HanaIchi – Mimori Mamoru

Here we are at the secret character’s route. Be warned that everything beyond the “read more” button contains spoilers, since by now his real identity should be pretty clear.

A writer often seen wandering around the corners of Ginza. Has been writing for five years since his debut, and he’s not as poor as he claims to be. He writes a lot of romance novels, but most of them are sad love stories. Susumu is a fan of his and collects all of the books he writes. Born on June 11, currently 25 years old.

Haru first met Mamoru in May. He dropped his notebook and Haru returned it. They meet again when Haru was out shopping, carrying all the stuff by herself. Mamoru helped her before she falls, but he didn’t remember meeting her before since he was so occupied with his own thoughts. Their third meeting was at the department store, where he dropped his notebook again. She tried returning it to him, but he thought she’s a spy sent to tail him.

After Haru said she’s just a maid working for Miyanomori, he apologized and introduced himself as Mimori Mamoru, a novelist. He gave her his new novel as an apology. By this time Mamoru’s already working with Sanji, asking him to get information from Susumu. The plan failed because Gen noticed his intentions, though Susumu didn’t realize.

When they meet again in Ginza, Haru already reads his novel and is impressed. Mamoru asked for her name, saying he wants to hear more about her — her job, the mansion, the brothers. The next time they meet, he wants to chat with her again. Obviously to get more information about Miyanomori, but Haru didn’t know that.

After he got a report about Gen’s game (most likely from Sanji), Mamoru’s publisher also gave him many materials for his new novel. He got more information about Miyanomori, including a map of the mansion given by the architect. Haru saw him again and asked more about his books. When she heard that he’s 25 right now, she thought he must be married. Mamoru said he’s still single and not interested in marriage. He has to work hard to support himself, he won’t be able to feed a family.

Mamoru heard about Gen’s game again from Haru. Somehow she believed his novelist face and told him a lot of stuff, so he decided to use her to get more information. He visited Sanae some days later and told her to give him a fake invitation to the Sumida Ball, or else he’ll kill her. Or Tadashi, her precious tool for the head position.

On June 11, his 26th birthday, the old landlady at his place gave him some food to celebrate. It’s been five years since he came here. He met Haru again in Ginza, and this time she told him about the ball. Mamoru asked her to see him again on the 21th, which is the day after the ball. Eventually he got the invitation from Sanae and asked Sanji to drive him to the Miyanomori mansion, warning him not to get caught by Susumu. He didn’t know that Kisuke was watching them from the shadows.

Mamoru came to the Sumida Ball that night, disguising as Sanae’s distant relative. He got her to tell him which brother is which, to remember their names and faces. Haru saw him before he leaves and chased after him to the front door, but he only said she got the wrong person and left. She didn’t get to see his face clearly and believed that it’s not him, since the atmosphere and personality was so different from the Mamoru she knows.

Haru met up with Mamoru again the next day, as promised. They talked about the ball, and Mamoru asked Haru if she has someone she likes. When she replied no, Mamoru said he wants to like and be liked by her. Haru couldn’t believe her ears, but of course this is only an act to get close to her. They didn’t meet again until July, both busy with their own work, but Haru missed him.

Meanwhile, Mamoru saw Kisuke spying on him. Kisuke waited for a chance to get into his room, sneaking in when he’s not home and searched around for some clues until he found his name. Unfortunately for him, Mamoru was only hiding in his room. He slashed Kisuke twice, but he managed to escape. He let him go though since Gen will find out about him eventually.

Kisuke went to the mansion, collapsing on Haru’s arms because of his wounds. After he got better, he reported to Gen that it’s no doubt “Mamoru-bocchan“. Gen quickly figured out Mamoru’s connection to Sanji when Kisuke mentioned Sumida’s involvement. He expects to see Mamoru directly soon.

Some days later, Haru finally met Mamoru again. From her Mamoru heard about the upcoming Music Festival at Hazuki Hotel. Since the whole Miyanomori family were out that night, he used this chance to sneak into the mansion and checking up the layout based on his map. He also checked Haru’s room and found her diary, in which she kept all of her thoughts. He learned that Haru might not be what he expects her to be.

On the beach opening day, Haru was left alone after the event. She met Mamoru again, who was there to see. To see Gen and his sons, to be precise. He told her his next book is about a maid, and the main character is modeled after her. Mamoru said his mother died of a sickness when he was young. From then he spent years training himself, until he’s ready to do what he needs to do. He doesn’t have a father and doesn’t wanna use the money his mother left for him, so he started working as a novelist when the story he submitted got accepted.

Haru was glad she met him here, because he was about to cry back then. She asked if Mamoru ever cried before, and he said only once. They walked along the beach and he held her hand, at the same time wondering why he did that. It’s something he doesn’t need to do.

