HanaIchi – Miyanomori Shigeru

Next is Shigeru’s turn. Let’s just say I like him the least out of the brothers because of his daily appearance. His route doesn’t really help either. It wasn’t that bad though, still tolerable for me.

The third of the Miyanomori brothers, 26 years old. Son of Yasuda Shizuko. A free person who hates to be tied up. He doesn’t have a steady job, but it seems like he sometimes works as a geisha in his mother’s restaurant. Born on October 5 and his hobby is driving. He learned to drive for a mood change, and now his driving skills always make his passengers scream.

Yasuda Shizuko, Shigeru’s mother, used to be a number one geisha in Kansai by the name of “Ageha”. She’s a strong woman who hates formalities like her son. Due to her past job, she has lots of connections both in political and business worlds. Now she runs the restaurant “Yasuda / やす田” after her family name.

Since Shigeru usually wakes up at noon and doesn’t go to work like his brothers, Haru was curious about his job at first. Tae tricked her and she sneaked out to the garden at night hoping to find out more about Shigeru, but she found Gen and Heisuke instead. After Gen announced his game, Shigeru told her that his “secret” job is actually a geisha. He dressed up as a woman and helps out in Shizuko’s shop.

Shigeru said he and his brothers might be dancing in Gen’s palms all this time, and Haru said she thinks Shigeru’s a nice person before leaving. He noticed that she was trying to comfort him, thinking she’s a nice girl with a pure and straight mind.

When he learned that Sanae’s arranging a marriage for them, he wanted to wear a dress to shock his partner by being prettier than her. He ditched the plan though and wears a tuxedo properly for the Sumida Ball. Since he’s a son of a geisha, his partner refused to dance with him. Shigeru told her that her father’s famous for playing with geisha too, so a daughter from such a dirty man isn’t a suitable partner for him. She was forced to dance with him though so she won’t embarrass herself in public.

Shigeru then saw Haru replacing the food and said he likes hardworking girls like her, but Haru was too busy thinking that she didn’t hear him lol. She later saw Shigeru and his partner talking on the terrace and decided to go and see. Apparently Shigeru’s partner couldn’t forgive the insult he threw at her earlier. She pulled a knife and was about to stab him when Haru jumped in to protect Shigeru. Still, he shielded her and got his arm slashed.

Normally this kind of action wouldn’t be forgiven, but he just asked her to hand the knife. He won’t blame her, but she should never show her face in front of him again. He told her to tell her father about this, closing the engagement opportunity. Haru apologized for what she did, but Shigeru was glad that she’s okay and let her treat his wound.

In July, Gen and his sons plus Norio came to Shizuko’s shop. Unfortunately one of the geishas was sick, so Shigeru took Haru as the replacement. Shizuko helped with her make-up and she was given the alias “Satsuki” by Kurenai. Haru helped serving the whole family and danced with Shigeru. They didn’t know it was her.. except for Hiroshi, who recognized her voice. She answered when he called her name, blowing her cover lol. Haru was scared but Gen only laughed.

On the beach opening day, Shigeru took Haru for a walk by the beach. They talked about what happened between Norio, Kurenai and Tadashi, and Shigeru asked about Haru’s marriage plans. Shigeru wants to marry a person he loves and get out of the Miyanomori house, but for now he has to pay Gen back. Shizuko was in trouble back then and Gen was the one who saved her by buying (through mizuage) and marrying her. Geisha sell their bodies, that’s why Tadashi stopped Norio from marrying Kurenai.

Haru got lost during the fireworks display and met Shigeru, who sneaked out of their ship. Based on the conversations they had, Haru knew Shigeru hates himself and she asked him not to talk bad about himself so much. Shigeru only replied that she’s the only maid the brothers spend a long time talking to, and that’s her charm.

In August, Haru used Shigeru’s name to reject the engagement in her hometown. They were shocked when Shigeru suddenly appeared, following the discussion smoothly lol. Haru dragged him outside and explained, as well as asking for his reason to be here. Shigeru said everyone likes her and they don’t want her to quit. He decided to accept himself and join Gen’s game, and he asked how about her. Haru said she wants to continue working, so Shigeru helped talk to her parents the next day.

Unlike Tadashi and Isami, Shigeru actually gets along really well with Haru’s family. He played with her sisters that day, eventually falling asleep with them after eating lunch. Haru’s parents were surprised at how relaxed he is, totally different from what they imagined a Miyanomori family member would be.

