Starry☆Sky~After Summer~

I’m posting After Summer’s summary first since typing up all six routes in Hanaoni would take some time to finish. I’d love to do the portable Starry Sky games too when I get the chance..

The game opens four years after Yahisa Tsukiko’s graduation from Seigetsu Gakuen. The archery club members went drinking together since Azusa’s currently in Japan. They talked about their unforgettable summer, which was the summer of Tsukiko’s third year. It was their last Inter High and they had a two-weeks training camp before then. The captain, Miyaji Ryuunosuke, announced that he already called a special trainer to help them train: Kanakubo Homare, their ex-captain. The bond between them grows stronger during this two weeks.

After Summer is divided into four parts, just like After Spring. Each character has their own After Story, while After Summer itself focuses on the training camp and the baka trio. Inukai reached a slump which eventually resulted in a fight with Shiratori, and the other members helped them make up. Tsukiko wasn’t doing well either due to her nervousness, but she got back on her feet after eating ice creams and gazing at the stars together with the third year students. There are also 3 new juniors in the archery club — the serious Kuga Masato, the my-pace Hitachi Wataru, and the energetic Narumi Kyousuke.

Kinose Azusa

Four months after they started dating, Tsukiko realized that it’s Azusa’s birthday soon. She didn’t really know what he likes so she decided to ask around everyday after school, ignoring her daily rooftop date with Azusa. He thought she’s avoiding him and was pissed because of it, but she didn’t notice at all. When she finally talked to him again, he was acting cold towards her and she had to explain everything. They quickly made up at the rooftop that night, and they spent his birthday together in his room.

During spring break, Rikumi Gakuen’s archery club came for a practice match with Seigetsu Gakuen. The members are actually the son of Azusa’s archery teacher in junior high, Yarai Yuzuru and Izuru, along with their childhood friend Akatsuki Ai. Back then Azusa quickly lost interest in archery after surpassing them, and he never saw them again after he left the club. However, Rikumi Gakuen easily won the match since Azusa was clearly disturbed. Izuru said his arrow is boring now because of Tsukiko, telling her to disappear.

It was Azusa’s first time losing to someone else, so he was really down and reached a slump. On their way home, Tsukiko told him that there are things and emotions they can only see after losing. Azusa had always thought that being strong means never losing to anyone, but now he can see that getting up after being defeated feels nice too.

The following week, the Rikumi Gakuen guys came again. This time a girl came along with them: Haruna Makoto, the captain of Rikumi Gakuen’s Girl Archery Club. She took an instant liking on Tsukiko and the cute Koguma. That day Azusa’s back to his usual, confident self and Seigetsu Gakuen won the second pratice match. Despite losing, Izuru was satisfied after seeing Azusa’s arrow. It’s different and much better from how it used to be, and he knows that it must be because of Tsukiko. The Rikumi Gakuen guys are looking forward to meet Seigetsu Gakuen again in the Inter High.

Time passed quickly and Seigetsu Gakuen won the Inter High. Tsukiko and Ryuunosuke retired from the club by the end of summer, along with Inukai and Shiratori. She knows Azusa wants to be an astronaut, so she decided to learn astronomy too in university. He also grew so much by the time of her graduation, becoming more like a man rather than the boy he used to be. Though they will be apart for a while, both believe that they’ll walk along the same path again someday.

Tsukiko started living alone and joined archery club in university, meeting her teammates again along with Makoto, Yuzuru and Ai. She enjoyed her new life, calling and meeting Azusa whenever she had the chance. Seigetsu Gakuen won the Inter High again and Azusa got really popular, with fangirls whispering around during their date. Tsukiko was jealous and worried with all the attention he gets, but he clearly told his fangirls that he’s not interested in anyone other than her.

Azusa came to see Tsukiko on her university’s culture festival, where he had a reunion with everyone else including Homare. After spending the day running the okonomiyaki stand together, Koguma decided to enroll into this university too. Everyone thinks Azusa will do the same and stays with Tsukiko, but he’s actually planning to study abroad in America in order to be an astronaut. Tsukiko was shocked, especially because he never told her about this. She’s thinking of going to America with him, but he asked her not to do that since she needs to walk her own path. After he said determining the future is his own issue, Tsukiko cried and left. She felt Azusa has rejected her importance in his life.

They didn’t contact each other for a while, but eventually Koguma told Tsukiko that Azusa was confused about that for quite a long time. It was hard for him to tell her because he loves her. Koguma said the same thing Makoto did, which is to properly talk to him before she lost him forever. Tsukiko went to Seigetsu Gakuen’s archery dojo and apologized to Azusa. That time she was throwing away everything just to be with him, but now she has realized that they have to walk their own paths. She still believes that someday they can walk along the same path again, and she’s doing her best to achieve it. He gave her the courage to believe that everything will be okay even if they’re apart.

That night Tsukiko admits she feels lonely that he’s going to America, but she wants to support his dream. She said being an astronaut’s girlfriend would be nice, and Azusa replied someday she will be that astronaut’s wife. He asked her to call him “anata” for practice, and he called her name instead of the usual “senpai”.

