CLOCK ZERO – Kanou Riichirou

Following everyone’s suggestions, I started the game with Rittan’s route. I also put the intro for the white bunny routes here, while the black will be in Madoka’s route summary later.

Kanou Riichirou is Nadeshiko’s childhood friend and neighbor. He’s cool and keeps a distance away from people except her. Unsociable and blunt, having arguments with Nadeshiko is on his daily schedule. He’s famous in the tea ceremony world and has a teaching license. Also a member of the tea ceremony club at school.

Since Nadeshiko is cheeky too, Riichirou was the closest person to her until Takato comes. Riichirou’s clearly disturbed by the fact that she gets along really well with the new student, though he never admits it. When the wanderer showed up in their school, everyone thought someone’s targeting Nadeshiko and thus she shouldn’t go home alone. Riichirou told her to just go home with Takato instead of waiting for him. Nadeshiko didn’t get why he keeps mentioning Takato though, and she waited until he’s done with club activities.

Despite him being a cool kuudere right now, Riichirou was a crybaby when he was small. He often got bullied by the other kids thanks to his bluntness, and Nadeshiko was the one who chased them away. She got hurt once and he cried while she comforted him. She promised that no matter what happened, she will always be an ally who stays on his side. Even if that means the whole world would be her enemy.

When she came to do homework with him on Sunday, Nadeshiko admits that she’s worried since he’s acting really cold towards her lately. She’s worried over nothing though. Childhood friends can’t be together forever, but Riichirou will always be her ally even if they take different paths in their lives. He also admits that he’s been thinking if she likes Takato since they’re so close, and Nadeshiko said Takato is her precious friend.

In the white bunny routes, Nadeshiko was taken to 2020 and woke up next to an unknown blonde guy in Yuushinkai, the “resistance” base for those who are fighting against the government controlling this world. The guys who took her away from Bishop’s hands revealed that they’re actually Riichirou, Tora and Shuuya, all grown-ups since it’s ten years into the future.

Nine years ago, the 13-years-old Nadeshiko had an accident and has been in a coma ever since. One day her body disappeared from the hospital, and Riichirou has been looking all over the place for her. Four years ago, there was a big explosion that destroyed the world, which is why everything is in ruins right now. Riichirou found out that the government’s keeping her body deep in an underground secret lab, as their leader, King, wants to transfer Nadeshiko’s 2010 mind to her 2020 comatose body. Somehow the resistance members managed to steal her body just before the transfer, that’s why she woke up here.

However, the resistance organization isn’t exactly her ally either. Tora explained that she’s their hostage, a pawn they’re gonna use to stop the government. Shuuya is working for them too, though Riichirou’s goal is purely to save her. The after school extra classes with CZ members back in 2010 is created by Kaga to bring her to this world, so the guys in 2020 don’t have that memories. Except for Shuuya since he actually came from 2020. Riichirou never attended extra classes with her, and Tora doesn’t know her at all during his school days.

After going through all of this mess, Nadeshiko was scared and confused. The only one she can trust is Riichirou, but he can’t answer any of her questions. He gave her a phone and said he won’t ever betray her no matter what happens, and that’s all she needs to know for now. Nadeshiko was bored and lonely since she’s not allowed to go out, but he called her a few days later. It was only for a short while but it’s enough to ease her loneliness. He also came to visit her at night when she was sleeping, though she can sense that Riichirou was there.

A few days later, Tora took Nadeshiko to meet their leader Yoshimune. Nadeshiko said she’ll help them because the government’s troubling everyone, but they’re actually planning to give her to the government for a trade. If the government don’t accept the deal, the resistance organization was planning to cut her up slowly and send her body parts to them. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ Of course Nadeshiko couldn’t accept this though she couldn’t do anything. She was crying when Riichirou visited her in her room. He hugged her saying she won’t allow them to hurt her, but she’s incredibly pissed that he wasn’t there when she needs him. She doesn’t want promises, she wants him by her side.

From then, Nadeshiko stopped eating and refused to talk even after Riichirou came to apologize. Eventually Shuuya told them to have a “date” outside so they’ll feel better, chasing them out of the room as he took care of the guard. Now that they’re out, Riichirou took Nadeshiko for a walk around the ruined world.

Riichirou said he knew they had to part someday and walk their own paths, but he never thought he’d lose her in such a way. He wasn’t there too when she got into the accident, and Nadeshiko realized how much it hurts him to lose her. Riichirou regrets not going with her or stopping her that day. Now all he wants to do is to return her to 2010 and prevent the accident from happening. Nadeshiko apologized for taking out all of her anger on him earlier.