In September, Haru feels sad because she can’t ask questions nor do anything to help even when Hiroshi and Shigeru told her about their worries. When she talked to Shigeru about this, Shigeru said of course she can’t do anything since she’s just a maid. He asked her to come to Shizuko’s shop if she wants to know more about him, though he doesn’t understand himself either.

That night before Haru comes, Gen came to Shizuko’s shop and Shigeru talked to him dressed up as “Ageha”, his geisha alias. He was planning to entertain Gen and get points that night, but somehow the conversation led Gen to say he wanted a son from a geisha. People will surely look down on him, being born from a geisha mother, and Gen was interested at how Shigeru would grow up in such position. He wants to see him turn back the situation.

After Gen said it doesn’t necessarily have to be Shizuko, Shigeru realized that he’s wrong to hope that he’ll find his real self. He whipped out a dagger and tried to attack Gen, but in the end couldn’t bring himself to kill him. Gen was amused though, so he gave Shigeru 3 points. Before leaving, he said Shigeru needs to face all the negative emotions buried inside of him. He told him not to run away from it since it’s the real him.

When Haru came to the shop, she asked if he found the answer. Shigeru said he did, but it’d take some time before he can accept it. He hugged Haru and cried. He was prepared to kill Gen after hearing his answer, yet he couldn’t swing his dagger at Gen’s defenseless back. Shigeru knows he needs to find the answer by himself, but for now he only wants to hug Haru and cry.

The next day Haru was still worried about him, but he said he doesn’t need her sympathy.

After Isami was shot, Haru met Shigeru in Ginza and he took her to the beach. There he told her he’ll learn not to hold back and bottle things up from now on. Haru asked why he tells her all of this since she’s just a maid, and Shigeru said maybe he’s just spoiling himself since she’s always kind to him. He knows she genuinely cares for him, unlike the other maids who asked about his conditions because it’s their job to do so.

In October Haru became Gen’s personal maid. On Shigeru’s birthday, Gen asked Haru to buy a present for Shigeru in his place. She met Shigeru in Ginza, where he asked if she’s getting a present for him. Haru said it’s a secret, but she decided to buy a present using her own money. That night during the party, Shizuko gave Shigeru a boater for his birthday present lol. Gen also gave him the present and he knew Haru was the one who bought it.

After the party, Haru gave Shigeru the present she chose and bought for him. It’s different from Gen’s present, but she couldn’t answer when Shigeru asked if she’d still buy it if they didn’t meet at Ginza. He said this present shouldn’t exist then and threw it off the terrace. Haru was sad, but he was being mean to her on purpose, expecting to see her reaction tomorrow.

The next day when he approached her, Haru quickly excused herself and he chased after her. Haru said she forgot that he’s a Miyanomori, but last night was a good lesson that reminds her she’s just a maid. Seems like it made Shigeru feels guilty, so that night he searched for the present he threw away. Luckily Chitomi found it and decided to keep it. She gave it to Shigeru, and the next day he thanked Haru for the present. He won’t apologize though since it won’t take back what he did.

Shigeru then asked Kisuke what he thinks about him. Kisuke said Shigeru has a good feeling and can see through people really well, but he doesn’t understand himself. Everyone has a dark side inside of them, dividing themselves into the “front” side they show to people and the darker “back” side. Kisuke couldn’t see this in Shigeru, but there’s nobody without negative emotions.

A few days later, Shigeru took Haru to the parlor in Ginza. Haru said she’s Gen’s personal maid, but she wants to understand Shigeru better. He told her it’s not easy to understand people since he doesn’t even understand himself. He just feels nice being with her. After they left the parlor, Shigeru suddenly said he’s going on a journey and left.

Five days passed and Shigeru didn’t return. Haru was worried, but actually Shigeru went to her hometown. He stayed in her house, playing with her sisters. Though he didn’t know the reason he came there, he was probably seeking for a family’s warmth and peace. Haru’s parents didn’t know the problems he was facing, but they told him to be honest to himself.

Meanwhile, Shizuko and Haru also had a talk about her past. She used to have a really persistent customer who wanted to buy her. Rumors had it that he’s a murderer. Shizuko kept refusing and he almost killed her one day, saying next time she refused he’ll kill her. That’s when she met Gen, who took care of everything. Shizuko knew it was the reason Shigeru couldn’t get out of the Miyanomori house up until now. He feels he should pay back the “debt” his mother owns Gen.