Azusa eventually graduated from Seigetsu Gakuen. On the last day he can spend with her before his departure, they went on a date and watched the stars at night. Tsukiko was really sad when his bus came, but he couldn’t leave her looking like that. He couldn’t return to the dorms, so he’s spending the night in her room. Azusa said he’s worried too about being apart from her, but he believes their hearts are always connected. He asked her to marry him when their paths cross again. Tsukiko thanked him for loving her, and he asked her to give him her everything. He will give her his everything too. Tsukiko said she’ll treasure him and so they did it. (*ノωノ)イヤン

A few months after Azusa went to America, Tsukiko’s still living her life to the fullest. There are times where she feels lonely, but she didn’t cry because he’s not here to wipe her tears. He sent her a picture of him and Tsubasa in America, with “You are my goddess” written on it. In his letter Azusa wrote he found eternity in her eyes. When she feels worried or sad about their long-distance relationship, she should always remember that she’s the only one reflected in his eyes. After sealing his letter, he whispered “Wait for me, senpai.”

In the ending, it’s Azusa and Tsukiko’s wedding day. He’s a famous astronaut and their wedding was surrounded by lots of cameras. Before the ceremony starts, they secretly went out and exchanged wedding vows by themselves. She wants him to stop calling her “senpai” so he calls her “Tsukiko-san”. Soon the archery club members found them and they returned to the church, where everyone was waiting for them. After their time apart, finally they’re going to walk on the same path from now on.

In the after story, Azusa was home and ate dinner with Tsukiko. Her cooking skills have improved a lot when he was away working. He told her that soon he’ll finally fly into space, and his dream will finally come true. A few months before he leaves, Tsukiko’s worried since flying into space is a dangerous thing. Whenever he came home she avoided him since her head was full of worries, and eventually he couldn’t take it anymore. He thinks she doesn’t love him anymore, so Tsukiko had to explain her reason. Azusa said he doesn’t have any doubts about his job, because he has the confidence to return to her side.

A few months passed and finally Azusa’s spaceship went back to earth. Tsukiko waited patiently until he came home. Azusa said his battery ran out and asked her to charge his energy, just like what they did before he went into space. (*ノωノ)♡

Tsukiko’s stupidity at the beginning was annoying, but let’s put that aside. Azusa is so cool. I didn’t really like him in Summer but here, I like him a lot. Honeybee actually made him look taller as the time goes by, and FukuJun’s voice gets deeper too as he grows up. His monologues are sweet too and not over-the-top like Yoh’s in After Spring. Glad to see Azusa finally getting a wedding end here, but too bad we don’t get to see his parents.

Miyaji Ryuunosuke

Both Tsukiko and Ryuunosuke were nervous around each other at first, but finally they told the archery club members about their relationship. He was busy with his role as the new captain and they never went out together until Inukai and Shiratori said Tsukiko will dump him if he doesn’t learn to understand a girl’s heart lol. He gathered enough courage to ask her out on a date, and they went to the beach on Sunday. He took her to an observation deck at night and admits he’s jealous when she talked about her childhood friends. In front of the dorm, he kissed her when she mentioned Kanata’s name and asked her not to talk about other guys in front of him. Scorpio’s jealousy BAN☆ZAI ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

One day during practice, Tsukiko slipped and landed on Ryuunosuke. He started kissing her fiercely and she was a little scared, fully realizing that he’s a guy. He apologized, but Tsukiko started avoiding him and things became awkward between them. After talking to Inukai she realized it’s normal if you wanna touch the person you love, and she quickly made up with Ryuunosuke after that.

On Ryuunosuke’s birthday, Tsukiko was planning to eat a cake with him at his favorite Umai-dou. They went to town after school and found that the shop was closed for the day. She was disappointed, but Ryuunosuke kindly took her to another cake shop nearby. November is also known as yukimachizuki / 雪待月, and Tsukiko said the reason he was born on this month must be because he’s meant to be with someone during this lonely season. He happily said that someone must be her.

For Valentine, Tsukiko made some truffles for Ryuunosuke with Koguma. When she gave him the chocolates, she realized that she dropped the card somewhere. She dragged him into her room so he won’t be waiting in the cold outside, but he tried not to get too close to her. The truffles tasted bad since Tsukiko fails at cooking, though he was happy with her feelings. Ryuunosuke was trying to keep a safe distance because he’s afraid of losing control like last time, but Tsukiko didn’t know this and felt a bit sad.

Tsukiko slipped again during practice, this time injuring her wrist. She tried to hide it from everyone, but Ryuunosuke quickly found out. He asked her to take care of herself since they’re going to participate in the Inter High this year too. Forcing herself to practice as usual would only worsen her injury, putting all of her hardwork to waste. As the captain, he ordered her to go back and rest until she recovers. She came back to the archery dojo after cooling her head off and met Ryuunosuke there. He apologized for being a bit harsh on her, but she understands that he’s doing it for her own sake. After resting for a few days, Tsukiko’s wrist finally healed and she went back to practice.

