HanaIchi – Miyanomori Hiroshi

Despite my military uniform fetish, Hiroshi’s actually my favorite appearance-wise. I just can’t resist that uniform and cape. (*´Д`)ハァハァ He’s the warm one and sticks to Haru like a glue.

The fifth of the Miyanomori brothers, 18 years old. 7th year student at the Imperial School. Likes inventing new things, ranging widely from helpful tools to the damaging ones. He usually stops before they’re finished though, since he gets bored easily. His mother is Saeki Yoshi, the daughter of the Prime Minister. Born on September 10 and hates studying.

Coming from such an influential family, Yoshi never really had freedom in her life. Her marriage to Gen was arranged by his father to make a Saeki-Miyanomori son. She’s a kind and reliable person, currently working so women can be more active in the society. Yoshi has remarried after her divorce with Gen, having a daughter named Nobuko with her current husband.

Unlike his brothers, Hiroshi likes Haru right from the start. One day after school he showed her his new inventions, which punched her in the face. He quickly got bored of it and made a new one for Haru: an automatic cleaning machine in the shape of a broom that will collect trash around her. Haru was happy with the handy tool.. until Masashi came and broke it, just to make her cry.

Even though Haru didn’t say anything, Hiroshi figured out what happened and asked Masashi about it. Masashi didn’t feel bad nor apologized, which leads to Hiroshi getting angry at him. He told Masashi not to break his inventions or bully Haru anymore, he hates it when people messes with his stuff. Haru had never seen Hiroshi like that before. She was a little scared, but she’s happy with Hiroshi’s defense.

At the Sumida Ball, Hiroshi kept stepping on his partner’s foot and claimed he hates dancing. His partner clearly got irritated with this treatment and asked for a break, which is good for Hiroshi since he’s not interested in this engagement. He went to grab some food after ditching her, and Haru told him not to eat since she’s still replacing the poisoned food.

Hiroshi had more fun talking to Haru rather than dancing, but soon his grandpa came. The Prime Minister scolded him for eating and talking to a maid instead of accompanying his partner, which really annoyed Hiroshi. Being a member of both Miyanomori and Saeki families, he was tied with many rules and plans. He said both of his families are weird and wondered what “normal” feels like.

Hiroshi’s sister, Nobuko, is only 13 but she already has a fiancee. Everything in the Saeki family is controlled by his grandpa. Nobuko doesn’t have any freedom either, but she already accepts the engagement. That’s why Hiroshi made a promise to her that he won’t get married unless it’s with the person he loves. He knows it’s difficult considering his position, but still he wants to fulfill that promise.

After the ball, Hiroshi suddenly started acting weird. Haru was all (?´・ω・`)? but continued serving him as usual. It turns out that he read an article from the magazine about “how to be popular with girls”, hoping to find a person he could love. The article suggested acting cool, not speaking unless it’s necessary. He tested it on Haru earlier but she didn’t give any reaction lol. Apparently he thinks of her as his official guinea pig since she gives reaction to his inventions, unlike other maids who always keep smiling no matter what he does to them.

At the Music Festival, Haru found out that Hiroshi’s musically talented. He played violin on the stage and put up such a wonderful performance even though he didn’t practice at all. Yoshi made him learn a lot of things when he was young, and violin was one of them. Hiroshi received an invitation to join an orchestra thanks to his skills, but he’s not interested. His brothers don’t see him a rival in Gen’s game though — it’s just music, so it’s harmless.

When summer comes, Hiroshi took Haru to the beach opening ceremony. They didn’t get the chance to play though, since they had to go back right after the event ends. During the fireworks festival, Hiroshi was the one who found the lost Haru. They were enjoying themselves when Hiroshi met his schoolmates. Naturally they asked if Haru is his girlfriend, but she politely introduced herself as Miyanomori family’s maid. This annoyed Hiroshi since he wants to feel “normal” that night, not thinking about the gap between their social standings.

In August, Hiroshi learned about Haru’s arranged marriage. She told him she wants to continue working, but she didn’t know if her parents would accept her decision. Hiroshi didn’t want her to quit either, so he planned a trip to her hometown to stop her engagement.. which ends up being a hot spring trip with all his brothers.

