HanaIchi – Miyanomori Isami

Prince キタ━━(゚(゚∀゚(☆∀☆)゚∀゚)゚)━━!!! Isami is like everyone’s favorite since he’s a prince in military uniform lol. He’s my favorite too since even though he looks scary, he’s a dork inside.

The second of the Miyanomori brothers, 31 years old. Leader of the Army Infantry Regiment, a colonel. He does all that he could for the country, not interested in anything other than that. Hates all things Western except his military clothes since they’re “uniforms” and not “Western clothes”. The son of Honjouin Toki. Born on April 21. Likes tea ceremonies and jujutsu.

Toki, Isami’s mother, came from a big family famous for their tea ceremonies. While Isami hates everything Western, she hates how traditional and stifling her home is. She went out of the main family, but her skills in tea ceremony surpassed her father’s. Gen was his student. She’s an easy person to talk to and has a good relationship with her son. Due to her influence, Isami likes tea ceremonies as well.

Just like Tadashi, Isami also treats Haru like crap in the beginning. He threatened to kill her if she makes any mistakes, including asking questions to him. During her visit, Toki went to Ginza with Isami and brought Haru along to carry her stuff. She told Isami to start wearing Western clothes but he refused since he hates them, as opposite of Toki who hates wearing kimono. Toki went shopping alone and people started staring and Isami and Haru as they were the only ones standing in Ginza in their kimonos. Isami took her to the parlor to avoid people’s stare. He bought her some shoe creams while acting grumpy all the time.

On the Sumida Ball, Isami ordered his partner around: “Don’t embarass me!” and “Shut up and dance!” He only danced with her once and rejected the arranged marriage, telling her to go home since she’s not suitable for him. This made his partner left in anger. Isami then saw Haru replacing the food and took her to the balcony. They saw his partner bitching about what just happened to Sanae, but she will endure it for the sake of getting Miyanomori’s fortune for her family. Isami told Haru that every woman who’s arranged to marry him were all like that. He’s not interested and is planning not to get married in the future. He also said he showed this to Haru only because he wants to. (*´∀`)クスクス

On the beach opening day, Isami told Haru to dig up a time capsule he buried on the beach. Inside was a letter he wrote when he was 13, saying he wants to make Japan a strong country. He did his best in the army, but from now on he needs money to be a major general. Without that title he won’t be able to fix the country. During the fireworks show, Isami found the lost Haru and got angry at her for neglecting her job. His words were harsh, but he watched the fireworks with her knowing it was her first time.

In August, Haru used his name to refuse the arranged marriage back in her hometown. That’s when he suddenly appeared in her house lol. He demands an explanation, so Haru dragged him out before they caused more confusion to him. Isami said he only came for the hot spring and wanted to see the guy who’s proposing to Haru, but he agreed to help convince her parents to let her continue working. He also told them that he needs her help since it’s an important year for him.

At the end of the month, Isami was pissed since he can’t get a promotion unless he gets married. He pulled Haru into his car and took her to Ginza, eventually meeting Toki there. Haru asked why he doesn’t wanna get married and Toki gladly explained to her. Isami desperately tried protesting, but his mother just ignored him and took Haru to the parlor. He tagged along, hoping for a chance to stop them lol.

Isami loved reading Grimm’s fairy tales when he was small, up to the point of learning German just to read it. He was so moved upon reading Snow White and wanted to look for a sleeping girl who will wake up with his kiss. Obviously nobody like that exists in real life, so Isami refused to get married instead. ,;.:゙:..:;゙:.::旦(゚∀゚ゞ)ダハッッ!

Some days after that, Isami gave Haru the book “Schneewittchen / Snow White” along with a German dictionary. Chitomi was worried about their closeness and asked Isami to introduce one of his subordinates to Haru. He knew what she was trying to say, so he agreed and asked Haru to burn the book. She couldn’t do it though since it was Isami’s present to her.

On September 20, Haru went to see the guy. She got bored though since he keeps talking about Isami, and he was here because Isami asked him to do so. Haru left and apologized to Isami, but she doesn’t wanna be with a guy who doesn’t even look at her. Isami said she’s being selfish but he also apologized, realizing Haru doesn’t want this introduction.