Shigeru finally went back home on the day of the Miyanomori Ball, and Haru was so relieved to see him back. He told her he was staying in her house and took her to the balcony, finally thanking her for the present and apologized that he threw it away. Shigeru was terribly confused about what he actually wants to do, so Haru hugged him and told him to cry when he feels sad. He shouldn’t hold back, she’s willing to be a place for him to cry.

In November, Gen suddenly handed Shigeru a gun and told him to protect him during the Saeki Ball. He knew Shigeru couldn’t kill, so it’s safe to give him the gun. Shigeru didn’t know what his father wants, but he thanked Haru and said he feels refreshed after last night. Haru noticed that he’s still worried about something, though he said it’s his problem. He wants to take care of it by himself so she should just leave him alone.

Some days later, Gen went to the Taisho Exhibition with Haru. He told her to go play nearby when he visited the office, and she met Shigeru there. He came with Norio and Kurenai to create an opportunity for them to make up. He also asked Haru to look around together, but eventually went off alone since Haru was still worried about what he told her last time. Shigeru didn’t think it’s her fault, but he got so annoyed seeing a hardworker like her.

Haru looked around alone, but she kept coming back and giving presents to Shigeru one after another until he finally asked her to go together lol. Despite what he thought about Haru earlier, Shigeru said he feels he’s getting more honest with her around.

Three days later, Shigeru took Haru to his room and gave his room’s key to her. He said he was 3 years old when Shizuko left the house and opened her shop. When he was 15, suddenly Shizuko came asking for his help since there wasn’t enough geisha to serve everyone. That day they had a guest from Osaka and he was impressed at how much Shigeru resembled “Ageha”. From then rumors spread and many guys started coming to the shop just to see him. He watches a lot of people while working, which explains why he can read people easily.

Shigeru returned to work in Shizuko’s shop again soon and Haru came with him. She got dragged to help again, and this time their guest was Tadashi (LOL) with some politicians. Shigeru and Haru got to hear some rumors about what Gen intends to do in the Saeki Ball by the end of the month.

Gen’s plan of taking Shigeru to the ball didn’t change though. During the ball, Gen left to greet his acquaintances and Shigeru waited for him alone. Suddenly a police approached him, greeting him politely at first. When Shigeru dropped his guard, he pointed his gun at Shigeru asking him to shoot the Prime Minister using his own gun. The police was of course the assassin in disguise, planning to use Shigeru so the Prime Minister’s death won’t benefit Gen.

Shigeru tried to fight back, but the assassin grabbed Shigeru’s hand along with the gun. He pointed it to the Prime Minister and pulled the trigger, killing him instantly. He also slashed Shigeru’s back before leaving, but Shigeru was so panicked that he didn’t feel the pain. He kept saying it wasn’t him who did it before fainting and taken to the hospital.

Gen sent Haru to watch over Shigeru, but he was stressed and yelled at her to leave him alone. He started breaking things out of frustration that he couldn’t even fight back. Luckily nobody saw him shooting the Prime Minister, and Gen ordered Heisuke to “take care” of any possible witnesses. That night Shigeru told Haru what happened during the ball, screaming that he’s a murderer and asked her how should he live from now on. Now that she found out, Haru was warned by Heisuke not to leak this information out or else her life’s on the line.

Haru was pissed and asked Shigeru why he involved her by telling her all of this. Shigeru yelled at her, telling her to just quit her job and go home. She will be free from this after she quits, but he can’t run from what he’s done and has to carry this all his life. Haru was depressed when she met Shizuko in Ginza. Shizuko told her what Shigeru needs is a person who can get over all of this together with him, and she thought it’d be nice if Shigeru has such a person by his side.

After talking to Shizuko, Haru decided she won’t run away from everything. She continued taking care of Shigeru, knitting scarves to lighten up her mood during the hard times. Shigeru slowly got used to her presence too, and going through all of this makes him understand more about himself and Haru.

Shigeru was discharged on the day of the Ginza Matsuri. Shizuko came to visit, telling him that while it’s true she can never pay back Gen’s kindness, she married him because she loved him — so Shigeru shouldn’t feel responsible. Shizuko gave him her wedding ring and told him it wasn’t all painful memories back then. It’s his turn to use it now.

Outside, Shigeru told Haru he already decided to carry what he did all his life. He thanked her for always staying beside him and asked her to put the scarves she made on him, also apologizing for what he did to her. He was saved by her and wants to do the same to her from now on, telling her she should come and talk to him whenever she’s troubled.