Back at home, Haru used Hiroshi’s name to refuse the engagement. He suddenly appeared at her house, asking her parents to give their daughter to him. (ノ∀` )タハ Hiroshi said he wants to marry Haru instead, so she dragged him out to explain that marriage isn’t easy. Both families have to agree first, especially the guy’s since they will accept the girl into their family. Hiroshi didn’t seem to understand though, and they end up drinking some ramune that afternoon. He came back the next day and they explained the misunderstanding together. He asked Haru’s parents to let her continue working since it’s boring without her around.

In September, Hiroshi clearly said that he doesn’t like his family background. He’s an important bridge between Miyanomori and Saeki, plus his mother is an active politician. Everything in his life is decided by his grandpa, who treats him like a tool. The Prime Minister and Yoshi eventually agreed that they’ll send Hiroshi to England after he graduates. This decision was made without informing Gen, but he agreed anyway.

Hiroshi said he will be free when he goes to England, but somehow he also feels irritated knowing his families are still controlling him. Seeing him like that, Susumu told him he’s being childish. It’s not like he hates their decision, he just wants to rebel since he hates his families. He asked Hiroshi to endure it for now and accept what they prepared for him, until he finds what he really wants to do.

On September 20, Hiroshi asked Haru to go to Ginza with him. He wants to go out with her as friends, not like a master and his maid. She agreed and they ate some sweets at the parlor, where she wiped some cream off his face. They didn’t know that while they were having fun, Yoshi was threatened by a suspicious man to stop working for women’s activities — most likely sent by Prime Minister Saeki himself. They will kill Nobuko if she doesn’t stop.

After Haru became Gen’s personal maid in October, Hiroshi gave her a watch with numbers counting down to his departure. He was all excited about England, but Haru was sad and said she might not be here anymore when he returns. He’s going to stay in England for 5 years, so by the time he gets back she probably already got married and quit her job. Haru can’t promise him that she’ll always stay here until he came back. They made up some days later, but Hiroshi still can’t understand why she gets mad and sad over that.

Hiroshi was enraged upon learning that Yoshi was attacked. Both Yoshi and him aren’t allowed to seek freedom, which is the reason why she wants women to work freely in her place. His grandpa must have not liked that since it’s damaging his reputation as the Prime Minister, seeing it as a rebellion against him. Despite the threat on Nobuko’s life, Yoshi still wants to continue fighting for women.

Before the Miyanomori Ball, Hiroshi asked Haru to dance with him. She asked him back why does it have to be her, there are other girls out there who are more suitable for him. Haru only wanted to know his reason, but Hiroshi got pissed since she keeps doubting him. His reason was simply because he wants to dance with her. This caused Haru to say it’s really difficult to express how she feels and left, telling him to dance with another person.

Hiroshi was frustrated with this new misunderstanding. He really wants to be friends with her, but they can’t thanks to their positions. It only got worse when Masashi asked her to dance with him, just to annoy Hiroshi. Haru couldn’t refuse or else she’ll get fired. Hiroshi dragged her to the garden one day, asking why can’t it be him. Haru asked him not to approach her anymore since it’ll be harder for her to see him go, even though he keeps saying that he’ll come back on holidays.

Haru left and Hiroshi thought she hates him now. They didn’t exchange a single word since then, until Kisuke gave Hiroshi an advice. Hiroshi needs to clearly tell Haru what he feels, or she won’t understand what he wants from her. Be a man and show it through his actions — take her away by force from Masashi, if necessary.

Just before Masashi dances with Haru at the Miyanomori Ball, Hiroshi grabbed Haru’s hand and took her out of the mansion. That left Masashi with Tae, though he bans her from touching him while dancing, completely shattering her dreams of having a wonderful evening lol.

Hiroshi was excited since he can finally hold hands with Haru. Outside, he tried to confess to her. He asked if she will wait for him if they become lovers, though he was all embarrassed. キャー(〃ノ∇ノ) Haru gets what he was trying to say and agreed to give it a try. From now on they’ll spend more time together, liking each other more. She will wait for him if it works out between them.