Isami and his army protected Prime Minister Saeki during his speech. The assassin managed to attack him though, and he also shot Isami in the back before escaping. Isami was taken to the hospital, but he asked to be discharged two days later to recover at home. Chitomi gave Haru the permission to enter Isami’s room and took care of him. Isami had a dream of Haru’s hometown, with her voice saying she’s waiting for him to wake up. When he opened his eyes, he found Haru sleeping beside his bed with the book he gave to her.

Isami started muttering to himself that there are people out there who are dying, tricked and insulted no matter how hard they try. He wants to save these innocent people, and he needs to aim for the top in order to do it. He can’t marry since he’s in the army, dedicating his life for the country. Snow White was just a trigger for him to make this decision. Haru suddenly answered, revealing that she’s actually awake the whole time LOL. She said Isami will get better and they’ll take care of him. Plus, she believes Isami will find his own Snow White someday, which made Isami goes “貴様ー!ヽ(#`Д´)ノ” ROFL.

In October, Haru became Gen’s personal maid. Gen also made a new addition to the game: do a surprising thing they have never done before and he’ll give them 5 points if it entertains him. This led Isami to get the wundarful idea of dancing with Haru on the ball to surprise Gen. If she accepts, he’ll let her ask him questions and Haru agreed.

From then, every night she secretly practided with Isami. He also bought a dress for her, asking for Toki’s help with Haru’s make-up and accessories. When he asked why she’s willing to go this far just for his permission, Haru said it’s because he wants Isami to trust her. Answering her questions would be the first step, as they would be able to understand each other that way.

At the Miyanomori Ball, Isami wore a tuxedo and danced with Haru. Gen was impressed and awarded him with 5 points. As he promised, Isami let her ask questions from now on. He also took her to Ginza as the reward for participating with his plan, treating her at the parlor.

The more Isami saw Gen with Haru, the more he wants a personal maid for himself because “it seems handy”. He asked Gen to assign one for him too, and it leads to this conversation between the brothers:

Masashi: “Having a personal maid is nice. You can do anything to them and they won’t complain. I want one too.”
Isami: “Free to do anything…” *grins like a pervert*
Susumu: “Isami-niisan, you’re grinning…”
Isami: “..no I’m not! I’m leaving!”
Hiroshi: “He must be thinking of something dirty.”

LOL yeah, just like what they said, seems like our colonel here spent a little too much time at the red light district when he was young. xD

On the day of the Taisho Exhibition, Haru went with Gen along with Isami and Susumu as guards. Again, they said Gen and Haru look like a father and daughter here. Gen went to the office and Haru was free to look around until he’s done. Susumu told Isami to go with Haru since he seems worried. Isami acted all grumpy but he couldn’t stand seeing her looking around slowly, so he grabbed her hand and took her around the exhibition. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

Soon Gen assigned Tae to be Isami’s personal maid since she’s an experienced one. Tae was happy, but after 5 days Isami found it boring since unlike Haru, Tae is a normal maid who followed the rules. He continued to envy Gen and Haru as his brothers made fun of him.

Before going to the Saeki Ball, they received a news that the Prime Minister was shot and died. Isami soon saw the assassin’s face in Gen’s magazine and recognized him as the one who shot him back then. He went to talk with Gen thinking he’s conspiring with the assassin. Haru was worried and waited until Isami came out of Gen’s room. He told her what he just found out and asked her why she worries about him. Haru said it’s got nothing to do with her position as Gen’s personal maid — she’s just worried about him and not Gen. Isami finally realized the difference between Haru and Tae: Haru lets her emotions show, and he likes it.

Haru’s closeness with Isami eventually made Tae jealous. She got angry at Haru and said she hates her after she passed her exam. Isami also asked about Haru’s exam result that day, making her even more jealous. Tae asked Isami to let her ask him questions too. When Isami asked if her reason is the same as Haru’s, Tae said yes. Isami got angry at her since she’s clearly lying, and her reason was just jealousy.

