CLOCK ZERO – Saionji Toranosuke

The last route from the white bunny side. Since Tora never comes to the extra classes, in this route Nadeshiko spends time with everyone instead of just one partner. I love his BGM. ♥

Saionji Toranosuke, or Tora for short, is also a 6th grade student in Shuurin Gakuen. He’s a delinquent who has a short temper and often gets into fights. He spends most of his time sleeping, skipping classes or glaring at people. Most people are afraid of him, but he has a surprisingly straightforward personality.

Tora acts like everything’s troublesome, especially getting involved with good students like Nadeshiko. He skips the extra classes, but he doesn’t mind going home together with her. Despite his rough behaviour, Tora helps Nadeshiko getting a book from the library. He also told her to just refuse whenever the teachers tell her to do troublesome things, so they won’t take advantage of her. Tora also honestly apologizes whenever he does something wrong.

On her way home, Nadeshiko saw Tora getting into a fight with some older delinquents. The fight was stopped when she called a police, but some days later she saw them surrounding Tora again. They were violent when she asked them to stop, and Tora snapped. He beat the living crap outta them until Nadeshiko begged him to stop. She told him not to beat people when they’re already down, and Tora said she’s so noisy. But he apologized.

Since Nadeshiko is an honor student whose hobby was studying, Tora said she’s boring. He asked her to meet him at school that night, and he sneaked in with her seeking for a thrill. She was scared and pushed him into a closet when the school guard comes, eventually running away together when they were found. On Sunday she saw him shopping and helped him carry the stuff back to his house. He invited her in to play video games together, and she also met his little brothers. Despite his changing attitudes towards her, Tora said he doesn’t hate her. She’s the first person who has enough courage to confront him directly.

When she was taken to 2020, Nadeshiko quickly found out that this Tora doesn’t have those 2010 memories he spent with her. The time when they take extra classes was created by Kaga, which means it actually never happened in the ruined world. This Tora doesn’t know anything about her except for her name and her importance to the government.

Nadeshiko wants to return to 2010 as soon as possible, so she’s willing to help the resistance organization in order to go home. She asked Tora to take her to their leader, and he said she’s really strong.. but they have to make sure how far she’s willing to help. He pats her head gently and said while they can’t treat a hostage kindly, they’re not demons either. They only want to fix the government. Nadeshiko was surprised by his kindness.

Not too long after Tora left, the guards around her room were gone. She wandered off alone, eventually getting caught by some guys who didn’t know who she is. They surrounded her, probably ready to raep her when suddenly Yoshimune came to save her. That was the chance she was looking for, so Nadeshiko asked him what she can do for them. From his answer she found out that the organization is way scarier that she thought, as they might kill her depending on the situation. Tora was dropping the guard on purpose so that she’ll now what it means to be a hostage.

The organization received a reply from the government, and Yoshimune wasn’t satisfied. He ordered Tora to cut Nadeshiko’s hair so they can send it to the government. In her room, Tora cut her hair carefully and treated her so kindly it confused her. Especially when he told her that she’ll get hurt if she trusts him. She didn’t know what he wants from her, and she didn’t understand why he can be so kind when he’s usually so cold towards her.

Some days later, Nadeshiko faked a stomach pain and escaped when Kaede ran off to get a doctor. She fooled the guards and got out of Yuushinkai, running away as far as possible. On the way, she met a guy who noticed that she doesn’t have a code like everyone else. A government worker soon found them and they escaped. Tora grabbed Nadeshiko on the way and helped her hide, though he doesn’t trust the guy who ran with her. The guy left, but he gave Nadeshiko an address, telling her to come if she ever needs help.

Tora took Nadeshiko back to Yuushinkai since she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Back in her room, Nadeshiko said she can’t trust him. She’s sad because this Tora isn’t the one she knew in 2010. Tora eventually snapped saying she doesn’t know anything towards him, and he feels sorry for his 2010 self for getting haunted by her. Nadeshiko slapped Tora, but he pushed her down to the bed and said he’ll destroy that image of him she has.

Nadeshiko cried because she actually wants to believe in him, even though he’s not the same Tora. This caused him to stop. He licked her tears and apologized for treating her violently.

That night the government attacked Yuushinkai. Some of the organization members brought Nadeshiko out, but Tora didn’t want to hand her to the government yet. Apparently the government also had a hostage. An impatient member said they should just kill Nadeshiko, and he tried to stab her when suddenly Tora pushed her away. He took the stab and was heavily wounded. Nadeshiko took the knife and pushed it against her own throat, saying she’ll kill herself if the government doesn’t pull back. After the government members were gone, she ordered the organization members to call a doctor and treat Tora as soon as possible. She doesn’t care if they’re gonna kill her later, for now she wants Tora to be saved.

