HanaIchi – After Stories

Currently I’m still in the middle of Clock Zero, but my eyes are red since yesterday and I’m taking a break from gaming until they’re fine. It’s all better today so I’ll just post this for now.

These “after stories” take place right after the endings, so major spoilers ahead. Each story costs 300 yen. It’s really short considering how long the game was, and you only get one CG. I can’t believe I got myself a Japanese PSN account just for these.. but then again I’d do almost anything to play these epilogues. (´・ω・`A;)

Tadashi – 大事ナ言伝
An Important Declaration

It was winter. Tadashi and Haru are now married, and they were going to see Sanae that day. Gen asked Haru to give a painting he made for Sanae as a parting gift, since they won’t see each other again. When Tadashi rejected the engagement that day, Gen approved and let him marry Haru. He believes he made the right decision that day since Miyanomori is now going to the right direction after Haru joined the family.

Haru knows that Gen actually cares for Sanae, though he can’t express it well. Gen believes Haru can understand him, that’s why he asked her to give the painting. On their way to the villa, Haru said it’s because Tadashi’s so dense that he won’t notice such things lol. Tadashi protested that he was the one who recognized her feelings first, but Haru was actually talking about the future.

In the villa, they finally met Sanae again. She apologized to Haru for what she did before. After she started living here, she realized how foolish she was back then. The Sumida family was her everything, and she would do anything to restore it. Haru never blamed her for anything though, she’s glad that Sanae can live peacefully here. She gave her Gen’s present, which was actually a painting of the place where they first went out together. (*´ω`*) Sanae hated Gen, but he might not be so bad after all.

Outside, Tadashi asked Haru to look away since he’s going to say something important, embarrassed with her looking at him. When she looked away, he said that he loves her. Haru suddenly turned back and pushed him onto the snow, asking him to say it again. Tadashi tried to protest, but kept saying “I love you” until she’s satisfied. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru still wants to hug him in the snow since she rarely gets the chance to do so, so he let her stay like that for a while.

Isami – 目ノ前ノ幸セ
Happiness in Front of Your Eyes

A year has passed since Isami married Haru. He won’t be able to get a promotion for now because of what happened to the former general. Tadashi warned him that a lot of people are after him, now that he’s the new Miyanomori head. On his way home, Isami was caught by Mamoru. But he left after Isami told him that he tried to kill Gen, saying Isami is an interesting person.

That night Haru waited until Isami finished talking to Gen. Since she still got some habits from her maid days, Isami told her to behave more like his wife. She almost fell while walking and mentioned she’s glad her stomach’s okay. Why yes, Haru was pregnant with Isami’s child. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ Isami was so happy that he’s at a loss for words, blushing madly and told her not to look when she laughed at him. She asked if he’s happy with the news, and he replied “Don’t ask such obvious things!” LOL.

Since he’s building a new villa for them, Isami wants to make rooms for their kids there. He completely turned into a happy father and started thinking of their baby’s name. He’s also worried that something might happen to Haru, so he banned her from going out and doing her daily chores. Seeing him all protective like that, Haru pretended she’s gonna give birth and Isami totally fell for it, flipping out in an instant. (❤ฺ→艸←) Later he told her to stay still since he’s worried. Haru wonders what it’d be like after their baby is born. The CG shows Isami and Haru with their first baby.

Shigeru – 銀座ノ弐人
The Two of Them at Ginza

After spending a year in Haru’s hometown, Shigeru and her came to Ginza. They visited Shizuko, who asked Haru to call her “mom” now that she’s married to Shigeru. That day she’s closing down her shop since the stars, Shigeru and Kurenai, already quit. Shizuko plans to take life slowly for a while, though she might open a new business after that. They gave Shizuko a statue that they carved together just for her.

Shigeru still doesn’t want to visit Miyanomori, he already got out of the family after all. When Haru went off to buy souvenirs alone, Shigeru met Mamoru on the street. He’s not targeting Shigeru anymore since Shigeru’s no longer a Miyanomori. Shigeru asked if he wants to go for a drink, but he refused and said he should treasure what he has (referring to Haru). He was surprised to hear such words coming from Mamoru.