Tae eventually yelled at Haru to quit her job so she’ll be satisfied, and Haru did that because Tae is more important to her. Tae thought she didn’t do anything wrong either. Haru met Isami before she left that night, but she didn’t explain to him. She only said she’s leaving because there’s something that important to her.

It doesn’t take long for Isami to figure out that Tae was the reason, so he ordered her to spill the beans. He said Haru left because she treasured her, and Tae finally realized how horrible she was towards Haru. She asked for some days off to get Haru back, agreeing when Isami said he’s removing her from his personal maid if she goes. Tae went to Haru’s hometown and apologized, taking her back to the mansion again.

In December, both Gen and Isami didn’t go to the villa just in case the assassin comes to attack the mansion. Gen ordered everyone else except Heisuke to go to the villa. Haru noticed that Isami was worried. She met him in the garden that night, and she asked him if they can meet again next year after she returns from the villa. Isami was never afraid of dying before, but lately the thought of not seeing her again makes him sad. Haru also managed to change his mind about servants. He used to think that servants are just tools, but now he realized that they’re human too.

The next day, they all departed for the villa as planned. However, Haru got a bad feeling and was worried about Isami after all. She wanted to go back but Chitomi didn’t let her since it was Gen’s order, so Haru jumped out of the running care and rushed back to the mansion. Isami was shocked Σ(゚ロ゚*)ハッ!! when he saw her back, all dirty and full of scratches. Haru said she can’t leave him behind. Heisuke soon came and Isami told him he’s taking Haru away from Gen, making her his personal maid. He did it so Haru can stay, and because he’s impressed of what she did. Surprisingly Gen approved.

That night Haru was tending her wounds when Isami came to her room. He hugged her and said nobody could be his maid but her, and he regrets not doing it sooner. Haru then fainted since he hugged her so tight she couldn’t breathe lol. After she woke up, Isami promised to fulfill her one wish if he managed to beat the assassin. From then he also becomes more possessive of her and gave her his room’s key.

When Isami was teaching Haru German as they read Snow Book together, he suddenly sensed the assassin coming. He told Haru to turn off the lights and hide as he came out to face the assassin. Soon after they fight each other, the assassin noticed Isami was protecting something. He ran to the room thinking it was Gen, but he found Haru instead. Isami broke his katana before he could do anything and he escaped. Isami later got information from Kisuke that Gen’s planning to do nothing about the assassin. But for now they should just wait and not rush into things.

Isami caught a cold on New Year’s Day and Haru made a medicine from him. He drank it and told her to stay until he wakes up. The next day he asked about her wish, which was to be treated as a normal girl. Unfortunately, Isami had absolutely zero experience with normal girls, as the girls he ever played with are only the geishas from the red light district. He went to ask for Kisuke’s advice and arrived to a conclusion: kiss her. It was Haru’s first kiss and she left looking sad, which made Isami felt a bit guilty.

The next day, Isami reported what happened to Toki, who was speechless at what her weird son has done. She drove him back to the mansion so they can talk with Haru, and she told her being his personal maid doesn’t mean she has to hand her virginity to Isami. ププ(〃>艸<) Isami kept saying it’s okay to do anything to her because she's his, so Toki slapped him saying maids are not toys. He can't do whatever he likes to Haru.

By this time Isami already noticed his growing feelings towards Haru, but he didn't know how to say it. So he hugged her and apologized. He'll take responsibility by using her forever, not letting anyone else to take care of him except her. Toki could only sigh at how retarded her son sounds ROFL.

Isami was a bit shaken when Chitomi said Haru would have to get married eventually, she's a woman after all. He kept thinking about her and wondered what he actually wants from her, since he really wants to make her his. Haru also wished that there'd be no more arranged marriages for her. By Susumu's birthday, all of his brothers already figured out that Isami's in love with Haru.

On January 31, Kisuke said the assassin's coming to attack them tonight. Isami told Haru to go back to her room since he was the target. Haru followed the order and went back to her room. She found the window was opened and the assassin was inside, waiting for her to come back. He stabbed Haru though he said he has nothing against her. Tae found her the next morning and panicked, immediately telling Isami about what happened.