Nadeshiko took care of Tora everyday in his room. When he woke up, he was surprised to see her treating him so calmly. She said it’s probably because she has synchronized with her 22 years old body, so now she’s more calm and composed than her 12 years old self. Tora said it doesn’t matter, Nadeshiko is still herself regardless of her age. She realized comparing Tora to his 2010 self was a terrible thing to do, and she wants to know more about this Tora.

The organization members started being more friendly towards Nadeshiko too, giving her food and telling her to get enough rest. One day, she came into his room while Tora was changing his bandages. He asked for her help, and she was so embarrassed seeing Tora’s naked upper body lol. She started thinking of some really random stuff as she helped him, like “ポンポコピー” and “ポンポコナー” LOL. Tora noticed that she’s blushing, and he teased her saying she’s interesting.

From then Tora warmed up to Nadeshiko. He told her he was there when those who rebels against the government formed this organization. Their original leader was captured some years ago, and Yoshimune is the replacement. She was surprised to hear that the leader is a female — Tora’s mother, Saionji Shigure. She’s the hostage held by the government. Instead of letting her return to her room, that night Tora asked Nadeshiko to stay in his room when he’s asleep. ♥

They enjoyed their days together, until one day Kaede took Nadeshiko out of Yuushinkai. He secretly handed her to a government worker, based on Yoshimune’s order. Nadeshiko was sad thinking she made the wrong choice by trusting Tora, unaware that he didn’t know about this as well. She was taken to Clock Zero. The guard was treating her so violently, she cut her foot on a glass shard when she fell. Nadeshiko was scared of meeting their King, but suddenly they heard an explosion.

It was Tora who came to save her, probably throwing something like a tear-gas bomb to distract them. They escaped to Riichirou’s hidden room, but he wasn’t there. Nadeshiko was worried about Tora since he hadn’t fully recovered yet. She checked up on his wound and he also did the same, by licking the wound on her foot. (*ノωノ) This has never happened before, but he’s really pissed when he learned about Yoshimune’s plan. He said it’s her fault lol.

Since there’s only one bed, they shared it for the night. Tora told her that Yoshimune is his father. When Tora was 7-8 years old, Yoshimune took Tora and his little brothers to their grandpa’s temple. He said he doesn’t need them so from now on they’ll live there. Despite his hatred towards his father, Tora resembles his father more and more as he grows up. All he remembers from his childhood is Yoshimune punching him whenever he asked for something. Yoshimune hates Tora and his brothers too, thinking they’re taking his wife away from him. He’s jealous of his own kids. ಠ_ಠ

Aside from his short temper, Tora has odd-eye. Yoshimune hates how people make a fuss over Tora’s appearance and attitude, so Tora hid it with an eyepatch when he was small. After hearing all of this, Nadeshiko told him not to talk so badly about himself. Even if he has his father’s blood, he shouldn’t hate himself. She also apologized for comparing Tora to his 2010 counterpart. She’s not afraid of him anymore. If Tora can accept himself, then she’ll accept him too. Tora blushed and said he doesn’t hate her — exactly the same thing the 2010 Tora said.

Some days later, they sneaked back into Yuushinkai. Yoshimune quickly found them, and Tora told him he’s taking Nadeshiko because he wants her. Yoshimune started beating him up when Tora said he’s choosing Nadeshiko over his mother. He told him Nadeshiko loves the other Tora, not the person who doesn’t have the right to be loved like him. Nadeshiko said she needs this Tora, even if he’s not the same Tora she knew. Soon the guards came and they escaped from Yuushinkai again.

They went to Ground Zero, where Tora kissed her. He told her to say that she wants him to take her away from everything, including his 2010 self. Nadeshiko said she loves him and wants him, and Tora laughed saying he’ll give his everything to her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

They went back to Yuushinkai again that night, and Yoshimune ordered everyone to kill them. Kaede dropped his knife saying he can’t fight Tora, and some of the organization members followed his actions. The organization was split into two, half of them following Tora while the other half stayed with Yoshimune. In the end the strong Tora took care of all of them and told Yoshimune he’s making a new organization with those who wants to follow him. He wants to take back Shigure from the government, but he can’t agree with how Yoshimune does things. Yoshimune agreed and let them go, in the condition that he’ll crush them if Tora couldn’t reach that goal within the specified amount of time.

Stay Ending
Nadeshiko decided she won’t go back to 2010. She wants to stay with this Tora, because they already promised to give their all to each other. Tora leads his own organization and Nadeshiko followed him.

In the epilogue, Nadeshiko met with the guy who gave her his address. He’s an informant, and she wants to get more information to help Tora. However, he got jealous and was angry when she came back. She already got used to him though, despite him being more possessive as the time goes by. Tora told her not to go away from him since she’s only his. Nadeshiko hugged him back, thinking he’s just like a big, clingy dog.