In November, Chitomi gave him permission to take Haru to the Taisho Exhibition. She noticed that Hiroshi usually gets bored quickly, but not with Haru. They went to the exhibition together and Haru said she stopped thinking about what’s gonna happen next, enjoying their time together now. They also met Yoshi who was there with some women she was working with. She approved their relationship as a woman, and because she wants Hiroshi to be free. Yoshi told him to confess to Haru so they can have a proper start for their relationship.

That night both Hiroshi and Haru said they want to stay with each other, marking the day as their “start”. Hiroshi gave her the key to his room and started thinking of a way for them to spend more time together. Since she’s a maid, she can’t skip work just to be with him.

Gen took Hiroshi with him to the Saeki Ball, even though the Prime Minister already told him not to bring Hiroshi there. That night the assassin sneaked behind the Prime Minister and shot him when Hiroshi was busy eating. He was shocked upon learning what just happened, but Gen dragged him home since there’s no way to save his grandpa.

Hiroshi locked himself up in his lab ever since. He told Haru he hated his grandpa, wanting to show him that he can live and stand on his own feet after graduating. But now that he died, it makes Hiroshi feel weird. That night Haru stayed with him in his lab, letting him hold her hands until he fell asleep since it calms him down.

The next day, Hiroshi went to attend his grandpa’s funeral and stayed in Yoshi’s place until the end of the month. Chitomi let Haru takes care of him on the day he comes back. Hiroshi immediately hugged her when he returns. He’s been thinking of a way for them to be together forever: get married! Σ(゚ロ゚|||) Haru was happy with his feelings, but she knew it’s impossible. She asked him to get everyone’s permission first, hoping to open his eyes.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get her message and went to see Gen. Hiroshi asked for his permission to marry Haru, and of course Gen slapped him for being so childish. This caused Hiroshi to leave the mansion and didn’t come back for days. Gen and his brothers didn’t look for him since Hiroshi often ran away when he was younger, but the brothers wanna know the reason. Masashi could guess what happened between them, so Haru had to explain everything.

After staying with Kisuke for some days, Hiroshi was finally caught by Haru and Yoshi in Ginza. Yoshi brought them to her house, where she told Hiroshi to think about Haru’s feelings too. Marriage isn’t that simple. Especially not with that reason. Hiroshi couldn’t accept what his mother said, and he end up fighting with Haru. She asked him what she really means to him by doing all of this. Yoshi told them to talk abou it first and Hiroshi finally agreed to go home.

On their way back to the Miyanomori mansion, Haru told him about her background — her family, her old job, her life in her hometown. Haru said she’s going to let her feelings for him grow. Even if she can’t be with him in the end, she doesn’t wanna have any regrets by denying her feelings. Hiroshi said he will do the same then.

In December, Haru was removed from Gen’s personal maid since he didn’t find her interesting. To cheer her up, Hiroshi invited her to go with them to the villa. Both Gen and Chitomi gave her permission, taking Tae along with them. When they went out on Ginza Matsuri, Hiroshi asked Haru to speak normally when they’re alone. He also told her he’s not interested in the head position at all.

On Christmas, Hiroshi finished making a present for Haru: a locket. He asked her to put his picture inside, but she didn’t have a picture of him. He also asked her to call him “Hiroshi” when no one’s around, and finally said he loves her. Haru was still unsure of her own feelings so she couldn’t say the same, but Hiroshi said he will wait until she can say those words back to him. (*´∀`*)ホケェ

In the villa, the caretaker suggested they play hyakunin isshu together. Since some of them weren’t interested, Tae brought out an album known as the “Black History” ROFL. It’s full of the brother’s embarrassing pictures since they were small, compiled by Chitomi and Heisuke. Inside were drunk pictures too, including Isami’s naked picture though he told Tadashi not to mention his age when the picture was taken. (*ノωノ)イヤン

They started playing the game betting the album. If the brothers win, they’ll burn the album. But if either Haru or Tae wins, they can see it as much as they like. In the end the brothers won by one card, so they threw the album to the fireplace lol. Just when they were relaxing now that the Black History’s gone, Tae noticed a picture that fell out of the album earlier.. which turned out to be Hiroshi’s naked picture when he was small. Unfortunately for Hiroshi, his brothers didn’t care since it’s not their picture. ROFL poor Hiroshi. Tae gave the picture to Haru, who goes プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ and couldn’t stop laughing for days.

