CLOCK ZERO – Tokita Shuuya

There are some suggestions that I should do Tora’s route before Shuuya’s, but I did Shuuya first because he’s so cute. His bad memory often leads to hilarity and it keeps me awake. ♥

Tokita Shuuya is a 5th grade student in Shuurin Gakuen, making him Nadeshiko’s junior. He has a pretty face but speaks like an ancient feudal lord once he opens his mouth, gaining him the nickname “Tono”. He looks way more mature compared to all the other kids at school, more like a middle schooler. Works as a popular kid model.

Shuuya’s mother, Tokita Rei, was a famous actress who’s now hospitalized due to a heart disease. He visits her 2-3 times a week, but he needs a lot of courage everytime. Nadeshiko saw him spacing out in the middle of the school gate one day, and she offered going to the hospital with him. Some days later he asked her to go with him again, so Nadeshiko suggests they buy some flowers to put in her hospital room. His mother was so happy with the gift. On their way home, Shuuya gave Nadeshiko a big bouquet of the same flowers (only in pink) to thank her. She realized that behind that weird personality, Shuuya’s actually really kind.

On Sunday, he came to her house and asked her out on a date. After walking around all day, he took her to his house. He lives alone since his mother’s in the hospital. Nadeshiko noticed that he looks really sad when she told him that he’s really kind. He can’t tell her why except that he “wants to be forgiven”, but she said she trusts him, because she likes him. Before she goes home, Shuuya kissed her forehead and thanked her.

That day before Rain stopped the time, Shuuya followed her around and told her to destroy the bunny before it’s too late. This caused Rain to ask for Bishop’s assistance, and in the end she was taken to 2020. Nadeshiko woke up in bed with an unknown blonde guy sleeping next to him.. who is actually an older Shuuya.

This is actually Shuuya’s real hair color. His hairstyle and purplish color back in 2010 was made by his stylist, thinking that it suits him more. The reason why he looked so sad back then was because he had to betray her by bringing her here. He still feels bad for her and said he understands why she can’t trust them, but Nadeshiko knows that he only did it because it’s his task for the organization. Being a hostage made her lose appetite and stopped eating, so Shuuya brought her some food and feed her directly. (*ノωノ)

Shuuya told her he transferred his mind to his own body in the past, all the way back when he was still a newborn 24 years ago. Yes, Shuuya was actually 14 back in 2010. This was necessary so he can get closer to her without alerting their enemy. However, the device he used was the one Riichirou stole from the government. It’s far from perfect, and Shuuya lost some of his memories as the result. That’s why he didn’t remember anything, not even the details of his own mission.

Tora soon took Nadeshiko to see Yoshimune, with Shuuya coming along with them. Yoshimune told her that they will hand her to the government for a trade, and she can’t do anything about it since she’s just a hostage. Shuuya didn’t let them have their way with her though. He told them not to hurt her, or else he’ll erase all of their information and leak them to the government. He’s an important member, so Yoshimune and Tora accepted the deal for now. Though his actions could be considered a betrayal.

Nadeshiko was sad, scared and pissed when they returned to her room. Shuuya kissed her forehead, telling her don’t worry since he will protect her from everything. She was really kind to him in 2010, giving him the courage to visit his mother and trusting him, so now he wants to return that kindness. He was the one who brought her here, but he will protect her even if that means he’ll lose his position in the organization.

Some days later, Shuuya took Nadeshiko out for a walk with Tora and some guards. The moment they dropped their guard down, Shuuya suddenly ran off with her. Of course they soon got caught, but actually he only wants Tora to chase her around to give her a workout lol. Tora was obviously pissed, so he punched Shuuya and took them back to Yuushinkai. That night Shuuya slept with Nadeshiko in her room. Nadeshiko noticed that he looks more tired than he should be, and he strangely didn’t remember that he just ran earlier.

From then Shuuya’s memory loss got worse. He starts forgetting things, though his memories with Nadeshiko aren’t gone.. yet. She said it’s okay even if he forgot, she will always remember them and will sort out the memories for him. By this time she becomes more aware that Shuuya is a guy too, since he keeps kissing her whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Shuuya eventually managed to identify a suspicious foreigner from the data related to her accident. Nadeshiko doesn’t remember meeting anyone like that though, and Shuuya’s 1337 drawing skills didn’t really help either for she couldn’t even tell that he drew a human ROFL.

Soon the organization received a reply from the government regarding the trade, and they were planning to use Nadeshiko soon. Shuuya couldn’t agree with how they treat her, but he joined the organization for his mother’s sake too. This world’s Tokita Rei is healthy and lives on the run from the government. Shuuya came to visit her, unsure about what to do since he wants to protect Nadeshiko as well. Rei told him to live life the way the wants. He should think about what’s the most important thing, and that night he made a decision.