At the end of July, Haru told Mamoru about her arranged marriage. Mamoru gave her some suggestions, eventually getting tired because she couldn’t make up her mind. He left first, but later he offered another way to refuse the engagement: pretend to be his fiancee and take him to her hometown. However, by doing so she owns him a debt and she needs to pay him back by fulfilling his wish someday.

Before leaving, Mamoru got a request from Saeki’s rival for the next Prime Minister election — Kawamura. He already did some research about Mamoru and found out about his background, mostly from the book “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku”. He wants Mamoru to kill Saeki, paying him with lots of money. Mamoru accepted the deal and Kawamura asked him to kill Saeki before December.

So Mamoru went with Haru to her hometown, staying at a nearby hotel. He managed to convince her parents and got tired of the long journey, but he likes the warmth of her family. Soon he noticed some assassins were tailing him, so he sent Haru back to her house to get his notebook. He killed them quickly just by using stones, and he hugged Haru when she came back to hide the corpses from her vision.

Before they go back to Teito, Haru asked why he’s willing to go this far just for her. He admits it’s because she has a value to be used, so he wants to take advantage of her. This made her sad, but Mamoru wasn’t exactly happy either. He knows he doesn’t need Haru anymore now that he’s got the deal with Kawamura, but still..

Soon Mamoru received the uniform he needs for his task. He visited Sanae again and told her to place Sanji in the Tokkou division, rewarding him so he can work better from now on. Mamoru also knew that Kawamura was the one who sent the assassins he killed in Haru’s hometown, and he might have to kill him depending on how he’ll move next.

Chitomi warned Haru not to get close to Mamoru again since he’s clearly using her to get information about Miyanomori. Haru found it hard to believe, but she tried to run away when they meet again. Since Mamoru was trying to talk to her, Haru asked him if what Chitomi says is true. He admits that it is, because he has a grudge against Miyanomori. Mamoru said goodbye to her since it’d be better if they don’t meet anymore.

They didn’t meet again until September, when she saw him again in Ginza. This time more of his true personality shows through, but he admits that he might be interested in her. That’s why he went all the way to her hometown. If she wanna know why he holds a grudge against the family, he told her to come to Hazuki Hotel on the 25th.

On the day, Haru heard from Kisuke that someone’s after the Prime Minister’s life. She got a bad feeling and chased after Kisuke to the hotel Mamoru told her. There she met a different Mamoru, wearing a military uniform with blood splattered on it. Most likely Isami’s since he just shot him earlier.

Mamoru told Haru that he’s not “Mimori-san”. He’s actually Miyanomori Mamoru, a son of Gen’s that wasn’t supposed to be born. He told Haru to get out of that mansion or her life would be in danger. She said she wants to know about him, now she knows.

Haru was shocked. The next day she locked herself up in her room, eventually fleeing from the mansion through the window. She met Mamoru in town, who told her to leave or else he’ll kill her. Haru refused. She wants to know why he hates the family so much. She can’t just look away and pretend nothing happened, and she won’t leave until he tells her his reason. Mamoru gave up and took her to his room, telling her to stay here until he’s ready to talk.

It’s a novelist’s room, so Haru found his manuscript and reads it. He was busy telling her not to touch his stuff, eventually getting tired of handling her, but still takes care of her anyway. (。→∀←。)♡ Five days later he finally told Haru that his mother, Kazue, was Gen’s mistress. When Gen found out she’s pregnant, he wants to marry her but she refused. She knows she won’t be able to raise her son that way, plus he will be involved in Gen’s game. She secretly gave birth to Mamoru and raised him alone, meeting the landlady below in the meantime. She’s afraid that if Gen found out, he will try to take Mamoru away from her. Of course there’s more to it, but that’s all he told Haru for now.

Haru started touching his stuff again when Mamoru was out, and he quickly snatched a picture she was holding when he came back. He asked if she’s not scared, but Haru said she already got used to him a little bit. Both “Mimori-san” and him is the same person after all. Later Mamoru also continued writing the maid novel he stopped before.

On October 5, Haru said she’s going back to the mansion since everyone must be worried about her. She came to ask for his reason, but she found it nice to live with him. Before leaving Haru said she will come to see him again because she wants to. Gen decided to keep Haru in the mansion, knowing her relationship with Mamoru. But she was forbidden to leave the mansion for now.