Isami totally flipped out upon hearing that Haru was attacked, and he took her to the hospital with Susumu. Haru heard him calling her to return to his place, and she eventually woke up to find a relieved Isami by her side. He apologized for letting this happen, finally realizing that she's an important person he can’t afford to lose. After Haru went back to sleep, Isami said when she recovers he’ll fire her as his maid and make her his wife. He’ll protect her all his life.

When he told his mother about this, Toki said Haru is a nice girl. But she doesn’t want Isami to throw everything he has just to marry Haru. She knows Isami’s serious though, so she told him to talk with Haru first about this. Haru was discharged from the hospital 10 days later, and she told Isami the same thing. She suggested they take some more time to think about it first. Isami agreed since he needs to take care of something for now: to kill the assassin who stabbed her.

From then, Isami started being really nice and visited Haru in her room. He even asked her if she’s satisfied with her small maid room, offering her to sleep in his room if she feels lonely. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え He took her to Ginza the next day and said he’ll find the assassin, convince Gen and Toki, then he’ll be the head for her sake. He asked her to follow him and she said yes. In the car, Isami said she’s an irreplaceable person to him and ordered her to say she loves him. (*ノωノ) Haru finally said she loves him and he kissed her.

Haru went to the Tsukumoin Ball and they met Norio, who also noticed that Isami’s serious about Haru. Norio’s announcing his engagement to Kurenai that night, and he told Isami to be careful about his relationship with Haru since he can’t lie.

When they got back to the mansion, Isami said the assassin’s coming again tonight and asked Haru to get his katana. She came back just in time as the assassin has just appeared to attack Isami, and they had a duel. Isami managed to injure him, saying he’s thrown away by the family. The assassin escaped again, noticeably bitter at what he said.

Soon Haru was informed that Gen arranged a marriage between her and a general’s son. Gen did it so Isami can’t marry her, knowing it’s an offer Haru couldn’t refuse — she would dirty Miyanomori’s name as well as putting Isami’s position in the army into danger. Gen ordered her to keep it a secret too, so she couldn’t tell Isami.

Not only that, but Gen also worked with the general to let Isami lead the 8th infantry in Osaka starting from April. He’ll give Isami the last 3 points he needs, securing the head position. Of course Isami accepted since it’s a good deal, and he might be able to get a promotion that way. He happily told Haru about this, kneeling down and swearing to live with her forever, protecting her.

Isami thanked her since he wouldn’t be able to come this far if it wasn’t for her. Haru cried, but she faked it as happy tears. She said she doesn’t wanna be apart from him, and Isami asked her to believe in him. He wanted to bring her to Osaka, but she couldn’t go since the engagement takes place on the same day as his departure.

Haru then went to talk to Toki and told her everything, asking if she can use Toki’s name as the reason she can’t go to Osaka with Isami. Haru said she wants to learn about tea ceremony under Toki’s guidance, and of course he was suspicious since Gen told him to do whatever he likes when he told him about his plan of marrying Haru. He accepted her decision though, saying he’ll see her tea ceremony skills when he gets back. The assassin also came back that night, saying he’ll postpone their duel until Isami becomes the head.

On March 31, Isami departed for Osaka, completely unaware of Haru’s engagement that day. Haru cried in Chitomi’s arms because she can’t do anything about it. Luckily she had Tae and Toki at her side. They gathered all the brothers after Gen left, asking for their help. The brothers split up to stop both Isami and Haru. Masashi and Shigeru caught up to Isami before he rides the train and told him everything. Isami had to choose: return and lost everything except Haru, or go and lose her but gets everything else. Isami had no doubts. He went to stop her engagement immediately.

He arrived not to long after Haru came. Susumu and Hiroshi were there, threatening Gen to stop playing with people’s lives. Isami apologized to the general and canceled the Osaka plan before Susumu and Hiroshi dragged him away. Isami was so angry and tried to kill Gen. There’s something they can’t buy with money, so he’s willing to throw away everything for Haru. She begged him to stop and Isami put down his sword, but the next time Gen ever does something like this again, he’ll kill him for sure.

Well, that actually entertained Gen. He made Isami the new head while Tadashi was bribing the general to accept what just happened LOL. Isami thought Gen was just joking, but he didn’t regret his decision. He doesn’t lose anything since he’s got her, and he can start over with her by his side. Haru was happy and Isami said they have to search for a new place to live. But before that, there’s something they have to do — get married.

