HanaIchi – Miyanomori Masashi

Everyone’s favorite #2 aka the tsundere of the game. He’s tsun to the max at the beginning, up to the point of being mean. But he’s so adorable when his dere side shows! ・*:。゜ε-(*´∀`|萌|

The youngest of the Miyanomori brothers, 16 years old. A 5th year student at the Imperial School. Shows no mercy to those who ranked below him, especially to servants. It seems like he hates his brothers too, especially Hiroshi. Refuses to wear kimonos thanks to his mother, Imura Chiyoko’s influence. Born on February 20 and likes to do what he wants to do.

Chiyoko, Masashi’s mother, is a very relaxed and ladylike person. It seems like time passes slowly when she’s around. Her family owns a famous expensive kimono shop in Kyoto, and she was arranged to marry Gen to expand their business. She’s nice and friendly, but it seems like she doesn’t like her son. Masashi hates her too, referring to her by “あいつ / her” rather than calling her “mother”.

Since Haru is a new maid, Masashi was really mean to her at the beginning. He told her to make a bentou bigger than Hiroshi’s, so Haru made a four-level one. She endured Shigeru’s crazy driving to deliver it to his school, only to have him call her stupid for doing this. There’s no way he’d eat a maid’s cooking. Masashi threw the bentou to the ground, telling her to clean it up and go back.

He didn’t stop there. When he saw Haru trying to be strong, he tried to make her quit at every chance he had. He broke the broom Hiroshi gave her, threw insults at her, ordered her to quit right here right now — but Haru refused. No matter what he does to her, she can’t quit since she needs to help her family.

In June, Masashi got sick on the way to school. He had a high fever and returned to the mansion. Haru helped bringing him back to his room and waited in the hallway, worried about him. After Chitomi left, Masashi came out of his room just to scream at Haru. He blamed her for his fever and soon collapsed to her shoulder, continuing to bitch about her until Chitomi came and dragged him back to his room. She told him to be honest to himself.

At the Sumida Ball, Masashi refused to be touched by his partner. He told her not to lie about wanting to marry him, since she’s probably after Miyanomori’s money. He ditched her after telling her to just go home. Soon he saw Haru replacing the food, and he told her not to do anything unnecessary. But he let her continue her job since Chitomi already knew about the food. Why did he said that to her? Because he’s actually the one who drugged the food.

Haru heard about it the next day, and she tried to ask why he did that. Masashi screamed at her saying he can do anything he wants. Nobody will blame him because he’s a Miyanomori. After hearing that, Haru left saying she’s a fool for worrying about him and trying to understand him. Masashi wasn’t pleased with her reaction, but didn’t do anything.

Some days later, Haru found him in town, skipping school. He refused to answer her questions and told her to leave him alone, but Haru tagged along until he lets her do whatever she wants. Which is a big mistake, since she will follow him anywhere he goes. (。-∀-)ニヒッ So he eventually gave up and returned to the mansion.

On the beach opening days, Hiroshi took Haru to the beach hoping he can play with her. But right after the ceremony was over, the brothers all went home without her. Haru was left to go back on her own. On the way, Masashi suddenly told the driver to go back to the beach. There he found her alone looking sad, and he approached her to throw some insults at her as well as writing “I hate you” and “baka” on the sand.

This actually lightens up Haru’s mood a little, and she also wrote “I won’t lose” on the sand. Masashi laughed after ruining it, so she also erased the insults he wrote. He was being tsun again, but Haru said it’s okay because she got to see his laugh. Masashi didn’t admit it, so Haru wrote “ahaha” on the sand with him calling her “baka!” out of embarrassment and walked away lol.

A few days later Masashi asked if she understands him now. Haru said she does, even if just a little bit. He asked which part of him and she answered his wonderful smile. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) This caused him to throw yet another string of insults, clearly embarrassed. By now Haru already got used to him and his attitude a little bit.

