Hanaoni – Takatsuki Reiji

My first target just because I like his looks lol. Usually I don’t like long-haired guys, but for some reason I really like Reiji’s face.. and clothes. Oh, and I know nothing about the novels lol.

Takatsuki Reiji is the infirmary teacher in Kigasato High School, and is also one of the three wings. He’s extremely popular as “the beauty of the infirmary” among the students, both male and female. People say his beauty has surpassed gender, and he’s proud of it. Soft-spoken and gentle, though sometimes shows a scary smile. He doesn’t show any mercy to those who wreck the infirmary too. He’s 24 years old, though his real age should be around 500.

Reiji lives on the first floor of the staff building with Moegi, and that’s where the three wings spend their evening together. On her first night in Kigasato, Kanna was taken to Reiji’s room instead since she can’t sleep in Kaki’s room. The three wings and Moegi are treating her nicely, but Kanna had to face more problems at school. First, the queen bee Ejima Shikiko is jealous because she wants to be the head’s bride herself. She couldn’t accept that a plain girl like Kanna is Kaki’s bride, and she bullied her constantly. There’s also Horikawa Hibiki and Mitsugi Kuniichi, who are targeting her believing Kaki’s weak point lies in her.

Kanna was soon taken to Kaki’s father, Sotoo Tadanao’s house. He has around 30 guards and about 20 brides, though he’s a low-level demon himself. The three wings aren’t allowed to step into the mansion area, so they camped outside to make sure Kanna is safe. However, Hibiki and Kuniichi also tailed Kaki all the way here. After scaring her with a crossbow attack, Hibiki attacked Kaki when he was alone with her in the garden. Surprisingly Kaki protected Kanna from the attack and got injured, and the three wings came to rescue them. Kaki was shot with a poisoned arrow and needs time to recover, but they took Kanna back to Kigasato so she’ll be safe. That night Kanna cried alone in Reiji’s room and he found out. He asked her to rely on him and not keep all things to herself.

A few days later Kaki returned to Kigasato as well. He hadn’t fully recovered yet, and he was dragged to rest in Minaha’s room. Kaki refused to be touched by Mitsuaki and Reiji, so the latter couldn’t examine his conditions. He keeps insisting that he doesn’t need anything, but later ate the porridge Kanna made for him.

One morning Kanna’s stomach was hurting. She thought it’s because she’s nervous, but soon she realized she had her first period. She went to the infirmary and Reiji gave her a pad along with a painkiller. He asked her to rest in the infirmary for the rest of the day, and Kanna fell asleep after that. When she woke up later, she found Reiji on top of her because he wants to give her a wake up kiss lol. Kanna was embarrassed and ran off to class.

Kanna’s still in pain the next day, moreover because guys are staring at her wherever she goes. She went to the rooftop hoping to be alone, but she met Hibiki instead. Before he could attack her again, Kanna called Reiji and he soon came to save her, calling Hibiki a demon who abandoned his own bride. After Hibiki left, Reiji apologized that he came a little late. Here Kanna noticed that Reiji’s 悪戯 smile is cute.

Hibiki started going out with Kanna’s best friend, Momoko. Kanna got a bad feeling about this and told the three wings, and they all agree that most likely Hibiki’s only using her to reach his goal. He’s targeting Kaki and Kanna, and Momoko must be a tool to get what he wants.

On the day of the culture festival, Kanna spent her time relaxing in the infirmary with Reiji. She helped him with his storytelling role, getting all nervous when they read Beauty and the Beast together. She was embarrassed during Belle’s confession scene, and when Beast proposed she feels that Reiji was proposing to her instead lol. On the second day she went around the school with Mitsuaki and Minaha. They found Hibiki strangling Momoko, but Momoko insisted that she’s okay and they were just fooling around. Kanna went back to the infirmary again and Hibiki soon came to visit. After telling Reiji that he’s really good at fooling everyone, he asked Kanna to work with him but she refused. Kanna told Reiji what she saw earlier after Hibiki left.

Some days later, Kanna saw Hibiki on the rooftop and asked him not to hurt Momoko. He pulled out his knife and attacked her instead, saying he’ll hurt Momoko if she runs away. Kanna doesn’t want him to hurt her best friend and was ready to get stabbed, but when she opened her eyes, she saw Reiji protecting her. His arm was stabbed and he got hurt pretty bad from the fight, but Hibiki left after that. They went home together and Kanna cooked some food while Moegi treated his wounds. When she came to feed him, Reiji teased her by saying they’re just like lovers.

