HanaIchi – Miyanomori Susumu

Yeah, the nice and polite guy in the game. Normally I’m not too interested in this type since they can be too nice it’s boring. But if you expect Susumu to be all nice, you’ll be surprised like me.

The fourth of the Miyanomori brothers, 22 years old. A police officer in the Traffic Division. A good, serious young man who treasures his friends as well as his mother, Ariyoshi Fumiko. Often acts as a mediator when his brothers fight. He’s kind to everyone including the maids, but it’s difficult to read how he actually feels. Born on January 19 and loves reading.

Susumu’s mother, Fumiko, comes from a regular family. Probably the only one who married Gen out of love. She’s a kind person with a strong heart, and she was the one who taught Susumu to be kind to everyone since he was small. Especially to ladies. Super clumsy and often forgets where she puts her stuff. She almost never comes to the mansion, but Gen gave her a house where she lives alone.

Haru was tricked by Tae about Shigeru’s work. She sneaked out to the garden at night, finding Gen talking to Heisuke there. It was clearly something she wasn’t supposed to hear, but soon she heard Susumu sneezing behind her. He gave Haru his jacket since it was cold, and she returned it the next day through Chitomi.

Since Gen is awesome, he knew they were listening to his conversation that night. He warned Haru that they can’t hide anything since the mansion is his territory. Susumu was called too since Gen knew he’s been watching him lately. He explained that a friend of his wanted to write a book, modeling the main character after Gen, so he asked Susumu to give him some info about his father. Gen warned Susumu not to do it again, he might be used by people who actually wants to spy on Gen.

At the Sumida Ball, his engagement partner wasn’t pleased with Susumu even though he politely asked her to dance. She wanted Tadashi, Isami or Shigeru instead. Since Susumu wasn’t interested either, both of them end up getting bored and decided to take a break. Susumu saw Haru changing the food when he was thinking about how to refuse the engagement.

He talked to Haru for a while, but she soon went back to work. Susumu moved to the window and there a completely different side of him shows. He was wondering why Gen gave birth to him since he’s from a commoner background, making him “the lowest” among the brothers. He has no specialties and isn’t interested in the head position nor in marriage. In the end he decided to have the girl refuse the engagement so it can end without any fighting involved.

On the beach opening day, Susumu walked by the beach with Haru after the ceremony was over. He told her he’s brought up to be kind to everyone, especially to women. He can pretend to laugh and bow at people to protect what’s important to him — his mother, family and friends. But lately he’s been wondering what he actually means to the family.

During the fireworks show, Susumu found the lost Haru and they walked to catch up with the family’s ship. They took their time looking at the fireworks, but Haru said Susumu doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself. He’s really kind to everyone that she finds it a little hard to believe. Apparently Susumu’s good at imitating people, and he mimicked his engagement partner as well as his brothers until the ship came to the shore. (*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)

In August, Haru went to her hometown and used Susumu’s name to refuse the arranged marriage. He suddenly came looking for her and greeted her family politely lol. Susumu also followed their conversation patiently until Haru dragged him out to explain everything. She asked why he went this far just to stop her, and Susumu said it’s because he feels close to her. He doesn’t see her as a maid and he doesn’t want her to quit. Since he knows Haru wants to keep working, he helped her convince her parents.

The next day, Susumu came to eat lunch at her place since her parents want to thank him for coming all the way here. Haru’s father had a waist pain that day, so Susumu helped him by chopping woods. When Haru came to see how he was doing, Susumu already took off his shirt since it was hot outside — making Haru goes (((( *ノノ) キャー but still, she couldn’t look away lol.

At the end of the month, Haru saw Susumu going somewhere at night. Isami borrowed a book from him and left it at the beach, telling him to go get it himself if he wants it back. He’s going to get the book and asked if Haru wanna come along. She came with him to the beach and searched for the book, eventually finding it washed away. Susumu was sad since it’s the first book he bought using his first salary. Now it’s all wet and unreadable. Haru said she wants to try drying it, so he gave the book to her. She also told him somehow his atmosphere changes when he’s mumbling to himself.