After an argument with Koguma, Ryuunosuke reached a slump for a while. He snapped at the worried Tsukiko, and she eventually cried during practice. Shiratori saw this and got mad at him for making her cry, and Ryuunosuke finally realized that he shouldn’t compare himself to Homare as the captain. He apologized to Tsukiko and resumed their practice, eventually leading his team to reach victory in the Inter High. The 3rd year students retired after that, and Ryuunosuke’s role as their captain came to an end. He cried while hugging Tsukiko that evening, satisfied with the time they spent in the club.

Time passed and they spent Halloween together, with Ryuunosuke wearing the costume Tsukiko made for him. Christmas soon came and Ryuunosuke fell asleep during the party, thanks to all the soda Inukai and Shiratori shoved into his mouth lol. He woke up at night and found Tsukiko sleeping on his bedside, so he told her not to fall asleep easily in a guy’s room. Tsukiko said it’s okay because she doesn’t mind if it’s with him.. but sadly he fell asleep again after that and didn’t remember anything the next day.

Both went back to their homes for the year-end holiday, but they went to visit the shrine together on New Year’s Day. After that he took her to his house since she wants to see the place where he grew up, and that’s where she met his brothers — Yousuke and Taiga. When Ryuunosuke took her to his room, Tsukiko asked him not to be scared of touching her. He’s been holding back because of what happened back then, but she’s not afraid anymore and feels lonely if he doesn’t do anything to her.

They were hugging when suddenly they heard a sound outside.. which was Yousuke and Taiga peeking at them, the former covering up the latter’s eyes because it’s still to early for him to see these kind of stuff ROFL. Tsukiko said it’s nice to have brothers since she’s an only child, and Ryuunosuke said they’ll be her brothers too if they get married. In the end they played together as his brothers like her too. Since they’re all “Miyaji”, Tsukiko tried calling him “Ryuunosuke” as he walked her to the station. He started calling her “Tsukiko” too, jealous of her brothers since they called her name easily lol.

Unlike last year, Tsukiko successfully made some chocolates for her second Valentine’s Day with Ryuunosuke. She called him to her room, but she noticed he’s still afraid of touching her. After feeding her chocolate mouth-to-mouth, he stopped and apologized but Tsukiko said she wants him to touch her more. However, she was surprised when he suddenly pushed her down, recalling the moment he did that in the dojo. Ryuunosuke was shocked, and he wanted to put some distance between them so he can cool his head off. Then he left before she could say anything.

Ryuunosuke continued to avoid Tsukiko until she couldn’t take it anymore and cried in front of Koguma. Luckily they have awesome friends, and Inukai punched some sense into him. That night he came to Tsukiko’s room and they straighten things up. Tsukiko said she’s a bit scared because it’s her first time, but still she wants him to go on. He told her he won’t be able to stop even if she cried and asked if she’s okay with that. She still wants him to touch her, so that night they finally did it. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

Spring came and they graduated from Seigetsu Gakuen. Tsukiko and Ryuunosuke went to the same university along with Inukai and Shiratori, joining the archery club together. They went to the gasshuku held to welcome the new members along with Makoto, Yuzuru and Ai. After seeing Tsukiko completely burnt a meat during barbeque, they told her to do better at cooking for Ryuunosuke’s sake lol. When everyone left, Ryuunosuke said he wants her to cook for him everyday. They started off as friends, then turned to rivals and lovers, and someday they’ll be husband and wife. Their relationship changes as time goes by, and Tsukiko was glad she can meet and fall in love with him.

In the ending, Ryuunosuke and Tsukiko finally got married. Makoto teased her saying she’ll call her “Miyaji-san” so she’ll get used to her new life. Ryuunosuke soon came to her room and hugged her after Makoto left. Tsukiko noticed he’s shivering, but it was actually because he’s happy. Happiness won’t come if only one of them feels happy, so he won’t say he’ll make her happy. He wants them to be happy together. They will always be together, even until they become an old couple they will still love each other.

In the after story, Tsukiko learned to cook after she married Ryuunosuke. Lately her cooking skills already got better and she can make delicious dishes for him. One day he called her saying he’ll be home early today, so she cooked dinner and waited.. but he didn’t come back until it’s late. There was a trouble at work and he had to fix it right away, so he didn’t get the chance to tell her. She was mad, but quickly forgives him after he bribed her with limited edition cakes lol. After dinner, they had a talk about Seigetsu Gakuen’s cafeteria and Tsukiko asked him to visit the school on their day off. They took a walk around the school and went to the rooftop garden to watch the stars at night.

It’s not stated in the wedding end, but Ryuunosuke became a planetarium creator after he graduates. Honestly, I was wondering what’s the main point of this route and didn’t realize it until their second Valentine’s Day ROFL. Other than Ryuunosuke holding back his desire to touch Tsukiko, his route is only about their high school romance up until their graduation day. Since he’s so shy and quite stubborn, most of the time Tsukiko’s the one taking the initiative. I like Ryuunosuke, but I absolutely LOVE Taiga, he’s so cute!

Kanakubo Homare

Busy with student council work and club activities, Tsukiko collapsed before the culture festival. Homare was worried and asked her to take care of herself. His class did a Japanese tea shop for the festival and he was really popular with the girls, and Tsukiko was pissed to see them flocking onto her boyfriend. Homare chased her when she ran off and she admits that she was jealous. He was happy with her feelings, telling her that nobody can take her place beside him. They took a walk in the Star Road together and promised to enjoy it again next year.