After doing more research, Shuuya told Nadeshiko that his transfer to the past was actually a failure. He will gradually lose his own self a few years from now, along with all of his memories. When he started forgetting their memories together, he realized how painful it must be for Nadeshiko since nobody in this world except him shares the memories she has. He didn’t have much time left, so he wants to use his remaining time to return those memories to her. Which means he’s sending her back to 2010.

Shuuya already found a way to undo the time stop. The 2010 Shuuya will gain his own mind, but he won’t have any memories since the 2020 Shuuya occupied his body for so long. Nadeshiko said she can’t go home since not only Shuuya will be treated like a traitor, but the 2010 Shuuya will be an entirely different person too.

Unlike in Riichirou’s route, Kaede the guard is actually pretty nice here since he really respects Shuuya. The next day, Kaede took her out to where Shuuya was waiting for her — Ground Zero, the ruins of Shuurin Gakuen after the explosion 4 years ago. Shuuya asked why does she refuse to go back without him, and Nadeshiko answered it’s because she loves him. She doesn’t want him to give up trying and wants him to think of his own feelings from now on. If they still can’t do anything after doing that, or if Shuuya’s feelings for her isn’t more than just gratitude, then she will give up too.

After thinking for a while, Shuuya realized that the most important thing to him is Nadeshiko’s smile. He knows that if she stays in this world, someday he’ll forget about her and make her sad. All he wants to do is to protect her from such things.

That night, Yuushinkai was attacked by the government. Kaede took Nadeshiko to Shuuya’s lab, where they found him lying on the floor. The transfer failure was affecting his body too, and he was already too weak to even stand. Shuuya still tried to protect her when an angry Tora found them, saying he’ll do anything as long as Tora doesn’t hurt Nadeshiko. Tora couldn’t hurt him either, so he grabbed Nadeshiko and cuts some of her long hair before walking away. He let them go, telling them that she lost all of her values as a hostage now that the government attacked them.

With Kaede’s help, Nadeshiko took Shuuya out of Yuushinkai. They went to his mother’s place and let him sleep, worried about his conditions. By this time Shuuya’s body and mind already got so weak he started confusing his 2020 memories with the 2010 ones. Kaede and Rei soon went back to Yuushinkai to get a doctor, and Nadeshiko watched over Shuuya as he lied in bed.

Shuuya said he’s afraid of losing her smile, so he always does his best to make her happy. He still feels guilty, but Nadeshiko isn’t blaming him because she feels the same. She was saved by his kindness, so she’ll forgive him even if he makes mistakes. He then asked her to get him some water and give it to him mouth-to-mouth since he “can’t get up”, but the real reason was because he wants to feel her warmth. (*ノωノ)

Before they kissed, Shuuya said he loves her too. Even if he loses his memories and consciousness, he will always remember his feelings for her. He fell asleep right after their kiss, just as Kaede and Rei came back to see them in bed. (。-∀-)ニヒッ

The doctors examined him right away, concluding that his confusion was so bad he unconsciously escaped to his own dream. To wake him up, someone must go into his dream and solve the problem there. Nadeshiko said she will go, and the doctors used the machine to synchronize their minds, enabling her to go inside his mind. She only has 30 minutes to take him back, since it’s dangerous if she stays too long.

In Shuuya’s dream, Nadeshiko found herself at the school. She eventually found him in the common room where they had their extra classes. He’s been waiting there, but nobody comes. Nadeshiko tried to get him back, but Shuuya refused since he wants to wait for everyone. She told him even though he can’t meet them today, he can always meet them later. As long as he’s alive, he can go and see them anytime. Shuuya finally agreed to come back, saying he’s been saved by her again.

They both woke up, relieving everyone there. However, Shuuya said he wants to go back to 2010 with her. Everyone including Nadeshiko herself were against this idea, knowing how dangerous it would be for his body. Another transfer would put more pressure on him, and by forcing it there’s a chance that he might die.

Stay Ending
Shuuya reached critical condition that night and Nadeshiko stayed by his side. He asked her to hold his hand, saying he feels peaceful after she accepts him that day in 2010. All of their memories together are precious to him, he doesn’t want to forget them all. Nadeshiko told him to keep remembering, and that day she threw away all of her desire to go back to 2010. She decided to stay in this world with Shuuya.

A few months passed, and Shuuya spends most of his time sleeping. Nadeshiko does her best to look for a way to cure him, waiting for the time he wakes up. One day, she came home to find a panicked Rei informing her about Shuuya’s conditions. She ran to his room and found him asleep. After she kissed his eyes and said she’ll love him forever, he suddenly woke up and revealed that he’s actually awake the whole time lol.

It might be temporary, but right now his mind feels clear and his body is normal. Shuuya starts kissing Nadeshiko with Kaede and Rei outside, giggling and telling them to be happy. They don’t know what will happen next, so they’ll treasure every second they spend together. But no matter what happens, their feelings for each other will never change.