When she was out shopping, Haru accidentally met Fumiko in town and helped her look for her missing ticket. Susumu was passing by on a patrol with his best friend, Sumida Sanji — the son of the branch family of Sumida. He was the one who told Susumu that there’s no heart in his kindness, so it’s a sin lol. Susumu wants to stop behaving like that thanks to him. Sanji was moving to the Tokkou Division (political or thought control police) despite Susumu trying to stop him. He knows working hard in the Traffic Division won’t be much for him, and Susumu won’t understand since he’s from a big family that is Miyanomori.

Three days before Sanji’s exam, Susumu invited him to stay at their mansion. Haru was the one assigned to take care of him, and Sanji was impressed by the luxury. They told her that they knew each other from the driving school, later figuring out that they’re actually distant relatives. Sanji joked about the red strings of fate and Haru totally fell for it, looking for a red string on her ankle lol.

Susumu came to see Sanji’s exam result three days later. He passed, and Susumu knew someone told him to transfer to Tokkou but Sanji didn’t wanna tell him who is it. His decision was firm, so Susumu gave up and decided to just believe in him.

In October, Haru was recommended to be Gen’s personal maid but failed the test since Gen thought she’s boring. He didn’t fire her though, so she can keep working as a regular maid. Susumu’s still not used working without Sanji, but he met a novelist named Mimori Mamoru when the guy crashed his car onto an electric pole. Susumu was happy because he’s a fan who reads all of his novels.

Soon he heard from Haru that Sanji has received his first assignment. He said what people can do in their lives might be determined by their family background, so they can’t really chose their jobs. Haru replied she doesn’t think so, since they can always change their given path. Susumu realized she’s right, that’s why he wants to compete for the head position now.

The brothers get to pick their own partners to dance at the Miyanomori Ball starting for last year. Susumu was thinking alone at the balcony about what he’s gonna do, mumbling about how troublesome it is. He saw Haru below, giving food and playing to some stray cats. The scenery made him laugh and he decided to take Haru as his partner for the ball.

While Tae was super excited, Haru wasn’t interested in the ball as it’s got nothing to do with her. But she got Susumu’s room key when he came home drunk after drinking with Sanji. She had to drag him up all the way from the front door to his bed, where he pushed her down lol. He soon fell asleep and woke up the next morning not remembering what he did to Haru last night. Haru didn’t say anything either, but later he learned from Chitomi that he pushed her down to his bed. Susumu was shocked upon learning what he did to her last night, screaming out of embarrassment and apologized to Haru right away. ,;.:゙:..::旦(゚∀゚ゞ)ダハッッ! But he told her to keep the key.

On the day of the Miyanomori Ball, Fumiko received a letter saying “Sumida Sanji is a traitor” and came to tell Susumu about it. He told her it’s probably just a prank, so she shouldn’t worry about it. That night the brothers picked their partners randomly except for Susumu, who asked Haru to dance with him. He enjoyed dancing with her while Fumiko went “so wonderful~” in the background. (。→∀←。)

Some days later, Fumiko gave Haru a ticket for the Taisho Exhibition and Susumu asked her to go with him after he comes back from work. At the exhibition she asked what does she mean to him, since she’s a maid and yet he takes her to events like this and the ball. Susumu said he treasures her, just like how he treasures his family and friends. He’s interested in her and wanna know more about her.

At the Saeki Ball, Susumu went with Gen as his guard. Before leaving he heard that Sanji’s coming too as a part of the Tokkou. After they left the mansion, suddenly Fumiko came running with a letter she just received today. She showed it to Haru and Chitomi, and the letter simply said “Tonight Miyanomori Susumu will die”. Even though Chitomi said they couldn’t do anything, Haru went after them to warn Susumu.

In the hall, Susumu met Sanji. Sanji said their meeting was actually planned right from the start, as he got closer to Susumu to get information about Miyanomori. Sanji has always wanted power, so he decided to work with the assassin. He moved to the Tokkou Division after he’s done with Susumu since it was his initial goal. He took out his gun and pointed it at Susumu. The assassin will kill the Prime Minister as he took care of Susumu, then they’ll kill Gen together.

It was then when Haru arrived at the hall and saw Sanji with his gun pointed to Susumu. He shot and Haru took the bullet, protecting Susumu. Luckily only her arm got shot, but she lost conscience soon after. But it was enough to anger Susumu. Suddenly his true self was revealed, taking out his own gun and pointed it at Sanji. Sanji challenges him to shoot since they were “friends”, but Susumu shot him multiple times without mercy, telling him to disappear.