Return Ending
Nadeshiko said she loves Tora, but she still wants to go back to 2010. Tora apologized for keeping her here for so long, and he will help her return. Shuuya already found the way to undo the time stop, and Tora will do something to prevent her accident. Nadeshiko was reluctant since she doesn’t wanna leave Tora, but he said he’s going with her. He needs to do that in order to help her, and she doesn’t wanna give her to the 12-years-old Tora. He sent her back to 2010 after promising he’ll see her again. She didn’t know that Shuuya tried to stop Tora, knowing what he’s about to do will affect his own existence.

Nadeshiko woke up at school in 2010. The time was still stopped, but it suddenly starts moving again as she searched around for Tora. She asked about her friends too, but nobody knows about Takato and Kaga. It seems like their existence was erased. She soon heard Tora’s voice calling her, but when she turned around.. she saw him covered in blood. He couldn’t think of any other way, so he killed both Takato and Kaga. He would do anything for her even if it means getting his hands dirty, and he’s leaving her in the hands of the 12-years-old Tora from now on. Nadeshiko cried and slowly lost her consciousness, but she faintly heard Tora said he loved her.

Time passed and Nadeshiko slowly lost her 2020 memories. Ten years later in spring 2020, she completely forgets about the ruined world and the Tora she loved. She went to college and is currently going out with this world’s Tora.

On a date, she suddenly recalled the 2020 Tora saying the same thing to her before, but she soon forgot it. Everytime Tora pats her head, Nadeshiko feels weird. She feels like she might remember something, but she never could. It makes her feel calm when he does that. Tora might be forceful and cold at times, but she can never be apart from him because his hands show his kindness. Tora suggests they try “new” things at the park so she won’t get bored, since she’s already used to his room. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ

Tora is a nice and sexy character, but I have mixed feelings about his route. While I like his romantic scenes, those endings are just scary. Especially the first half of his return ending. It’s rather sad too. I got teary eyed upon hearing the last thing he whispered to her. Why can’t the 2020 Tora have a happy ending like Rittan? (ノД`)・゜・。His stay ending isn’t happy enough for me.. somehow it gives off yandere vibes, but maybe it’s just me.


4 thoughts on “CLOCK ZERO – Saionji Toranosuke

  1. Tora was honestly a bit scary to me, i liked him least out of all the charas (>.> maybe not all since Takato’s was kinda creepy) he has some cute scenes but the others were scaring the heck out of me >.<

    • I actually like Tora as a character. His romance scenes are cute and he has an adorable blush, but those endings ruined his whole route. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ Takato’s creepy too in a different way.. though I just can’t hate him lol.

  2. …….I can hardly remember that I liked Tora. ^^; He was actually a good person inside although he’s a delinquent. He just hates people who hide their real feelings to appear good on the outside and judge others using that fake outside cover too. I tried to believe in him like Nadeshiko did and thought she was cool when she’d stand up and act bravely instead of being rather otonashiku like in Riichirou’s route. But then Takato’s existence gets erased and I get this really bad feeling, and just seeing the eyes reflected in the windows scared me to bits then I was all UWAAAAAA and want to cry at the same time after I saw the blood and realized what he’d done and the manner he’d done it. It’s too tragic and I knew it’s because he loves her. I hardly understood anything else after that and only realized after reading your review that after Tora said “suki datta yo” he died too?? (Maji? Kanashii yo! orz nande kounatta no yo?!?)

    I still can’t forgive Tora for killing Takato though (bias?)…. it’s just the worst end ever! It’s like CZ’s big bad end route.=_=”” The stay-end also felt like a bad end since nothing was resolved and worse, the King is still searching for Nadeshiko. Kokoro itakatta… I wished this didn’t have to happen but still have to praise Otomate for successfully freaking me out real bad and making an ending I’ll never forget even though it’s in a bad way. In fact, it’s rather a good reminder that life isn’t only happy endings but I still feel terrible.T-T (Thank goodness I didn’t do his route last.. or after Takato’s at any rate.)

    Sorry for writing so long..^^

    • It’s okay, I know you love CZ. :D
      Yeah those eyes scared the crap out of me too.. it’s a part of his return ending, but I don’t feel like posting that CG here lol. Actually it’s not explained what happened to him after Nadeshiko fainted so I’m not sure if he died or returned to 2020, but one thing for sure is she won’t ever see him again. It’s sad because he’s willing to go that far just to save her. (ノД`)・゜・。

      I feel sorry for Takato too, especially the 2010 Takato since he doesn’t know anything. Tora is actually a nice person, just like what you said, he deserves a happy ending. Though he got to stay with Nadeshiko in his stay ending, it’s not enough since it feels so bleak.. y u do dis Otomate? ;_;

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