Meanwhile, Mamoru managed to get some information from Kisuke. He told Sanji to tell Sanae about his real identity. At the end of the month, he saw Haru shopping in Ginza and called her. It’s been a while since she left and she didn’t come back to see him again. Haru apologized, telling him what happened after she got back to the mansion. They went to the parlor to talk, where she was amazed at how his personality changes in an instant. ((*´∀`))ヶラヶラ

He took her to his room after that, telling her that he’s going to kill both the Prime Minister and Gen at the Saeki Ball next month. He also told her more about his mother, who apparently had a weak body when she was still alive. When Mamoru was small, Sanae came to give her some money. Sanae asked Kazue to leave Teito, or else she’ll kill Mamoru. Kazue refused, so Sanae continued to press her until her condition worsened. Kazue eventually died when Mamoru was 15. He hates Sanae for that, but he hates Gen even more since he knew about it but didn’t do anything to stop Sanae.

Mamoru’s hatred towards Gen and Sanae was so strong, Haru couldn’t stop him no matter what she does. He came to visit her room in November, since she didn’t come to town lately. Surprisingly he asked her to go to the Taisho Exhibition with him. He said he wants to kill Gen there, so Haru accepted hoping to stop him. But later he joked and said it’s only an excuse to go with her. (。-∀-)ニヒッ

However, that day Gen didn’t go to the exhibition and only sent Haru to observe in his place. Haru was excited though, and Mamoru had to follow her around. He had to act as “Mimori-san” too since people were staring whenever he gets mad at Haru lol. Despite being grumpy all day, in the end Mamoru said he enjoyed it. He had never experienced this before and somehow it made him forget about his plan and grudges. Haru is no doubt a disturbance to his plan, but a part of him also accepted her.

Haru didn’t want Mamoru to kill more people, hoping that his feelings could reach Gen and the people he hates someday. Before they go home, Haru asked if he’ll come to see her again and he said “if you wish so”. (♡´∀`♡)

Before the ball, Mamoru asked Sanae to join hands with him to kill Gen. He’s going to kill the whole Miyanomori family and took the head position for himself, handing all of their fortune to Sumida. Sanae had no choice but to accept. She needs the money for her collapsing family, and Mamoru also acts as her backup just in case Tadashi fails to get the position.

At the Saeki Ball, Mamoru killed the Prime Minister and left the scene. He met Gen outside, which was their first direct meeting. Mamoru said he doesn’t have any plans to kill Gen that night, but he’ll come back to kill Gen along with his sons and Sanae. His deal with Kawamura ended successfully, but all he thinks of was what Haru would say after he did this. He feels a bit guilty when he remembers her.

On November 30, they met again in Ginza. Mamoru told her he met Gen that night, but for some reason he couldn’t kill him. He admits it’s probably because he remembers her. He doesn’t wanna meet her anymore, knowing her life would be in danger by staying with him. He warned Haru to leave the mansion again, because he will come to attack soon.

Since he’s done dealing with Sanae, Mamoru revealed his true intentions and left Sanae in depression. He already sold all of her properties, taking all of Sumida’s remaining money knowing it’s the most important thing to Sanae. Killing her would be easier, but he wants her to go through the pain she caused Kazue back then. Sumida’s currently collapsing and will be destroyed eventually.

On December 30, Haru met Mamoru in front of the mansion. She knows he’s there to kill Gen, and she refused to let him in even if it means she will die. Mamoru told her to move and swung his sword, not expecting Haru to still stand and really got slashed. She said it’s not for Gen, it’s because she wants him to stop killing. Mamoru canceled his plan that night and brought Haru to his room, where he treated her wounds.

When Haru regained her consciousness, Mamoru apologized and told her he won’t kill when she’s here. Haru said she’ll stay forever then, and he said he knew he’ll be sad if she dies. He didn’t attack her seriously back then, it was only to scare her away. He also met a panicked Tae that morning, who was so persistent that he had to tell her about Haru’s conditions lol.

Some days later, Mamoru showed Haru the picture of the Miyanomori brothers when they were small. He got it from his mother and used it as a reminder for his grudge. He’s also a Miyanomori, but he’s not there in the picture while his brothers live a happy and luxury life in the mansion. He gave the picture to Haru because he doesn’t need it anymore.

Time passed and Haru’s wounds eventually healed, so she’s going back to the mansion. Mamoru let her go, saying he’ll come to see her if she doesn’t came to see him again. He enjoyed living with her and was about to say it’d be nice if he can live peacefully with her, not attacking Miyanomori anymore. But he didn’t say it, thinking he won’t be able to do that after all that he’s done.

From then he tried to sneak into the mansion to see Haru, but the guard was so tight and he wants to avoid killing unnecessarily thanks to his promise to her. He caught Kisuke spying around and brought him to Sanae. He didn’t kill him because of that promise, and instead told Sanae to tie him up and throw him to the basement since he’s getting in the way.

At the end of January, Haru was sent to the Sumida house to spy on Sanae. She was trapped inside and soon heard some noises underneath the floorboards. She eventually found Kisuke down there and tried to help, but she was caught and got locked up herself. Mamoru managed to get into the mansion soon. He was looking for Haru when he met Tae, who told him that Haru’s in the Sumida house.