On the New Year’s Day, they all went to the shrine together and Haru wished she can stay with Hiroshi. The night before they go home, Hiroshi woke up late at night and found Haru cleaning up alone. He lied down on a sofa and pulled her on top of him, asking her to kiss him despite her protests. They were interrupted when Tae came, and Hiroshi quickly hid behind a sofa. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

After they returned to the mansion, both Haru and Hiroshi were confused about what to do from now on. His graduation’s coming closer, whether they want it or not. Hiroshi met a novelist named Mimori Mamoru when he was walking around in Ginza, and Hiroshi asked him for some advice. Mamoru suggested Hiroshi taking Haru to England with him, but of course Haru refused. He’s going there to study, but she doesn’t have anything to do there. It would be the same as waiting for him in Japan.

Hiroshi was thinking of canceling his plan to study abroad when he met Mamoru again. Hiroshi said he wasn’t sure if that’s the right thing to do either, fearing that he might regret his decision later. This time Mamoru said Hiroshi wasn’t prepared to fight for the thing he wants, since he needs to let go on one of them — Haru or his study. Back at home, his brothers also said the same thing. Hiroshi asked them what he should do, and Shigeru said it depends on how much he loves Haru.

One day, Haru met Mamoru when she went shopping in Ginza. He asked her to deliver a letter to Hiroshi, who fell into silence upon reading it. He told Haru it’s nothing, but actually the letter told him to be prepared for the trial Mamoru will give him. The next day, Hiroshi suddenly wants Haru to be his personal maid. He can’t say why, but Gen gave his permission.

When Haru asked for his reason, he can only say that he’ll put everyone’s life in danger. Because Mamoru will kill his entire family if he talks. Hiroshi also became overly protective of her, begging her not to leave his side since he doesn’t wanna be apart from her. Haru’s job as his personal maid was only temporary, so she thought someone was after her life.

Hiroshi kept Haru by his side at all times, even making a weapon just in case. He didn’t know when the trial will be, so he can only wait. One night after Haru fell asleep in his lab, a certain assassin appeared to give him a trial — just as planned. Hiroshi’s weapon couldn’t do anything against him, but Haru jumped in to protect Hiroshi. She was stabbed on the back, and the assassin escaped before the others came.

Haru was taken to the hospital and Hiroshi watched over her. He told his brothers about the assassin’s real identity: Mimori Mamoru, the novelist. After his brothers left, Hiroshi apologized to Haru. He realized he can’t fight nor protect her. Mamoru disguised himself as a doctor and came to check up on her, but he left after telling Hiroshi that he was the one who killed his grandpa. At home Masashi also figured out that he’s probably the one who shot Isami as well. It seems that Gen knows him, but didn’t do anything to stop his plans.

Haru recovered and was discharged from the hospital by the end of February. She remained as Hiroshi’s personal maid. All of this mess made Hiroshi thinks of his plans all over again. He searched for Mamoru in town until he found him, asking him to make a deal. Mamoru can come back and face him in 5 years after he comes back from England, but he shouldn’t touch Haru or his family before then.

Mamoru wasn’t pleased since the deal doesn’t benefit him at all. He told Hiroshi to try and gain his trust. When Hiroshi returned to the mansion, he borrowed all of Mamoru’s books from Susumu. He read through them all hoping to understand Mamoru more. He also found a book in the Saeki house called “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” — a book about the Miyanomori family, also written by Mamoru. The book alone was enough for Mamoru to accept the deal, and Hiroshi gave the book to him.

On March 20, Hiroshi graduated from school. He will continue with his plan and go to England, studying engineering so he can be an inventor someday. Haru came to pick him up from school, and Hiroshi said he’s been thinking about them all this time. He will still love her 5 years from now, but he realized it’s unfair to make her wait. So he’s breaking up with her.

Haru cried and said she loves him too, but she understands. Hiroshi apologized and told her to be happy, probably married with kids by the time he gets back here. Haru asked him not to say that since it hurts her. She finally realized her feelings, but they can’t be together after all.