They were soon dragged back to Yuushinkai by the resistance members, where Tora got mad at them for going out without permission. That night, Riichirou travelled back in time alone. He found their 12 years old selves talking about the fireworks festival that day. Riichirou couldn’t go since he had to attend a family event, so he asked her to go with Takato instead. Despite being all cold, he came running to her house that night and found Nadeshiko waiting for him to come home. She didn’t go with Takato, buying small fireworks to play with him instead. She asked him to go see the fireworks together next year, but it never happened because she got into the accident before then.

Nadeshiko was trying to get some information from Shuuya when Riichirou suddenly came and passed out in front of the temple. He woke up in her room, but he didn’t wanna tell her anything. Nadeshiko hugged him before he leaves, begging him to tell her the truth. She knows he’s trying to save her, so she couldn’t sit around and wait while he’s fighting alone. She thinks what he’s searching for is actually her 2010 self, not her 2010 mind in her 2020 body like the one standing in front of him. Riichirou still left after saying he can’t stay with her in order to save her, and she got jealous of herself.

Shuuya said it’s because she’s in love with Riichirou. Nadeshiko denied it, so Shuuya took her out of Yuushinkai. They went to a room and found a transparent Riichirou inside, surprised to see them here. Shuuya pushed her towards Riichirou and she was warped back in time along with him. They found themselves 2010 before the time was stopped, probably when the after school extra classes has just started. In order for Nadeshiko to return to her world, they must prevent the time stop from happening. Riichirou tried to get her back to 2020, but she insisted that she’s going with him. She said she’ll run off alone if he tries to return her to Yuushinkai, so in the end he gave up and takes her along.

Riichirou explained that he wants to prevent the accident from happening, so he can’t return her to 2010 yet or else she’ll get into the accident one year later. In the meantime, he wants to put her in Yuushinkai since it’s the safest place in the 2020 world. Even if he stopped her from going out that day, Nadeshiko will still end up in a coma through another way. They will still reach the same future since she was targeted by someone who makes sure that the accident happens.

Nadeshiko was sad when he said he still wants to return her to 2020. She thought he won’t look at the current her, but actually it’s because he doesn’t want her to see the accident. He’s been trying to save her all this time, failing each time and seeing the accident happens over and over again, shattering his heart everytime. It was then when she realized how much he loves Kurou Nadeshiko, but she still feels that it’s not her. She told him that she will always keep her childhood promise to him, which is to always be his ally no matter what happens. He replied she’s as stubborn as ever, but he’s always weak against her.

As they were talking on the street, rain suddenly started pouring out. Riichirou took her to an empty building where he hugged her, knowing that she’s actually scared of thunder. He used his long mantle to keep her warm, and Nadeshiko finally realized that she loves Riichirou.

The next day, Riichirou told her that he used to work for the government following King’s invitation. He accepted the offer thinking her might find a clue about her, but he doesn’t know King’s true identity since he never met him directly. Then one day he fought Tora when the resistance members broke into their headquarter. Tora invited him to join their organization, and he moved since he never found any clues in the government. Before leaving the headquarter, he stole their time-warping machine. In this world, the government gave people identity codes so they know where and what they’re doing. But Riichirou doesn’t have a code, making it easier for him to leave and move around.

Depending on your choice, here Nadeshiko either gives a hint about her feelings or tells him directly that she loves him. Either way, his reaction feels painful to her but she faked a smile anyway. They continued to search for clues, but they found nothing until they eventually saw the 13-years-old Nadeshiko got hit by a car. Riichirou was about to run towards her, but the 22-years-old Nadeshiko stopped him since there’s nothing they could do.

They returned to 2020. Nadeshiko was shocked, more to the fact that Riichirou was about to leave her for her 13-years-old self back then rather than seeing herself got hit by a car. Riichirou apologized and said he doesn’t wanna lose her, and Nadeshiko hugged him asking him not to go. She’s always there by his side because she loves him, even though he loves the other her. Riichirou said he was indeed so focused on her past self that he didn’t see the current her, but even if the accident didn’t happen, he never thought of her as just a “childhood friend”. He’s always been in love with her. Even back then when they were still 12, he always looks at her as a woman. Nadeshiko noticed that she’s finally reflected in his eyes.

When they returned to Yuushinkai, the members were angry thinking they escaped. Yeah right, then why would they come back? ಠ_ಠ Yoshimune said he’s handing Nadeshiko to the government, and Riichirou realized that he was tricked. Yoshimune promised he won’t cause her any harm as long as Riichirou followed their rules. Nadeshiko was taken away and tied up in her room while the resistance members captured Riichirou. Shuuya was captured too for letting them “escape”.