While Tsukiko was busy with event preparations, Homare cooked some bentou for her from time to time. On their way back to the dorms after the Christmas Party, he gave her a cute pair of gloves for her Christmas present. He also asked her to spend the following day with him since he wants to buy some presents for his sisters too.

Homare was nervous before his exams since he’s weak to pressure. He’s afraid that his stomach will start hurting during the crucial times and that he’ll fail, but Tsukiko wrote a message behind his eraser label as a charm. A day before Homare’s graduation, the archery club members prepared a surprise tea party for him to show their gratitude. They also gave him a bouquet with thank you messages they wrote, and he was really happy to have them as his juniors. He also thanked them for always supporting him during his time as the captain. The following day, Homare graduated from Seigetsu Gakuen and closed the curtains to his high school life.

During their date in April, Tsukiko realized that Homare’s birthday is coming next month. He wanted to celebrate it together and she was busy thinking about what present she should give to him. Following her teammates’ advice, Tsukiko decided to give him a handmade crape wrapper. She only had a month and wasn’t sure if she can finish it in time, so she rejected Homare’s date invitation that week and lied about the reason. Her first attempt end up in a failure and she kept failing at everything during their date, ranging from oversleeping to forgetting to bring the present. She eventually cried at the beach, but Homare didn’t mind at all since he’s happy just by spending the day with her.

On Christmas, Homare took Tsukiko to an expensive Japanese restaurant. This year he gave her a pair ring so they can wear it together, and he put it on her right hand’s ring finger since he wanted to reserve her left hand for their wedding ring. (*ノωノ) Tsukiko gave him a pair of tea sets so they can drink tea together someday. Since Tsukiko’s parents went on a year-end trip and she was home alone, Homare invited her to stay at his house since his parents want to meet her too. The other reason was because he’s jealous if she spends time with Suzuya and Kanata lol.

Homare came to pick her up the next day and she was taken to his house. There she met his parents Souan and Ayako, his twin sister Amane, and his little twin sisters Kanade and Shirabe. His parents and Amane are really friendly towards her, but Tsukiko can clearly see that while Kanade greeted her politely, Shirabe didn’t like her. During dinner his parents asked about her relationship with Homare, though Amane’s more interested in her three size ROFL.

The next day Tsukiko saw the twins when she took a walk in the garden, but they ignored her. Homare invited her to play trump together with them, and this time both said they don’t wanna play with her. Tsukiko understands they feel she’s taking their beloved big brother away, but still shocked at the rejection. When they met the twins again, Homare told them to greet Tsukiko properly since she’s going to be his wife in the future. This caused Shirabe to run away from home, and Tsukiko was the one who found her at the park. It was raining and Shirabe yelled at Tsukiko saying she hates her. She kept screaming and wanted Tsukiko to leave her alone, so she slapped Shirabe since everyone’s worried about her.

Homare soon found them and they went home, where Shirabe apologized to him and Kanade. Tsukiko thought she shouldn’t stay at their place any longer, so she gathered her belongings and went home. She had a fever thanks to the rain earlier, and she collapsed the moment she returned to her room. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in the Kanakubo house with Homare and the twins watching after her. He saw the letter she left and went after her, taking her back here when he found her lying on the floor. The twins apologized and wanted to take care of her, but Homare told them it’s time for bed since he’ll nurse her.

From then they quickly warmed up to her, bringing her food and flowers when she was still sick. After Tsukiko recovered, they came to her room asking her to play with them. They also started calling her onee-sama / neene too. (*´ω`*)カワイイ They had tea together with Ayako and Amane, who was thinking of making a move on Tsukiko when 邪魔者 Homare was busy with year-end cleaning lol. They refused to let the guys join in, so in the end Homare and Souan went to eat sushi by themselves. That night Homare sulked and got jealous of his family. xD

After spending the whole day cleaning the house, the twins went to Tsukiko’s room with their pillows, wanting to sleep with her everyday until she goes home. They were interested in her relationship with Homare and asked her a lot of questions, eventually asking her to be their big sister by marrying him. When New Year’s came by they’re already sticking to her like a glue, which made Homare jealous since he didn’t get to spend as much time with her.

A few days later the Kanakubo family went to their villa, but Homare stayed behind with Tsukiko. He finally gets the time to sleep with her that night, slipping into her bed but won’t do anything if she’s scared. He said he’s just a man who wants to know her everything and asked her if it’s okay if he doesn’t hold back. Tsukiko said she wants to be closer to him too, and he pushed her down after kissing her. After promising not to let go of each other, he finally made her his by doing it. (*ノωノ)イヤン

His family were back the next day, which was Tsukiko’s last day there. Both Homare and the twins wanted to sleep with her, so that night the four of them slept together. The twins fell asleep after reading a storybook together, and Homare kissed Tsukiko.. and suddenly they heard the twins giggling lol. After a tearful goodbye with them, Tsukiko returned to her dorm in Seigetsu Gakuen. She’s graduating in two months, and she will come and see them again by then.

