CLOCK ZERO – Hanabusa Madoka

I’ve been waiting for Madoka’s route ever since I started the game. Probably even more than Takato’s, though I’m really curious about him too. Madoka’s my favorite character in this game.

Hanabusa Madoka is a 5th year student in Shuurin Gakuen, and is classmates with Shuuya. His parents own the restaurant HANABUSA. He looks calm and quiet, but actually has quite a wicked tongue and does things at his own pace. Follows his big brother, Hanabusa Nakaba, like a shadow and values him above everything else.

Though he never shows any emotions against anything, Madoka is actually scared of dogs. Nakaba had to hurry home one day, leaving Madoka in Nadeshiko’s hands. As they walked home together, they saw a huge dog on the street. Madoka couldn’t take his eyes off the dog, afraid that it’ll tackle him from behind if he looks away. He also has a bad eyesight, causing him to stare at everything because he can’t see them clearly. Including getting really close to stare at Nadeshiko’s face. xD

Madoka thinks he needs to support Nakaba because he’s the older one. He would come to defend Nakaba if someone’s insulting him, and also forces people to accept Nakaba’s opinion no matter how absurd he sounds. He eventually scolded Nakaba’s classmates for saying bad things about him, unaware that they were just joking. This caused Nakaba to get angry too and went home first, leaving a surprised Madoka with Nadeshiko. Apparently Madoka isn’t real brothers with Nakaba, as he was adopted into the family. He thinks as long as he follows and supports Nakaba, he can stay as his brother and as a member of his family. Aside from Nakaba, Nadeshiko is the first person who told him to think of his own feelings too. He should think about what he really wants. Not for someone else, but for himself.

Some days later, Madoka gave Nadeshiko a beads strap he made. He denied making it for her, saying that he only made it while thinking of her lol. It was his first time making anything for someone except Nakaba. Nadeshiko said it’s okay for him to be selfish sometimes, seeing how he always holds back for his brother. He said she’s a really weird person, but he thanked her. Nakaba soon came looking after him, which proves that they’re still a family even if they fight sometimes. Nakaba told him to hold Nadeshiko’s hand as they walked her home. ♡(´∀`*)カワイイ

On Sunday, Madoka took Nadeshiko to his parent’s sweets shop. He asked his parents if they can take her there, and they looked very happy since he never asked for anything before. Nadeshiko enjoyed eating the delicious cakes with him, and she suggests Madoka to open a shop with Nakaba in the future. That way they can sell Nakaba’s sweets and Madoka’s accessories together. Madoka is happy with the idea, since it means he can work with Nakaba.

The day after the CZ members buried their time capsule, Kaga suddenly quit his job as their teacher. Rain then asked her to take him to the clock tower, where he stopped the time. Unlike in the white bunny routes, the Yuushinkai guys arrived too late. Bishop was the one who took her to 2020, and she woke up in a room with a guy who turns out to be Rain. He was placed near her to bring her to this world.

Rain explained that this world is created by their King to bring her back to life. Since she’s allowed to explore the building freely, that night she roamed around alone. The guards didn’t let her go outside though, and she met Bishop who took her back inside. He told her that her friends exist in this world too, just older since 10 years has passed. Since he seems to know her, Nadeshiko asked for his real name and he answered that he’s Hanabusa Madoka.

Nadeshiko was shocked to see him changed so much from the big-eyed cute little boy into.. this. Naturally, she also asked where’s Nakaba since they’re inseparable when they were small. Madoka said there’s no way he’d put Nakaba in a dangerous place like this. Those words were enough to make her realize that he’s really Madoka.

Based on her own request, Madoka took her to see King. She met Kaga there, who said that he doesn’t age like Madoka does since he came from 2020 in the first place. He’s 22 now, which means that 10 years ago he must be 12 as well. Nadeshiko quickly realized that Kaga is actually a grown-up Takato. When he said he loves her, she remembered that Kaga once told her that the person he loves keep sleeping after an accident. Now she realized that he was actually talking about her.

After the accident 9 years ago, Nadeshiko never woke up even after receiving treatments from the hospital. So Takato decided to conduct his own research to wake her up, and he brought her body to his secret lab. 4 years ago he caused a big explosion while researching at school, which is why the world’s in ruins now though it didn’t damage people. Takato used that chance to take over Kaidou Group’s building and made a new government — Clock Zero. He made a safe and perfectly controlled world, just for her.