On Christmas, Haru went to send a telegram to her family and Shigeru drove her there. She noticed he drives a lot calmer now. He went shopping with her, buying some books and magazines since there’s absolutely nothing to do at the villa. By now Shigeru already realized that he loves Haru, but he can’t say it after what happened between them up until now. Gen was staying back at the mansion this year, so the brothers went to the villa only with Haru and Tae.

In the villa, Shigeru asked Haru if she has someone she likes and she said no. She asked the question back at him, and was surprised when he said yes. The next day they played old maid with the brothers with a bet: the winner can do anything they want to any of the losers. They started the game all excited, but the joker kept circling around and the match continued until it was late at night. (。→∀←。)ギャハッ In the end nobody wins and the match was stopped since it’ll never end LOL.

The next day Haru asked more about the person Shigeru loves. He said she’s cute and younger than him, but he didn’t wanna talk about it any further. On December 31, Shigeru held her hand as the brothers were drinking together. He said it’s been a good year for him, especially now. From time to time he still remembers about the Saeki Ball, but he calmed down because of her. When Shigeru said she’s a precious person to him, Haru asked if he means as a maid. He didn’t answer, so she took it as a yes. She was confused because she started to realize that she loves him too.

After they returned to the mansion, Haru woke him up one morning by putting some snow onto his face. She was really surprised when he suddenly pushed her down, ready to kiss her if they weren’t interrupted by Chitomi. On Susumu’s birthday he took her to the balcony since it’s getting hard for him to conceal his feelings. He said he wants to talk after her exam and Haru asked if it’s about the person he likes. Shigeru said yes, causing her to misunderstand his intentions. Haru cried and asked him not to do this since she can’t help but fall in love with him. It’s hard for her since she’s just a maid, and she knew she can’t be with him.

On the day of the exam, Gen called Shigeru before he goes to talk to Haru. Shigeru wasn’t interested in the game anymore because he already found what he needs. Gen wasn’t pleased with this, but Shigeru didn’t care. However, Shigeru’s confession didn’t go smoothly either. That day Haru ran off after apologizing, saying she won’t get close to him again. Tae warned Shigeru the next day not to play with Haru’s feelings, but she soon realized that the person he likes is actually Haru herself.

Tae said she’ll help Shigeru so he can talk to Haru. First, she dragged Masashi away when he was talking to Haru. Shigeru took her to the garden and was about to confess when suddenly Susumu came panicking that “Smokes are coming out from the tea room!”. They rushed over thinking it’s a fire, but they only found Hiroshi baking yams there which made Shigeru went “I feel like punching you.” 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ They moved to Shigeru’s room after that, but more disturbance was waiting.

Shigeru: “Listen Haru, I…”
Tadashi: *comes barging through the room* “Shigeru! What do you mean by this!”
Shigeru: “WHAT!?”
Tadashi: “The price of Yasuda went up!”
Shigeru: “Tell that to Shizuko-san! Now get out!”

Shigeru took Haru to go out of the mansion instead so nobody can interrupt again. But..

Isami: “So Shigeru’s driving? Hurry up!”
Shigeru: “The fuck is wrong with everyone today!?”
Isami: “Drive me to Hazuki hotel.”
Shigeru: “NO! Haru, hurry up and get in!”

Then he drives off leaving Isami all n(ー_ー?)ン? by himself. xD

Shigeru took her to the beach, where he finally said he loves her — simple and to the point. He doesn’t mind the difference between their social standings and asked her to tell him her feelings. Haru said she loves him too, finally bringing them together. But for now they have to keep it hidden from everyone else. He sneaked into her room at night to talk with her. It’s just a matter of time until Gen finds out about them though. He suggested they meet outside from time to time since he wants to spend time with her freely. Haru said she’s okay with that and he started kissing her neck, enjoying their hidden relationship.

Gen soon called Shigeru and showed him some documents indicating his plans of buying Shizuko’s shop. He did this to force Shigeru back into the game. Gen also told him that the assassin will come to the mansion on the 29th and he wants Shigeru to kill him. Shigeru had no choice but to accept or else Shizuko will lose her shop. He met and fought the assassin on the day, eventually shooting him with another gun. The assassin escaped and Gen gave him 5 points as well as canceling his plan to buy Yasuda.