In March, Tsukiko graduated from Seigetsu Gakuen along with Ryuunosuke, Inukai and Shiratori. Homare came to congratulate them and she cried in his arms. They part ways with everyone and went to the archery dojo, where they reminisced about their memories there. It’s the place where their love started, and Homare confessed to Tsukiko once again. He asked her to always stay with him from now on.

In the ending, Homare and Tsukiko had their wedding in a church. After exchanging their wedding vows, Kanade and Shirabe were the ones who carried her wedding veil. Homare told her father that he will always love and treasure his daughter from now on, and Tsukiko cried happy tears. He joked and said if she cries when she’s happy, then he’ll make her cry a lot from now on. He asked her to smile since it suits her the best. As they walked out of the church, Tsukiko thought happiness must be on her side because that’s what she feels after meeting him.

In the after story, Tsukiko is now married to Homare. She’s been feeling sick lately and Homare takes care of her everyday before he goes to work. Kanade and Shirabe are now in junior high, and they’re still sticking to Tsukiko like a glue. She feels nauseous and dizzy everyday, eventually fainting before dinner. She later woke up in a hospital and found out the reason: she’s two months pregnant with Homare’s child. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

Eight months later, Tsukiko gave birth to their baby. Everyone was waiting for them to come home, including the archery club members who get along really well with the twins. Soon Homare and Tsukiko arrived with their baby, and the twins came to see them right away as Amane gazed at the warm scenery with everyone else.

OMG I LOOOVE THIS ROUTE! 萌(♡´∀`♡)え I love Homare the most in Summer, and his family is so nice.. especially the adorable twins. Amane’s high yuri level is amusing too since she keeps waiting for a chance to make a move on Tsukiko. The Kanakubo kids look exactly like their mom, the only similarity they share with their dad is their eye color lol. I envy Tsukiko for spending her year-end holiday with such a nice family. Homare’s route is the best in After Summer for me, so I’m glad I left it for the last.

Inukai Takafumi

During the first week of the training camp, Tsukiko spent most of her free time with Inukai. He asked her if it’s okay for her to be with him instead, though she didn’t get why he said that. Inukai was spacing out on the rooftop on the day before the Inter High, and Tsukiko went to see him. They joked around and Inukai said they’ve been friends for so long it’d be weird for them to fall in love now. He enjoys her company and didn’t want things to be awkward, so he’s glad there are no such feelings between them.

On the culture festival, Inukai and Tsukiko walked in the Star Road together since it’d be better than going alone lol. He joked saying he wanted to walk with a beautiful and sexy girl, but enjoying it with her isn’t bad either. She replied by saying she wanted to walk with a cute and nice guy, but she’ll settle with him for today. Inukai held her hand so “she won’t fall” and Tsukiko noticed he’s blushing. He denied it, though she was still all ドキドキ that night.

They remained as good friends even in university, spending a lot of time around each other. People are asking if they’re going out but they denied it. He walked her home after the reunion, with Shiratori saying it’s really weird that there’s nothing between them. On their way home, Tsukiko wondered if it’s really impossible for them to date. Inukai said he knows he’s just a peasant so he doesn’t wanna dream about that, since a princess like her deserves a real prince. She doesn’t want him to say it’s all just a “dream”, so finally Inukai asked her to go out with him since they’re always together. Tsukiko accepted and cried because she’s been waiting for those words, and he finally admits that he’s always been in love with her. They had their first kiss after that.

A few years after that, Inukai took her to meet his parents. They’re getting married soon, but Inukai still loves to tease her by saying she’s ugly. When she protested he suddenly said she’s cute, so she asked him to say it again. He replied with “you’re ugly” lol.

In the extra story, their relationship slowly changed from friends to lovers. They told Shiratori about this and he cried while congratulating them, and on their way home Inukai asked her if she’s really okay with him. He still thinks there are guys who are more suitable for her, like Shiratori. Tsukiko slapped him and told him not to confess to her in the first place if he doesn’t have the confidence. She wants to be with him, so his words really made her sad. He apologized for making her cry and said he won’t say such things again. He asked her to stay with him for tonight, and Tsukiko agreed saying she doesn’t wanna leave him.

After they graduated from university, Inukai got a steady job and Tsukiko continued to a graduate school. He was busy with his job and she was occupied with her research, so they can’t meet as often. Two years after they started dating, he asked her to go eat ramen together before going home. He told her he got a promotion that day, then he proposed to her. Before he joked and asked her to marry him if they’re still single by the age of 30. They’re not 30 yet, but he wants to marry her. He gave her an engagement ring and Tsukiko rejected him because she doesn’t wanna get proposed in a ramen shop LOL. She will always wait for him, so he laughed and said he’ll re-propose to her in a romantic place.

Inukai’s my favorite from the baka trio, so this route is like a dream come true lol. It’s short but really sweet. I really like the best friends turned lovers part since in my mind, the best romance is when your lover is your best friend. Tsukiko is really honest and pretty awesome here, I like that. In Ryuunosuke’s route he whispered “if it’s me, I won’t make you cry” after she left. That alone was enough for me to love him. ♡(*´ω`*) I’m so happy honeybee gives the baka trio their own route in this game, or else I would rage lol.

