CLOCK ZERO – Kaidou Takato

The final route of Clock Zero. Takato’s route holds most of the answers, and thus contains the biggest spoiler of the game. I also included Rain’s chapter since it clears up everything.

Kaidou Takato is a new transfer student in Nadeshiko’s class. His father is the head of Kaidou Group, and he’s well-known as a genius researcher. He’s very cheerful and gets along really well with everyone, especially with Nadeshiko. He can ignore and go through most things with a smile even when he’s troubled.

Even though Nadeshiko usually distanced herself from her classmates, she can talk with Takato naturally and quickly becomes close friends with him. Takato wanted to know more about her, and one day he invited her to visit a stationary shop since he likes cute things too. He’s interested in Rain and wanted to borrow him for a night, but Rain refused since Takato will definitely examine him thoroughly.

Takato is mature for his age and people often told him he’s not like a normal kid. He’s jealous of the childish side Nadeshiko has, though he likes her the way she is now. Being a genius that he is, Takato can achieve anything he wants, but he doesn’t have a dream because of it. Nadeshiko suggests that he look for his own dream from now on, there’s no need to rush. He likes research, and she thinks it’d be wonderful if his research can make people happy. Takato thanked her for opening a new perspective, and he realized that his doubts about the future is also childish.

While he’s a genius researcher, Takato has zero cooking skills. He blew up his group’s pot during home economics class at school, and admits that it always turns out like that even though he followed the recipe correctly. Nadeshiko asked him to come over to her house and make cookies together for practice. That day he successfully baked some cookies with her help, and they ate them together in her room. Takato was nervous, but he’s happy since he feels closer to her.

On her way to the library on Sunday, Nadeshiko heard that a someone holding a gun attacked Kaidou Group’s building. She was worried and came to see if Takato’s okay, and she met him outside. Luckily the security already captured the man, and Takato took her to his room so they can talk properly. Takato gave her a talking cat keyholder he made, and she was impressed that he can make something like that just by taking a short look on Rain.

When Nadeshiko touched an aquarium in her room, it suddenly breaks and cut her finger. Takato panicked and treated her hand immediately, apologizing for putting her into such danger. This made him realize that his research is actually a dangerous thing. He never really thought about it before, but he’s scared of hurting her since she’s a precious person to him. Nadeshiko isn’t dense, so she totally gets that Takuto’s hinting he likes her. She wants to be closer to him too.

After she was taken to the Clock Zero headquarter in 2020, Nadeshiko was scared of Takato who can control this destroyed world with a smile. He treats her really nice, and she asked him to guide her around the world outside. There she saw the guards controlling people if they do something outside of their daily schedule set by the government. Takato wants to continue developing this world asked for her help to work with Clock Zero, but she couldn’t take his hand because she was really scared of him.

When they went back to the headquarter, Takato took her to a greenhouse where he stored all of the plants he’s currently researching. Takato said he doesn’t want to control people tightly, he just want to keep an eye them so they won’t do any crime. Nadeshiko asked why he stopped the time in 2010, and he explained it’s because her 2010 body is sleeping since her mind was taken here. They’ll most likely end up in the same future if he didn’t stop the time, with the 2010 Takato trying to get her mind back.

Takato said he can’t go and change the past either. Nadeshiko will end up in an accident if the one’s targeting her life is still alive. Takato knew that the one who hit her with a car was controlled by someone else, and the lack of information made it really hard to track the person behind her accident. Even if they change the past, avoiding the accident and Takato can live happily with her, this Takato wouldn’t be since the Nadeshiko in this world already got into the accident. He doesn’t care if other people, including himself in other worlds, are suffering if that means he can get her.

Nadeshiko couldn’t accept such things, saying she has to stop him since she’s the reason this world got destroyed. Since Takato won’t give up either, Nadeshiko decided to go against him. After that Takato ordered his guards to be more strict towards the resistance members in Yuushinkai, and also banned Nadeshiko from going out. He’s afraid that the Yuushinkai guys will take advantage of her rebellion.

Nadeshiko decided to talk to Rain to get more information. From him, she learned that people are working for the government to be secure. Nobody actually agrees with Takato’s ideals. As for Rain himself, he’s been working with Takato ever since they met after her accident. He’s the only one who agrees with Takato, but only because he doesn’t care about this world. He wants everything to be destroyed. Rain’s goal is clearly different from Nadeshiko’s, but he still offered his help as long as it doesn’t go against his goal.

When she gets back to the headquarter, Takato offered a deal to her. He will allow her to go out alone for 4 hours before it gets dark outside, but she had to do what he says. Nadeshiko agreed and Takato asked her to kiss him. He also said that she’s not a kid anymore, her mind has aged too through all of the synchronization. She’s really 22, not a 12-years-old kid in an adult’s body. He’s been waiting to touch her and make her his, and he can’t hold back any longer. Nadeshiko knows that this is wrong, but she asked him to bow down and kissed him.