When Masashi heard about her arranged marriage, he told her to just go back and get married. But on the fireworks show, he said he doesn’t want her to quit after all since he’ll lose his bullying victim lol. Masashi said he’ll kill her if he can’t make her quit by himself, and Haru was like Σ(゚ロ゚|||)ハッ He laughed and said it’s only a joke, she shouldn’t take all the things he said so seriously.

In August, Haru used Masashi’s name to refuse the engagement. He suddenly appeared at her front door, but he didn’t come in and keeps opening and closing the door lol. Haru went out to chase after him and he wasn’t impressed at how small her house is. He said he’s only passing by, telling her to just get married and quit already. Haru doesn’t wanna quit though so she said she’s going to talk to her parents again.

Masashi said he only wants to leave as soon as possible. He brushed her off when she tried to release his clothes from a tree branch, causing her to fall with him on top of her. (*ノωノ) Instead of getting up, Masashi stared at Haru’s face and commented on her eyebrows lol. She also said that he has long lashes. Masashi realized that touching her doesn’t send chills down his spine. He’s fine even when she gets closer.

The next day, Masashi came to Haru’s house and ordered her parents to stop the arranged marriage. They accepted since he’s a Miyanomori, but Masashi keeps denying that he did it for her. He said it’s because he wanted to visit the nearby hot spring lol. Some days later he came to her house to eat lunch. He doubted it’s edible, but ate the food anyway. Just before they go back to the mansion, he told her to tell her mother it’s delicious. xD

In September, Masashi asked Haru to take care of Chiyoko since she’s coming on the 20th. Haru asked what happened between them, but he’s being tsun again and said it’s none of her business. She left since she’s just a maid after all, disappointing him because she’s just like the other maids after all. Haru apologized to him on the 18th when they meet at night. When Masashi said he hates her, Haru started crying and he felt guilty. He said he didn’t mean it, but it turns out she was just faking it, which made him goes “最低使用人馬鹿使用人!!隕石落ちて死んじゃえ!” while blushing. :゙;`゙;`;:゙;`;:゙`;:゙;`ヽ(゚∀゚ゞ)ブ

On the 20th, Haru dragged Masashi to see Chiyoko in her hotel. It didn’t go well and Chiyoko went back to her room. Masashi told Haru it might look like he’s only rebelling against his mother, but actually Chiyoko doesn’t accept him as well. It’s a problem only they can solve. Haru apologized since she can’t do anything for them, and they took the train home.

After Isami was shot, Haru met Masashi who was out to buy a book in Ginza. That night she heard his voice asking her to bring a drink.. to the bathroom. He was reading a book while comfortably warming himself in the bathtub. Haru made a drink for him and brought it to the bathroom, just as he requested, but she thought she saw something she wasn’t supposed to see. LOL how much did you see, Haru!? (*ノ▽ノ)イヤン

In October, Masashi knew that Haru’s going to be interviewed for Gen’s personal maid. He doesn’t like it since he can’t bully her anymore if that happens, so he came home and stole her from his father. Haru didn’t understand why he disturbed her, but Masashi only said she doesn’t belong to anyone now, which automatically makes her his lol. The next day he took her to Ginza to buy more books, and he found himself speaking normally to her. She also started to understand him more as they ate at the parlor and rode trains together. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

One night he told Haru that Chiyoko was actually forced to marry Gen for her family’s sake. Even until now Gen calls her “Imura”, not even interested in her name. The child from that relationship is Masashi, that’s why he said he’s an unwanted child if they take a look from Chiyoko’s perspective. He wondered why he told her all of this.

Chiyoko soon came to their mansion again around the time of the Miyanomori Ball. Masashi asked Haru to keep her company as well as finding out the reason why she comes here. He also tried to ask Haru to the dance, but failed terribly at it. He took her to Ginza and bought a dress for her, along with a book titled “How to not do misses on a ball” ROFL. When Haru asked if he’s inviting her, Masashi finally said yes since she’s the only one he can touch without feeling disgusted.