Kanna felt sad because she can’t support Reiji like Moegi does, thinking that Moegi is Reiji’s bride. However, Moegi is actually the bride of Reiji’s deceased son. After his accident Reiji suggested Moegi lives here in the staff building, and she applied to be their caretaker. Reiji also introduced more guys for Moegi, but she chose to be alone and likes her current life. She said Reiji and her are like father and daughter, but Kanna’s still jealous of their closeness.

Kigasato held a costume party event for Halloween. Kanna wanted to change in the toilet, but Momoko forced her to change in the classroom instead. That’s when she saw the scars on Kanna’s body and learned about her background. Momoko feels bad for working with Hibiki, and she decided to stay with Kanna as her best friend.

For the event, they had to look for people who came from the same story as them. Red Riding Hood Kanna went with Hunter Mitsuaki to the infirmary, and they saw the sparkling Grandma Reiji inside lol. Reiji couldn’t leave the infirmary unattended, so Mitsuaki went around looking for their remaining friends while Kanna stayed with Reiji. He asked if Kanna prefers a wedding dress to shiromuku, and she said she likes dresses better. Reiji said he prefers wedding dresses too because he’s already used to seeing women in shiromuku.. orz

Kanna came to visit the infirmary some days later, and she heard Reiji was talking on the phone. She soon realized that Reiji was talking about her, saying that though he treasures her, he doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards her at all. He won’t ever choose her as his bride no matter what, because he “courted” her just for protection. Kanna cried and realized that she’s in love with him.

She tried to smile in front of everyone, but Moegi noticed. Kanna told her that she loves Reiji, and Moegi told her to behave like usual since Reiji seems to think she’s cute. Moegi is always on her side and will help if she has any problems.

Kanna continued to be awkward around Reiji, until one day he suggested she gets back to Kaki’s room in the 4th floor. Kanna thought she’s being troublesome for everyone and Moegi, and she agreed. Reiji said Kaki’s not around at the moment, but that night he came back to his room and attacked Kanna again when he found her there. Luckily Reiji came before Kaki could kill her, and she was taken back to the first floor. He apologized for suggesting such things and told her to call him again when she’s in danger. That was enough to make Kanna happy for now. Reiji received another phone call that night, and he said he won’t put her in danger anymore since Kaki really tried to kill her. He admits that he likes her, but that’s all.

Since Kaki’s not interested in Kanna, soon the selection committee started to move. Kanna has the head’s mark and therefore has a high probability of giving birth to a strong demon child. They will choose strong demons to be her next husband candidates, but the three wings weren’t on the list. Kanna was disappointed and Momoko noticed there must be something troubling her. Kanna told her everything about the committee and her feelings for Reiji.

Kanna was sick again some days later, and she slept in the infirmary holding Reiji’s hand. It hurts her knowing she can never be with him. When they were about to go home after school, suddenly a sick student came to the infirmary. Reiji asked Kanna to wait, but she couldn’t stand seeing him being so kind to other girls. She told him to take care of the girl and ran off, eventually meeting the committee members on her way home. They wanted to take her for the selection by force, but luckily Reiji came and chased them away. He asked for her reason and said she’s cute when he learned that she was jealous.

During the preparation for the Kigasato Festival, a male demon student asked Kanna to go and meet someone with him. It was suspicious and Kanna refused, so the guy attacked Kanna and Momoko. She told Momoko to run, but they were soon saved by Reiji. Momoko was angry and told her not to sacrifice herself like that again, and Reiji was glad Kanna found a good friend. He asked Momoko to take care of Kanna. They were attacked by Ejima some days later, but this time Momoko took the stab for Kanna. She said it’s not a big deal but still went to the infirmary since Kanna was worried sick.

The next night, the lights suddenly went out and a lot of demons chased after Kanna. She ran around avoiding them until she met the one behind the sudden attack — Hibiki again. Reiji came to fight him, angered because this time he went too far, but after a while the lights went back on and Hibiki escaped. Kanna was panicked upon seeing Reiji injured but she eventually passed out. She woke up in the infirmary and Reiji asked why she didn’t call him earlier. He wants to protect her not as a guardian, but he has a role he needs to play.

Winter break started, and one morning Reiji asked Kanna to go on a drive. From his phone calls Kanna got the feeling that he’s handing her to the committee, but she still goes hoping to be useful to him. They took a break in a forest and the committee members suddenly appeared, but Minaha and Mitsuaki came to stop this. Reiji took care of them and said he’s handing Kanna to the committee so she can be happy. Kanna didn’t want to see the three wings fighting, so she begged them to stop and said she already knows about this. She went along with the plan because she loves Reiji.