Some days later, there was an explosion coming from Takato’s room. Nadeshiko panicked and rushed over to see if he’s okay, but he was only trying to bake some cookies for her.. and blew up the oven. He was planning to call her too, and he told her that he already found the guy who hit her by a car that day. Takato asked her what he should do now, since that guy isn’t the mastermind and only went along with the plan because he had a grudge against Kurou Group. He never really saw his partner either. All this time Takato hated the guy, thinking that he probably needs to control his emotions upon meeting him. But he didn’t feel anything except for pity since the guy was so scared. Takato apologized to Nadeshiko since he couldn’t hate the guy who caused her accident, but she was actually relieved.

She went out alone after that, wondering if going against Takato is really the right thing to do. Takato then came looking for her in Ground Zero, which is the ruins of their school. He hugged her and begged he not to leave him since he only feels alive when he’s with her. His goal was to bring her to this world, but now he doesn’t know how he feels about this world. The world he destroyed.

That night Rain took Nadeshiko out to meet some people from Yuushinkai, who turned out to be Tora and Riichirou. Rain asked them to stir a revolution and destroy this world, kill Takato if he resists. The information and technology they need will be provided by Rain himself. Tora was surprised, but agreed to the plan. They want King to be the sacrificial lamb so people will have the courage to rebuild this world. Nadeshiko couldn’t accept this idea since she doesn’t wanna hurt Takato, but the plan moves on even if she doesn’t agree.

Nadeshiko finally realized that she only wants to support and save Takato, guiding him back to the right path. She went back to the headquarter alone, telling Takato that she will always stay with him, so he should stop controlling people because a world without freedom isn’t the safe and peaceful world he wants. Takato’s still afraid though. He told her that on that day 9 years ago, they were planning to go to the aquarium. Takato was planning to tell her how he feels, and he waited alone but she never comes due to the accident. The next time he saw her was in the hospital, and she was already “asleep”. The reason he controlled this world is that so nobody could hurt her again.

Takato asked Nadeshiko to sleep with him for tonight. He never get the chance to go on a field trip with her, while he was actually excited about spending the night together. Nadeshiko agreed and they sleep on his bed that night. Takato said his time was stopped and he’s always looking at the past, but now he falls in love with her all over again because she accepted him by saying she’ll live with him forever. Nadeshiko realized that she actually loves him too, and she thinks it’d be nice if Takato can move forward from now on.

The next day, Takato gathered all of his Clock Zero staff. He asked them if there’s anyone among them who thinks this is a happy world, because he doesn’t think so. Takato knows the resistance members are going to attack them soon. Normally they’d be able to take care of their attacks, but Bishop has found a hole in their data. Which means that there’s a spy leaking their information to Yuushinkai. Takato now wants to disband the government, because he knows something like this would happen someday. He’s letting all of his staff go to keep them alive. But he’s staying here as their King, taking all of the responsibility and face the revolution.

It turns out that Takato actually knew that Rain was the one who messed up with their network, and his betrayal was the reason Takato disbanded the government. Rain was captured, but the resistance members were already inside their headquarter. One of them managed to find Nadeshiko and dragged her to where they were, as a hostage. When the guy pulled out a gun, she realized that their target was actually Takato and not her. She told Takato to run, but since he didn’t move.. she got out of the guy’s arms and jumped in front of him, taking the bullet.

Nadeshiko knew that this would cause Takato to go insane again, so she told him she won’t go anywhere. She asked him not to do anything crazy again, and then she passed out. As Madoka and the staff tried their best to save her life, Nadeshiko saw memories she has never seen before. The memories of the 2020 Nadeshiko: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, their graduation and junior high days. She also saw the moment Madoka called her before the accident, as well as her bumping into a foreigner. She wasn’t sure if the last memory has something to do with everything else.

Now this is where Rain’s chapter explains everything:
A year before it all started, Rain’s little sister Rachel died in a traffic accident. According to his mother, she was on her way to buy a birthday present for him. He was devastated by her death. When he moved to Japan for work, he met the rumored genius Takato. Rain believed Takato can bring Rachel back to life, but Takato refused since it goes against his morals to resurrect dead people. Rain was enraged and felt that Takato needs to know how he feels. He asked Takato if he has someone he likes, and he went to Shuurin Gakuen to check. It was then when he bumped into Nadeshiko, just the person he was looking for. From then he created the plan and threatened Madoka to call her out before she meets Takato, then he told the other guy to run her over with a car as she crossed the street.

Takato asked for his reason, and Rain said he did this so Takato will complete his human resurrection research. Last time it couldn’t be considered as a resurrection since Nadeshiko wasn’t completely dead. Takato finally realized that Rain was the one behind her accident all along. Rain tried to get him to resume his research, but this time Takato refused since he already promised Nadeshiko not to do anything crazy again. He believes she won’t die and leave him alone.