Return Ending
Shuuya apologized to Rei, but he’s going back to 2010 no matter what. He doesn’t wanna give up anymore, and he wants a future where he can live with Nadeshiko. Rei allowed him to go since it’s his own wish. They sneaked back into Shuuya’s lab in Yuushinkai and used the capsule to go back to 2010, with Shuuya promising Nadeshiko that he will definitely come and see her.

Now that they’re back at Shuurin Gakuen, Shuuya had to undo the time stop first. So he did the necessary thing: find Takato. Meanwhile, Nadeshiko woke up in an underground lab beneath the school. She came out of a manhole and found the time’s already moving. Everything’s back to normal. She looked around for Shuuya with the CZ members, and eventually found him in the common room, saying that he keeps his promise to see her again.

Takato realized that what just happened was the complete Clock Zero, the project he’s currently working on. After Shuuya dragged him out to talk about something, Kaga came and all the boys moved forward to protect Nadeshiko. Takato said he already heard from Shuuya about how to prevent her accident, which is to stop researching. Kaga gave up since they certainly knew something he doesn’t, it would be difficult to kidnap her in this world.

Shuuya and Nadeshiko went to the library after that. He told her that she’s going to lose her 2020 memories in a month, apologizing because he can’t let her stay in that ruined world no matter what. Nadeshiko said she won’t forget the time she spent in 2020 with him. She’s got him by her side, and he can remind her everyday so she won’t lose those memories. Just like what she did to him back then. They can always share their memories.

Both Shuuya and Nadeshiko swore to always stay together in sickness and in health, sealing it with a kiss. She soon heard voices talking and found their friends hiding between the shelves, watching their wedding vow LOL.

Ten years passed, and it’s currently spring in 2020. Shuuya is now a famous model. He wandered off alone during their date to see a cat on a sakura tree, and Nadeshiko found him surrounded by his fangirls. She gets jealous and tried to walk away, but Shuuya told her not to worry since he only thinks of them as vegetables. The only one he loves is her. Rei recovered from her sickness and got out of the hospital a few years ago, now back to work though not as an actress anymore.

That evening Nadeshiko went to Shuuya’s house, where he gave her a marriage certificate to fill. There’s absolutely no romantic mood or words, but Nadeshiko was happy and agreed. But his writing was so bad she told him they need a new one, then she’ll fill it out for him lol. Shuuya suddenly pushed her down to a sofa, saying he can’t hold back since she’s so cute. She told him she won’t give his smile to his fangirls, and he called her his wife. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ They already made the vow 10 years ago, now all they have to do is to keep it forever.

OMG Shuuya is so cute ☆.。.:*(萌´Д`萌).。.:*☆ His story isn’t much compared to Riichirou’s, but I like his romantic / cute moments a lot. The first time he appeared on the screen I thought his eyes are scary, but he looks so good in his original hair color. I guess I could never resist the blond hair + blue eyes combination. (*ノωノ) While his stay ending doesn’t have a CG and feels rather lacking, his return ending totally makes up for it.


6 thoughts on “CLOCK ZERO – Tokita Shuuya

  1. i know right? Shuuya is just too cute >.< both the endings were great though the one end where u chose to not look for him in the common room and he wakes up and loses all his memories is sad
    o well i just love his personality and the way he talks, and his name too :) it has such a great meaning behind it

    • Yeah that bad ending.. kinda sad they make a CG for that instead of the stay ending. I think his name complements Clock Zero’s theme perfectly. :)

  2. Tora’s end is just wtf lol and that’s why I recommended it after Shuuya because after playing Tora’s end knowing what happens playing Shuuya would just be so weird xDD Rittan & Shuuya’s routes felt the most secluded to me which is why getting them out of the way felt right

    • LOL yea Tora’s ending are WTF, even his happy return ending is creepy. After playing all the routes, I think playing Shuuya after Tora is the right choice too. The hints given by the end of the game is bigger in Tora’s route. But those endings.. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

  3. I played Shuuya’s route last, it was Tora’s end’s fault that all my plans got messed up coz I couldn’t stand it to save Takato’s route for last any longer. At first I was thinking I would get bored in Shuuya’s route since I thought I knew everything but it turned out that I still enjoyed it a lot so yokatta. Shuuya’s much more cuter than expected! He’s also sugoku yasashii! *o* ..probably the kindest & weirdest character I’ve ever known – who’s cute too XD Anyway, everything exceeded expectations so I was totally impressed♥ Shuuya’s return end became my 2nd favorite route (story-wise). I liked how the other characters were involved in the resolution. It was cool. (moe-wise he’s a little bit behind Rittan and Madoka, but still very much loved♥)

    • Yea I like him because he’s weird too. xD
      His route feels really gentle overall, though I fell asleep during the first half because he speaks so slow lol. The return ending is so much love for me since he’s back in his blonde hair. ♥

      I was curious about Takato’s route after playing Shuuya’s too, but somehow I managed to hold back and play his route last. Maybe it’s because I was more curious about Madoka more than him lol.

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