Nadeshiko was worried about Riichirou, but he called her that night saying he will come to save her. She told him not to come since it’s dangerous and she doesn’t want anything to happen to him. That night she was handed to the government workers, who treated her as roughly as the Yuushinkai members. Riichirou suddenly appeared and knocked them out, taking her to escape to her room in the temple. They can’t go outside since they’ll be surrounded, but for now he’s glad that she’s okay.

Up until now Nadeshiko knows Riichirou said something too when she made her childhood promise to him, but she couldn’t remember what he said. Back then after Nadeshiko said she will always be his ally, Riichirou also promised that he won’t cry anymore and be stronger so he can protect her. Nadeshiko finally remembered as Riichirou was telling her about his promise. He asked her if it’s okay for him to think she feels the same, and they kissed. (〃ノωノ)♡

After done making out despite the situation outside, they went to Shuuya’s room where some staff were waiting. Riichirou already prepared everything to send Nadeshiko back to 2010, including undoing the time stop. He promised he will save her from the accident someday, but he wants to stay safe until then. In this 2020 world everyone’s targeting her, so the safest way would be to send her back. It will erase her memories in this world too.

Nadeshiko protested saying she doesn’t wanna leave him here all by himself, but Riichirou left the lab after telling the staff to take care of her.

Stay Ending
Nadeshiko got away from the staff and chased after Riichirou outside. Here she said the most awesome lines I’ve ever seen in any otome games so far:

Nadeshiko: “How dare you leave me behind! I told you I’m not a person who can wait to be saved. You said you understand, but you actually don’t. You already found the way to stop the accident and planning to go right? That’s why you told me to go home, completely ignoring my feelings. Let’s go.”

Riichirou: “Huh?” n(ー_ー?)ン?

Nadeshiko: “I’ll say it again, but that’s why I chased you. I won’t change my mind even if you cry or get angry.” ε=(`д´ ╬ )フンッ!

LOL yeah. So Riichirou finally agreed to take her along. They went back to a month before the time was stopped and landed in front of Shuurin Gakuen. Riichirou explained that he already examined all of these parallel universe and found out something: in the world where she gets into the accident, she always meets a certain someone. Near the school gate, they saw the 12-years-old Nadeshiko talking to a suspicious guy in a lab coat. He’s blond, and Nadeshiko remembered she met this foreigner before who talked to her in English and asked for her name. Sounds suspicious enough, so they decided to give it a shot.

Riichirou rewind the time back, and Nadeshiko asked him to scare the 12-years-old her before the foreigner talks to her. Just as planned, the kid Nadeshiko ran off inside the school after Riichirou scared her, and the suspicious foreigner walked away. They tried returning to 2020 to see the result, but they found themselves in the same world that’s not in ruins. They thought the machine’s broken, but it is 2020. By changing the past, they also reconstructed the future. In this world, both Nadeshiko and Riichirou’s families exist — with his sisters taking pictures of his “cosplay” when he got home ROFL.

Nobody has the ruined world memories except for them. He asked Nadeshiko if she’s really sure about staying here, but she won’t ever leave his side. If it’s with him, she can live anywhere at any time.

In the epilogue, both Nadeshiko and Riichirou are now college students. Their relationship never changed and they’re always together. That day she played with his hands when he’s reading a book, and he told her not to disturb him since he needs to finish writing his report. Nadeshiko said she feels lonely since he’s so cold lately. Riichirou replied that he’s been holding back. It’s fine when she touches him, but it’d be different when he was the one touching her. She said it’s the same since they love each other, so Riichirou said he won’t hold back then. (❤ฺ→艸←)キャー As he starts kissing her, he asked her to always stay with him because he can’t be with anyone other than her.

Return Ending
Despite her struggling to get out of their arms, the staff forced Nadeshiko into the device. She cried and tried to get out, but she was sent back to 2010. She woke up in the hallway at school with a worried Riichirou looking after her. Nadeshiko cried when she remembered the 2020 Riichirou, and he wiped her tears. She hugged him and cried in his arms, asking him to always stay with her. Her 2020 memories eventually fades away along with the pain caused by her first love, but her feeling always stays.

Ten years passed, and it was spring in 2020. The older Riichirou keeps his promise and Nadeshiko’s accident was prevented. She’s going out with this world’s Riichirou, and lately her dad’s being rather harsh towards him. He won’t give up on her though. One night after their date, Riichirou gave her a ring. She knows what it means, but she asked him to say the words. Riichirou said he already said it a long time ago. He was surprised that she remembers their promise, and she cried though she wasn’t sure why. Riichirou puts the ring on her finger and honestly said he loves her, asking her to marry him.