He told her to practice for the ball, so Haru practiced dancing with a broom at night. Isami was speechless upon seeing what this stupid maid was doing, and he offered to teach her how to dance. Masashi saw this and got jealous, eventually dragging her away from his brother. He finally admits that he wants to dance with her and was actually looking forward to the ball. Haru was happy to hear this and resumed her practice, this time in her room lol.

Before the ball starts, Chiyoko told Haru that she’s opening a new shop in the capital. She feels weird because she has to meet Masashi more often that way. That night Haru surprised everyone when she came to the hall in a dress. Masashi chased his brothers away since they’re clearly interested in her. They started dancing and Masashi was enjoying himself when Haru suddenly tripped. He caught her and she landed on his lips, making all of the brothers go Σ( ̄□ ̄;) at how “bold” they are lol.

It was their first kiss, but Masashi didn’t seem to mind. He actually thinks of marrying her to take responsibility. (*´∀`*)ホケェ He asked a random woman, who happened to be Kurenai, in Ginza for some advice. Of course she was surprised upon hearing his plan of marrying Haru, so she told him to go step by step. A relationship comes before marriage. Masashi then asked Haru to go out with him, with marriage as their goal ROFL.

Masashi took Haru to the Taisho Exhibition based on Kisuke’s advice. He said she pissed him off the most, so he wants to make her his LOL. Masashi asked Haru what she wants him to do. He already reached the point where he wants to be the next head just to make her fully his. Since their first kiss was an accident, he tried kissing her again that night, with Haru panicking and asking him to stop. xD

Some days later, Masashi bought tons of romance novel. Most likely to study what he should do about Haru. (๑→‿ฺ←๑) She told him that marriage isn’t that easy. First he needs to figure out why he wants her that much. From then they’ll think together about what to do next. Surprisingly, Masashi didn’t get angry and agreed.

In November, Masashi figured out that Gen’s planning to go to the Saeki Ball just to watch the Prime Minister die. He was shot before the ball though. Masashi then asked Haru to get more information about Chiyoko’s visit next month. He still didn’t understand the reason for wanting to marry Haru, so he made her his personal maid thinking it’s the same thing. He gave her his room’s key and Gen approved as long as she passed her exams, since Masashi blackmailed him with the reason why he’s suddenly so interested in Chiyoko’s business.

Masashi offered a contract to Haru, asking her to work for him like Heisuke does for Gen. He’ll need her help in collecting information, and he will reward her if he becomes the head. However, Haru said she doesn’t need anything from him. She doesn’t need a contract either since she’s helping him because she wants to. Masashi is satisfied and soon gave her the first task.

He handed a duplicate of Gen’s room key to her, and Haru managed took a file from Gen’s room: a client roster. From there Masashi figured out that Gen’s taking possession of Chiyoko’s shop, naming it Miyanomori Kimono Shop. Lately Gen’s also busy with some spinning mill issues, so he’s probably really thinking of starting a new business. Chiyoko’s busy opening her new shop nearby, but the one behind it must be Gen.

On December 10, Masashi went to talk to Chiyoko in her hotel. He asked her if she’s going to let Gen takes advantage of her forever. Masashi already accepted his position in the family, being used in Gen’s game. But Chiyoko never thinks nor do anything about it, that’s why she really pissed him off. Chiyoko replied that she knows Gen’s only taking advantage of her, but there’s nothing she can do except being patient and endure it all. She also knows that Gen was planning to take over her shop.

Chiyoko used this chance to say that she actually hates Masashi. Why does she have to bow down to him when she’s his mother? She doesn’t care even if Miyanomori takes over Imura. Chiyoko will be free from her family’s restrictions if that happens, and she won’t let Masashi get in her way. Deep inside she wished they can be a normal mother and son, but now she realized it’s impossible.

Thanks to this conversation, Masashi was down when he returned to the mansion. Haru was worried about him, but he refused to tell her what happened. Kisuke suggested he talks about it with Haru so he’ll feel better. Since Haru wants to do something for him, she invited him to the Ginza Matsuri. There he told her what happened with Chiyoko, saying he doesn’t know what to do. It’s not like he has anyone to talk to either. Haru asked him to rely on her. It’s okay if he doesn’t wanna talk about his problems, but he should remember that she’s always there for him.