Shiratori Yahiko

Shiratori’s been in love with Tsukiko forever. He would always gaze at her during practice and cries when she’s being all raburabu with another guy in every single route. When Tsukiko reached a slump, he was the one who started staying behind to practice with her. He also brought some ice creams to lighten up her mood. On the day before the Inter High, they ate together at the school cafeteria and went to practice together.

The third year students retired from the archery club by the end of Summer, and that evening Shiratori asked Tsukiko to walk home together. He admits that the reason he joined the club was because of her, but it gives him precious memories in his high school life. His admiration towards her soon turned into love, and he gathered the courage to tell her how he feels. Tsukiko said she loves him too and asked him to go out with her. Wow Tsukiko’s so 男前 here! He was surprised and cried happy tears. When she kissed his cheek he fainted with a stupid smile on his face ROFL.

Everyone was surprised when they heard about their relationship, but they were happy since they know Shiratori’s always been in love with her. Four years later during the reunion, they reminisced about how he always gazed at her during practice though Tsukiko never noticed. Inukai was about to tell her more, but the embarassed Shiratori bribed him with a photobook full of pretty girls lol. Tsukiko was curious and asked him to tell her, so in the end Shiratori gave up and will tell her everything once they got home. She told everyone Shiratori’s a good boyfriend who always treasures her, and he started crying happy tears again.

On their way home, Tsukiko wiped his tears and apologized for not realizing his feelings back during their high school days. She will love him more and more from now on, and she asked him to be prepared. He tried to ask her to marry him someday, but again Tsukiko took over and said the words to him lol. A few years later she found their pictures with the archery club members and showed them to Shiratori. He admits that at first he joined just to get closer to her, but after realizing that she’s a strong hardworker, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her. The archery dojo will always hold a special place in their heart. They planned to visit it again soon with everyone, but before then they had to go and choose a wedding dress for her.

In the extra story, Shiratori went to get Tsukiko’s parents permission for them to start living together. Both also started working part-time to save money together. He cried when her parents approved, surprising them lol. They soon started living together and bought stuff like cups and pajamas in pairs. (*´ω`*) Their room was a little small, but she’s happy since she feels closer to him. Of course there are times when they fight and she regrets her decision to live with him, but they quickly make up since they can’t stand ignoring each other for a long time.

A few years later, Tsukiko continued to a graduate school while Shiratori was still looking for a job. One day he went back home in tears saying he got employed, then he hugged Tsukiko screaming he loves her. He then pulled out a ring and proposed to her before she can say the words, and he bought it using the money he saved since they started going out. Tsukiko cried and asked him to make her “Shiratori Tsukiko”, which made him cry again while hugging her.

First of all, my only complaint in this route.. no name-calling? (´・ω・`) While I like Shiratori’s goofy personality, I’m not really fond of his hairstyle because of those beads. But OMG he looks so hot in the after story. His hair is shorter and he wears a suit, and that sends my moe meter to the max. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え Since this is the guy who (in tears) says he’s happy for her when she marries the other guys, it’s really nice to see him getting his own happy ending.

Koguma Shinya

Despite being the youngest, Koguma is the most reliable member of the baka trio. He was really worried when Inukai and Shiratori had a fight, and cried along with them when they made up. He thinks of Tsukiko as a precious person too, so he wants to help her when she needs it. Tsukiko spent the day before the Inter High running with him around the ground to calm their minds. By the end of summer the third year students retired from the archery club, and Koguma was elected as the new captain with Azusa as the vice-captain.

Two weeks after that, Tsukiko visited the archery dojo and saw Koguma doing a good job as the new captain. On their way home she told Koguma that he has grown so much now, and he replied he’s still the same Koguma who loves her. Tsukiko was surprised at the sudden confession, but Koguma will wait until the culture festival. If she’s willing to date him, he asked her to come to the entrance of the Star Road on the last day of the culture festival. Realizing her own feelings, Tsukiko came to see him there and asked him to make her his girlfriend. Koguma promised to become a man who can protect her, asking her to always stay with him.

Koguma grew taller in four years, and he’s already as tall as Homare and Shiratori when they had their reunion. He also works as a part-time model, and in fall he’s going to France for a while as an exchange student. Tsukiko was worried he might attract fangirls there since he’s so good looking now, but he’s also worried about bad guys hitting on her when he’s away. Koguma wants to grow up more, seeing more of the world and sharing it with her. She shouldn’t worry because he can’t see anyone but her. On their way home, Koguma asked her to call him “Shinya” instead of the usual “Koguma-kun”, and he started calling her “Tsukiko” as well. That night he asked her to stay in his room, and he won’t let go of her until morning comes. (*ノωノ)イヤン

A few years later, Tsukiko found pictures of the archery club members. She showed them to Koguma, who said he had lots of memories with Inukai and Shiratori. He asked if she had any plans for today and invited her to go out. Tsukiko said she needs to look her best since he really stands out, and Koguma happily waited for her before they go out holding hands.

