CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~

Since my eyes are okay now, I’ll resume my Clock Zero playthrough. I found it hard to get into at first.. most likely because I’m spoiled by HanaIchi. But Clock Zero has an interesting story, not to mention the art is incredibly beautiful. Sometimes the BGM scares me though..

Kurou Nadeshiko is the 12 years old daughter of Kurou Group’s head. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, currently a 6th grade student in Shuurin Gakuen. Lately she keeps seeing strange dreams about a world in ruins. One day a student named Kaidou Takato transferred into her class and they quickly become friends. Her homeroom teacher, Kaga Akira, asked her to join an extra class after school with some other students.

Each student who joins the extra class is considered to have a personality problem, and the purpose of the class is to fix them. Since they’re a bunch of problem kids, they have problems communicating with each other until Takato comes and joined the group. They make him the leader and named the group CZ (Clock Zero) after Takato’s research project. After a month attending the class and doing assignments together, the members become close friends and share a strong bond between them. On the last day of the class, they buried a time capsule together for 10 years later.

When she first starts attending the class, Kaga gave Nadeshiko a talking bunny plushie named Rain. The real plot of Clock Zero starts on the day after the CZ members buried their time capsule. Rain suddenly asked Nadeshiko to go near the clock tower at school, where he stopped the time. A strange man named Bishop then appeared and tried to take her away for King, their boss. This kidnapping attempt was interrupted by some people she recognized seeing in her dreams, and she was taken to the ruined world in her dreams. The world in 2020, ten years into the future.

I’m not sure how to summarize the general route, but that’s about it. It might seem choppy, but the plot connects once you entered a guy’s route. The first half of the game mostly consists of Nadeshiko going to school, doing assignments and interacts with the guys, where the later half is where the story starts. I’m going to save Takato for the last since his route is the key.


6 thoughts on “CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~

      • =”= ugh…creepy bunny, creepy bunny, very veery bunny. I was playing this at night, and the glowing red eyes seriously changed the way I look at stuffed rabbits forever…though my room is filled with them…
        Oooh~ do you mean ‘BLUE EYE’ or ‘蝶紋の宴’ ? ‘UNSTABLE MIND’ gives me a headache, just like its title suggests lol The whole time I was playing Tora’s route, I kept thinking of Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice XD
        What do you think of the game so far? It can get a little boring here and there, not to mention confusing, but it’s pretty interesting (though Hanayaka totally K.Os in humor) XD

        • Well, you know what. Before this Miyako’s bunny in Tokimemo 4 scared the heck out of me too. Now whenever I saw a stuffed bunny I get scared lol. Hanaoni’s bunny looks creepy too. But the one in my room is so cute I can’t get rid of her. xD

          Yeah I was talking about BLUE EYE. <3
          Didn't like Unstable Mind at first but I guess my love for Bishop changes everything lol. It's not just you, he does sound similar to Boris the kat. I'm glad he reminds me of Boris more than Sasuke though.

          So far Clock Zero's pretty nice. During the first half I can barely keep my eyes open, but the later half of the story makes up for it lol. If I'm complaining, that's because I'm spoiled by HanaIchi. xDD

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