Masashi asked about her status, so Haru answered she’s his personal maid and maybe his soulmate too lol. He was embarrassed and started calling her baka again, only stopping when Haru started to cry. That made him feel bad, so he apologized and said he’ll rely on her from now on. But guess what? It’s a fake cry.. again, which made him goes “お前最低だし、使えないし、騙すし、ありえない!” but he went around the festival with her anyway lol.

This year Gen isn’t going to the villa, so the brothers were going only with Haru and Tae. By now Haru already realized that Masashi’s just like Tae, they always say the opposite of what they actually mean. They went to Ginza together and he went to buy a present of her while she sent a telegram to her family. He met Chiyoko there, but he acts all cold towards her. It ruined his mood though, so he wandered off alone as Haru waited for him to return in the snow.

Haru caught a cold after that. She had a fever and Masashi was the one taking care of her. When she woke up, he gave her the present he bought earlier — a voodoo doll. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ He’s not going to the villa as well since there’s no way he’s leaving her behind.

The next day, Masashi cooked a dish for her following their cook’s instructions. It tastes absolutely disgusting but she ate it anyway. He tried eating it too, shocked at how bad it tastes lol. But Haru was happy with his concern.

After she recovered, Masashi told her that the “enjoyment” Gen wants from them is probably not what Tadashi and Isami gave him, but more like what Shigeru did — try to kill him. He asked her to look for an assassin he could pay to attack Gen, giving her FIVE scarves so she won’t be cold lol. But obviously she couldn’t find such a person.

By now Masashi already found the reason why he wants Haru: because she annoyed him and he hates her the most. Haru translated it as “the kindest person ever and he loves him the most”, which made him spit out “baka baka baka baka!” again lol. Masashi started to realize his feelings too, and he asked Chitomi to lent him Haru’s resume. Haru found out he’s reading her background, and she said she’s just a normal girl. Masashi got angry and told her to do her job with pride since she’s his personal maid. Haru cried saying Masashi doesn’t understand her feelings and ran off.

The next day, Masashi called Haru to her room and gave her camellias to apologize. He was the one who chose her, so she should have more confidence in herself. Haru was touched and promised Masashi that she will always stay with him as the person he can trust. Until he becomes the head.

On the New Year’s Day, they went to Ginza together and a certain man bumped into him. Masashi noticed that it’s not a coincidence and took a liking on him, having found the person he needs for his plan. Some days later he went out to meet him again, requesting to kill Gen as he analyzed the man thoroughly. He bought a castella for Haru too on his way home. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) Based on their meeting earlier, Masashi knows that the man is a novelist. He asked Haru to gather some information, he will sort them out himself.

From there Masashi was able to figure out who the man is: Mimori Mamoru, though he knows it’s a fake name and that he’s been aiming for Masashi since the first time they met. Mamoru was impressed when they met again, but before they reached an agreement, Gen told Heisuke to fire Haru by the end of the month. He can’t fire her without any reason, so he asked Heisuke to do something about Haru’s exam.

A few days later, Masashi had a fever again. He saw a dream of Haru leaving him after he becomes the head, which made him realize that he doesn’t wanna lose her though he doesn’t know why yet. Even after he takes the head position, he still wants Haru by his side. That night he pulled her closer, letting his honest feelings show before going back to sleep.

Just as planned, Heisuke told Haru she failed her exam by the end of the month. Masashi already knows that this is Gen’s plan. He asked Chitomi about Haru’s real results, and she said Haru actually passed. Chitomi doesn’t like how they treat Haru either, but Gen’s words are absolute.