Haru woke up in Susumu’s room later. He didn’t remember what happened, but he knew he was the one who shot Sanji. He’s glad she’s okay and asked her to never do something like that again. The Prime Minister was killed, but Susumu was awarded 5 points by Gen. He wasn’t happy though, and Gen said he took Susumu with him that night to confirm Sanji’s suspicious behavior.

Susumu locked himself up in his room ever since that day. Some days later Haru came to see how he was doing. Susumu said a similar thing has happened before when he was 16. When he realized it, he was holding a knife after stabbing Gen’s foot, trying to kill him. He never felt anything towards other people, so he can kill them easily without any problems. He doesn’t feel anything towards Sanji either even if they were supposed to be friends.

The one he really cares about is only himself. He’s afraid people will hate him, so he created a mask by being kind to everyone. Susumu asked Haru if he should fix this personality, but Haru said it’s okay since Susumu is Susumu no matter what. He started going to work again after that and Haru tried to return Susumu’s key, but he refused and made her his personal maid instead. She’s the only one who knows about the situation, so it’d be easier for him with her around.

Haru started wondering what she can do for him, while Susumu also stopped pretending to be kind to everyone. Nothing really changed from his appearance and he still speaks politely, but he admits he didn’t feel anything inside. Tae also said that lately Susumu seems cold and hard to approach.

Susumu asked Haru to go to the Ginza Matsuri together. It wasn’t for her, but rather because he wants to go himself. On the day of the festival, Haru asked if she has to go with him to the villa since she’s his personal maid. Susumu let her go home, where another arranged marriage was waiting. He also removed her from his personal maid since she’s not like what he expected. This made Haru sad and she ran off.

After Haru left, Susumu met Mamoru again. They talked about what happened with the Prime Minister’s assassination and all, but Susumu responded coldly. Mamoru then let to meet with.. Sanji. It turns out that he was the only one who arranged Haru to marry Sanji, as the punishment because he sent those letters to Fumiko. Also because Mamoru wants to see Susumu’s reaction. Haru couldn’t refuse the engagement either, or else the Sumida family will take her family’s field.

On Christmas, Susumu met Sanji at Ginza and tailed him hoping to see the assassin. But Sanji was meeting Haru instead and talked about their engagement. Both aren’t interested, but they had to give up as they have no choice. Haru had fun with him though and Sanji took her to eat, unaware of the confused Susumu watching them from afar.

The next day, Susumu stays behind while Gen and his brothers went to the villa. He keeps thinking about why he’s so curious about Haru and Sanji, while he never cares about people before. When he came out of his room, he overheard Tae and Haru talking about her engagement. He talked to Haru about it later and she explained everything. Susumu was pissed, though he didn’t know why. He thought it must be because it’s Sanji she’s marrying.

Despite being forced to accept the engagement, Haru said she doesn’t hate it since Sanji is a fun person to be with. Susumu said Sanji tried to kill him before, and told Haru to refuse the engagement even though he knows she can’t do it. Without their field, Haru’s family wouldn’t be able to eat. Susumu said it’s okay for her family to die as long as his irritation goes away, and Haru slapped him for saying such things. She went out after apologizing.

The next day, Haru went to her hometown with Tae as Susumu breaks things in his room out of irritation. He went to talk to Fumiko about this. Fumiko said he needs to find the answer himself, telling him to take another look at himself. She suggested it wasn’t like he doesn’t care about everyone, there are people he’s interested in, and that’s why he’s so irritated. She said he might find the answer soon, but it depends on him from now on. Susumu can be kind to anyone because he doesn’t care, so what does it mean when he’s pissed off like this?

After Haru returned from her holiday, both Susumu and her apologized for what happened. Haru noticed he was kinda down, especially when he saw her talking with Sanji in Ginza a few days later. On his birthday party, Susumu said he wants to celebrate with Haru since she’ll quit by the time she gets married to Sanji. He admits that ever since he saw them together, he was shaken up. Haru wants to do something for him as his birthday present, and he was about to ask her something but he dropped the idea.