Nadeshiko eventually woke up in her room with Takato next to her. Her operation was successful and she will recover soon. She regretted not telling him how she feels last time, so after Madoka and the staff left them alone, she told Takato that she loves him. Takato was so surprised by this confession that he completely froze lol. He gently hugged her and asked if he can kiss her, since their kiss last time doesn’t count.

Takato still needs to take care of things, so Nadeshiko was moved to his room since she’ll be safe there. A few days later, she suddenly heard an explosion and the lights went out. Madoka soon came to help her escape as the building was on fire, but she couldn’t leave Takato behind. After hearing that Takato’s on the top floor, Nadeshiko got out of Madoka’s arms and ran to see Takato. She met Rain on the way, and he told her the directions to reach the top floor. Rain said she reminds him of his sister, and he actually enjoyed the time they spent together.

She eventually found Takato in the greenhouse. He was planning to die along with the building.

Stay Ending
Nadeshiko hugged Takato and said she won’t allow him to leave her alone. She will walk along with him no matter what path he takes. If he’s staying here to die, then she will die along with him. Nadeshiko will lose her chance to go back to 2010 if they leave the building, but she said she won’t be happy if she returns because she can never be happy without him. If Takato truly wishes for her happiness, then he should listen to her. Takato thanked her and they left the headquarter together.

A few months later, Takato and Nadeshiko lives together hidden from the government and resistance members, though they declared King has died that night. Nadeshiko found Takato talking to some kids outside. Now that the government’s gone, people are rebuilding their world together. Before they went home, a little girl gave him a flower ring. Everyone says King is bad, but she doesn’t hate king. Her grandma said they can eat everyday and flowers are starting to bloom again thanks to King. How he does things was wrong, but her grandma knows that King is actually a good person inside.

The little girl noticed Takato’s painful expression when they talked about King with the other kids earlier, and she asked him not to hate King. Takato puts the ring on Nadeshiko’s finger, hugging her before they went home. Even in this ruined world, they want to be happy together.

Return Ending
Instead of getting out of the headquarter, Takato took Nadeshiko through a secret door in the greenhouse. He told her that at first he made her took those extra classes to see if there’s anyone dangerous around her, and for hurting the 2010 Takato because he has the happiness that the current him doesn’t have. He admits that he was indeed jealous of himself, but he treasures the time he spent as their teacher.

Soon they arrived at a lab where he used to keep her body. Takato said he’s sending her back to 2010 because he already knows how to prevent her accident. This ruined 2020 world isn’t safe as people are targeting him as the King, and she would be in danger if she stays with him. But the 2010 Takuto will surely be able to protect her. He asked her to live on and be happy. Nadeshiko cried and protested, and he apologized saying he can’t make her happy. He only wanted to spend his life with her forever. He didn’t want to destroy the world, but after all.. he doesn’t need a world where she doesn’t exist. She realized that Takato was crying when he hugged her, but he told her not to cry and sent her back to 2010.

Nadeshiko woke up in the hallway at school. Riichirou already opened his eyes, but Takato was still unconscious. Nadeshiko cried and Takato woke up when her tears dropped to his face. She suddenly hugged him, asking him not to go anywhere as she’s always here by his side. Takato didn’t know what she’s been through, but he hugged her back and said everything will be okay. He will also stay with her as well.

Even though she doesn’t want to forget, Nadeshiko loses all of her 2020 memories as time goes by. 11 years later in spring 2021, Takato’s working as a teacher in Shuurin Gakuen. He’s popular among the students and got lots of love letters, but he rejects them all since he only needs Nadeshiko. After that day, Takato changed his subject from science and got a teaching degree instead. Both of them can’t remember who their homeroom teacher was during 6th grade, though they feel that the teacher left a strong impression on them.

Recently Takato found an old letter in his drawers addressed to “Kaidou Takato 10 years ago”. Inside was the date and time of Nadeshiko’s accident. It also informed him about what he should do to save her, what actions he should take after that, as well as telling him to stop all of his research at once (to avoid Rain) and protect Nadeshiko at all costs — from “Kaidou Takato 10 years later”. That day Takato managed to save her before she got hit by the car thanks to the letter.

They don’t know what will happen next, so they should enjoy each moment in their lives. It’s almost time to dig the time capsule they buried back in 2010. They rarely meet everyone since they started attending college, so Takato wants to invite everyone and have a reunion.

Meanwhile, the Takato in the ruined world watches over Nadeshiko’s sleeping body everyday. He doesn’t know when, but he will wait until she wakes up. Right after Takato left the lab, the sleeping Nadeshiko finally opens her eyes.