Masashi tried going after Haru, but he was suddenly stopped by Chiyoko at the station. It turns out that she was actually working with Gen to stop Masashi. He passed out after Gen’s bodyguard attacked him, and Mamoru watched from afar as they dragged Masashi away. Gen tied him up and locked him inside a building, but luckily a certain assassin came to free him soon. He finally agreed to kill Gen, both for Masashi and for his own sake. That night the assassin didn’t get to kill Gen as he was interrupted, but Gen was sent to the hospital.

Now that Gen’s out of the way, Masashi came to Haru’s hometown. She was on her way to send a letter from him, surprised to see him standing before her eyes. Masashi told her what happened and she slapped him for trying to kill his own father. He sulked because she keeps protesting even though he came all the way here just for her. He doesn’t know what she actually wants. But Haru hugged him from behind, asking him not to do such reckless things again. She’s coming back with him if he agreed to visit Gen in the hospital, and she will stay with him even if he doesn’t become the head. Masashi’s answer was simple: “I hate you” LOL.

After they got back to the mansion, Masashi visited Gen alone. He warned him that the next time he does something like this again, he’ll be dead for sure. Masashi hates everyone except Haru, so he’s taking her back as his maid. Gen said he’s a fool but gave 5 points for his assassination attempt. However, Masashi decided to drop out of the game. He doesn’t want to become the head anymore. After graduating he’ll study law in university and work in whatever area he wants, since he already got Haru by his side. He did this because he knows Haru will be worried if he did something like that again.

On Masashi’s birthday, Haru met Chiyoko in Ginza, who told her that she didn’t get the money Gen promised to give for her shop. She was only used by Gen and her own family. Apparently Gen said he’ll think of freeing her from the Imura family if she works with him, both in catching Masashi and helping with the new shop. But now she got nothing from him.

When Haru got angry at her for using Masashi for her own needs, he suddenly appeared in front of them. It turns out that he heard their conversation, and now he’s cutting off all ties with his mother. Chiyoko apologized and left, going back to her home in Kyoto. Haru then asked Masashi if he thinks of her as more than just a maid, and he said yes because she’s his maid. Before going back to the mansion, she gave him a birthday present — a voodoo doll LOL. ,;.:゙:..:;゙:.::旦(゚∀゚ゞ)ダハッッ!

Mamoru wasn’t pleased though, since Masashi canceling their plan means he must go back to his original plan, which is to kill them all. He also mentioned Haru, and Masashi realized he’s putting her in danger by doing this. In March, Haru met Mamoru in town and told him to stop bothering Masashi. He didn’t listen to her obviously, saying that he only wants to make Masashi suffer.

The next day, Mamoru came to Masashi’s room in his assassin attire. He wants his answer, and Masashi had no choice but to accept and resume his fight for the head position. But he told Haru that he’ll think of a way to settle things without killing anyone. He’s doing it for her though, not for Gen.

Some days later, Gen challenged Masashi and gave him some clues about Mamoru. If he can take care of it, Gen will give him the last 5 points he needs. He also told him the reason why he didn’t stop Mamoru: because he’s a backup if none of the brothers could take the head position. That was enough for Masashi to figure out who Mamoru really is.

One night, Masashi and Haru met Mamoru in town. Masashi said he doesn’t know if he should continue his plans. After all, he doesn’t know if Mamoru will continue to obey his words “Right, niisan?”. He also showed him a ring that might belong to Mamoru’s mother, saying Mamoru is a person who shouldn’t be born. This pissed him off and he was ready to kill Masashi when suddenly Chiyoko came to protect him, telling Mamoru not to touch her son. It was dangerous though, so Masashi told her to move away.

Masashi said he already knows about Mamoru’s background, and he’s using it to control him by threatening to spread it to the world. He gave Mamoru his mother’s ring though. Both Masashi and Mamoru hold each other’s weaknesses, so Mamoru couldn’t do anything except to listen to his words.

Masashi had a fever again right after that, and he woke up in his room. He heard from Haru that Chiyoko was on her way to the mansion earlier, probably to apologize to him. She said Masashi looks really cold back then, and he said he’s normally that cold to everyone since he can only be honest in front of her. He pulled her close and said he needs her, because it’s only her who can keep him calm. It’s only her who doesn’t make him feel disgusted being this close to each other.