With 8 points, Shigeru held the highest score. Tadashi, Isami and Shigeru himself weren’t satisfied with how things turned out, but Gen wasn’t through with them yet. His next target was Haru since she knows about the Saeki Ball incident. Gen told Shigeru that it’d be much better if they shut her up forever. He gave the assassin’s address to Shigeru and told him to take care of him, promising not to touch Haru if Shigeru managed to kill him.

However, Shigeru didn’t know that Gen already fired Haru and told her to leave on February 16. She wasn’t allowed to tell anyone as well. That night Shigeru told her they’ll be free soon, asking her to come with him when the time comes. He gave her Shizuko’s ring, filled with his wish for them to be together.

It acts as a “promise ring” for now and he put it on her right hand, until the time comes for it to be her wedding ring. Haru cried since she’s leaving soon, but she said it’s happy tears. He asked her to wait for him, he’s going to marry her as soon as it’s all over.

On February 16, Shigeru noticed something’s wrong with Haru before leaving. She said she’s worried about him, so he promised to come back safely. The assassin managed to get to him first, telling Shigeru to tell Gen that he already killed him. This would lower Gen’s guard and he’s aiming for that chance to attack. Shigeru agreed and warned him not to get caught. By the time he returned to the mansion, Haru was gone.

After a few days telling everyone that Haru has a bad cold in her room, Chitomi eventually told Shigeru that Gen ordered her to leave that day. He raged at Gen for firing her, pulling out his gun and trying to shoot Gen when suddenly the assassin came through the window. Since Shigeru couldn’t shoot Gen, he slashed Gen himself. But before he can finish the old man, Shigeru moved the gun to him and shot. He escaped and Gen was sent to the hospital.

Shigeru was made the new head, but he locked himself up in his room since that day. Chitomi explained to everyone what happened between Shigeru and Haru, while Shigeru desperately tried to get out of the house. He was stopped by Heisuke though. Tae and Chitomi took him back to his room, asking him to endure the pain until the end of the month. Since Shigeru wouldn’t listen and accept that, Tae got angry at him for always seeking comfort in Haru during the hard times. She told him to think about Haru’s feelings too. Shigeru apologized, but his heart remained closed.

On March 31, his brothers woke him up. He’s going to meet Haru today so he should prepare. Tadashi and Isami agreed to take the head position and split up the work, so Shigeru can be free from now on. Hiroshi literally punched some sense into him to make him move, telling him to get his act together. Shigeru asked why they did all of this for him and they said it’s only natural, they’re brothers after all. Touched, he thanked them and got ready to leave.

On the way to the station, Susumu said the brothers became like this because of Haru’s influence. Shigeru told him that even though he can’t forgive Gen, he still thinks of him as his father after all. That’s why he couldn’t kill him. He asked Susumu to stop by the hospital to see Gen since he’s leaving Miyanomori and won’t come back again. Upon seeing Gen sleeping in the hospital bed, Shigeru can finally accept both himself and Gen as his father.

Haru was surprised when she saw Shigeru in her hometown, but she’s happy now that she can send letters to Tae and the others. She couldn’t do it since she left without telling anyone. Shigeru said he wants to marry her and build a new house for them to live with her family, and Haru happily accepted his proposal. He finally moved Shizuko’s ring from her right hand and put it on her left hand, now acting as their wedding ring.

Six months later, Shigeru is married to Haru. He lives with her family and helped them working in their field. Currently he’s still building their new house, but they’ll keep their old house too so their guests can stay over. Haru’s sisters are really happy since they’ve been wanting Shigeru to stay with them.

A few weeks later, Tae comes with the brothers to visit Haru and Shigeru. Tadashi and Isami said they were only there for the hot spring though, then continued to bicker about their shared head position lol. Shigeru decided to show off their raburabu married life by kissing Haru in front of everyone.

Okay, so I like him the least because he dressed like a geisha from a red-light district. Wait, he was a geisha. Σ(゚ロ゚;)キェーッ! To be honest I keep thinking that his Ageha was scary rather than beautiful since we can clearly see that he’s a guy. So I can’t see why Gen and his brothers are so impressed lol. I don’t really like him randomly being mean to Haru in the first half, but he’s really sweet after getting out of the hospital. (。・ω・。)ノ♡ The old maid scene and his confession made me laugh so hard. Poor Shigeru. I really like Shizuko too. She’s friendly from the beginning and is an easy person to talk to. She even helps her son with what he called his “embarassing love problems”. xD

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