At their hotel, they were surprised since Gen already paid for a first-class room for them. Shigeru said they should gladly accept, and so they took the room. When they went out to enjoy Ginza at night, Shigeru said he has lots of memories here. But he doesn’t have any regrets, because now he’s got her and her family. He already found a place to return to. Haru asked if he wants to buy anything while they’re here, and he said what he wants won’t be sold anywhere — their kids. ♡(*´ω`*)

Susumu – 貴方ト一緒ニ
With You

Susumu and Haru went to tell Fumiko about their marriage. Gen already approved, and they want to start living with Fumiko after their wedding. She was afraid that she’ll disturb them, but she was moved and happy with their decision. On their way home, they also saw Sanji and Tae on the street. He proposed to her, but Tae said she’s a girl who lives for work. But of course it’s a lie since she’s such a tsundere. xD

Susumu met Mamoru when Haru went to buy some sweets. Susumu already reads the novel he gave him, now understanding his reason. He asked Mamoru to come to the mansion quickly since he’s moving out after the wedding. Here, both Susumu and Mamoru showed their real personality and the conversation turned incredibly black as they agreed to face each other soon ・・・(゚ロ゚|||)

That night, Haru and Susumu went to watch fireworks. They looked back at what happened last year since it feels so fast. Susumu said he hurt her a lot back then, in the end she only stayed as his personal maid for a very short time. Haru said it doesn’t matter anymore since she will always stay with him from now on. Susumu muttered that he can’t lose now that he’s got her, and Haru asked what he said since she didn’t hear it clearly. He told her he said “I love you”, and he won’t let anyone disturb them. Haru was all (?´・ω・`) but Susumu said it means he loves her that much. Does that mean he’s mean and selfish? Haru said it’s okay since she loves him the way he is.

Hiroshi – 結実する想い
Feelings That Come Into Fruition

Hiroshi met up with Mamoru to settle things between them, ready to take him on anytime anywhere. But Mamoru’s desire to kill has thinned out after watching his family and Haru during this last five years. Hiroshi will wait though, just in case Mamoru wants to fight him someday.

After leaving Mamoru, Hiroshi came to see Haru in Ginza. They already got the permission to get married from Yoshi and Gen, as well as his brothers. Hiroshi is now working as a researcher. His team are working on a big project that turns out to be the prototype of a fax machine, and he enjoys his job. The way he asked for the marriage permission was still the same as 5 years ago though. He told Haru to quit her job since she’s not a maid anymore. Someday they’ll move out from the mansion since Hiroshi said there’s too many disturbance in there. (。-∀-)ニヒッ

It took five years for them to be together, but both of them think it was necessary. Haru asked if there were any temptations during his stay in England, pinching him when he said there were. Σ(@д@;) Hiroshi said he’s devoted to her though and never cheated on her with anyone. There were many beautiful ladies, but he can’t think of anybody but her. They went home holding hands, finally together from now on. The CG shows Hiroshi and Haru on their wedding day.

Masashi – 気持チヲ聞キタクテ
I Want to Hear Your Feelings

Masashi met Mamoru at Ginza, calling him a killer who couldn’t kill lol. Mamoru said he’s using him for the wrong reason, but Masashi didn’t care and complained to him about how Haru never said she loves him. He was seeing her that day and dragged Mamoru to come along. Haru’s still working with Chiyoko and was on her way back from shopping when she met them.

They went to the parlor together, where Haru and Mamoru had fun talking about Masashi — completely forgetting that he was there too until he interrupted them lol. Masashi then handed a paper to Haru. What was written on it were the letters “ス” and “キ” along with the explanations, obviously to make her say the word. Haru didn’t get it though and read the explanations as well. Masashi’s plan completely failed with Mamoru going プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ next to them.

Masashi then turned to Mamoru for help, and so he explained to Haru that Masashi wants to hear her say she loves him. Haru turned red and tried to say it, which made Mamoru say it’s like they’re bullying her lol. She eventually managed to say “私も好きですはいおしまい” and Masashi was speechless, but he’s satisfied with that for now lol.

Now that he’s heard her say she loves him, Masashi pulled out a ring and put it on her finger. It’s their engagement ring. Masashi said he’s going to marry her when the time comes, so for now he wants her to wait for him. The mood was romantic.. until Mamoru said he’s tired of acting. Masashi told him to shut up since he keeps ruining the mood. xD

Mamoru – 弐度目ノ海辺ニテ
Second Time at the Beach

Mamoru is now married to Haru, and he actually gets along really well with Gen. He never thought he can live in peace, but Gen took care of everything so he can live normally. Chitomi’s retiring from her position as the head of the servants. She’s going to be Gen’s personal maid after that, so Tae will take her position after she retires. Haru comes to visit the mansion from time to time, and Mamoru always comes with her.

One day after visiting the mansion, Mamoru asked her to visit the beach before going home. There he told her that after knowing Gen personally, he realized that Kazue was avoiding Miyanomori not because she hates Gen, but rather because she loves him. If she told Mamoru about this, he might not hold that grudge for so long. Mamoru didn’t reach the conclusion he was looking for, but now he can live with Haru like this.