Nadeshiko was scared since this isn’t the Takato she knew. Takato doesn’t care even if she’s scared or hates him, since all he wants is to make sure nobody could cause her anymore harm. She doesn’t have to trust him, but he wants her to continue living in this world with him.

Since Nadeshiko doesn’t wanna talk to Takato, Madoka was sent to check up on her instead. Takato also told him to make sure she doesn’t get bored here. Madoka doesn’t care about anything she said, even when she compared him to the Madoka she knew in 2010. This Madoka doesn’t have any memories about taking extra classes with her, since it was only a parallel world caused by Takato. But he’s willing to keep her company if she’s lonely, and he wouldn’t mind acting like lovers with her. He later said it’s only a joke since unlike King, he’s not interested in kids ROFL.

Nadeshiko’s pissed that he’s treating her like a kid, so she started being tsuntsun towards him. She feels that she needs to know more about this world before she can properly face Takato, so she asked Madoka to take her outside. He refused since he’s only a techie here, and Nadeshiko mentioned the strap he made for her. Madoka teased her and asked if she likes him, but he admits that she’s more mature and calm than her age.

From then, Nadeshiko keeps rejecting Takato’s advances. Madoka told her to stop behaving that way since it’s causing troubles for him and the staff. Nadeshiko said she hates him, but she asked him to accompany her since he responds to her honestly despite his sarcasm. So in a way, she trusts him.

One day, Takato took Nadeshiko around the city along with Madoka and Rain. There she saw that everyone in this world is controlled through their identification codes, so they won’t fight to survive in this destroyed world. Her position in this world would be the Queen, a caged position different from the others. Takato asked for her help in Clock Zero to make this world a “better place”, but she couldn’t take his hand. She couldn’t feel anything towards him except for fear.

Back in her room, Madoka noticed that she’s about to cry and asked her why she tried to be strong. When he said that the cause of this ruined world is her, Nadeshiko cried and snapped at him. He hugged her and told her to let it all out until she’s satisfied, and she cried in his arms.

After she calmed down, Nadeshiko noticed that Madoka isn’t enjoying himself like Takato. She asked what does he hope to achieve by obeying Takato, and Madoka took her to his room so they can talk freely. Madoka said it’s true that he doesn’t share Takato’s opinion regarding this world. He was abducted after the explosion, and Takato promised to help look for his family if he works for Clock Zero. He has another reason and was about to tell her, but Rain suddenly called and warned him not to do anything unnecessary.

Nadeshiko actually felt a lot better after that. She can face Takato calmly, though she’s still a tsundere towards Madoka. Some days later, she went out with Madoka to take another look at the world. She asked if he’s still afraid of dogs and tested it since he doesn’t admit it. It turns out that he’s still scared of them after all, and he wants to know what she hates to make it fair LOL. They soon met some Yuushinkai guys who started attacking them. As Madoka fought them, someone suddenly grabbed Nadeshiko from behind and took her away.

The guy was actually the informant from Tora’s route. He thought she got caught between the fight, so he helped her escape lol. He said he’s a neutral journalist who doesn’t side with anyone, and his code is a fake so he can roam around without getting detected. After talking for a while, he mentioned he likes cooking too and Nadeshiko realized that the person standing before her is actually Nakaba. Just like Madoka, this Nakaba didn’t attend extra classes with her too. But he remembers her as “Madoka’s friend” who sometimes played with him during middle school. Nakaba already found their parents after the explosion, sending them to a safe place, but he haven’t found Madoka yet.

Just before Nadeshiko could tell him anything, Madoka finally found them. He got jealous since Nadeshiko seems happy talking to him, and they started bickering until Nadeshiko interrupted and said “Madoka, this person is Nakaba!”

At first they found it hard to believe, especially since Madoka has changed so much. They talked about their childhood, confirming that they were indeed Nakaba and Madoka. Nadeshiko was glad that there’s something that would never change after all these years. That evening, Madoka took her back to their headquarter. She noticed that he was troubled about something, but he just said he can’t help her.

The reason why Madoka can’t stay with Nakaba was because Takato will search around for him, and it’d be dangerous for Nakaba. Nadeshiko realized that just like his 2010 self, Madoka won’t move unless she pushed him forward, so she told him to just quit and live with Nakaba. It’s not like he works in Clock Zero because he agrees with Takato either. Madoka finally agreed to leave Clock Zero, but he’s not taking her since Takato would go insane. It would put them into more danger.