In the epilogue, it’s finally their wedding day. Isami invited everyone including Haru’s family. Toki prepared a dress and a tuxedo for them, happy for her new daughter-in-law. From today Haru will be the wife of the Miyanomori family head. Isami asked if she’s happy and she said it’s like a dream come true. He told her to look for her family in the crowd, kissing her when she looked away. Toki and Chitomi thought they make a good couple.

Man, Isami is HOT! (*´Д`)ハァハァ Tall guys + military uniforms = LOVE. That, and his childhood obsession with Snow White along with his zero experience in dating ROFL. I really like guys who say things like “俺の女になれ!” or “お前は俺のものだ” so Isami’s like all of my favorite types combined into one. (*ノωノ) I absolutely love how he turns into a dork in front of Toki too. Speaking of Toki, I like her a lot. It’d be awesome to have a mom like her. She’s kinda snarky, which compliments her son’s dorkiness really well lol.


19 thoughts on “HanaIchi – Miyanomori Isami

      • Whoa, you finished this one… what’s the next review after HanaIchi then? :D

        I’ve only just started Uta Prince, probably about 15min into it… Haruka is an entertaining heroine XD

        Something else I was just wondering… no one seems to be doing a review for Desert Kingdom. Was it a bad game or something, if you know?

        • I haven’t really thought about what to play next, probably Clock Zero. The other alternative is Desert Kingdom, but it doesn’t seem to have good reviews isn’t it? I can’t find a whole review either except for small tidbits about the game.. Oh well, I’ll let you know when I play it. :D

  1. Isami is really _>
    I like his mother as well. Toki is a cool mom especially when compared to Tadashi’s mother. ^^;;

    I’m betting that the secret character is the assassin?? I’m looking forward reading your review about the secret character route.

    • LOL yeah the secret character is the assassin, that’s why he keeps popping up here n there in the brothers’ routes. Yeah Toki is a really cool mom, just like a girlfriend you can tell everything to. I think all the mom are nice aside for Tadashi’s. xD

  2. Our wonderful, dorky, super hot oresama who doesn’t feel 30 at all. How sweet the sound (of him yelling kisamaaaaa so many times that I lost count) XD
    His route made me laugh to tears…for so many different reasons. I nearly choked when Susumu said “Well, he is in the army.” (What are you trying to imply Susumu?! Oh Isami~ XD) I remember grinning like a creep when he ordered Haru to tell him she loved him. It was a typical Isami moment.
    I have to say that Isami’s mom is probably the only sane one in this game…at least the most sane woman that married Gen -___-”
    A lot of people don’t seem to have high expectations for this game not that the OP helped, since it makes it seem like it’s a lot darker than it actually is (the graphics also reminded me of my trauma from playing the notorious Edel Blume), but I’m glad that they’re more than impressed with Hanayaka after giving it a chance, if not flipping tables laughing XD

    • So true! I can’t believe my eyes when I saw his age.
      All I heard from his route were “Kisamaaaa!” and “Ore no mono da!” xD
      I laughed so hard during that personal maid conversation too, especially when Isami started grinning like a pervert imagining all the things he could do to his personal maid rofl. And yeah Susumu, what are you trying to imply? xDD I like how he ordered Haru to answer shorter too. “Ha!” ROFL Haru isn’t your army subordinate, you dork. xD

      Yea Toki’s the most sane woman that married Gen. Some of the other moms are also cool, but I think Toki’s the most logical one.