Because of his deal with Mamoru, Hiroshi decided he won’t come home until he graduates. He wants to do his best in England so he can settle things when he comes back. As he was packing his stuff, his brothers gave him presents:

Tadashi: dictionaries, maps and history books
Isami: food supply since you can’t fight when you’re hungry xD
Shigeru: sake even though Hiroshi’s still underage lol
Susumu: Mamoru’s new book
Masashi: A CURSED DOLL! ,;.:゙:..:;゙:.::旦(゚∀゚ゞ)ダハッッ!

Hiroshi pretends to be just fine in front of Haru, but he cried when he was alone in his room. He will have to say goodbye to her soon, and he thought they probably won’t meet again.

On the day before his departure, Hiroshi gave his address in England to Chitomi so they can contact him if anything happens to Haru. The next day, he gave a new watch to Haru. This one’s counting down to the day he comes back to Japan. Haru cried and Hiroshi asked her to see him again if they still love each other five years from now. Haru couldn’t promise him anything, but for now she wants to wait for him. He gave her his picture before leaving. She didn’t say “goodbye” and instead told him to do his best.

Half year has passed since Hiroshi left. Haru found it fun to see the watch counting down the day, its numbers decreasing one by one. She already told her parents back at home that she won’t get married, she will wait for Hiroshi to come back. Tae asked her if she’s really sure about waiting for 5 years, but she secretly sends letters to Hiroshi, telling him everything that happens around Haru. Hiroshi’s doing his best too in England, wishing to see her again in 5 years.

Five years later, the watch’s count finally reaches zero. Hiroshi’s finally coming back that day. Haru still loves him all this time, though she’s worried if Hiroshi doesn’t love her anymore. When his car entered the mansion, she hid in the nearby bushes. Hiroshi noticed that it’s her, so he approached the bushes and called her to come out. He told her he’s still in love with her, and he never cheated on her with anyone during the last 5 years.

Haru finally answered and asked if it’s true. Hiroshi picked her up from the bushes, finally reunited after being apart for so long. She’s wearing the locket he gave her too, probably with his picture inside. (。→∀←。)♡ Hiroshi thanked her for loving him and waited for him. He asked her to marry him after he takes care of some issues. Haru accepts since he can really make her happy now.

I like Hiroshi’s old look better than his new one, but I still think he’s hot. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) He’s a bit too childish for me during the first half. He does grow up towards the end, but that graduation scene was so sad even though I know it’s gonna be a happy ending. (ノД`)・゜・。In this route the assassin’s identity is revealed, though it’s pretty clear too in Susumu’s route. Out of all the moms in the game, I think Yoshi is the most mother-like one. Especially since Hiroshi is such a kid at the beginning.


4 thoughts on “HanaIchi – Miyanomori Hiroshi

  1. Hi! I love your reviews!
    I recently also started otome/yaoi blogging and was wondering if you would do the honor to link me to your list of blogs? I don’t have many visitors yet and I’m not that good at writing but I’m trying my best to improve! It would make me really happy~


    • Sure, in fact I just found your blog yesterday on MNR. Can you link me back? I’m not a good writer myself, but it’d be nice if we can exchange links. :3

  2. I finished Hiroshi’s route! It was fun with some really cute moments. I initially had a hard time getting into it… Isami’s route was too good and set the bar too high, lol… but it got a lot better once Hiroshi’s individual route started. He was pretty childish and naive in the beginning but definitely grew up towards the end. I find it hard to believe that an 18 year old guy, even in the Taisho era, would be that naive, though. But it was cute. :) Hiroshi didn’t even get to kiss Haru until the epilogue, poor guy. I agree that his old (younger) look was better, but he still looked pretty good five years later. It was nice to see Haru together with a person her own age and the brothers freaking out over the “black history” album was so funny! I really wanted Tae to win the bet. Um, naked picture of a drunken Isami???

    Looking forward to playing Kinema Mosaic later! Now off to play Oumagatoki…

    • LOL I know that feeling. I did Shigeru right after Isami, so the jarring difference between their personalities is kinda disturbing. xD That aside though, I think Hiroshi has the best growth when it comes to character development. Once you reach the ending, you can see how much he’s grown up compared to the beginning. As for his naivety, I think it’s because he’s a sheltered rich kid? Masashi is younger, but he’s pretty mature so he doesn’t really “grow up” the way Hiroshi does. I wanna see the black history too! It’s really too bad they burnt the entire thing. xD

      Enjoy Oumagatoki! :D

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