However, Gen wasn’t done yet messing with them. Heisuke suddenly handed tons of money to Haru, ordering her to leave secretly as Masashi will be made the new head. They said it’s for the best since being the head means you can’t be too trusting towards people. Gen also ordered her to keep this a secret. Haru couldn’t tell anyone, not even her family since Masashi would be able to find out quickly if she goes home. That night Haru sadly said goodbye as Masashi was celebrating his victory with his brothers.

Following what Heisuke said, Haru decided to stay at a hotel and met Chiyoko there. Chiyoko asked her what happened and she cried, though she can’t tell her the reason. Back at the mansion, Masashi quickly noticed that Haru’s gone. He knew it must be Gen, so he went to warn him what will happen now that he did this again. He went out to search for Haru, eventually bringing Mamoru to kill Gen upon learning that Haru has moved to another town.

Meanwhile, Haru followed Chiyoko all the way to her shop in Kyoto. Chiyoko lets her stay even though she didn’t know her situation, and Haru was thankful to her. Time passed and Haru starts working with Chiyoko, who’s currently thinking of opening a new shop for cheaper and lighter kimonos. She told Haru that she has come to accept Masashi as her son, and the next time they meet she’ll apologize to him. She also believes that Masashi will surely come to see Haru. For now Chiyoko’s happy to be with her, thinking of her both like a daughter and a friend.

Masashi soon found out from Kisuke that Haru’s in Kyoto. He needs to think about what to do so Gen won’t kick her out again. He’ll be the new head starting from April, so Kisuke told him to use Gen instead. But for now there’s only one thing he needs to do, which is to chase after Haru to Kyoto.

Haru was working in Chiyoko’s shop when Masashi came. She was surprised to hear he attacked Gen again, and asked him to promise not to do something like that again. Masashi said he wasn’t there to look for her, he was only taking a walk. Yes, a walk. All the way to Kyoto. (。-∀-)ニヒッ Their conversation amuses Chiyoko, who tells Masashi that she wants to mend their relationship. He was being a tsundere again, but said he doesn’t mind.

After Haru said she will definitely help her, Chiyoko finally decided to open her new shop in Teito so she can be closer to both of them. Before leaving, Masashi finally called her “mother”. Chiyoko was really touched, thanking them and said she will see them again.

Outside, Masashi made Haru promise not to make him worry again. Haru apologized since even though she had no choice, she knows Masashi must be really worried that he came all the way to Kyoto just for her. He asked her if she knows why he came this far, and she said “for a walk?” LOL. Then finally, Masashi said it’s because he loves her. He kissed her and said she’s free to do anything except leaving him.

Six months later, it was summer and Masashi already becomes the new head. He ordered Tadashi and Isami to get their work done, saying he got bored listening to their excuses. They eventually escaped to get a drink, tired of Masashi’s slavery. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Gen has officially retired, now painting quietly in the atelier. Haru already found the thing she wants to do, so Masashi wants to do his best too.

Chiyoko opened her new shop, called the “Lost Village / 迷いの里”. Haru is working with her and enjoys her job, despite Chiyoko’s weird naming sense. She gave Haru and Masashi some yukata for the fireworks festival. That night Masashi wears a yukata for the first time, and Haru said it looks good on him. As they walked around the festival, he calls her “cruel” and “the worst”.. but he loves her. ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・

Argh. Why so cute, Masashi? ♡♡(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)♡♡ I’m so weak against tsunderes lol. I wanted to kick him at the beginning since he’s so mean towards Haru, but he’s so adorable once he starts being more honest. If my memory isn’t failing me, he only said he loves her twice? The beach scene is so cute since it’s the first time he smiled, and I absolutely love their voodoo doll exchange. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ I think Chiyoko is the prettiest out of all the moms. Gen must be blind if he’s not interested in her. The ending was really moving too. This route is one of my favorites, only second to Isami’s.

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