      ..wait, what? You’ve played Edel Blume? I ditched that game right after I started playing it. I’ve been eyeing HanaIchi since it got announced actually since Taisho era is love, but I didn’t have a PSP back then lol. This exceeds my expectations by far though. Nice stories, lovable characters and lots of LOL moments. <3

      • At this rate, I get to celebrate my birthday with a Masashi summary~!
        Erk…yesss…I played Edel Blume after Wand of Fortune only because they had the same artist. I was a fool…it wouldn’t have made much of a difference if I just held down the square button for the whole thing -__-”
        Lol what drew me in was the fact it was set in Taisho too XD
        Isn’t there also another game coming out set in the same time era too? I remember seeing it in Dengeki but I forgot the name…ugh…
        Oh and following up on one of the previous comments, CLOCK ZERO is amazing…if it didn’t have those stupid tests!! Well, actually you can just get the wrong answer and pick from the choices, but when I looked back at a guide someone posted on their blog…I typed in the right answer which made me really mad! DX (But of course, they are important if you get into a certain route…) It can get kind of scary though in one of the endings… o_O

        • Ooh, when is your birthday? Following my pace Masashi’s route will probably be up tomorrow, but tell me and I’ll post it on your birthday. :D

          As for the otome game set in Taisho era, is it Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari? I’ve never played Aromarie’s game before since the reviews aren’t so good, but Taisho era.. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え

          LOL I keep hearing that about CLOCK ZERO’s tests. Is it really that annoying? Thanks for the note though, I’ll just pick the easier way if possible. xD How long is the game? The art looks delicious too. I’ll probably start tomorrow after work. :3

  3. Yup, it’s tomorrow (sweet sixteen…but I get hail?! ヽ(`Д´#)ノ )
    Thank you so very much for all your summaries so far! They always make my day :)
    Sorry, I made a mistake. I was talking about Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku, but it’s set in the Meiji Era, not Taisho. I can’t say I’m a fan of Aromarie’s games either. The art bothers me a little too D:
    It’s not that annoying, but like you said, a good time saver is to just get it wrong and be given the choices XD Of course, it would be best to type in the correct one for the ‘finale’ quiz. The game is pretty lengthy and heavy, and it’s really best to play it in a specific order (kinda like Hanayaka) as things are revealed slowly. Recommended order would be Riichirou->Toranosuke->Shuuya->Madoka->Takato. Yessss the art is as pretty as the story. I liked the music alot too.
    Have fun! :)

    • I guess it’s today in my timezone? Happy Birthday~
      Have a great sweet sixteen. Ah saying “sweet sixteen” brings back memories. *is on her way to be an おばさん* xD

      Thanks for telling me the recommended order. I still need to type up the last summary for Hanaichi, and I’ll get started on Clock Zero after that. :3

  4. Omg… Isami! This was a great route!! I didn’t like him that much at first (I guess that’s pretty normal since he treated Haru like crap in the beginning), but his individual route… wow. There were many fun moments, like the whole Snow White story, asking Kisuke for advice on how to treat Haru like a normal girl and then stealing her first kiss, kissing her again in the car and ordering her to tell him that she loves him, lol. I even stopped getting annoyed with him always saying, “kisama”. I agree that Toki is a pretty cool mom, probably the best of the bunch. The only thing that was kind of weird for me is that Isami is my dad’s actual name, lol. Now I’m off to play Hiroshi’s route… I’m skipping Shigeru and already finished Susumu.

    • Isn’t he awesome? :D
      Isami did treat Haru like trash at first, but once he falls in love there’s no turning back lol. Since he often played around with geisha, you’d think he has experience in handling girls.. apparently not. I still can’t get over the fact that Haru is Isami’s first love, and it’s so adorable to see how he behaves around Haru. xD Toki, like Sanae, also considers social standings as a problem, but she’s surprisingly very accepting. I love how she helps her “dumb son” to get together with Haru.

      Oh, are you Japanese?

  5. Yes, he’s great! :) I think Isami’s route is definitely the best one so far… lots of funny and sweet moments and very little angst.

    Thanks for posting about the after stories, too! The picture of the Isami, Haru, and their baby is so cute.

    I’m Japanese-American, 4th generation. My great-grandmother was from Japan. My parents speak Japanese pretty well but we didn’t speak it in the house, so my skills are so-so. At least I can read and understand pretty well, though. :)

    • Oh, I see. That’s cool. :D
      Isami is such a strong character, so he won’t waste his time angsting like Shigeru does. Even in Kinema Mosaic, the source of angst in Isami’s route is Haru and not Isami himself. Enjoy the after stories, I bought and summaries them so you guys don’t have to pay and grab them from PSN. xD

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