After Isami ransacked the place and took Sanae away, Mamoru got into the house and rescued Haru. She spent the night at his place. Before she leaves the next day, Mamoru hugged her telling her not to worry him so much. He asked her to live with him, since only her can stop him from killing. Haru agreed and starts living with him after explaining the situation to Chitomi, with Tae visiting them everyday.

By the time Mamoru went to the Tsukumoin Ball, he already lost his desire to kill. He also freed Sanji and took the book “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” from the Saeki mansion. It’s a book he wrote a long time ago, but Gen burned down the factory before it got published. It contains all the things he knew about his mother and Miyanomori, which is dangerous for Gen’s reputation.

After a month living together, Mamoru asked what Haru thinks of him. Haru said he’s a precious person to her, and she wants to stay with him forever. She knows that Mamoru wants to put an end to all of this. Mamoru said he feels the same and will let her read his maid novel when it’s finished. Then he told her to sleep.

Mamoru went to the mansion when Haru was asleep, not killing any of the guards and only knocked them out. He met Gen in his room, who admits all the things he did in the past. There’s only one thing that he wants Mamoru to know: when he heard that Kazue gave birth to Mamoru, he came to see her. Kazue chose to live and raise Mamoru alone, so Gen accepted her decision and only gave him the name “Mamoru”.

Haru soon came to the mansion to stop Mamoru, knowing there’s no meaning for him to kill Gen. Noticing that Mamoru already lost the desire to kill, Gen told him to go before people comes. He gave Mamoru Kazue’s ring, the only memento he had from her. Mamoru finally realized that killing Gen won’t make his mother happy, so he left with Haru.

Outside, Haru said they should say goodbye here. She loves living with him, but by staying together they won’t be able to be stronger. They will keep relying on each other. Mamoru said he wants to make her happy, but he knows the current him won’t be able to do it. He’ll take care of everything and will come for her when he has the confidence to do so. Haru said he will wait for him, because she loves him.

As Mamoru rewrites the ending of his maid novel, Gen took care of everything and registered Mamoru into the Miyanomori family. From now on he’s going to live as Miyanomori Mamoru, as a member of the family. Mamoru asked if he’s sure about that, but Gen doesn’t mind even if it’ll hurt the family name. Kawamura was also arrested for killing the Prime Minister, so Mamoru is now free from any future threat.

Two years later, Haru was back in her hometown, working at the factory again. It was snowing when Mamoru finally came to pick her up. He already finished his maid novel, now titled “The Maid Above The Corpses” and turned into an action novel instead lol. He already settled things with Gen too, up to the point of going out to drink together.

On their way to greet her parents, Haru fell and he pushed her down onto the snow. He asked her to call him “Mamoru”, since he’s no longer the “Mimori-san” she knew. After asking her to take off his glasses, he kissed her and said he loves her. He wants her to come with him to Teito.

In the epilogue, Mamoru and Haru are now married. They’re living in his room instead of the mansion. That night he came home after drinking with Gen, hugging Haru and asking her if she have any regrets. Haru said of course she doesn’t and asked him to move since he’s heavy. He refused, so Haru said she’ll let him stay like this if he says he loves her. Mamoru said he can’t do it, but it’s just a joke and he said he loves her.

Well, what can I say? Mamoru is hot. ´`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)´`ァ,、ァ Especially after he revealed his true self. I know many of you likes his assassin look, but actually I like his novelist look better. When he looks like this, that is. Thumbs up to Tai Yuuki since the gap between his voice is superb. Σd(・ω・ `) It’s funny how he panics over stuff with that badass look on his face lol. I hope Mamoru gets more interactions with his brothers in Kinema Mosaic.

8 thoughts on “HanaIchi – Mimori Mamoru

    • It’s heavier and more serious than the others, but it does have its sweet and funny moments. Just not as many. Most of the romantic scenes take place near the end too. The LOL moments are definitely not enough though.. I want more in Kinema Mosaic. ;_;


    FFF I really wanna play this game, but seeing how long is it, I’m sure I’m gonna skip everything…/doesn’t like games with lots of text. But reading the reviews, I think my favorites are probably Hiroshi and Mamoru.

    Looking forward to your next reviews~~
    BTW what program do you use to take PSP screenshots?

    • Nice reaction. xD
      Yea it’s pretty long, but there’s like 0.5% of narration and 99.5% dialogues lol. Usually I fell asleep in otome games when the heroine’s narrating and describing like every single thing, but Hanayaka is different.

      I use a plugin called PCT v2 to take screenshots.
      It only works on custom firmware though.

    • Oh great, then you can play it when you have the time. :3
      Yea the maid novel changed from romance to action LOL. The title makes me imagine a maid with weapons too. xD

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