On January 31, Haru went to meet with Sanji and his family to talk about their engagement formally. Susumu was working when he met Mamoru, who talks about his next book which is about a forbidden love with another man’s wife. He said if you have something you want, you should do anything to get it — steal it from the owner if you want. This caused Susumu to finally run to the hotel, grabbing Haru and hugged her just before she went to see Sanji’s family.

Haru asked him to let go, and Susumu said he doesn’t wanna give her to anyone. He knows he’s being selfish and unreasonable, but still he doesn’t wanna let go. Susumu asked her to stay with him. Sadly, Haru said it’s far too late to turn back now. Hearing that, Susumu let her go and told her to see Sanji’s family. It’s already too late.

It was decided that Haru will quit by the end of March to prepare for her wedding. Shigeru took Susumu along with Tadashi and Isami to Yasuda, where they drink to celebrate Susumu’s broken heart. LOL how evil. Susumu didn’t want to tell them anything, so they shoved sake down his throat until he’s drunk. He finally told them what happened between him and Haru while hugging Tadashi for demonstration, the latter screaming at him to let go. He also started laughing by himself, making Isami and Shigeru said this scenery is so sad since it’s his broken heart party. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Susumu realized that he has some feelings for Haru, though he still didn’t understand yet. He learned from his brothers what he told them last night, going “嘘だ嘘だ嘘だ嘘だ” when they said he hugged Tadashi to show them what happened. ,;.:゙:..:;゙:.::旦(゚∀゚ゞ)ダハッッ! He went to apologized to Haru after that, asking her if she’s okay with all of this. Haru said she actually wants to marry a person she loves, but she can’t refuse.

To make up for what he did on the Ginza Matsuri, Susumu invited her out the next weekend. Before going to Ginza, Susumu took her to the hall where the Prime Minister was shot since it’s going to be destroyed soon. There he promised her that he won’t fight Sanji anymore since it’ll make her sad.

On February 15, Sanji said he’s coming to kill Susumu tomorrow night and asked Haru to relay the message. Susumu intended to keep his promise to Haru and let Sanji kills him. There time will come when Haru will have to choose between Susumu and Sanji, and tonight is that time. Susumu told her everything would be just fine.

However, who came the next day was the assassin himself. He knows Sanji’s too emotional to kill, so he came to do it himself. Sanji wasn’t aware of this and arrived soon, surprised to find the assassin there. He wants to start by killing Sanji first, but Susumu shielded him and took the hit himself. He couldn’t let Sanji get killed. Why? He didn’t understand either. The assassin soon escaped as Haru came out, worried about Susumu.

Sanji told Haru about the reason behind their arranged marriage before leaving. A few days later, their engagement was canceled from the Sumida family — Sanji was clearly the one who did it. On Masashi’s birthday, Gen decided to stir things up some more and told them the first person who gets married will be made the new head. This caused Tadashi and Isami to panic since they’re not interested in women lol.

Sanji eventually came to see Susumu again, saying that he won’t fight him anymore. He soon collapsed and was taken to the hospital, where they found out that he was slashed on his back. It means that he went against the assassin. Luckily he’s okay and only needs to recover. Susumu wants to trust him again.

On his way back from the hospital, Susumu met Haru and they went back home together. She fell asleep on the train and he slipped his room’s key into her pocket. By now he already realized that he’s in love with her, but he didn’t have any intentions of telling her. He didn’t think he’s worthy of her.

In March, Susumu came to visit Sanji again with Haru. Tae also came to deliver a letter from Tadashi, which stated he’s not helping Sanae now that Sumida’s main family collapsed. That, and he asked Sanji to return Haru to Susumu. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ Sanji still insisted to cut off all ties with Susumu, calling Haru “just a maid” in the process. This caused Tae to get angry at him since Susumu and Haru were just worried about him, yet he doesn’t even apologize for what he did. Sanji was pissed but said he’ll see them again later.

Haru wanted to know Susumu’s reason for stopping her that day at the hotel, but he didn’t have the confidence nor the courage to tell her the truth. Following Kisuke’s advice, Susumu took her to Ginza where they saw Sanji and Tae bickering on the street. Susumu finally decided to tell her his feelings and said he loves her. He doesn’t mind her being a maid. But Haru cares, so she ran off because she didn’t know how to answer his feelings.