In the extra story, Koguma invited Tsukiko to a party held by the company he works for. He gave her a dress for the event and was speechless after she changed. She was nervous because people were staring at them, but Koguma told her it’s okay since he’s there by her side. He was greeted by some people who said it’s too bad he didn’t make modelling his main job, since Koguma loves astronomy more. He also introduced Tsukiko as his girlfriend to them, and later said he doesn’t wanna leave her alone because guys were looking at her.

After he kissed her, suddenly a pretty young girl approached them saying she saw that lol. She turns out to be Koguma’s younger sister, Mika. She understands why her brother fell in love with her, and she’s looking forward to their wedding so they can be sisters. Koguma admits that he already talked to his family about marrying her. He asked if she’s okay with that, and Tsukiko said she wants to be his wife too.

Wow, the adult Koguma is hot. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his after story CG lol. He becomes so manly too in four years. Too bad he doesn’t get a propose ending like Inukai and Shiratori, but that’s okay because I love cute shotas who turns into a hot イケメン when he grows up. (❤ฺ→艸←) They didn’t really develop the point about him going to France, and actually I’m kinda glad since it’ll be another Yoh / Azusa’s route.

After Summer is impressive. I love it much much more than After Spring. There’s a solid story in each route, including the general one. But what I like the most is that the baka trio get their own route here. I was a bit disappointed that we can’t go after them in Summer, so thank you honeybee! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Tsukiko is drawn prettier this time with most of her bangs not covering her eyes, but that also makes the CGs really creepy for the eyeless Tsukiko LOL. If you like Summer, you will love this fandisk as much as I do. Even if you don’t play Summer, I’d still recommend playing this game. It’s awesome. xD


39 thoughts on “Starry☆Sky~After Summer~

  1. see I told you that eyeless CG was weird lolol ugh why does Honeybee put effort into making eyeless CGs instead of like drawing cutouts for the new club members in the common route ==;

    • LOL she looks like a ghost in Homare’s wedding CGs, especially since we get to see her up close. Maybe it’s because they just need to erase the eyes? That sounds so lazy lol. xD But yea it’s kinda sad that the new members only appear as chibis, and we can only guess which one is which.. -_-

  2. Miyaji is cute in his route :3. I love Homare’s route! I felt satisfied after reading it. I wonder why they did not show Azusa’s family while there’s the Miyaji brothers and Kanakubo household. O.O

    • If I remember correctly, Azusa is an only child so he doesn’t have any siblings. I wonder where his parents are though.. we all know that Tsubasa’s his cousin, but come on honeybee that’s not enough ;_;

      • …ah, Tsubasa and Azusa are cousins? Aww, so cute~ I didn’t play the games yet…and don’t have the fanbook, where do we get known to that fact?

        • I don’t remember since it’s been quite a while, but I’m sure it was mentioned in one of the games. Or maybe in honeybee’s blog. Since I don’t have the fanbook as well, it must be from somewhere else. xD

          • Ah, is that so? Thank you for these information~
            …I have the fanbook scans to look at pretty pictures but can’t read them, so…xD
            (I can’t wait for the day when I can finally understand Japanese to play the games and find out on my own~ And if I could read Japanese I’d be obliged to buy the fanbook, not only owning the scans.)

  3. The Cgs are amazing for the After ones >.> before Tsukiko was so weird without eyes and bangs that doesn’t cover the empty parts lol. I can’t wait to read ur Hanaoni reviews :)

    • Trust me, the bangs in the previous games works better for the eyeless Tsukiko. In this game (and probably After Spring too) the empty parts are wider, so she looks really creepy without her eyes. xD

  4. Miyaji-kun, I really like you, but, like, the moment I saw your aniki I totally fell in love with him. So, yeah, Yousuke <3
    I haven't played the game yet, but I'm totally going for Homare first <3 he is my favorite from the summer trio, after all

    As for the Baka trio…Koguma! From shota to…non-shota? *brick'd* but his hairdo looks weird haha xD and Inukai, who proposes in a ramen shop. And Shiratori who cries a lot. At least they have their own routes now. They need more love~~

    • You’re not the only one who fell in love with Yousuke. <3
      LOL he's stalking Ryuu during their date, this aniki is so much love. xD
      Homare's route is the best since he's the only one who got a baby end.. but if you can, go for Azusa first before Ryuu. The Rikumi guys appeared in both routes, but they're only properly introduced in Azusa's.

      Koguma has leveled up from a shota to a hot ikemen 8D
      Yea the baka trio need more love.. and I still wanna replay Inukai's route lol.

  5. I only read Azusa’s since xD I’m still have yet to start on Miyaji and Homare – but totally agree.

    I really love Azusa a lot but I felt they could have expanded on say Tsubasa LOL since HB wrote a post about how he only has Tsubasa while the other two guys…have siblings and all such. If anything maybe go elaborate on the other team? ;;;

    Totally agreeing on the stupid birthday. The last three guys she was consulting – also was telling her upfront about LOL SHOULDN’T YOU BE WITH AZUSA?

    They did make her much better with eyes, but orz;; I’m so used to her eyeless it was quite freaky since there’s a gap of space.