Nadeshiko knows what Madoka would pick his family over her, but it still feels painful knowing they won’t meet again after he left. Madoka was clearly reluctant too, even though his words didn’t show it. He apologized for calling her a kid, since now he can see that she’s a wonderful woman. Before leaving, Madoka said he’s the reason of her accident. He told her to forget him because he doesn’t have the right.

A few days after Madoka left, Rain gave her something he left for her. It was a handmade strap that looks exactly the same as the one he gave her in 2010. Nadeshiko then decided to talk to Takato, and she found out that Takato actually knows where the Hanabusa family lives. He didn’t tell Madoka to keep him working in Clock Zero, as the punishment for causing her accident. That day Madoka was the one who called her out, which resulted in her getting hit by a car. Even after knowing this, Nadeshiko asked Takato to stop bothering Madoka.

Meanwhile, Madoka spent his days spacing out with Nakaba worrying over him. One day they heard that King’s getting married with Nadeshiko. Madoka still denied that he cares, so Nakaba punched him and told him to go take Nadeshiko from Takato. He finally ran back and broke into the headquarter to take her with him, though he met Takato and Rain in her room. Apparently it was only a trap laid to lure him out, since Nadeshiko was locked in her room in the past few days and didn’t know anything about the wedding. Takato told him to go if he thinks he can run away from him, and Madoka took her out saying he’ll protect her from now on.

They went back to Nakaba’s place that night and started bickering, throwing protests and sarcasm towards each other. Eventually he kissed her and after making out, Madoka admits that he loves her. He wants her to take responsibility. (*ノωノ)キャー He still thinks that the most important things are his family and his own peace, but he needs her to feel peaceful.

Though it’s dangerous, Madoka said he can return her to 2010 and undo the time stop. He will also do something to prevent her accident, but she needs to make the decision herself. The government will find them if they stay in this place for too long, and it’d be difficult to gather the materials after they moved out. Madoka asked her to think about it and give her answer the next day.

That night Nadeshiko and Madoka went for a walk outside, getting chased by a wild dog on the way. Madoka’s still scared of dogs after all ROFL. In Ground Zero, Madoka gave her a bracelet he made after he left Clock Zero. He did it to distract his mind from her, but when he realized it, he has made lots of bracelets while thinking of her instead. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Stay Ending
Nadeshiko decided to stay in 2020 with this Madoka. Before she could tell them her answer, Madoka stopped her. He hugged her saying he can’t let her go after all. Nadeshiko said she’s staying with him, but she hopes the time in her world can start moving again if Takato changes his mind. Madoka then left to get some supplies, but both Nadeshiko and Nakaba realized that he was just hiding his embarassment. Nakaba thanked her for choosing Madoka, because he knows that Madoka’s actually really afraid of losing her.

That night, they escaped from the guards and moved to their new place safely.

A few years later they’re still living on the run, gathering people who are neutral like them. Though she helps them getting information, lately Madoka didn’t want her to get involved in his discussion with Nakaba unless it’s really important. She sulked thinking Madoka doesn’t trust her, eventually admitting that she’s lonely and jealous of Nakaba. However, Madoka actually did that because she always looks sad whenever they talked about Takato. He’s jealous too and doesn’t want her to think about Takato. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡

They quickly made up after talking outside, and they were kissing when Nakaba came looking for them. Nakaba told them to think about where they are, they’re hiding from the government after all. Madoka only replied that they’re busy right now, so he should just come back later LOL.

Return Ending
Nadeshiko decided to go back because she can’t leave her family and friends after all. Three days later, Madoka finished making the machine and they went back to Clock Zero’s headquarter to send her back. It hurts her to leave him, and she cried saying she doesn’t wanna be apart from him. Madoka said it’s okay since she’ll forget him in a month. He asked her to be happy with the 2010 Madoka.

Right after she entered the capsule, she faintly heard Takato entering the room. He asked Madoka what he’s doing, and that he won’t allow him to send her back. She heard a sound which is probably Takato attacking Madoka, and she cried calling out his name. But she was soon sent back to 2010.

