru back together was sweet… I’m even starting to like Masashi a little now. I agree with you about Tadashi’s laugh… it’s scary, lol, and his night time look… wow :) The hug from behind was great, too. Poor Tadashi, with a father like Gen (what a devious man) and a mother like Sanae (so cold), it’s no wonder that Haru made him happy.

    • Oh, glad to hear you enjoyed Tadashi’s route! :D
      I stayed up all night playing HanaIchi too, so you’re not the only one. The story is so good and you just can’t stop until it’s over. I think out of all the brothers, Shigeru is the most angsty. Followed by Susumu and probably Hiroshi. The rest (especially Isami and Masashi) are quite strong in facing their own problems, so there’s not as much angst in their routes. As for Tadashi, he’s such a big tsundere.. lol. That’s probably why everyone loves teasing him during the winter holiday. xD Since you have plans to play Kinema Mosaic, they pulled off a similar “fake ending” there too. It’s like you have a heart-wrenching bad ending before the credits, but then a happy ending is waiting for you in the end lol. Also, Sanae is indeed the coldest out of all mothers. Toki also considers social standings as important, but she’s nowhere near Sanae’s level. The other mothers are cool too. :3

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