Hanaoni ~Koisomeru Toki Eien no Shirushi~

Hanaoni’s art isn’t as pretty as some of Otomate’s other works like Moujuutsukai to Oujisama or Clock Zero, but it’s quite interesting. Especially if you like the concept of demon’s brides.

For sixteen years, Asagiri Kanna’s life was filled with pain and scars. Even her mother, her only family, avoids her for a reason she doesn’t know. Then on her 16th birthday, a demon named Shizuma Mitsuaki suddenly comes to pick her up. From him Kanna learned that she’s actually a demon’s bride, and she was taken to Kigasato High School where all the demons live. Her groom is Kitou Kaki, the head of all demons, and he’s not pleased with her arrival…

Demons are a powerful race that surpassed humans in every area, but every demon born is always a male. In order to reproduce, they hunt down pregnant human women, threatening them to give their babies to be their bride once she grows up. Every bride has a flower mark on her chest, given by their demon. This mark attracts males around them and so the brides need to be protected at all times. The demon who give the mark would send his guardians to guard her until she’s 16, then take her to Kigasato so she can marry her demon.

Kanna has never received that protection.

As the head of the demons, Kaki has three guardians known as the three wings / 三翼 who should be guarding Kanna. But he never told them about the existence of his bride, so Kanna had to endure all the attacks from the guys around her without any protection ever since she was born. Since Kaki is the strongest demon, the charm given off by his mark is especially strong too. By the age of 16, Kanna has turned into a quiet, emotionless girl thanks to all the hardships she had to go through.

Right on her first day in Kigasato, Kanna had to attend her wedding ceremony with Kaki. She was attacked by some jealous brides during the preparation, and her groom didn’t come until it was really late. Not to mention he only drank from the cup and left her alone. When Kanna finally escaped from the hall, she bumped into Kaki and this time he tried to kill her. The three wings couldn’t let him do what he wants, so they “court” Kanna in order to make it easier for them to protect her.

There are times when it doesn’t work out between a demon and his bride, so another demon can “court” her if he wanna make her his bride. What does it mean? Yes, Kanna now has FOUR groom candidates instead of one. By engraving their marks on her chest, the guardians can hear and locate her easily if she calls them. Since she’s the head’s important bride, she lives in the staff building instead of the dorms. She can’t possibly live with Kaki after what happened, so she stays with the three wings instead. There’s also their gentle helper, Sahara Moegi, who’s always there for Kanna as a friend.

..and she’s the only girl who’s genuinely nice to Kanna in the whole game. No, really.


17 thoughts on “Hanaoni ~Koisomeru Toki Eien no Shirushi~

  1. *w* Hanaoni post! Looking forward to…. your thoughts at the end (for now, until I finish playing it) XD It’s right next after I finish SYK…. if I finish SYK before I get my hands on Aiyoku no Eustia that is….

    • You’ve only got 3 more routes to go right? :D
      Hanaoni isn’t that long once you’ve cleared one route, so I guess it won’t take that much time to finish. Hmm, Aiyoku no Eustia looks good.. ( ̄¬ ̄*)じゅるぅ

      • I am so tempted to read your Hanaoni posts…XD
        Now I’m down to 2 routes to go BUT I’ve just decided to play Renshouden too so I still can’t play Hanaoni! (ohhh the tortures of being such a slow player;_;)

        • Don’t worry, I can fangirl with you when you start Hanaoni later. xD
          But I know what you mean. There’s so much game I wanna play, yet I can only finish one route a day.. and Renshouden’s calling out to me too lol.

  2. i think i will like this one alot too, its interesting and the main guy isnt all lovey dovey with the heroine at the beginning so thats different :) cant wait to read the reviews

  3. You know, I never did like the novels :| Yone’s art or not, it’s just way too much like a domestic abuse situation >_<; Apparently Japanese girls have some sort of fetish for abusive guys though @_@

    • I tried to read the novel and dropped it after the first two chapters since it’s.. well, boring. But yeah, even in the game almost everyone’s abusing her whenever they can. Are the novels THAT popular in Japan? I know they made it into a movie, but.. o_o;

  4. GAH. THIS GAME. I don’t even. The first time I played, I felt so betrayed cause of that so called “friend” (But yeah, Shikiko or whatever was creepy as hell). At least Moe-chan is nice ; A ; *clings*

    So like, I only finished 3 routes (Kaki, Minaha, Reiji). I REALLY don’t want to go through all that drama again. When I finished Kaki’s route (which was…ok, kinda) I started skipping. So much frigging text. At least the CGs are pretty…

    Overall, is a good game, but not something I’m gonna pick up in a while (brain needs to cool off). I’m more amused that Kaki has so little lines, even in his own route ahah.

    • I know right, only Moegi is nice to her. The “best friend” is a jealous bitch especially in Kaki’s route.. and yeah Shikiko was creepy. Whenever she smiles I got a chill down my spine. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

      LOL yea Kaki’s lines are mostly “死にたいのか?” or “邪魔だ、消えろ” but I do like him after playing his true ending. To be honest I only took a quick glance at the text whenever Kanna’s narrating since there’s nothing really important anyway.. orz

    • No,this is more like lots of Kazama(s) going around hunting for brides lol. But yeah I get that Hakuouki vibe too.. though it’s prolly because Hibiki looks exactly like Kazama. xD

      • I think the developers loves Kazama a lot XD, that’s y they made Hibiki’s design exactly the same minus the hair & eye colour difference at times but who knows :P

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