    • The empty space got so much wider here, Tsukiko’s really creepy without her eyes. I’m used to her eyeless too, but… orz

      Actually, did HB ever write anything about Azusa’s parents? I can sort of remember they’re saying he’s an only child, but where are his parents lol. His route feels so lonely since he’s alone while the others all have siblings.. and I think HB’s too cheap to put Tsubasa into this game lol.

      LOL and that stupidity.. it happens again in the After Story. Poor Azusa. ;_;

  6. Ahh you have encouraged me to move on to the summer series. Who cares if ~in Spring~ was somewhat a disappointment (I did like Kanata’s character though)..? On to the next one…! We’ll see how this one goes lol.

    Annd I am adding you to my blogroll. I have discovered another otome blog site yay! C:

    • Yay! I’ve added you as well. :D
      I hope you’ll have fun with Summer since it’s way better than Spring, though I like Kanata and Suzuya’s totally my type lol. Do tell your impression when you have the time, I’ll be checking your blog for more reviews. :3

  7. I just got the game and still don’t have time to play it, just install it……but from what i see…did we have to play the part After summer before we can play each character part? because i can not choose to play Azusa from the start T_T

      • Thanks, actually i don’t have time to play After Spring either so i don’t know about that ^^
        Really can’t wait for After Autumn……..Hoshizuki sensei was my favourite char ^^

  8. Darn! Where Azusa’s family?! If togther wt Tsubasa, his route will surely be hillarous to the max! The scent can be like this:
    Azusa= arrogant cat, Tsubasa = naughty dog, Tsukiko = troubled pet owner. Should be like that… (>_<)
    Geez honeybee…!

    Other routes was awesome!!

    Thanks for posting review love-colored sky!!!

    • I guess HB’s just too cheap to put Tsubasa in this game? >_>
      It’s really sad to see Azusa all alone while the others have their families.. and yeah it’d be nice if we can see him with Tsubasa here. Too bad. (´・ω・`)

  9. I love the Summer game~~ So I’m excited to play this (after I get it) after reading your review.

    Miyaji~~ is my favorite and I’m happy he got a pretty good route~ (and we get to see his brothers!) He’s so cute but I like Homare too. And his route sounds amazing!!! And I’m happy the baka trio get a part too! I love them and omg, I have to say, SHINYA IS HOT. I was just like *^*, damn, HOTTIE. Cause, I don’t like shotas…they’re cuteeee thooo. He was realllly cute but I wouldn’t go for him. BUT NOW THAT he’s grown up…YESSS Homare then Miyaji (cause I love him <3 lol)

    I was going to play After Spring just for Suzuya…but ~__~ we'll see about that.

    WHEE. Can't wait to play this…who knows when (so many other games to play first…OMG. my lists just piles up~)

    • LOL yes Koguma is hot.
      I don’t like shotas either, but if they turn hot after a few years then it’s a different story lol. Yes, Homare’s route is the best in After Summer and the twins are so cute. ♥ Miyaji’s route is really slow compared to the others, but I guess you’ll like it if you like Miyaji. :3

      ..and my list is piling up as well. That’s a fangirl’s life, I guess. xD

  10. Just finished getting all of their 3rd endings <3 w>;; Ohoho…

    And I love how after you finish all of their routes at least once, in the beginning they all say these lines <3 It makes me fan girl so hard that my brother has to come in and tell me to shut up. ;w;

    Oh gosh, I can't wait until After Autumn~ Since I was a huge fan girl of Haruki's <3 <3

    And I'm glad I found another good Otome game blogging site <3
    -puts you on my bookmarks and starts stalking your blogs. =w=

    • Yes it’s a pretty nice extra, and if you have finished all of them they’ll say the Summer poem on the title screen. That’s nice, I like it. >w<

      Haruki's my favorite from the Autumn trio too, and I wanna see him in After Autumn ASAP.. but I'm not really fond of Iku lol. I'm a bit torn here but in the end I'll still play it anyway. ;_;

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. xD

  11. does anyone know a walkthrough to this game? summer is my favourite season and i really want to play it, but i don’t read japanese….. TT^TT

  12. (=^_^=) finally do the game review ……. days of begging …………… the review is AWESOME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i knoe right im RLLY weird for some reason Cheese

  13. if you are not to busy could you please also review After Winter? I love your reviews, and living in australia, your reviews gives me a dose of starry sky goodness, and of course other otome games :3

    • I have After Winter in my backlog, but I’m not sure when I can play it. I’ve lost interest in Starry Sky, to be honest… but if it comes back someday, I’ll continue with After Autumn and After Winter. :D

  14. Do I have to get all the endings for the three main guys to unlock the extra stories for the baka trio? Cause they’re still greyed out for me </3

    • You unlock the baka trio’s routes from the common route the same way you did to unlock Homare, Ryuunosuke and Azusa’s! If you play through the common route again and pick the choices that apply to each of the baka trio then you should unlock their after story once completing their side of the common route! Hope this helps!

      • o.e very strange since that was the first thing I did and their extra stories didn’t appear, so I thought I was missing something. Glad to know that though, it’ll save me time! The game probably just needs to be reinstalled.

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