I’m really satisfied with Takato’s route. At first I thought he’s a creepy mad scientist who’s obsessed with Nadeshiko, but after finishing this route I can feel his deep love for her. Despite his creepy obsession during the first half, I think he really deserves to be happy. His return ending is so sad and I nearly cried again, but I’m glad that it’s a double happy ending in both worlds. ♡♡(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)♡♡ I have to admit that I fell asleep multiple times during the first half of the game, but the story is so good it keeps me playing. Overall, I’m satisfied with Clock Zero and hoping to see more great games like this from Otomate.

..almost forgot to mention that I LOVE Namikawa Daisuke’s voice here. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え


15 thoughts on “CLOCK ZERO – Kaidou Takato

  1. His hair and his cape reminds me of Mattheus of Mojuutsukai to Ouji-sama. ^^;; I kind of disliked him after reading your post about Madoka’s route. But his route is good. And the fact that the other Takato can have a happy ending, added to the goodness of this. :)

    • Yea I was actually thinking of Matheus too because of his king mantle. xD
      Takato was creepy especially in Madoka’s route.. but playing his route made me change my mind. He’s a good person inside, just a little bit too obsessed with Nadeshiko. xD

  2. Takato was to me very creepy >.< i can understand his love for Nadeshiko but he took it wayyy too overboard. in general his route wasnt too bad, just on the creepy side and now that u guy talk about it he does kinda remind me of Matheus minus the obsession
    cant wait to read the next review :), o btw wat game is next on the list? *kininaru, kininaru*

    • At first I feel the same, but I dunno.. by the end of his route I don’t think he’s creepy anymore. Especially in the return ending. I’m playing Hanaoni right now. *points to sidebar* :D

      • ahh Hanaoni, that caught my eyes when i was looking through the new games coming out this year. it seems quite interesting, so now i really cant wait to read the next review its bound to be just as exciting as always =)

  3. It was so sweet how the story was wrapped up in the Return End~! X3
    Takato actually doesn’t scare me as much as Tora, after I played Tora’s Return End (*shivers*). I could kinda understand Takato’s actions, and I’m so glad TYL!Takato got his wish granted too.
    Definitely one of the best games Otomate has ever made. Thanks for the summary!
    Oh yeah, about Hanaoni, is it good? I read on MNR that though it’s not as graphic as Clock Zero, the text is definitely *ahem* in some routes?! >////<

    • Yeah, nothing compares with Tora’s return ending. >_> Takato got a little too obsessed with her, but in the end I feel that it shows how deep his love is. I totally agree with those comments in the polls saying they want Takato to be happy.

      Sad to say that aside from Hibiki, nothing really happens with the other guys in Hanaoni. I was expecting a lot of *ahem* too.. but so far it only happens in Hibiki’s route lol. But I’ve only cleared 3 guys out of 6, so I’m hoping someone in the remaining 3 have a sexy route too.

  4. Yeah, Takato was really creepy at first. In Madoka’s route he’s in complete broken state and since Nadeshiko avoids him, it’s impossible to understand him. Sad. Even in his route, it’s hard to understand him coz he keeps smiling and it’s scary. For me, I saw how broken he was as terribly tragic. Takato and his story is a mixture of unbelievably strong feelings, sadness, love, kindness, tragedy, and more, it’s all delicately there. I never thought of him as a yandere until I started reading CZ blogs. The final parts were really beautiful and insightful which is what I love most in a story. And yes, the double happy ending is nani yori best of all.,,^_^,, I’m eternally thankful to Otomate for creating such an awesome piece of work. (can’t let go of it^^ahhh mou watashi no baka;_; susumenakya!)

    Namikawa Daisuke’s voice is responsible for a 10x multiplier to my moe levels *Almost ALL the time XD* Can’t agree with you more XD Takato daisuki yo>w< MOE–!!

    • Actually I can’t stand him looking so sad even in Madoka’s route, so when Nadeshiko avoids him I was like (´・ω・`) the whole time. But yeah when he was still obsessed with her and controlling the world, it’s scary when he smiles. After finishing his route I can see why you love Takato that much.. ♥ I think her accident damaged him the most out of all the guys (except Rittan). Thank you Otomate for making it a double happy ending, Takato deserves to be happy. x3

      LOL Namikawa Daisuke’s gentle voice really brings my moe meter to the max. xD

  5. Namikawaaaaaaaaaaaaa yea I feel the same way you do about Takato. From (ಠ_ಠ)creeper to takatoooo ;-; was my feeling haha xD Still nothing made me cry like Madoka’s route lol

    • LOL yea I nearly cried in his return ending, but didn’t actually cry like in Madoka’s route. Dunno if the order I play it makes any difference.. but in the end he managed to change my impression from creeper → love, and that’s saying something. xD

    • I’m using PCT v2 but it only works on custom firmware. I didn’t know any other plugins that works on official firmware, so I prepared a homebrew TN enabler just to use the plugin.. sorry ;_;

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