Rittan is so cute and this route’s really sweet. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え I guess I’m just weak towards childhood friends and promises, but guys who promised to protect their girl and keeps it even after they grow up = LOVE. (*´ω`*) Even though his return ending is a propose ending, it’s really bittersweet I almost cried along with Nadeshiko. I can’t decide which ending I like the most. The stay ending is a completely happy ending, but the return one feels more fulfilling.


14 thoughts on “CLOCK ZERO – Kanou Riichirou

  1. Agree! Rittan’s route is the sweetest! All the sweet scenes are MOE♥ plus his CGs are just breath-taking beautiful (especially the ones at night with the light effects.. it looks like they’re shining with love..)

    I guess I like the stay ending a bit more since I love 2020 Riichirou because of all he’d been through was so heartbreaking. Like Nadeshiko, I would never let go of him again (he’s so hopelessly stubborn, who knows how destructive to himself he would become if left alone.. mattaku hottokenai). But yeah the return end’s propose scene & CG=♥♥♥!

    • Oh hi Yukiru, I often see you in MNR. :3
      Yeah the stay ending is happier since Nadeshiko doesn’t leave him. How can I leave him after knowing what he’s been through during the last 9 years.. When he sent her back I was about to cry with Nadeshiko ・゜・(ノω;`)・゜・シクシク・・。 Well, I guess the beautiful CG + propose scene made up for the bittersweet ending. xD

  2. Hi Rin! I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog for a while:) I fear spoilers so I can’t read most of your posts but I like your writing style a lot. Recently you made me want to play HanaIchi quite bad now (orz over how slow I play games..) Looking forward to the rest of CZ.^_^

    • Thanks. I’m not a good writer so I’m glad if you like my writing style. x3
      Actually aside from my friend who forced me to play HanaIchi, the discussion on MNR convinced me to play it too. And it’s worth it. It’d be nice if you can play HanaIchi later. Don’t worry about your playing pace since I play like a turtle too sometimes. :D

      • MNR is seriously tempting me to play Hanaoni too.. I’m so confused now from wanting to play too many games.. Hanaichi.. Hanaoni … all so interesting XD Those and I still have Moujuutsukai on break… I wish I could just play everything at once! orz orz

        • LOL we’ve got the same source of temptation xD
          Maybe it’s better if you focus on one game at a time like me? I have a short attention span, so I have to focus on one game before moving to the next.. or else I’ll never finish anything.. orz

  3. kyaaaa XD he is soooo cute >.< I love his route so much, he is so sweet. He gets annoying at times but never the less he is really great through his route. Can't wait to read ur next review :)

    • Annoying? Really? I think he’s an adorable kuudere. xD
      The kid Rittan keeps denying he cares about Nadeshiko, but we all know how much he loves her. <33

  4. for some reason I loved the one of them living together and Nadeshiko being like PAY ATTENTION TO ME NAO xDDD
    Rittan is definitely my favorite, and everyone else’s too since he won character poll lol

    • LOL she keeps distracting him and sulked when he’s picking his report over her. Nadeshiko is an awesome heroine, I like her. xD Rittan’s my second favorite after Bishop, who won the second character poll lol.

  5. OwO Rittan!! I just replayed his route and OMG all the feels… www It doesn’t help, that Maeno’s broken voice is shattering my heart even more… Riichiro has been through so much pain, you just can’t leave this guy alone… I was so happy, when Nadeshiko entered “BADASS”-mode, when he wanted to sent her back to 2010, and almost punched him for being a retard. LOL

    Riitan was actually my first otome game character ever and he’ll always have a special place in my heart.. >///< So does Maeno, who recently climbed the second throne in my seiyuu world. °w° I think I'm even more in love with both of them, now that I replayed it with doubled biased fangirls feels. :'D I wished, there were more games with Maeno or/and Hosoyan in it… wwww

    • OMG you just reminded me that Rittan is voiced by Maeno. I like him a lot more now than I did back then, so I definitely will get flooded with those biased fangirl feels too if I replay LOL. Maeno is quite in a lot of otome stuff, isn’t he? He sort of disappeared when he was busy with dubbing western movies, but he seems to be voicing more stuff now. I agree though, we need more Maeno and Hosoyan. :3

      • Hmmm… Is he? There are only CZ, BroCon and Musketeer coming into my mind though. He’s doing lots of Drama CD this year, but I think he’s more known in the BL world… xD I don’t know if I should really go there… I think I better not, because my pure heart won’t be able to take it. :’D

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