It seems like Gen’s putting his sons on a second round of the game, minus Hiroshi who is now in England. Mamoru’s not joining though. He’s not interested in the position, and he’s satisfied with her by his side though he joked and threw a bunch of complaints at her. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) He asked her when did she start loving him. As for him, it’s when he treated her wound. She jokingly said it left a scar on her stomach and he apologized lol.

Ah, I’m satisfied with this extra contents. They make very nice epilogues for each route. What I like the most is the change of Haru’s surname in some of the stories. In Tadashi’s, Isami’s and Mamoru’s route she becomes “Miyanomori Haru”. That sounds nice. ♡(´∀`*) In Shigeru’s her name didn’t change because Shigeru was the one who got into her family, so his name becomes “Asagi Shigeru” after their marriage. Yeah I know it’s trivial things, but I like that lol. My favorite is, by no doubt, Isami’s since it’s a baby end. Plus his reaction to the news was so cute! (❤ฺ→艸←) I also like the interaction between Masashi and Mamoru. Hiroshi’s breaks my heart a little though.. whether he joked or not. (´・ω・`)ショボーン


13 thoughts on “HanaIchi – After Stories

  1. i think the most sweet and moe ‘s after story is Isami-sama //////< haru even tease him by saying she need to deliver RIGHT NOW LOLOLOL xDDD

    and masashi's after story was tsun2 and dere2 xDD
    how can he call mamoru when he wants to propose to her
    mamoru kawaii sou, he looks darn bored there ;))

    • LOL he totally flipped out when she said that. xD
      I like how he changed so much from how he was in the beginning.
      Mamoru yawned after Masashi proposed ROFL. But I think he enjoyed himself laughing at his little brother there. Out of all the brothers I like their interactions the most. (。-∀-)ニヒッ

  2. o.o is 300 yen alot? and the stories does seem short like the other story for Snow Bride, but they are pretty interesting :)

    • It depends on your point of view, but for me.. not really. It’s better to spend 2100 yen for this rather than buying jewel clothes on poupee IMO. xD

  3. THANK YOU i was waiting for someone to buy these cuz lol i’m to cheap to open these routes even though i so loved this game xD

    but yeah one of the things i love best is isami’s transition from a crazy ass army patriot dude to a…loving daddy who’s completely smitten with Haru xD

    • LOL you’re welcome. I’m sharing this so other HanaIchi fans who can’t download them can enjoy the stories too. And yeah Isami.. looking back at how scary he was at the beginning, this happy daddy ending is awesome. xD

  4. I’m half-hoping that these scenarios would be included in the fandisc, but that’s probably asking too much… and the people who’ve already bought it off the PSN network would get pissed off <_<

    • I was hoping for that too, but I don’t think they will include these in Kinema Mosaic.. or else people will rage lol. Oh well, if they make Kisuke a chaseable character and give him a good route, that’d be enough to satisfy me. xD

  5. Just finished the game yesterday. I’m glad I downloaded the extra content during my first playthrough, since it was so much better after finishing each route to jump immediately to the epilogue. My only gripe was that only three brothers got wedding CGs, but I hope Kinema or Tasogare fixes that. Overall, this game was pretty damn well-written and funny and I enjoyed it more than some shoujo or josei manga that I read in recent years.

    And yeah, Isami is pretty awesome, so is Mamoru. There isn’t a single brother that I hated, though I sometimes wanted to punch Shigeru in his route for being such a drama queen :/

    • Yeah, these after stories are direct epilogues to the routes. Kinema definitely gave more wedding CGs, and those who didn’t get any in Kinema received theirs in Tasogare. Kisuke is included, so you can look forward to it if you’re going to do those games. :D

      Shigeru is my least favorite too, to be honest. I do like him, but I didn’t like the moments when he takes out his frustration on Haru. I haven’t done his route in Tasogare yet, but I sure hope he’s improved after 2 years LOL.

  6. Thank you so very much for these super cute after stories! Ah, adorable, utterly so! So I haven’t commented on their individual routes, but, but, these must come first! Tadashi, his awkwardness is just…no, I mean, he is really nice,isn’t he? For Isami, baby end, what more can I say? OH YES. Shigeru’s and Mamoru’s were, hm, quaint, I suppose. Susumu’s and Masashi’s were rather amusing, the earlier due to that ‘face-off’,and his muttering at that last part, and the latter because of him dragging Mamoru along to possibly assist him…yeah, overall, it was very interesting——!

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