Nadeshiko woke up in a hospital. Soon Madoka came carrying a flower vase, explaining that she passed out at school. They carried her here along with Takato and Riichirou, and she was the last one to wake up. Nadeshiko started crying knowing this isn’t the Madoka she loves. But when Madoka said he’s only here because Nakaba told him to do so, she realized this Madoka hides his embarassment in the same way as the 2020 Madoka. They might seem different, but it’s the same Madoka after all.

Madoka wiped her tears and admits he panicked when he heard she passed out at school. He asked her to stop crying since it’d seem like he’s the one who made her cry, and Nadeshiko said it’s really his fault. He told her it’s okay to cry now, he’ll stay with her until she calms down.

Time passed and Nadeshiko slowly lost her 2020 memories, along with the Madoka she loved. In spring 2020, Nadeshiko visited Nakaba in his shop. Nakaba is now a famous chef and normally works overseas, but today he came back to Japan for a local event. Madoka was late that day, so Nakaba said Nadeshiko should just stop dating Madoka and switch to him instead. Nadeshiko was joking with him when Madoka came and told them to stop cheating LOL. The jealous Madoka greeted his beloved brother he haven’t seen in months with “お久しぶりですね、元気そうで何よりです。人の彼女に手を出さないで下さい” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Madoka himself is working as a jewelry designer right now. He doesn’t mass-produce his creations, but the price for each piece is very high. It’s Nadeshiko’s birthday and he was late because he was making a present for her. When she opened the box, she found a bracelet that looks exactly the same as the one given by the 2020 Madoka. She couldn’t remember where she got it, but she keeps it thinking it’s from him. Madoka gets jealous of the guy who gave it to her LOL.

Since it pissed him off, Madoka kissed her in front of everyone in the shop, embarrassing both her and Nakaba. (*´∀`)クスクス He’s still jealous of Nakaba after they left the shop, asking her if she’s serious about switching to Nakaba. Nadeshiko said it’s obviously a joke, and he wants her to take responsibility for making him like this. She asked him to say he loves her first, so he hugged her and whispered “I love you so much I can’t stand it.” (。→∀←。)キャー♡

I love this route to death. Even though his eyes are so disturbingly thin and he wears a tailed fluffy fur jacket, I don’t care. BISHOP I LOVE YOU! 萌(♡´∀`♡)え His return ending made me cry so hard, and that’s the only time I really cried during the whole game. That epilogue is so adorable, I couldn’t help but laugh at how he gets jealous of Nakaba and his 2020 self ROFL. His happy ending is good too despite their situation. I’m glad that Madoka gets to be happy and all raburabu with Nadeshiko in that world too. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Oh, and I put that Clock Zero banner on the sidebar before I started playing. Seems like I made the right choice by choosing Madoka’s banner lol.


6 thoughts on “CLOCK ZERO – Hanabusa Madoka

    • I think for Takato’s case it could be considered as going too far lol. At first I thought he’s creepy, but I dunno.. in the end I think he’s really sweet. xD

  1. Bishop’s my 2nd favorite^_^ I love his character and how Tori-san voices him♥! I love him almost as much as Takato. These two are together a lot so I’m happy times two. (More extra scenes/drama cds for both Yay!) In his route, I love how sudden he is with Nadeshiko, he never fails to make my heart beat fast XD His love scenes are the hottest in the game and I loved the adorable jealousy scenes too.

    I’ve been thinking that Takato’s and Madoka’s return endings have something in similar so most people cry only for the first person they played because the second time, they saw it coming. I didn’t cry in Madoka’s route at all. Oh, as for his fur coat, I love it XD *mofumofu shitai!*

    • The fact that he’s voiced by Toriumi Kousuke only makes me love him more. ♥
      I love his romantic scenes a lot, especially that hot kiss scene lol. He only blushed once (?) during the whole game and it was enough to make me go 萌(♡´∀`♡)え over and over again. Oh, and I was secretly hoping he’d take off that fur coat because I wanna see his sexy tattoo. xDD

      Yeah Takato and Madoka’s return endings are similar in the sense that Nadeshiko went back in tears, leaving them in 2020 even though she wants to stay. If I played Takato’s route first I’d probably cry too. I can’t stand seeing him looking so sad when he sent her back.. ;_;

  2. haha Madoka is so cute when he’s a kid and i’m little surprised that he’s a bishop but the story good that’s that matter so yeah.

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