Susumu regretted confessing to her as things became awkward between them. Tae suggested her report it to Gen first to get his permission, that way Haru will be relieved too. However, when Susumu went to Gen’s room he found the assassin inside, ready to take Gen’s life. Susumu didn’t have any weapons on his hands, so he couldn’t really fight directly. Meanwhile, Haru was worried about all the noise coming from the room and she came to check.

Right after Haru entered the room, Gen stabbed himself on purpose, buying time for Susumu to grab a katana nearby. He slashed the assassin just before he kills Haru, but he told him to go before more people comes. Haru fainted and woke up in Susumu’s room later. This time he clearly remembered what happened. He didn’t lose himself again because she was there. Haru cried since this love makes her sad and worried about what to do next.

Susumu hugged Haru, and she finally said she loves him. He thanked her since he’s been waiting for those words. She’s not alone, he’ll take away all her worries and fears. He’ll make her happy so she shouldn’t be worried about anything. They’ll think and take care of things together from now on.

March came to an end and no one made it by the deadline, so Gen still holds the head position. He was hospitalized at the moment though, with Susumu still not believing that Gen protected him that day. Susumu was out in Ginza with Haru that day. Tadashi and Isami wondered if he doesn’t wanna be the head, but Masashi said “It’s okay, he found something more important than that position.”(。・ω・。)ノ♡

In Ginza, Susumu and Haru were actually with Sanji and Tae too. He said any of his brothers can be the head, but only him can stay by Haru’s side. He realized the reason you’re born isn’t the most important thing. It’s how you live your life. Susumu wished Sanji and Tae’s relationship goes smoothly, and Sanji wished the same for him and Haru. But Tae’s totally in control and orders Sanji around lol.

Susumu asked Haru if she’s happy, and she answered she is. He said he’s happy too, moreover since they will always be together from now on. He pushed her onto the wall and kissed her when Sanji and Tae weren’t looking. (*ノωノ)

Five months later, Gen already approved their relationship. Haru met Mamoru in Ginza, where he asked her to give his new book to Susumu. It’s gonna be published next month, and he said Susumu will understand his reason upon reading it. That night she gave the book and Susumu proposed to her.

Haru was surprised and couldn’t believe it, but Susumu said it’s about time she accepts his proposal and she gladly said yes. He asked where where wants to live after marriage, and Haru said she wants to live with Fumiko in her house. Susumu was happy since Fumiko will be delighted to live with them. They will go meet her parents this summer to inform them about their marriage. Susumu asked her to show that she loves him, and she bent down to kiss him.

Susumu surprised me when he revealed his true self, in a good way of course. He’s so cute when he gets drunk, does stupid things and gets embarrassed over it the next day. I didn’t remember the exact lines so I didn’t put them here, but that broken heart party made me laugh so hard I cried. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ I really like Fumiko too in a different way from Toki and Shizuko. She was in love with Gen for a long time before marrying him, and it’s fun to see her talking about love with Haru. I’d love to have a mom like that. (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・

If you read all of my HanaIchi summaries this far, you should be able to figure out who the secret character is. I won’t talk about him until I post his own route, just in case you scrolled all the way here avoiding spoilers.


2 thoughts on “HanaIchi – Miyanomori Susumu

  1. Oh wow… I finally finished Susumu’s route… it only took me 35 hours, lol. But it was my first route, so maybe the rest will be a little faster? I really liked his route, even though it dragged on a bit and had a lot of angst. I agree about the broken heart party… it was hilarious when the three older brothers took him out drinking to console him and then got him drunk so he would tell them what happened. And then the next day when the brothers are talking in the dining room about Susumu grabbing and hugging Tadashi, he doesn’t remember and freaks out, saying, 嘘だ嘘だ嘘だ嘘だ嘘だ. I literally laughed out loud… at 11:00 PM when everyone else was sleeping in my house. Well, now it’s time to start on Tadashi’s route! :)

    • おつかれ~ You just went through a lot of angst and family / friend drama, but glad to hear you liked the gap between serious and drunk Susumu. xD HanaIchi is rather long on your first run, but it should be faster after that. If memory doesn’t fail me, each guy’s main story starts in October. Before that it’s just small events.

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