Kanna asked Reiji to bow down and she hugged him saying she did this to make him happy, thinking this is her first and last chance to tell him how she feels. Reiji was surprised and asked her to let go. Kanna was ready to say goodbye, but Reiji suddenly told the committee that he’s cancelling their plan. He changed his mind and won’t hand her to anyone, joining Minaha and Mitsuaki to take care of the committee members.

Back at home, Reiji apologized and said he won’t betray her anymore. At first he thought it was just a temporary confusion, but now he knows his feelings for her are real. He’ll give his future to her, asking her to do the same. Then finally he asked her to be his bride. Kanna cried and accepted the proposal happily. The next day he brought tons of wedding pamphlets for her, but Kanna said it’s still too early for them to marry. She’s still 16 and feels that it’d be better to marry after she graduates. Reiji respected her decision because he only wants to make lots of memories with her. She’s been waiting for him all this time, now it’s his turn to wait for her.

Three years later, Kanna graduated from Kigasato High School and had her wedding with Reiji. There will be hard times too aside from the happy ones, but he’ll always protect her no matter what. Finally, Reiji told Kanna that he loves her.

LOL okay. My first reaction was “huh? that’s it?” Σ(゚∀゚;) The ending feels so short and fast. Of course it’s better than dragging stuff for too long, but still.. lol. There’s not much ドキドキ moments too since their relationship didn’t start until it’s VERY late. I was expecting more since Kanna’s staying in his room most of the time and he got on top of her that day. But maybe I was expecting too much. I do like Reiji as a character, but the story in his route is just so lacking no matter how you look at it.

Oh, and Kanna is a weak, sickly doormat. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to follow their crazy ideas just because you wanna be “useful” to them. ಠ_ಠ No wonder everyone’s abusing her.


10 thoughts on “Hanaoni – Takatsuki Reiji

  1. it does feel short, kinda sudden too in a way =_= not too much i want to say about Kanna since shes not the type of heroine i like at all but *sigh* i guess theres no helping it if she had no protection for 16 yrs of her life and had been abused alot cause of the the mark

    • Yeah it’s like nothing happened and suddenly everything explodes and came to an end lol. I think it couldn’t be helped too since she lived a hard life, but still.. a doormat.. orz

  2. lol kanna srsly sounds like a freaking doormat xD guess das a change from the stereotypical airheaded otome leads?

    awesome, can’t wait to see the other routes especially hibiki’s route (LOL KAZAMA VIBE) cuz ima too lazy to play the game meself xD

    …wait hibiki does have a route aite?? o.O;;

    • She IS a freaking doormat ROFL. Everyone’s keep bullying her because she’s like “I’m already used to pain, it’s okay” ..oh GOD. xD

      Yep, Hibiki has his own route. In fact that’s the next route I’m gonna post, since I need more motivation after going through Reiji’s lol. The first time I saw him in the official site I thought he’s Kazama’s twin or something. xDD

  3. Kanna-chan, you had your first period at SIXTEEN. WHAT.
    Ok ok, joke. Time to get srs. Kanna-chan, please stop getting used to pain. That’s not good. Be strongggg. Urgh, I felt like strangling half of the characters in this game, really. Don’t bully my protagonist!

    I just feel I would like the game more if Kanna-chan wasn’t so Hikikomori. Also, beware of so called “best-friends”. They have “back-stabber” written all over the face, but Kanna still doesn’t realize a thing ; A ; so sad.

    But yeah, Reiji. Just like you, I like him as a character, but his route is really lacking.

    • LOL IKR. Sixteen. SO LAAATE. xD
      That’s the only problem with Kanna, really. She needs to grow some backbone and learn to stand up for herself. Plus stop wandering off alone while you know you’re gonna get attacked.

      ..and yeah that “best friend” stuff. I understand she’s happy to get her very first best friend, but please don’t let her walk all over yourself. Every girl in this game couldn’t be trusted except for Moegi, but sadly our dear heroine doesn’t realize anything until it’s too late. >_>

  4. Ehhh since demons live a looong time I’m a lil squicked out on how many wives he mustve went through..demon wives still live only human lives right?

    • Yes, demon brides are humans.. so they’ll age and die of old age while their husbands remain young. Judging by Reiji’s reaction to shiromuku, I think he’s been married quite a few times in the past. At least enough to make him bored of the traditional outfit. xD;;

      • Shucks.I’m more of the grow old together type. the poor guy is gonna have to find another young girl to love after his wife dies of old age while he still looks like hes young……I dunno if I can overlook this if I play the game.

        • That happens with everyone in Hanaoni, so yeah if that bothers you.. I won’t recommend this game to you. ; v ; But let’s wait and see for now, maybe they’ll make Kanna immortal and stop aging in the fandisk lol.

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